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The Apple II is likely the first of the home computers to go from merely experiencing software piracy to being a place of pirate “Culture”. Groups, alliances and lore begin rising up in the early 1980’s, and continue throughout the decade. In the introduction screens of cracked Apple II games, groups list their memberships and declare pride for their work. Pirates jump through different groups, backstab, and generally exhibit the natural competitiveness of young computer users. As the pirates communicate through BBSes, they share messages, jibes, and “rag files” that attempt to decimate other, more inferior (in their opinion) groups.

Collected here are pieces of these legends and battles. It would be in the best interest of all involved to not believe anything said in them, although no doubt grains of truth run through them all. This is as good as it gets.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
alienmind.txt 3982 Announcement of the Release of Alien Mind by The Talisman (Rob) of First Class (April 18, 1988)
applemaf.txt 22452 The Apple Mafia Story, as Told to Red Ghost
blacknight_necro.txt 3465 The Necromancer and Blacknight chat on The Double Bogus
bye.mnlghtng 42586 The Blue Adept logs into The Moonlighting BBS's Last Day Online (May 12, 1989)
ctc_msg.txt 536 Announcement of Membership in the CtC by The Dee Jay (July 26, 1988)
curse_history.txt 14519 The History of The Curse BBS by The Incognito (1988)
db_log.txt 1137 BBS AD: The Double Bogey BBS
deathstar_death.txt 1596 The Necromancer Announces the End of The Deathstar BBS (January 31, 1990)
deathstar_list.txt 10910 The Deathstar Userlist as of 12/25/89, 35 days before it went down for good (December 25, 1989)
dg_add.txt 3517 Writings about The Digital Gang, from Touch Tone (Apologies, Rags)
digital_gang2.txt 16798 The Digital Gang: Rag File #2 by Lord Sauron of The Bunnymen and TOuch Tone of First Class (1986)
digital_gang3.txt 16203 The Digital Gang Rag File #1 by The Cookie Monster (July 13, 1986)
dm_bad.txt 2178 Some Clarifications about Dungeon Master Bad Cracks by The Mercenary (February 12, 1989)
ds_vas.txt 1683 Some Rip Sessions: The Vassal, from The Deathstar BBS (August, 1989)
dsafter.txt 7237 MESSAGES: Bagging on The Blue Adept, from The Deathstar BBS (June 28, 1989)
dsbadkra.txt 4779 MESSAGES: Ripping on Blue Adept, from The Deathstar BBS (November, 1988)
dsbfist.txt 513 MESSAGES: Brian Fist Returns, from The Deathstar BBS (January, 1989)
dsdungma.txt 1015 MESSAGES: A Blue Adept Wet Dream, from The Deathstar BBS (February, 1989)
dsmailpu.txt 908 MESSAGES: Mail to The Pusher from Blue Adept, from The Deathstar BBS (January, 1989)
dsneurom.txt 7813 MESSAGES: USAlliance releases of Times of Lore & Neuromancer from Deathstar BBS (November, 1988)
dsthebus.txt 624 MESSAGES: Blue Adept Busted, from The Deathstar (August, 1988)
dstruth1.txt 6542 MESSAGES: The Truth About Blue Adept (January, 1989)
dstruth2.txt 2061 MESSAGES: The Truth about USAlliance from The Vassal (June, 1989)
ethereal.txt 6696 Ethereal Exclusive User List (February 1, 1990)
grouprev.txt 4118 A Prosthetic Penises Production File #2: "Group Revue" by The Pusher
groups.txt 11264 First Draft of List of Apple II Pirate Groups (1989)
hstlist.txt 15200 The Complete 9600 BPS Apple II/IIgs List Version 2.04 by Lucky (December, 1988)
last_ninja.txt 650 MESSAGES: Fucking Around at Mind Bender's House from Apple Tree IIgs (December 9, 1988)
ldigital.txt 26372 The Best Laid Plans of Pirates and Phreaks by RBOC Agent 003 (November 23, 1987)
madrag.txt 49267 The Blue Adept Saga on The Midnight Apple Dump (MAD) (1988)
manifest.txt 16660 The Pirate's Manifesto for 1994 (May 22, 1994)
martpt1.txt 12550 The Tales of the Unknown Elite and The Martyr, as told by The Triton of Digital Gang
martpt2.txt 11900 The Tales of the Unknown Elite and The Martyr as told by The Martyr "The Truth)
martray1.txt 38564 The Ray's GS Line Episode: "Bagging on the Martyr" (1987)
martray2.txt 17509 The Ray's GS Line Episode: "Bagging on the Martyr" (1988) (Part 2)
monitor.txt 2948 The Dethstar's 2500 Modem, from The Monitor BBS (1989)
ne1a.txt 5710 The National Enlightener Volume 1: The Elite Commandments from Elite News Weekly
ne2a.txt 8001 The National Enlightener Volume 2: Mega-Elite Interviews
ne2b.txt 3251 The National Enlightener Volume 2b: To Be Elite
ne3a.txt 42037 The National Enlightener Volume 3: Rags of the Elites!
ne3b.txt 43940 The National Enlightener Volume 3b: Rags of the Elites!
ne3c.txt 19524 The National Enlightener Volume 3: Rags of the Elites!
necrobog.txt 454 A Gift from the Necromancer, from The Deathstar BBS (February 10, 1989)
necroc96.txt 1897 The Necromancer Joins Club 96 from The Deathstar (February 15, 1989)
phsaveas.txt 2756 MESSAGES: Blue Adept Trying to Save His Ass from The Pirate's Hold (April 25, 1989)
rbfist.txt 23178 The Ray's GS Episode "Bagging on The Martyr" - Conclusion and Messages (1988)
rcrasher.txt 1868 Ultra Unboot Dox from Sorcerer's Apprentice (January 19, 1988)
rpirates.txt 2286 Some Attacks on Local Pirates
rsamail.txt 3733 MESSAGES: Mail to The Necromancer from Blue Adept from Red-Sector-A BBS (1988)
runkelit.txt 8864 A Collection of Rag Files
sservice.txt 15341 "My Day With The Secret Service" - by Incognito
usaboard.txt 27529 MESSAGES: USAlliance Board on The Curse BBS
There are 52 files for a total of 597,121 bytes.