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As a large amount of programs were illegally copied on the Apple (a situation that was common on pretty much every Microcomputer platform), it became necessary for users to share the documentation from the original package so that the disks were useable.

A small number of these “Soft Dox” are also for pirating programs themselves, which supplied their own documentation, often with a very entertaining bent in the writing.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
10indians.txt 1239 WALKTHROUGH: Ten Little Indians Mysterious Adventure 10
6502.simulator.txt 2184 SOFTDOCS: Some things about the 6502 simulator "Step and Trace" function
a2echosw.txt 4305 Documentation for the Complete Echo Card Software Collection for the Apple II (February 26, 2000)
aargh 5018 SOFTDOCS: Aaaaargh! Documentation, by The Stork and Ernst Rohm
abbs.inst 8668 SOFTDOCS: ABBS Bulletin Board Software
abootcamp.txt 3712 SOFTDOCS: Arcade Boot Camp, by The Penguin (June 14, 1984) 1298 SOFTDOCS: Lode Runner II Cracked, German Version
aboutmmdemo 6899 SOFTDOCS: MidiMate - A Midi File Utility for the Apple IIGS Computer by Lindsay B. Hough, Ph.D. (1990) 2182 SOFTDOCS: The Abyssal Zone, written by The COG 2399 SOFTDOCS: Space Ace Mini-Chat, by Mach Three (October 9, 1990)
achon.txt 22000 SOFTDOCS: Archon, by Hardware Heister and Belle Starr
acos.tutor.1 26222 SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial version 1.2, by UPS Network
acos.tutor.2 9746 SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial Part 2, from UPS
acos.tutor.3 19930 SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial Part 3, by UPS
acos.tutor.4 11585 SOFTDOCS: ACOS Tutorial Part 4, by UPS 598 SOFTDOCS: Codes for Acrojet - Compiled by Mr.Cairo
acrostics 2356 SOFTDOCS: Modifying Acrostics
advdmuffin.txt 0 DOCUMENTATION: Advanced Demuffin by The Stack and The Inspector (February 8, 1983) 40960 SOFTDOCS: ASCII Express Profession 3.4x from Southwestern Data Systems 45312 SOFTDOCS: ASCII Express Professional, Part 2
ae.txt 2130 SOFTDOCS: A.E. by Broderbund Software
agate.069 8064 SOFTDOCS: Agate (Disk Utilities) by Tony Marques
airball 3162 SOFTDOCS: Airball, by The Road Warrior (June 27, 1989)
airball.cht 2939 SOFTDOCS: Airball Cheat, by Joe User
airsim.3 1355 SOFTDOCS: AIRSIM 3, by Bets C.
alcazar.txt 9041 SOFTDOCS: Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress by Lord Rama
alertsound 13411 SOFTDOCS: Alert Sound Control Panel Device (CDEV) By Joshua M. Thompson (1991)
algebra.tutor 4313 SOFTDOCS: Algebra Tutor by David Leithauser
aliceiw.txt 12751 SOFTDOCS: Alice in Wonderland by PAP Apple Pirate
alkemstone 349 SOFTDOCS: Alkemstone
alpha.plot 2585 SOFTDOCS: Alpha Pilot, by MasterDisk 4650 SOFTDOCS: AmDOS 3.5, by Gary B Little (1985)
amerchallenge.txt 5673 SOFTDOCS: American Challenge (March 17, 1986) 43299 SOFTDOCS: Ancient Art of War At Sea Docs, by Gountlet of CODFish 18620 SOFTDOCS: Ancient Art of War at Sea Part 2, by Gauntlet of CODFish (1988)
anix 7557 SOFTDOCS: ANIX v2.2a by Randall Hyde (1987) (Operating System)
ankh 3836 SOFTDOCS: ANKH, from Count Crackula and Houdini Software
apba.baseball1 16099 SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat
apba.baseball2 16228 SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat (Part II)
