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The term Anarchy got bandied about a lot in the early 80’s, perhaps having some amount of political or social meaning attached at the outset, but by the first couple of years, it simply became a synonym for “blow shit up”. Writers outdid themselves trying to imagine ways to create chaos and panic out of whatever household items they had available. How much of this destruction actually went on and how much was simply writing out angry missives about destruction, is unknown.

I wrote an essay about the meaning of the term “Anarchy” and how these files relate to that and the world at large.

The entirely stupid direction this country has taken regarding personal responsibility, freedom of expression and good ol’ self-preservation necessitates the following paragraph:

Before you waste one entire second even considering mixing, creating, or otherwise implementing the instructions in these files, be aware that people have died from some of these very texts, attempting wholescale explosives and dangerous chemical reactions based on some flimsy text file written by god knows who for god knows what. It’s just way too easy for someone to have typed a 5 instead of a 4 years and years ago when they were copying out of a badly photocopied pamphlet written by someone entirely different. Your life is too precious to take such an idiotic risk. If you’re going to blow things (and yourself) up, at least go the route of learning with experts, where you’ll become aware of risks and fun far beyond soaking tennis balls in gasoline and lighting them. OK?!

That aside, the justifications in some of the files are amazing, and a nice insight into the writer’s mind.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
CARDING ./.. On Committing Credit Card Fraud
FDR ./.. The FDR Anarchy File Collection
FREELOADING ./.. Getting Something for Nothing
INCENDIARIES ./.. Files With Instructions on Blowing Things Up
JOLLYROGER ./.. Jolly Roger's Cookbook: Someone's Collection of Files
LOCKPICKING ./.. Files About Getting Through Locks
MISCHIEF ./.. Files About Making Life a Little More Messy
PAIN ./.. Files about Hurting and Being Hurt
SCAMS ./.. Files About Getting Something For Nothing
WEAPONS ./.. Files About Creating Weapons
001.txt 1151 How to Make a Dry Ice Bomb, by Vortex
176.txt 7551 The Ninja Warrior Presents: Poison #1
201.txt 5949 ANFOS: Ammonium Nitrate - Fuel Oil Solution
202.txt 3362 Picric Acid, by Exodus
203.txt 5428 Chemical Fire Bottle
206.txt 681 Film Canisters 2, by Bill and Exodus
214.txt 3231 Lists of Suppliers and More Information
aa.txt 10217 Samaurai Cat Presents Scanning: The Art of Non-Selective Intervention
ac.ana 3725 Anarchist's Ordering Catalog
acbfile.txt 12119 Recipes for Nonsurvival - The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell (Review by Esperanza Godot)
address.ana 21415 Gray-Area Company List - Technology 1 BBS - 89-01-15 2404 Fun with Alarms, from the Stainless Steal Rat
alko170.txt 25645 The ALKO Buying Guide, for People Under 20 Years Version 1.7, by Matte (1991)
anarc25.txt 16753 The Anarchives: Power and Language
anarchist.txt 5041 Anarchists: The Social Loosers, by Mr. C
anarchy.txt 3999 A Guide to Anarchy by Berzerker
anarchy3 57272 Anarchy Today Issue #2: Evading Bomb Squad Tactics
anarcy1.txt 61440 A Collection of Anarchist Files downloaded from Thrasher's Way on the Pipeline BBS
anarcy1b.txt 41057 A Collection of Anarchist Files downloaded from Thrasher's Way on the Pipeline BBS (Part II)
anarcy2.txt 32768 A Collection of Anarchist Files downloaded from Thrasher's Way on the Pipeline BBS (III)
anarcy4.txt 43008 A Collection of Anarchist Files downloaded from Thrasher's Way on the Pipeline BBS (Part IV)
anarkunc.txt 29247 You're Wrong! An Irregular Column, by Mykel Board
anarky.txt 8510 iXHS (Information Express by Helter Skelter Issue #18): r00iners AnArKy pHilEz v0l 1.
