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[_]         Fun with the Cat       [_]
[_]       Tutorial Number Two      [_]
[_]                                [_]
[_] Written by Rappin' Jimmy B.    [_]
[_]           (Knights of Nicht)   [_]
[_]                                [_]
[_] Twisted System....612/421-1382 [_]
[_] Abdul's Oasis.....619/341-2984 [_]
NOTE: The following tutorial is second
      in a series of tutorials. This
      file may be distributed anywhere
      as long as the above stays the 
   Well, I don't think I will start this file the same way I started the first one. If you didn't learn anything from the first tutorial then you need to go back and read it over and do all the programs from it (all one of them), do that until you understand what is happening, or you wont understand this.
   In the other tutorial, we learned how to send data across the modem, well there must be a way to recieve data from the modem also, right? Right, and the following program will tell you how to do it.
   Make sure that you have the file from the first tutorial in memory.
310 REM Get a key from the modem
315 X=PEEK(-16241+16*2)
320 IF X>127 THEN X=X-128
325 IF X>31 THEN X=X-32
330 IF X>15 THEN X=X-16
335 IF X<8 THEN 350
340 POKE -16243+16*2,T:X$=CHR$(PEEK( -16245+16*2))
350 X=PEEK(-16384):IF X<128 THEN 310
355 GET Y$
360 POKE -16242+16*2,ASC(Y$)
365 X=PEEK(-16241+16*2)
370 IF X>127 THEN X=X-128
375 IF X>63 THEN X=X-64
380 IF X>31 THEN X=X-32
385 IF X<16 THEN 365
390 POKE -16244+16*2,4
   Everytime that you want a key, from either your keyboard, or the remote computers, then gosub this routine and it will store the key (after it gets one) in Y$. It is a good idea to check for a carrier before this routine.
   Well, I suppose the 202 will come next tutorial, I promise on that one.  
   This file was written by Rappin' Jimmy B. with help from Grimalkin. Both are members of the Knights of Nicht.
File length: 2055
Date written: February 15th, 1986

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