apba.baseball3 15704 SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat (Part III)
apba.baseball4 4965 SOFTDOCS: APBA Major League Players Baseball, by Pac-Rat (Part IV)
aplwrks.util.2 15040 SOFTDOCS: Appleworks Utility Technical Notes, by Cecil Fretwell, May 6, 1987
apple.mechanic 14628 SOFTDOCS: Apple Mechanic
apple.mechanic.txt 14705 SOFTDOCS: Apple Mechanic (Font Creation Program)
apple.rx 7694 SOFTDOCS: Apple.Rx
appletrek.txt 961 SOFTDOCS: Apple Trek Commands Compiled by Paula Rev 3/80
appleworks 12713 SOFTDOCS: Appleworks, by the 17th sector of the Elmhurst Copy Club (August 1984)
applicator 4347 SOFTDOCS: ICON Applicator, by Raptor, 1990
arcade.bootcamp 3556 SOFTDOCS: Arcade Boot Camp, by The Penguin
archon.ii.txt 9753 SOFTDOCS: Archon II, by The Time Lord
archon.txt 23614 SOFTDOCS: Archon, by The Doc (August 26, 1984)
arkanoid 4837 SOFTDOCS: Arkanoid, by Club 96
artd.txt 77656 SOFTDOCS: Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
assualt 25618 SOFTDOCS: Finall Assault, by Club 96
autobahn 290 SOFTDOCS: Autobahn 7231 Autoduel Map by
autoduel.txt 4131 SOFTDOCS: Autoduel Short Dox by Happy Cynthax Nautilus
awacs 3935 SOFTDOCS: AWACS, by Edar the Wizard
awacs.txt 2005 SOFTDOCS: Awacs, by Edar the Wizard and Elmer J. Fudd
axe.packer.note 693 SOFTDOCS: The Axe Packer, by The Axe
aztec.txt 1812 SOFTDOCS: AZTEC for the Apple II by Moose
baal.txt 23202 Documentation: Baal, transcribed by INC Captain Crunch
backgammon 957 SOFTDOCS: Backgammon, by Unknown Author
bag.tricks.1 8225 SOFTDOCS: Bag of Tricks, by The Phantom
bag.tricks.2 12374 SOFTDOCS: Bag of Tricks II, by The Curse
ballblazer.txt 6152 SOFTDOCS: Ballblazer by The One-Eyed Pirate and The Exploiter
ballyhoo.txt 24479 SOFTDOCS: Ballyhoo from Infocom, by The Andrex
baltic.1985 11285 SOFTDOCS: Baltic 1985 by Commander Tosh and Ali-Baba 4362 SOFTDOCS: Bank Streen Writer, by Dirty Harry
bards.3.code.wh 6141 SOFTDOCS: Bards Tale III Code Wheel, by The Srynge
bards.tale.iii.txt 29897 SOFTDOCS: Bards Tale III Spells
bards_tale_2.txt 10606 SOFTDOCS: Bard's Tale 2
bards_tale_ii.txt 79287 SOFTDOCS: Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight
basic.cda 790 SOFTDOCS: Visit Applesoft BASIC CDA v1.1 from David A. Lyons (July 1990)
batman 8578 SOFTDOCS: Batman, the Caped Crusader by The Crasher and Kobra
battletech.graf 1517 SOFTDOCS: Messages bout the Battletech .DIAG File
battletech.qref 7424 SOFTDOCS: Battletech by Soft-Sect
bbdaily.txt 3177 DOCUMENTATION: Tele-Cat // Version 2.0 Daily (March 9, 1985)
bbshow.txt 4247 SOFTDOCS: BBSHOW: The Hi-Res Display Program by The Cloak Version 1.0 (March 3rd, 1985)
bcw.txt 9013 SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, by Zolton and Mr. Buster (May 12, 1984)
bcwcheats.txt 4500 SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Docs, by James T. Kirk 13734 SOFTDOCS: Beagle Graphics, by The Masochist of Hi-Res Hi-Jackers
beast.war 16763 SOFTDOCS: Beast War, by Gandalf the White
beast.war.txt 17160 SOFTDOCS: Beastwar, by Gandalf the White
beautifulboot.txt 3651 SOFTDOCS: Beautiful Boot by MiniAppler and Apple Bandit (1984)
below.root 23821 SOFTDOCS: Below the Root
bet 23595 SOFTDOCS: Big Edit Thing v1.0b3 from Jim Murphy (September 1, 1991)
bey.castle.wolf 5137 SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, from Ctrl-Reset