anti.modem.weap 2509 The Anti-Modem Weapon from the Enemy Within
aoa4.txt 3233 How to Make your Own Poison, by Moradian of AoA
aofa-1.txt 5443 Anarchist of America by Clarence Bodicker (Part 1)
aofa-2.txt 4851 Anarchist of America by Clarence Bodicker (Part 2)
aofa-3.txt 4592 Anarchist of America by Clarence Bodicker (Part 3(
aofa-4.txt 4619 Anarchist of America by Clarence Bodicker (Part 4)
assassination.txt 32741 CIA Assassination Manual (From Freedom of Information Act) (1997)
at.txt 44184 Anarchy Today Issue #1 by Jack The Ripper
atmosph.ere 16080 Kenmore Square, Boston...atmospheric test site discovered
badmind1.txt 3654 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #1
badmind2.txt 5394 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #2
badmind3.txt 4374 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #3
badmind4.txt 1024 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #4
badmind5.txt 2114 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #5
badmind6.txt 3539 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #6
badmind7.txt 2721 Dr. Badmind's Chemistry Files #7
balloon.txt 960 Balloon Bombs, by Anarchist Elf
bank 3003 The Brotherhood of the Falcon Presents How to Rip Off Your Local Bank, by Conan the Barbarian
bankomat.txt 876 How to Take Money From a Bankomat Without Paying For It
beaspy.ana 3752 A Quick Quiz to See if you'd make a Good Spy
beat.the.scan.t 3712 Mastering the Scantron by The Warhead
bibfraud.txt 9159 The Bible of Fraud, by Sneak Thief (1985)
bigsecr1.txt 5535 Big Secrets Volume 1, by the Wyvern
bigsecr2.txt 8199 Big Secrets Volume 2, by the Wyvern
books 8458 The MAD! Source Book Part #3 Revised Addition (December 20, 1987) 5048 How to Break into a Car, by Zoron
bridged.txt 5617 Bridge Destruction
build_an_h_bomb.txt 23675 Basement H-Bomb Production (Have You Really Come to Love the Bomb?)
catlogs.txt 14636 The Canonical List of Undergroup Catalogs
change.machine 2304 Change Machine Fraud by The Prisoner of The 3rd Reich
chekgame.txt 14172 Check Games, by Dark Grif (Septmber 26, 1993)
chemical.txt 50881 Know What You're Handling: A List of Chemicals, Their Dangers and Uses
ciaman.txt 14772 The FM 95-1A CIA Guerrilla War Manual (Part I) by Samurai Cat
civilian.war 22535 The Anarchist's Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage by The Tracker (February, 1987(
commando.1 5843 The Commando Series Part 1 by Elliot Ness and The Untouchable
commando.2 4115 The Commando Series File 2: Vietnam Phrases, by Elliot Ness and The Untouchable
cookbook.iv 5107 The Anarchist Cookbook Version IV from Exodus (1994)
courier.txt 12526 Fly Free: The Courier Route
crack.gif 10211 IMAGE: Accompanying Image to Cracking the Universal Product Code, by Count Nibble
crack.upc 6587 Cracking the Universal Product Code, by Count Nibble
curing.boredom 9979 Anti-Boredom Activities: 44 Things to Do When You're Bored, by Shooting Shark
departmentt.sto 2102 Department Store Fun, by Agent 81, from TAP Magazine 2560 Fishing with Depth Charges by The Blue Buccaneer
dingdong.txt 1208 Ding Dong Ditch by Jonin Meka of the Black Hand Society
dmv.txt 1894 Driver's License Fingerprint and Document Requirments
drive.killing 2537 Head Grinder, by The Talon
drugs 3632 Smuggling and Dope, by John Shaver (December, 1982) 12482 A Step by Step Guide to Making a Dry Ice Gun, by The Voice Over
dstrylox.txt 1746 Lock Destruction by Captain Hack (March 18, 1995)
dust.bomb 2432 Initiator for Dust Explosions, by Mr. Byte-Zap 11660 Earn Large Amounts of Money With YOur Computer From Your Own Home!
