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                                                             Larry Sholl
                                                             903 Walton St.
                                                             Rockville, In.
                                                             July 14, 1987

                              Carriage Return Adding

  AppleWorks data bases may be created from text files if each "category" entry
 is demarcated with a carriage return.  I have found this feature to be very
 useful when converting a text listing of names and addresses to a data based
 format.  Unfortunately, text downloads don't contain the needed CR's and it is
 a pain to use a word processor to format a large file.

 CR.ADDER is a slow basic program which will replace the second of two
 consecutive spaces within a text file with a CR.  Usually, the original text
 file needs dressing up on the word processor to assure that the start of the
 file will contain the first category entry.  Print, using your word processor,
 the file to disk as a text file.  Run CR.ADDER and a modified file will be
 saved as name.CRA.  AppleWorks can now be used to create a database from this
 file if you correctly definine the number of categories per record.


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