beycastw.txt 13057 SOFTDOCS: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein 'Stom the Fuehrer"
bgmusic 3898 SOFTDOCS: Background Music, by Guy T. Rice
bilestoad.cheat 2406 SOFTDOCS: Bilestoad Cheats by The Aluminum Gerbil
bilestoad.txt 3100 SOFTDOCS: Bilestoad, by The Moose
birthofthephoenix.txt 1371 SOFTDOCS: Birth of the Phoenix, by Doctor Flora
black.belt.txt 3714 SOFTDOCS: Black Belt, by Creative Cracker and High Technology (February 18, 1984)
black.cauldron.txt 6304 SOFTDOCS: The Black Cauldron, by The Andrex of First Class
blackbelt 3559 SOFTDOCS: Black Belt, from Kevin Ryan by Creative Cracker and High Technology
blackspring 6315 SOFTDOCS: BlackSpring GS v4.0 by: Ronand E. Mercer (aka. The Dungeon Master)
blade.blackpool 667 SOFTDOCS: Blade of Blackpoole
bladeofblackpoole.txt 4097 SOFTDOCS: Blade of Blackpoole (Incomplete)
blazing.paddles 4346 SOFTDOCS: Blazing Paddles, by The Camel Jockey
blitzkrieg-docs.txt 9421 SOFTDOCS: Hacking Blitzkrieg, by Paula (1981) 16715 SOFTDOCS: Block Work, by Mark Harris (1987) 1024 SOFTDOCS: Block 0 Szve, by Guy T. Rice
blu 7767 SOFTDOCS: BLU - Binary II Library Utility by Floyd Zink, Jr. 10/09/87
bodyfat.calc 2851 SOFTDOCS: Bodyfat Calculator, by Jerry Robison
bolo.txt 7533 SOFTDOCS: BOLO, by Synergistic Software (1992)
bordercat 1914 SOFTDOCS: Bordercat
boulderdash 3563 SOFTDOCS: Boulderdash
bram.chkr 2579 SOFTDOCS: BRAM.Checker v1.2 by Bill Tudor (1992)
breakers.1.of.3 15113 SOFTDOCS: Breakers Docs by Digital Monk
breakers.2.of.3 16055 SOFTDOCS: Breakers Part II, by Digital Monk
breakers.3.of.3 14978 SOFTDOCS: Breakers Part III, by Digital Monk
bronze.dragon.1 14333 SOFTDOCS: Bronze Dragon, by The Cracksmith of First Class
bronze.dragon.2 17114 SOFTDOCS: Bronze Dragon part II by The Cracksmith of First Clas
bronze.dragon.3 11998 SOFTDOCS: Bronze Dragon Part III by The Cracksmith of First Class
brucelee.txt 4743 SOFTDOCS: Bruce Lee, by Datasoft (1984)
bt1man.txt 53959 SOFTDOCS: The Bard's Tale, by Electronic Arts (1985)
bt2city.txt 5680 SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the unofficial Bards Tale II City Maps (July 1996)
bt2csc.txt 11779 SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight (January 1997)
bt3code.txt 11756 SOFTDOCS: The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Code Wheel
bt3csc.txt 11389 SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate Command Summary Card
bt3man.txt 69300 SOFTDOCS: The Project 64 etext of the Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate manual
btl.chess 11906 SOFTDOCS: Battle Chess 2e by The Mechanic
bubble-head.txt 1559 SOFTDOCS: Bubblehead, by Copy/Cat of The Hi-Res Hackers/The Ware Lords
bug.byter.1 11418 SOFTDOCS: BugByter
bye.80 2129 SOFTDOCS: Better Bye 80 by David D. Ely (August 26, 1987) 5560 SOFTDOCS: Charlie Brown's ABCs, by Apple Tree, from Macmillian/McGraw-Hill 25360 SOFTDOCS: California Games from Epyx, by The Doc
cannonball_blitz.txt 3087 SOFTDOCS: Cannonball Blitz, written by Olaf Lubeck
canyonclimber.txt 257 SOFTDOCS: Canyon Climber
capblood 12328 SOFTDOCS: Captain Blood
captain.goodnig 4103 SOFTDOCS: Captain Goodnight
captain.goodnight.txt 17983 SOFTDOCS: Captain Goodnight, by Wizard //e (Corrupted)
carmen 12967 SOFTDOCS: Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? by Codex Warrior
carmen.sandieo2 8448 SOFTDOCS: Carmen Sandiego