elecfun.txt 2271 Fun With Electronics by The King of Roo
electronic.bugs 10976 The Bug Detector! By Ford Prefect
fakeid 2843 Getting a Fake Driver's License by The Sultan (February 26, 1986)
famphun.txt 3061 The Pyromaniac's Guide to Family Entertainment Volume 1 by The Great White and Cal Songsinger
feds1.txt 4352 The Feds Part I: Electronic Surveillance by The Dutchman of The Shadow Brotherhood II
feds2.txt 2560 The Feds Part II: Electronic Surveillance by The Dutchman of Shadow Brotherhood
feds3.txt 3072 The Feds Part III: Fed Fraud, by The Dutchman of Shadow Brotherhood
feds4.txt 3072 The Feds Part IV: Fed Fraud by The Dutchman of Shadow Brotherhood
freenews.ana 3279 Everyone Has a Right to the News
freenews.txt 2736 Getting Free Access to Newspapers
fuksomeone.txt 6923 How to Get Detailed Information on Anybody by BTS
gambling.txt 8190 Running a Successful and Profitable Gambling Ring by Candyman (1993)
games1.con 3157 Tap Corner, Word Processed by the Mulcher ][ for Apple Trek Systems
getinfo.ana 10252 How to Get Anything on Anyone, by Toxic Tunic
glassdem.txt 2349 Glass Demolition by Captain Hack (November 16, 1995)
good_start.txt 2977 A Good Start to Being a Survivalist by J. Moschell (September 15, 1994) 2402 How to Shoplift, by Ziggy
gunfact.dos 51283 Firearms, Hunting and Trapping: Facts and Positions by Stephen P. Jeffries
gunpowder 4052 How to Make Gunpowder and Detonation Devices by The Wave
hackcabl.txt 2189 The Hacker's Guide to Cable TV on San Francisco Viacom
handbook.txt 122702 The Anarchists' Home Companion: First Release: June 1st 1989
highway.txt 2858 Roadway Fun, by Hell's Angel (June 14, 1996)
hijack.hac 8354 Nuclear Transit on the Highways, by Data Line.
holiday.anarchy 6272 Happy Holidays, The Latest File from The Static Syndicate and The Ninja 11945 A Nitroglycerin Recipe 7476 Anarchy: How to Make Smoke Bombs
hotwire 1536 How to Hot-Wire a Car, from the Boca Bandit 1408 How to Hot-Wire a Car by the Boca Bandit
hydrocloric.aci 4352 The Hydrochloric Acid Goody
illegalcomp.txt 21918 A Listing of Illegal Stuff, by Desiro Nurvoso of the ATDT BBS (January 24, 1993)
imh1.txt 44823 Improvised Munitions Handbook TM 31-210 from the Department of the Army
imh2.txt 21464 Improvised Munitions Handbook TM 31-210 from the Department of the Army (Part II)
imh3.txt 30296 Improvised Munitions Handbook TM 31-210 from the Department of the Army (Part III)
index.txt 6980 Index to the Anarchist Cookbook IV, ver. 4.14
info.ana 11546 How to get Anything on Anyone
info.txt 32067 What Information Can be Obtained, and Where to Obtain it, by CarbonBoy (1995)
ipecac.txt 2285 IPECAC: The Anarchist's Friend by The Mage
irritant.txt 9109 Chemical Warfare, by Sir Francis Drake
irview.txt 14592 Infrared Viewer Plans, by Dick Smith, alias The Ghost (July 13, 1986)
irviewer.txt 14366 Infrared Viewer Plans 12327 How to Construct a High Voltage Jacob's Ladder by Count Zero
jammer 2302 Highway Radar Jamming
kanalx.txt 19150 Pirate TV in Eastern Europe by Evelyn Messinger
killbees.txt 12754 How to Have Phun with Bottle Rockets and Bees, Hornets and Large Stinging Insects by Joe Shmoe the Eskimo and Tour De France
kurt.txt 8582 A Listing of Kurt Saxon Books by The Wild Bunch
lab-safe.txt 14205 An Introduction to Laboratory Safety (October 31, 1993)
