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As adventure games usually required a lot of brainpower to complete, it became a point of pride to release the “Walkthrough” for an adventure game as soon as possible after the actual game’s release. These walkthroughs would often lack any ornamentation at all, and just push you through the adventure game as quickly as possible to a solution.

A few of the walkthroughs in this directory are a bit more coy and just give you hints or maps for the games.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
abyssal.solve 2515 Solution to The Abyssal Zone by Salty Software, by Aleister Fiend
adventureland 2616 Solution to "Adventureland" from Scott Adams, by Davy Crockett
alpine.ncountr 1659 How to Solve "The Alpine Encounter"
amazon 3428 The Complete Solution to Amazon! by Disk Master, Sea Dog, and Micron (1984)
asylum_solve.txt 7627 Solution to Asylum by Jacob Gunness (1998)
asylumreadme.txt 1419 Introduction to the Asylum Solution, by Jacob Gunness
bards.iii.solve 13312 Solution to Bard's Tale III by King Dan
bards.tale.3.ed 10105 Bard's Tale III Cheats and EDIRs by Spider Man and One Stooge
birth.phoenix 2050 Solution to "Birth of the Phoenix", by The Succumbi
blade.blckpoole 5634 How to Solve the Blade of Blackpoole (1983) by the Minds of Moira
captain.cuckoo 1610 How to Solve Captain Cuckoo, by The Dragon Lord
carmen.cheat 1117 Cheating on Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? 1433 Castle Wolfenstein Player Map 4890 Map for the game "Chivalry"
claymorgue.cstl 3548 Solution to "Saga 13: The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle" by Sire Merlyn 3222 Solution to "Conan"
coveted.mirror 3723 Solution to The Coveted Mirror by The Saint
cranston.manor 4206 Solution to Cranston Manor by Bsbal the Wise and Michael Decaye
critical.mass 3661 Solution to Critical Mass by The Maniac
crowley.manor 3658 Solution to The Curse of Crowley Manor by The Crimson Rat
cutthroats 6444 Solution to Cutthroats by Green Manalishi
darkcrystal.txt 4053 SOLUTION: The Dark Crystal
deadline 4421 Solution to the game Deadline (Possibly Inaccurate)
deadline.txt 3542 SOLUTION: How to Solve Deadline, by Infocom (Possibly Inaccurate)
death.caribbean 4668 Solution to the game "Death in the Caribbean" by Sheree
deathincarrib.txt 3746 SOLUTION: Death in the Carribean
demon.s.forge 3739 Walkthrough for Demon's Forge, by Doctor Death
dotc.solve 20750 Solution for Defender of the Crown
eamon 31856 Welcome to the Wonderful World of EAMON by Donald Brown
earthquake 3160 Solution to Earthquake by Copy/Cat of Hi-Res Hijackers and Demuffin Man 6893 Walkthrough for Manhunter by Sierra Online
enchanter 3463 How to Solve Enchanter, by The Grud
enchanter.2 1116 Enchanter II Help
enchanter.txt 4566 WALKTHROUGH: Enchanter, from Infocom
escape.runistan 4966 How to Solve Escape from Matsirung by The Shadow Lord
et.solve 2021 Solution to E.T. Comes Back by Copy/Cat of Hi-Res Hackers 2318 How to Solve Saga #9: Ghost Town, by Demiffin Man
grudsinspace.txt 7305 SOLUTION: Gruds in Space, by Doctor Flora 6624 Walkthrough for Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by the Ghost
infidel 4991 Walkthrough for Infocom's "Infidel"
infidel.txt 2946 SOLUTION: Infidel, by Doctor Flora
institute 5870 Walkthrough for "The Institute" By Ctrl-Reset and The Intern
journey.into.da 6499 Walkthrough for Journey Into Darkness by Mr. Wonderful and The Necromancer
kabul.spy 4950 Walkthrough for Kabul Spy, by Sheree
kabulspy.txt 2157 WALKTHROUGH: Kabul Spy, by Doctor Flora