carmen.usa 13766 SOFTDOCS: Where in The USA is Carmen Sandiego? by Ring Lord (October 27, 1986)
carmen.usa2 11238 SOFTDOCS: Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Scrapbook) by Ring Lord (October 27, 1986)
carmensandiego.txt 19483 SOFTDOCS: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? by The Whip (May 1, 1985) 5315 SOFTDOCS: Carribean Quest, by The Technic (May 10, 1985)
cat-term.1.2.txt 4020 Soft Docs: Cat-Term 1.2 by the Gryphon
catline.3.8.txt 5263 Catline 3.8 by the Tracker
catsend.202 5581 SOFTDOCS: Catsend 202 by The Gonif and the Wombat
catsend.3.0.txt 3564 Catsend 3.0: Documentation by The Gonif
caverns.fritag 782 SOFTDOCS: Caverns of Freitag
caverns.of.freitag.txt 805 SOFTDOCS: Caverns of Freitag
cbbs.sysop 30459 SOFTDOCS: Sysop Notes for the CBBS Software (Weirdly Formatted)
cc 2607 SOFTDOCS: The Code Crusher, by Automan
certif.maker1 11987 SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker, by Team Xerox
certif.maker2 10972 SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker Part II, by Team Xerox
certif.maker3 9894 SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker Part III, by Team Xerox
certmaker 5376 SOFTDOCS: Certificate Maker 1759 SOFTDOCS: C'eat La Vie, by Copy/Cat of the Ware Lords
cestlavie.txt 1666 SOFTDOCS: C'est La Vie, from Copy/Cat
cf22aenh.txt 25309 SOFTDOCS: Cat-Fur 2.2a Enhanced by The Screamer and the Messiah (December 9, 1986)
chahelp.eng 12902 SOFTDOCS: The Chaos Mailbox System
chameleon.txt 27537 SOFTDOCS: Chameleon by Dark Star Systems
change.file.txt 20291 SOFTDOCS: Change-A-File by Harold D. Portnoy
chars.txt 6498 SOFTDOCS: Characters for Wizardry 4
chemlab 3125 SOFTDOCS: Chemlab by Cyborg
chipwits 7698 SOFTDOCS: Chipwits, by The Helix
chrno.warrior 2371 SOFTDOCS: Chrono Warrior, by Professor X (April 22, 1985)
cia.intro 2896 SOFTDOCS: The Confidential Information Advisors (Pirating Tools) from Diamond Jim
cia.linguist 20316 SOFTDOCS: The CIA Tools, by The Camel Jockey
cia.tricks 15939 SOFTDOCS: The CIA Files, Intermediate Tricks with Tricky Dick, by The Camel Jockey
cia.tricky.dick 13115 SOFTDOCS: The CIA Files, Tricky Dick, contributed by Diamond Jim
colussus.chess.iv.txt 2523 SOFTDOCS: Colussus Chess IV by Digital Monk of LSD
commando 5756 SOFTDOCS: Data East Commando by The Sheik
compet.karate 2496 SOFTDOCS: Competition Karate
compressor 2556 SOFTDOCS: Compressor
conglomerates 3393 SOFTDOCS: Conglomberate Collide by The Penguin
conversion 3933 SOFTDOCS: To Convert Wings of Fury
cosbal.txt 94379 SOFTDOCS: The Cosmic Balance from SSI, by The Appler
coupon.handler 2133 SOFTDOCS: Coupon Handler
cpuspeed 6485 SOFTDOCS: CPUSpeed Version 1.20
creatre.venture 2721 SOFTDOCS: Creature Venture by ME III
crisis.mountain 1799 SOFTDOCS: Crisis Mountain
criticalmass.txt 2307 SOFTDOCS: Solving Critical Mass, by Doctor Flora
crossword.magic.txt 3348 SOFTDOCS: Crossword Magic III
crylla2.txt 5697 SOFTDOCS: Cryllan Mission 2088: The Second Scenario
cyclotrin 807 SOFTDOCS: Cyclotron
d.code 22182 SOFTDOCS: Decode's Compacting Program
d.t.paint.notes 7989 SOFTDOCS: D.T. Painter v0.7
danmono 4513 SOFTDOCS: East Asia's Greatest Hits
dark.designs.3 8469 SOFTDOCS: Dark Designs III: Retribution, from John Carmack
dataworks 13961 SOFTDOCS: Dateworks, a Data template for appleworks v1.0 by David Sachs