laughing.gas 4096 Laughing Gas, from the Poor Man's James Bond by Scarlet Armadillo
letter.bomb 3234 How to Make a Working Letter-Bomb by The Revel Warhead
lock.picking 3586 Lock Picking, by Black Cobra
lockerdocs.txt 7786 Locked Docs: by Cablecast Operator and Silver Sphere
lockpick 21854 FAQ: The Alt.Locksmithing FAQ (June 16, 1992)
lookup.txt 1879 Sources for Doing Lookups and Checkups on People (from 2600)
maim.nfo 2447 The MAIM Member List and BBS List
makealco.txt 12990 The Guys Six Feet Under Present Part I of the Getting Homemade Highs File: Alcohol
makelsd 2056 Making LSD
makepois.on 6656 The Ninja Warrior Presents: Poison #1
makestun.txt 3840 The Underground! Present How to make a Stun Gun by the Green Dean, April 5, 1999
making.afpo.n 2010 AFPO, by Ripper (January 11, 1987)
making.tnt 2544 How to make TNT by The Computer Pirates of Utah and Screamer
mallphun.txt 4901 Phun Things To Do at a Mall, by the Road Warrior
master.locks 5632 Master Combination Locks (April 29, 1991)
minibomb 2306 Making a Gunpowder Minibomb by D_L0K (August 5, 1987)
miscan2.txt 4728 Miscellaneous Anarchy (Tennis Ball Cannons)
mism5.hac 6272 General Nuclear Reactor Design
napalm.ana 796 Very Small Napalm Grenades, by Bountyhunter
napalm.grenade 2114 Napalm Made Easy by Sir Knight
newid.txt 7312 How to Create a New Identity by the Walking Glitch
nicotine.ana 2388 Nicotine, from The Poor Man's James Bond 7729 The Anarchist's Guide to Nighttime Fun (February 3, 1986)
nightvis.txt 5564 Nightvision by Morpheus
ninja1.ana 6656 the Ninja Warrior presents Poison #1
nitro 3313 How to Make and Use Nitroglycerin, by Karl Marx
nitro.txt 3540 How to Make and Use Nitroglycerin by Ninja Master 4736 20 Ways to Sabotage Your School by Cosmic Charlie 4864 School Stoppers VOlume #2 by Cosmic Charlie and The Doctor
nuclear.ana 8461 Nuclear Transit on the Highways
nuclear.txt 8529 Nuclear Transit on the Highways: A Primer by Data Line
nucreact.txt 4912 Sir Death's Laboratory: How to Build a Nuclear Reactor (October 23, 1990)
onetimepad.txt 12047 How to use One-Time Pads for Secret Communications
pipe.bomb 2731 How to Make a Really Nice Pipe Bomb Out of Everyday Materials by Gray Mouser
piratetv.txt 6223 How To Build Your Own Television Station by Jersey Devil (April 5, 1991)
pisecret.msg 110235 How to Get Anything on Anyone from Mike Enlow, Private Detective 1992
pocket.flamethr 2796 How to Make a Flamethrower, by The Cracksman
postal.fraud 3959 The Poor Man's Guide to Fraud Part 1 by The Prince of Darkness
powder 751 Gun Powder by The Moritician
pranks 8388 Cat Trax Presents Phuking Pholks With a Fone (June 19, 1985)
premchan.txt 1806 How to Get Premium Channels by Steve Rochin
pressure.txt 10855 Manuscript I: Pressure Devices (June 1988)
psonpens 2546 The Poison Pen
pyro.2 3685 Pyro Book II by Captain Hack and Grey Wolf
pyro.delights 3200 Pyrotechnical Delights by Ragner Rocker
pyro1.txt 25088 Preparation of Contact Explosives
pyro2.txt 32640 Touch Paper, Self Igniting Mixtures, Percussion Explosives
pyromag.feb 14906 The Spoke Gun by Dark Angel
quicky.bomb 1123 A Quickie Bomb Stolen from MacGyver by Shadow Hawk of The J-Men (1986)
radar.jamming 7612 Radar Jamming: Motorists Fight Back! Byt eh Scarlet Armadillo
rcd.ana 8270 Making Radio Controlled Detonators, by The Road Warrior
rdiocont.txt 7138 How to Make Things Radio Controlled!
