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CALL -1370. Re-boots disk system.

Want to omit the pause when you issue
   the CATALOG command and you have
   more than a screenful of programs?
   It's easy! Enter the monitor and
   type... AE34:60 ...(DOS 3.3)

PEEK(-18070) If 150 is returned then
   you are using DOS 3.3. This PEEK
   works for both Applesoft & Integer.

Here's a 16/13 sector hardware mod:
   (Allows you to switch between DOS
   3.2 & 3.3 without Basics Disk by
   simply flipping a switch).
   Remove P5A chip from P5 socket.
   Get the original P5 (DOS 3.2) chip.
   Bend out pin 20 on both chips and
   place the P5 chip on top of the P5A
   chip (piggyback). Solder pins 1-19
   of P5 chip to pins 1-19 of P5A chip.
   Insert one end of a wire into pin
   20 of the P5 socket and solder the
   other end to the common (center)
   connector of a SPDT switch. Insert
   the 2 piggyback chips into the
   P5 socket (pins 20 of both chips
   should not be inserted into the
   socket or connected to anything at
   this time). Solder pin 20 of P5 chip
   to one of the 2 free connectors on
   the SPDT switch. Solder pin 20 of
   P5A to other switch connector. Be
   sure there are no shorts, that you
   followed directions before turning
   on power. Flipping switch in one
   direction or the other selects be-
   tween either DOS when booting.

   NOTE: This will definitely VOID your
         warranty. If you make this mod
   you do so at YOUR OWN RISK. Had to
   say that so I don't get sued (but
   the mod WORKS).

For Language/Memory Card users: If you
are tired of DOS 3.3 dumping whatever
language is on your card every time you
re-boot with a PR#6, here's the  fix:
   Using Dan's Disk Utility or some
   other similar program, read track 0,
   sector $09, byte $CC (should be $81)
   and change it to $10. Now when you
   do a PR#6 whatever is in the
   language card will still be there.

Here's 4 good POKES I'm sure you'll
   find a use for. They will turn your
   disk drive(s) on & off without
   reading or writing. You can use
   these to run the dri

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