davex.txt 35022 SOFTDOCS: Davex v1.23: A ProDOS Command Shell by David A. Lyons (April 12, 1988)
dazzle.draw.i 18031 SOFTDOCS: Dazzle Draw Documentation, by The Camel Jockey
dazzle.draw.iia 14086 SOFTDOCS: Dazzle Draw Documentation, a Walk Through the Menu, by Camel Jockey
dd.deluxe.1 33350 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe v4.0 by Logix Innovations 1988
dd.deluxe.2 31463 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe Docs Part II
ddd.1.0 6357 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator v1.0 by Dalton
ddd.1.2 5395 SOFTDOCS: Dalton Disk Disintegrator 1.2 (May 1985) by Dalton
ddd.2.0 13332 SOFTDOCS: Dalton Disk Disintegrator II (Spring 1985) by Dalton
ddd.2.1.src 46764 SOFTDOCS" Dalton Disk Disintegrator version 2.1 Enhanced, by Ziopoth of The Assembly Line (1986)
ddd.2.1e 10090 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator 2.1 Enhanced Docs by Data Latch & Edited by M. Hata
ddd.2.5r 9927 SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator version 2.5 by The Screamer (April 4, 1987)
ddd.2.7 2308 SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator v2.7 1382 SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator 2+, by Don Koenig
ddd.4.2a 1988 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe version 4.2a by Louis Roy (July 10th, 1988)
ddd.5.0 4569 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe verison 5.0 by Louis Roy (June 19th, 1989) 17953 SOFTDOCS: Dalton's Disk Disintegrator Pro v1.0 by Dr. DX
deadline.1 17885 SOFTDOCS: Deadline Documentation #1
deadline.2 18357 SOFTDOCS: Deadline Documentation #2
dearc.v1.2 8324 SOFTDOCS: DE.Arc2 GS v1.2 by Thom Henderson (October 6, 1987)
deathsword.txt 1004 SOFTDOCS: Death Sword, from Palace Software
deluxe.v4.1 1862 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Deluxe v4.1 by Louis Roy
deluxe.v4.2 3051 SOFTDOCS: Disk Disintegrator Delux v4.2a (July 10, 1988)
design.addendum 11270 SOFTDOCS: Eamon Dungeon Designer 6.0 Differences
designer.manual 30346 SOFTDOCS: A Manual for Eamon Adventure Designers by Donald Brown
deskcolor.hist 2544 SOFTDOCS: DeskColor Control Panel History
deskcolor3.1 14107 SOFTDOCS: DeskColor Control Panel v3.1
dg.important 2727 SOFTDOCS: DreamGrafix will prosecute, you pirate
diamond.mine 4999 SOFTDOCS: Black Bag from Roklan Corp by The Intern and the Chief Surgeon
diamond.mine.txt 4227 SOFTDOCS: Diamond Mine, by The Intern and The Chief Surgeon of Black Bag
diamondmine.txt 2450 SOFTDOCS: Diamond Mind from Sierra On-Line by Creative Cracking and Mr. Cool
diced.rev 3839 SOFTDOCS: DIcED v1.2 by David A. Lyons (February 25, 1989)
dig.em 1098 SOFTDOCS: Dig 'Em
dino.eggs 2257 SOFTDOCS: Dino Eggs by Mini Appler
dirmap 6639 SOFTDOCS: DirMap v1.0 by Jason Harper (1989)
disk-fer.txt 8380 SOFTDOCS: Disk-Fer Terminal Software, written by The Redheaded Freak
disk.arranger.3.0.txt 2594 SOFTDOCS: Disk Arranger 3.0 by the Bushwhacker (May 2nd, 1985)
disk.fer 6528 SOFTDOCS: Disk-Fer Terminal Software by The Redheaded Freak
disk.muncher.1 14534 SOFTDOCS: Disk Muncher 1.1 by The Stack
diskcovers 4383 SOFTDOCS: Disk Covers and T.I.M. Version 1.1
diskfixer 2192 SOFTDOCS: Diskfixer
disktimer 4782 SOFTDOCS: Disktimer GS by Joe Jaworski (1988)
diu.apwks.txt 2569 SOFTDOCS: Disk Inventory Utility v1.0B by The Saint (July 27, 1987)