revenge 2048 Revenge II by Night Crawler (December 29, 1984)
revengehtg.txt 2946 All About Revenge, by Surfer Bob
riflemic.ana 4143 Rifle Mikes, by Omnipotent, Inc.
roadpizz.ana 5547 The Complete Guide to Road Pizza, by Black Kat
rocket.txt 20825 Home Built Rocket Enginers, by Chris Beauregard
rockwool.txt 11353 Information on Rockwool
rod001.txt 2800 Riders of Death Issue 1
rod002.txt 2085 Riders of Death Issue 2
rod003.txt 4737 Riders of Death Issue 3
rod004.txt 4701 Riders of Death Issue 4 (ANSI)
san-bug1.txt 8611 Audio Surveillance, by SANctuary
san-bug2.txt 3824 Audio Surveillance Part 2, by SANctuary
san-bug3.txt 6090 Audio Surveillance Part 3, by SANctuary
san-bug4.txt 3363 Audio Surveillance Part 4, by SANctuary
sanlock 65402 The Art of Lockpicking Volume #1 (October 5, 1990)
scanning.txt 10453 Samurai Cat Presents Scanning, the Art of Non-Selective Intervention 14336 How to Have Fun at School, by Walkon
screwpst.txt 3696 A Nice Way to Screw Over the Post Office
secretmeetings.txt 7671 Secret Meetings
secrets.msg 30519 On-Line Investigations: Investigating by Computer! By Michael E. Enlow
secrs.gph 5120 Big Secrets Volume #1 by The Wyvern
secrserv.ana 2019 How to Contact the Secret Service, by Jedi Warrior 2299 Shopping Center Antics by The Trooper
shortfil.txt 4579 A Short File on the Central Intelligence Agency
sinksub.txt 2242 Sinking a Sub by Hellrazor
sirius.1 3330 The Sirius Affairs #1 by Sylex Sirius (February 3, 1986)
sirius.2 3252 The Sirius Affairs #2 by Sylex Sirius (February 3, 1986)
sirius.3 3732 Sirius Affair #3 - Terrorism (February 9-11, 1986)
sirius.4 2710 Sirius Affair #4 - Trashing by Sylex Sirius (February 18, 1986)
sirius.txt 13315 The Sirius Affairs #1 by Sylex Sirius (February 3, 1986)
skippy.hum 5490 Ask The Expert by D'Ark Angel
soil2pnt.txt 3125 Extraction of Potassium Nitrate from Soil
somethin.ana 12855 A wide selection of KY and IN Radio Frequencies
sonicjam.txt 7821 Ultra Sonic Jammer Plans by Xanrek the Conjurer
specialw 10799 Special Warfare Manual by Baby Huey and The Titan (1985)
ssnum.ana 1791 About Social Security Numbers, by Scan Man
ssurvival.txt 7762 The Suburban Survival Guide Issue #1 from Incorsis Daethr
stench.txt 6764 Stenches For All by Kurt Saxon, typed by Mach Three
still.ana 4557 The Still by Cobalt-60 and Airborne Ranger
still.hac 5139 The Still: An Article from the Poor Man's James Bond
still.txt 4693 How to Make a Still, by Lex Luthor (needs formatting)
stinkbom.txt 2299 How to Make the Smelliest Stink-Bomb of All by the Hitmen, Vito and Vinnie
stinkum 36096 Stinkum: From the Poor Man's James Bond by Kurt Saxon by The Penguin
streetfi.ana 6417 Survival by The Nimpha
stungun.txt 5571 How to Make a Home-Made Stun Gun, from Morbid Angel of MAIM
