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A new dawn has arrived on the GS market. Even better than Virtual 3D Audio;
it is Tommy-Gun Fax by 1USI. Tommy-Gun Fax (TGFax) is the *only* send/receive
fax software for the GS. 1USI is a CONSORTIEM of GS Wizards and Programming
GENIUSESES. Including The Gog, Rush Man, Black Francis, Flux Capacitor,
John Sanford, Parrotic Row, John Brooks, Mach IV, and me (Captain Tom).

James L. Brookes was contacted to help but he informed me that his
programming experience was too minimal to be of help.

Included in this archive is a copy of TGFax by 1USI. Some options have been
disabled. When you send in your shareware fee of $55.00 you will receive a
copy of TGFax with all options enabled.

Things we plan in the future!

o CliTracker, which allows you unprecidented flexibility in playing music.
  Capable of importing from MODs, NoiseTracker, SoundSmith, synthLAB,
  DiversiTune, Music Studio, Music Construction Set, MIDI, and Cakewalk
  formats.  Uses a new technique called psychodesuckulus to make even songs
  which suck suddenly seem cool, plus crionically enhanced sub-micron
  filtering techniques and multi-tap-bandpass reverb for the ultimate stereo

o IIgs System 7!  That's right!  By locking our team of trained monkeys, err
  programmers, in a room for 6 months, we hope to have this amazing breakthru
  ready by next April.  Includes: Quadrophonic Sound CDev, MultiFinder,
  TCP/IP, and a special emulator for VMS programs.  Also runs 4 times faster
  and occupies only 1.5 meg of disk space.  Plus, it can write MS/DOS and
  read/write 9-track Unix 'tar' tapes.  An amazing breakthrough!

o Micro-Scan ADB. From our hardware division; an ADB scanner that fits in
  the palm of your hand. Special support will be add to TGFax to make it even
  easier to fax messages.

o And more more more!

Captain Tom
315 Techno Drive
Katy, Texas 34892

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