diu.v1.0b 2461 SOFTDOCS: Disk Inventory Utility v1.0B By The Saint (July 27, 1987)
diversi.cache 11849 SOFTDOCS: Diversi-Cache, by Bill Basham, Version 1.0 (1987)
diversi.copy 7164 SOFTDOCS: Diversi-Copy(tm) Demonstration Disk by Bill Basham
diversi.key 40484 SOFTDOCS: Diversi-Key by Bill Basham
dlp 7894 SOFTDOCS: Disk Labeller Pro v1.0 by Dave Touvell (June 2, 1987)
dogpaw 11149 SOFTDOCS: Dogpaw
dos.3.5 15992 SOFTDOCS: DOS 3.5 Instructions
dosfile.xchange 14845 SOFTDOCS: DOS File Exchange v1.1 by The Blacksmith (1982)
double.check.txt 3889 SOFTDOCS: DoubleCheck Version 1.1 by The W0RM
double.stuff 2930 SOFTDOCS: Doublestuff, by the Byte Bastards (1986)
double.take 659 SOFTDOCS: Double Take
dr.mario 6636 SOFTDOCS: Dr. Mario, by Blue Adept (January 27, 1992)
dragon.s.lair 13193 SOFTDOCS: Dragon's Lair by The Irish Rogue
dragons.eye 842 SOFTDOCS: The Dragon's Eye, by Masterdisk
dragonworld.txt 10754 SOFTDOCS: Dragonworld, by The Warezird 2036 SOFTDOCS: Draw Poker
drelbs.txt 4251 SOFTDOCS: Drelbs, from The Ware Lords by Mr. Echo and The Intern (1984) 1035 SOFTDOCS: DreamGrafix v0.50 by Some kid named John and The ACOS Master
drol 2686 SOFTDOCS: Drol by Broderbund by Apple Bandit
dueling.digits 1897 SOFTDOCS: Dueling Digits 9406 SOFTDOCS: Manhunter, from Sierra Online (July 26, 1990)
ecc.qmast 13330 SOFTDOCS: The Prism of Heheutotol (July 24, 1990)
echelon 5355 SOFTDOCS: Echelon by Codex Warrior
echelon.full 30280 SOFTDOCS: Echelon by Codex Warrior 8413 SOFTDOCS: Echelon - Patrol Zone Highlights
echo.txt 5053 SOFTDOCS: Echo Version 1.0 (Copying Program)
ecp.facts.txt 5634 SOFTDOCS: Extended Command Processor Fact Sheet
ecp16 27262 SOFTDOCS: Extended Command Processor, by Don Elton (1987)
ecp8.txt 8196 SOFTDOCS: Extended Command Processor 8 by Don Elton (1987)
edd.part1 5166 SOFTDOCS: Essential Data Duplicator (EDD) Program list #3-8 by the Minute Man 5120 SOFTDOCS: Introduction to EDIT.Pro by Libing Legends Software
electronic.juke 650 SOFTDOCS: Uptime's Electronic Jukebox
eliminator 2090 SOFTDOCS: Eliminator, by Disk Wizard
empire 4185 SOFTDOCS: Empire 128k, The Wargame of the Centure, by The Mechanic and The Kid
emu.ctrl.chars 912 SOFTDOCS: Proterm v1.9p+ Keystrokes
emu.d1500.ctrlc 3166 SOFTDOCS: DataMedia 1500 Notes by FlAsHbAcK WhIpLaSh
en.decrypt 1971 SOFTDOCS: Encrypt/Decrpyt Information File by Ed Watkeys (November 4th, 1990)
eos 3460 SOFTDOCS: Earth Orbit Stations by Old Man Art
escape.arcturus 664 SOFTDOCS: Escape from Arcturus
evil.eye 992 SOFTDOCS: Evil Eye, from John Romero
executioner.txt 4860 SOFTDOCS: Executioner by Glen E. Bredon
extra.k.txt 24613 SOFTDOCS: Extra K Part 1 by The Ghost of The Atlanta Crackers BBS/AE
f15.strike.eagle.txt 3444 SOFTDOCS: F-15 Strike Eagle, by The Whip (February 4, 1985)
fantavision.txt 10617 SOFTDOCS: The Beginner's Guide to FANTAVISION by Entity Dalpha for the RIPCO BBS (November 27, 1985)
fatcat 1612 SOFTDOCS: Fatcat from Beagle Brothers, by Mr. Floppy
fbworksheet.txt 1990 SOFTDOCS: Worksheet for Fooblitzky
fellow.creature 2197 SOFTDOCS: Creatures of Western Middle-Earth, by Otay and Beowolf
fellow.legends 3575 SOFTDOCS: The Fellowship of the Ring (Legends and Common Knowledge) by Otay and Beowolf
fellow.ring.1 13125 SOFTDOCS: Complete Fellowship of the Ring Documentation by Otay and Beowolf
fellow.ring.2 16159 SOFTDOCS: Inglish