sugar.rocket 9986 How to Make Sugar Rockets by Cloaked Warrior
sugar.rocket.2 6284 Improving Your Rocket by Cloaked Warrior (1986)
sun.bomb 945 Oxygen: Very Flammable, Sammy the God (September 6, 1987) 9856 Supermarket Fun by 007
surrvival 2652 WDP UU's Survival Files for the 507 College District
survaili.ana 6623 Sir Francis Drake Presents Remote Surveilance
tapcorner.txt 7671 Tap Corner (Various Articles from TAP) Word-Processed by The Mulcher ][
tapfones 11956 Private Audience (*A Basic Lesson in the Art of Listening In*)
tbbom15.txt 195597 The Big Book of Mischief by David Richards Version 1.5 (1993)
techter.txt 1890 Some Facts About Oil Pipelines and Technological Terrorism
terrcomp 34752 The Terrorist Home Companion by The Mentor and The Dead Kennedy
terror.hb 95508 How to Make a Blackmatch Fuse
test 124443 The Avenger's Handboot by The Last Viking Version 1.20 (1995)
therm.txt 2038 Creation of My Favorite, Thermite! 4096 UPSetting, by Axiom Codex and Lazar
toliet.bomb 6113 The Toilet Bomb by Angus Young
toxins.txt 2776 Information on Plutonium typed in by Mike Pompura, November 1989
tracing.msg 44658 Tracing Made Simple: Track 'Em Down by Michael E. Enlow, 1993
trash3.phk 3412 Trashing Techniques by The Underground Alliance
tripwire.ana 1854 Trip Wires by The Mortician
trukpipe.txt 1761 Truck Weaponry by Captain Hack (June 26, 1995) 3961 How to Put Together a TV Station
tvjam.txt 7484 TV Jammer, by Dr. Rat 1985
tvro.txt 18317 How to Monitor Microwave Telecommunication Links with an orfinary TVRO by Thallion of WUFO (1984)
unlaw1.txt 4864 The Book of the Unlawfuls by Shadowspawn Volume I
unlaw2.txt 2048 Other Unlawfuls by The Hoe Hoper and The Blue Buccaneer
upc.txt 6726 Cracking the Universal Product Code
v23.faq 6891 VIRUS 23 FAQsheet, by Darren Wershler-Henry
vending.machine 4352 Vending Machines Issue #2 by Lord Knight
vomitgas.ana 2560 Vomit Gas, by The Primo Pyro
warehous.e 1776 Tag File for the Warehouse BBS
warfare 2525 How to Make a Landmine, by Marlin and Black Knight
warrior.txt 4262 Axiom of a Warrior by Doctor Murdock
weapons.txt 2265 Stealth Systems Product Listings
weekend.anarchy 18441 Weekend Anarchy: A Documentary, Nay, Manual on the Widely Studied and Practiced Art of Creating Havoc and General Social Disarray
werehere.mad 13168 Parody of Anarchy Files
wildkill.txt 21011 WildMan's Complete Guide to "Assinations" 635 A Wrist Rocket by Sammy the God (September 5, 1987)
writers.txt 6514 How to Properly Write an Anarchy File by The Freddy, December 1991
wwiii.ana 11934 WWIII - a fantasy, from Shadow Stories, Inc.
zencor.txt 19957 The ZenCor Products and Services Catalog v4.0 (October 1st, 1992)
zip.gun 8576 The Ringmaster Gun Part I: How to Build a .22 (March 7, 1986)
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