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Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2
Subject: FAST EDDIE 1.0b1 - Press Release
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Date: 22 Dec 96 13:35:55 MET
Organization: University of Basel, Switzerland
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Press Contact:

Synergetix Henrik Gudat              Andre Horstmann
Missionsstrasse 38                   Hoehenweg 3d
4055 Basel                           6300 Zug
Switzerland                          Switzerland    

                       Santa Claus is drooling:

         Apple IIGS Emulation for Power Macintosh Computers!


             Fast Eddie Labs releases Fast Eddie Beta 1

Fast Eddie Labs, Switzerland - 12/22/96 - Fast Eddie Labs announced 
today the immediate availablity of a beta release of its Apple II 
emulation software code-named "Fast Eddie". This unique software 
product marks a new achievement in Apple II emulation history - Fast 
Eddie is the first publicly available emulator for Macintosh computers 
that emulates the most powerful Apple II computer ever, the Apple IIgs.

Fast Eddie Labs has invested a tremendous amount of development time in 
order to provide the public with a reliable emulation software in 1996, 
the year the Apple IIgs celebrated its 10th anniversary. This public 
beta is the beginning of a series of updates that will bring you the 
most powerful, most versatile and most enjoyable virtual Apple II.

Fast Eddie was started in 1994 by Andre Horstmann, a long-time Apple 
IIgs programmer with special interest in CPU design, but put on ice 
soon after that. During a developers' meeting in early 1996, Andre 
Horstmann and Henrik Gudat agreed on resurrecting the Fast Eddie 
project and turning it into a fully functional Apple IIgs emulator. Urs 
Hochstrasser joined the team and added debugging tools that greatly 
simplified development.

Fast Eddie emulates a Apple IIgs computer with up to eight 3.5" disk 
drives, up to 8Mb RAM, keyboard, joystick and mouse. Furthermore, the 
user can choose between both ROM versions (ROM images not included) for 
maximum compatibility. It supports all video modes (40/80 text, mixed, 
hires, double hires, super hires) and a superfast memory management 
scheme for top performance. Contrary to other emulators, Fast Eddie 
features no-compromise Ensoniq sound emulation with mono, stereo, 
stereo enhanced and mind-blowing Dolby Pro Logic surround sound. On the 
peripherals side, you'll be pleased to know that you can mount up to 8 
disks of several gigabytes each. One device is reserved for the 
built-in disk drive that can deal with ProDOS, HFS and MS-DOS disks 
without requiring you to make disk images or activate PC Exchange.

This beta has been released due to the incredible demand for such an 
emulation software. Fast Eddie protects your past investments in Apple 
II software and offers you a convincing way for painless migration to 
the Power Macintosh platform. Fast Eddie Labs is working on several 
additional components that will be released in due time, including 
emulation and sound core in PowerPC assembly language, low-level disk 
access, and much more.

Fast Eddie is sold as a shareware product. To simplify payment, Fast 
Eddie Labs is cooperating with Kagi Shareware, a company specialized in 
processing shareware fees ( A single user license 
is available for US$25. Please contact Fast Eddie Labs for site 
licenses and special pricing for educational institutions.  

Fast Eddie Labs is a spin-off of Bright Software, a renowned provider 
of productivity, entertainment and scientific software with over a 
dozen releases including the popular ShadowWrite, Hermes, The Gate 
(editor's choice), SpaceFox, ShadowDial, Symbolix, MultiView II, among 
others. Since 1989, Bright Software has been developing unique software 
products for Apple II computers, and the release of Fast Eddie gives 
evidence of our commitment to the Apple II platform.


For a limited time, you can surf the EddieWeb at . We will move these pages to 
a new ISP very soon.

Power Macintosh, Apple IIgs, Ensoniq, Dolby Pro Logic are trademarks of 
their respective holders. The Gate and Spacefox are trademarks of Seven 
Hills Software Corp., Florida.

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