fetus 5056 SOFTDOCS: Senseless Violence I: Survival of the Fetus, by Brian Greenstone, November 14, 1989
file.a.trix.txt 18874 SOFTDOCS: File-A-Trix
flak.txt 1326 SOFTDOCS: Flak, by The Blue Lensman of The Ware Lords
flightsim2coords.txt 8436 SOFTDOCS: Sublogic Flight Simulator II Scenery Coordinates by Fog (May, 1988) 5442 SOFTDOCS: Fontrix
fontrix.txt 5395 SOFTDOCS: Fontrix (Font Graphics Program) by Thomas Collins
fooblitzky.a.txt 8174 SOFTDOCS: Fooblitzky Essentials, by The Unbeliever and The Stray Cat
fooblitzky.b.txt 23293 SOFTDOCS: Fooblitzky Coorinates by White Gold
freda.txt 8106 SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredb.txt 10242 SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredc.txt 13625 SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredd.txt 8362 SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985)
fredtips.txt 9270 SOFTDOCS: Fredwriter Documentation by June Wedesweiler Dodge (November 30, 1985) (Tips)
fsimulator2.txt 5394 SOFTDOCS: Flight Simulator II by Non-Maskable Interrupt
g.i.joe.txt 9343 SOFTDOCS: G.I. Joe from Epyx, by The Triton 4941 SOFTDOCS: G.A.L.E. Control Codes by The Penguin
game.of.chess 4590 SOFTDOCS: How About A Nice Game of Chess By Larry Atkin, by Buffalo Bill
gamecheats.txt 62095 A Large Collection of Apple II Program Cheats, Hidden Messages, and Secret Keys
gamemaker.txt 11008 SOFTDOCS: GameMaker, by The Crusader and Gnarly McNasty
gamma 2122 SOFTDOCS: Gamma Force in Pit of a Thousand Screams by Space Pirate
gato.txt 26987 SOFTDOCS: GATO, by The Wizard //e of T-Men and Wareforce (1985)
gauntlet 6150 SOFTDOCS: Gauntlet Instructions
gba.1 32273 SOFTDOCS: GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two by The Doc
gba.2 12890 SOFTDOCS: GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two (Part II)
gbbs.txt 73572 SOFTDOCS: GBBS II (BBS Program) (Abridged and Cut Off)
gempire.txt 11822 SOFTDOCS: Galactic Empire, by Douglas G. Carlston
gemstone.warrior.txt 5390 SOFTDOCS: Gemstone Warrior Docs and Spells, by The Lumberjack
gencomm 12642 SOFTDOCS: GenericComm v2.03 Documentation by Matthew Montano (1990)
genesis.txt 5626 SOFTDOCS: Genesis by Datasoft (1983)
genlist 6185 SOFTDOCS: GenericList v1.0 Documentation
geos.quick.ref 7236 SOFTDOCS: GEOS Quick Reference Documentation by The Crackforce
germany.1985.1 9728 SOFTDOCS: Germany 1985 by Dirty Harry
germany.1985.2 8487 SOFTDOCS: Germany 1985 Part II
ggliders.txt 1931 SOFTDOCS: Galactic Gliders and Spartan
ghostbusters 4753 SOFTDOCS: Ghost Busters!
ghostbusters.txt 4521 SOFTDOCS: Ghostbusters (Apple Docs from Commodore Softdocs)
glean 22586 SOFTDOCS: Gleaners Index 2.0
gnoman 26847 SOFTDOCS: GNO Kernel Reference Manual Version 1.0 alpha by Jawaid Bazyar (August 10, 1991)
gnoman.2 15850 SOFTDOCS: GNO Manual Part II
gold.rush.sov 12471 SOFTDOCS: Gold Rush Documentation
golem 7680 SOFTDOCS: GolemGS by Jason Smart 9728 SOFTDOCS: Golf's Best by The Sheik 10455 SOFTDOCS: Golf's Best, typed by The Shiek
gothmogs.lair 1292 SOFTDOCS: Gothmog's Lair, by Jean Laffite
gple 6220 SOFTDOCS: GPLE Documentation by Judie Mac 6201 SOFTDOCS: GPLE Documentation Part II by Judie Mac
grafedit 4767 SOFTDOCS: Grafedit by Philip Guiochon
graphic.system 7946 SOFTDOCS: Complete Graphics System Command List by The Ghost (November 9, 1984)
graphicwriter.1 26315 SOFTDOCS: GraphicWriter by Rodger Dodger