karateka 8447 Walkthrough for Karateka by Syntax Error of T-Men
karateka.2 3695 Walkthrough for Karateka by The Blind Thief 2893 Walkthrough for Kings Quest II: Romancing the Throne by Crystal Axe (October 23, 1985) 1885 Walkthrough for The Knight of Diamonds by The Elven Adventurer
kq3.solve 15445 Solution to King's Quest III by Kloey Detect
kq3.vol.nums 3489 Walkthrough for Kings Quest III
kq3.walkthru 31211 Walkthrough for King's Quest III
kukuclan 2010 Walkthrough for Kikulcan by The Duke
leather.god1 2219 Walkthrough for Leather Gods of Phobos
leather.god2 4932 The Complete Solve to Leather Goddess of Phobos by Charazz, Mad Hacker, & Obsidian
legacy.llylgmyn 12685 Walkthrough for Legacy of Llylgamyn by Alien Aardvark
life.death.solv 22869 Walkthrough for Life and Death
llygiamyn.solve 12560 Walkthrough for Legacy of Llygamyn by Alien Aardvark
manhunter.solve 11503 Walkthrough for the Sierra Online game "Manhunter"
maskofthesun.txt 4092 WALKTHROUGH: Mask of the Sun, by Doctor Flora
masquerade 3409 Walkthrough for Masquerade by The Big M of 1200 Club
mummys.curse 1864 Walkthrough for The Mummy's Curse by ME III
oo.topos.hints 2048 Hints for OO-Topos by Miss Piggy
palace.thndrlnd 2622 Walkthrough for Palace in Thunderland by Chip Hayes
pitfall 3334 Solution to Pitfall II by Screaming Lord Byron
planetfall.txt 6835 WALKTHROUGH: Planetfall, by Infocom
qm.solve 4512 Walkthrough for Questmast I by GS Doctor and Mr. T.
quest 2741 Walkthrough for The Quest by The Wizard
rungistansol.txt 1342 WALKTHROUGH: Escape from Rungistan, by Doctor Flora
sandsofegypt.txt 1393 WALKTHROUGH: The Sands of Egypt
seastalker 4448 Walkthrough for Infocom's "Sea Stalker"
secret.agent 5949 Walkthrough for "Secret Agent"
serpentsstar.txt 1682 WALKTHROUGH: The Serpent's Star, by Doctor Flora
shard.sprng.slv 9665 Walkthrough for The Shard of Spring by Coast to Coast
sherwood.solve 5431 Walkthrough for Sherwood Forest
sherwoodforest.txt 4464 WALKTHROUGH: Sherwood Forest, by Doctor Flora 1290 Walkthrough for The Incredible Shrinking Man by Green Manalishi
softporn.solve 1830 Walkthrough for Softporn Adventure by The Enchantor
softporn.txt 1553 WALKTHROUGH: The Softporn Adventure, by Doctor Flora
sorcerer.hints 8575 Walkthrough for Infocom's Sorcerer by Hayes
star.cross 10267 Walkthrough for Starcross by DJC 1747 Starcross Map, by The JD
suspended.txt 7220 WALKTHROUGH: Suspended from Infocom, by Doctor Flora
thewitness.txt 4401 WALKTHROUGH: The Witness from Infocom, by Doctor Flora
translyvania 3171 Solution to Transylvania by The Enchantor
transylvania.txt 2392 WALKTHROUGH: Transylvania 7452 Softdocs for Ultima IV
ulysses.txt 3659 WALKTHROUGH: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece from Sierra Online, by Doctor Flora 4590 Walkthrough for Viking Quest by The Wyvern
wime 11779 Docs: J.R.R. Tolkien's War in Middle Earth, by Rusty Nail
witness 4647 Solution to The Witness, by Doobie Productions
wizardandprincess.txt 1923 WALKTHROUGH: The Wizard and the Princess from Sierra Online, by Doctor Flora 17664 Spellbooks for Wizardry
ys.solve 18908 Solution to Ancient Land of Ys
zac.mckracken.txt 13154 Solution of: Zak Mc' Kracken and the Alien Mindbender, by Ton Kroon
zork.i 4826 How to Solve Zork I: The Great Underground Empire, by Screwy Luey
zork.ii 4499 How to Solve Zork II, by The Elven Adventurer
zork.iii 3354 Solving Zork III, by The Lunatic
zork1.txt 13726 WALKTHROUGH: Zork I, by Doctor Flora
zork3.txt 7937 WALKTHROUGH: Zork III, by Doctor Flora
zorro.txt 4623 Solution to Zorro by The Tap Dance Kid
There are 101 files for a total of 601,358 bytes.