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The following is an old hacker file that explains how to beat Karateka by
Broderbund.  If anyone knows of pertinant changes, just let me know.
From: vincent.hancock@twsubbs.twsu.edu
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                   [         HOW TO WIN KARATEKA         ]
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This file is written in order to teach you how to win the game "Karateka," by 

Unlike an adventure walk through, you still have to learn the moves.  I will 
explain what to do to win the game, after that, it is up to you.

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I consider the game in 3 levels.  The first level is outside of the castle, 
the second level is inside, and the third is under the first level. Each level 
has its own group of fighters, although the third level is somewhat 

You must have complete mastery of the controls in order to win this game. If 
you can't control your man, practice.  It is not too difficult, using the 
joystick of course.


When you start this level, you have just climbed the castle and you are 
standing in front of an enemy. Notice this man's head.  It is by the head, or
mask, that each fighter is distinguished from the other.

Against these fighters of level one, there are two strategies you can use.

  1. Kick in the foot method

	This method is almost "cheap."  These fighters will move towards you 
constantly.  All you have to do is stand back and whenever they move forward, 
do a downward kick three times.  If you do this a sufficient number of times, 
the man will die.  You might suffer a few blows, but that is no problem.  You 
will kill all the guards.

   2. Banzai method

	The other strategy you can use on the first level guards is the so 
called banzai method. All you do here is press both buttons all the time while 
moving forward.  By pressing both buttons, you will be kicking and punching 
randomly, thus confusing and killing the guard.  This method will not work on 
any other level, I guarantee it.

Hints: Remember that the first level guard will always be moving forward.
	Take advantage of this be remembering that he will be on the wrong 
foot for an attack.

	After you kill the first guard, run immediately.  After the internal 
display, an enemy guard will begin to run to you.  Keep running when the 
screen switches back to you.  When it switches back to the guard, and then to 
you, count to two and let up.  You will be in perfect position for an attack.


(The bird appears in this level.please see the explanation of the bird in the 
third level)

Note that the first guard encountered in the second level is a first level 

This level is much like the first, except that the guards do not move forward 
all the time.  This eliminates the "kick in the foot" method.  Also, the 
banzai method will not work because the guards are often waiting for an 

When you encounter a level two guard, he will usually, after the usual tangle 
and seperation, begin a kicking sequence.  By saying the "usual tangle and 
seperation," I am alluding to the fact that you will rush up to him, fight a 
bit, and then back off or be knocked off.  Anyway, when you seperate, the 
guard will do several 1-kicks, and then either move forward or being doing 
3-kicks.  A 1-kick is a single kick, while a 3-kick is a series of 3 kicks.

Here is what you can do:  When the guard does a 1-kick, as soon as his foot 
begins to retreat, move forward and punch.  I usually prefer to punch downward 
in this attack, but it is not that important.  Now, you might be asking what 
if he is doing a 3-kick and I think it is a 1-kick?  The answer is that you 
will get knocked several times.  Knowing that the first several times are 
1-kicks, you can either wait until he begins 3-kicks or just guess and hope.  
If you guess wrong and the blows start falling, pull out because you are in a 
bad position to kick, your legs are crossed, and you can not benefit out of a 
1 for 4 trade off.

If the guard begins to charge at you, the kick in the foot method will not 
always work, mainly because the guard comes at you with a kick already going. 
 What you should do here:

   1.  Hope he is doing a 1-kick and get knocked but the punch him


   2.  Pull back quickly, wait until his foot is releasing, and then go in for 
the kill.

If you are losing the fight, I would recommend the second method.

The falling gate:

When you get to the end of the second level, there is a gate.  If you run or 
walk through the gate, it falls on you and you die.  Always.  This is what you 
do.  Walk very slowly up to the gate and get right next to it.  Then quickly 
move forward and the back. You must do this fast of you will die. The gate 
will then fall, but, not on you.  As the gate begins to rise, run into it.  
Notice I said, run, not walk.  You will lose a point every time your head hits 
the gate, but keep running and start early so you have time.  As you run 
through the gate, you get to the third level.


The level three guards are not stupid and are fast.   They will not charge 
foolishly towards you, and will wait for the kill.  Also at this point, you 
have very few points compared to the guards, so be careful and watch how many 
points you have.

The basic strategy that I employ when fighting level three guards is this:

  1. Wait until the start doing kicks.

  2. Move in quickly and hit them with a punch, maybe two if you are
     lucky.  If they stand there, kick them, if they move back, that is
     fine.  You just inflicted 1 or 2 points on them at no cost to your-

  3. if they insist on fighting, your best bet is to punch.  In the time
     that it takes to get a kick going, they will punch you away.

     Remember that if one kick nails you, more are coming, to get out of the
     way fast.

The bird:  The bird is very difficult to kill.  However, once you get it down, 
it becomes easy.

   After you have killed 4 level 3 guards, you will suddenly get a large 
amount of points.  You will get to a blocked door in front of you.

   When you go to kick it in, do an upwards kick.  As soon as the door breaks 
in, wait a millisecond, and then do 2 more up kicks.  This will knock the bird 
before it gets a chance on you.

   From here on, it is up to you.  I prefer kicking the bird and it is easiest 
when it is on the top level.  Just wait until the bird is 1 1/2 inches in 
front of you, and then kick 3 times.  If you get it good, if not, try again.

Akima himself:  He really is no different than any other level 3 guard. Ignore 
the fact that he appears bigger and concentrate on getting in 1 or 2 punches 
after some kicks.

   Kill him, run into the room where the princess is standing.  If you walk, 
she kills you.  Just run right into her.

One technique that I did not mention is spar fighting.  In this method, just 
wait until he is not kicking, jump up and punch.  There is a delayed 
reaction,so pull back right after you have hit the button.  You might think 
you will not punch, but you will and usually hit.  Sometimes you will get hit 
back, but not always.  You can use this technique on the level 3 guards which 
can be difficult sometimes.

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