graphicwriter.2 32062 SOFTDOCS: Graphic Writer Part 2
graphworks.txt 3597 SOFTDOCS: Graphworks 1.1 by The Miner
grevol.txt 61608 SOFTDOCS: Galactic Revolution 4408 SOFTDOCS: Gruds in Space by The Metal Maniac
gs.clock.driver 5111 SOFTDOCS: GS Clock for Basic by The Screamer (January 21, 1987) 6202 SOFTDOCS: GSBug & Debugging Tools Update Release Notes (August 26, 1991)
gsbug.specs 24328 SOFTDOCS: GSBug -- Current Version 1.6b20
gsbug.templates 3715 SOFTDOCS: GSBug Templates Release Notes Version 1.0d3
gsbug.tutorial 30372 SOFTDOCS: GSBug is Your Friend (a quick intro to GSBug) v.1.2 by Tim Swihart
gscii 1452 SOFTDOCS: Dealing with GSCII Crashing
gshk.history 9388 SOFTDOCS: GS-ShrinkIt v1.0.5 (3/21/92
gshk.v1.06 28714 SOFTDOCS: Shrinkit For the Apple IIgs by Karl Bunker
gtrader.txt 12325 SOFTDOCS: Galactic Trader, by Douglas G. Cariston
gtw.txt 15739 SOFTDOCS: Global Thermonuclear War by Dark Ranger and The Master
guadalca.txt 50804 SOFTDOCS: Guadacanal
guimaster 15036 SOFTDOCS: GUI Master Version 1.0 by Kris Olsson (1991)
hackamatic 5825 SOFTDOCS: Automan's Hayes Hackomatic
hacker 11709 SOFTDOCS: The SCSI Hacker v1.1 by Joe Jaworski (1988)
hangman 687 SOFTDOCS: Hangman by Carl Steadman
hardball.txt 10382 SOFTDOCS: Hardball, by Sherlock Apple
hcadgs 12092 SOFTDOCS: HCADgs by Joseph A. Huwaldt Version 1.2 (May 18, 1990)
hcs 10123 SOFTDOCS: Hacking Construction Set by Cyborg
hero.txt 2142 SOFTDOCS: H.E.R.O. by The Whip (December 23, 1984) 15023 SOFTDOCS: HESGames by The Wombat, Dr. Micro, The Gonif
high.speed.scsi 2911 SOFTDOCS: Apple II High Speed SCSI Card
hobbit.1.of.2 12272 SOFTDOCS: The Hobbit, by James Bond (007) of The Sledge Hammer Workshop
hobbit.2.of.2 12625 SOFTDOCS: The Hobbit (Part II, Interacting)
homeword 2713 SOFTDOCS: Homeword
homeword.txt 2777 SOFTDOCS: Homeword
hostage 18532 SOFTDOCS: Hostage GS from Mindscape by Commie Scum 11393 SOFTDOCS: How to Guide for Proterm Special Emulation by Ace McCoy (November 30, 1990) 8668 SOFTDOCS: How to on Proterm Special Emulation by Ace McCoy (January 23, 1991)
hprojecta.txt 19383 SOFTDOCS: Halley's Project, Transcribed by The Hitman
hprojectb.txt 2545 SOFTDOCS: Halley's Project Part II by The Hitman
immortal 12232 SOFTDOCS: THE IMMORTAL GS by Will Harvey/Electronic Arts by ECC and Xentraedi
impmissn.txt 16640 SOFTDOCS: Impossible Mission
incredible.jack 566 SOFTDOCS: Incredible Jack
infiltrator 31789 SOFTDOCS: Infiltrator by The Hood, the Hitman, and The Thug 9912 SOFTDOCS: Inspector
inspector.txt 7099 SOFTDOCS: The Inspector by Dr. Electric
instant 1827 SOFTDOCS: Instant Icon by Mike Nuzzi
intellihacker 20001 SOFTDOCS: Intellihacker by Czar Peter of Anarchy Unlimited (October 7, 1985)
intrcpt.1.3 8916 SOFTDOCS: Intercept v1.3 by The Voice Over
intrigue 10789 SOFTDOCS: Intrigue by The Marauder (May 14, 1986)
intrigue.txt 11069 SOFTDOCS: Intrigue! by The Maurader (May 14, 1986)
intro.txt 2542 SOFTDOCS: Deathlord, by Electronic Arts (1987)
intromusic 5371 SOFTDOCS: Noise Tracker v1.0
ir.v2.0 14410 SOFTDOCS: IR Version 2.0, The all-purpose doohickey installer By Matt Deatherage 31485 SOFTDOCS: Jack Nicklaus Golf IIGS and Jack Nicklaus Golf Complete By The Mechanic
jai.alai 2613 SOFTDOCS: Jai-Alai (pronounced Hi Li) by Joe Heidcamp
jellyfish 1344 SOFTDOCS: Jellyfish
jet.1 12763 SOFTDOCS: Jet