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Not content to be limited by the text of ASCII, people since the beginning of computer communication have used the given character set of a system to express themselves artistically. Ranging from the ubiquitous smiley :) to extreme photo-realistic digitizations of portraits, this art continues to this day and shows no sign of slowing down. Some of these are clunky, and some are too intense to be believed. But this whole genre shows that trying to force people into small standard boxes is never really successful.

Of course, this approach has blossomed into pure insanity within the world of the software pirates, who use ASCII artwork to herald their presumed greatness. Their files are in the Piracy section.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ASCIIPR0N ./.. The ASCII PR0N Collection, Courtesy of ASCIIPR0N.COM
DECUS ./.. The DECUS Art Collection
LOGOS ./.. A Collection of ASCII Art Logos
RTTY ./.. A Collection of RTTY Art from RTTY.COM
13.asc 1739 ASCII Title Page for SPIKED!, a Game
152614.txt 1944 Excellent IBM ASCII Art of The Pits BBS
16ton 707 ASCII Art of a 16 Ton Weight
3x5.flf 3968 FIGLET FONT: 3x5 Font by Richard Kirk and Daniel Cabez Gras
afinger.txt 555 ASCII Middle Finger (With Watch and Ring)
alphabet.flf 5632 FIGLET FONT: Alphabet by Wendell Hicken (November, 1993)
alt3dste.reo 8147 Some Genune Ascii Stereograms 6656 Pleasant ASCII Art Nude, "Angela"
angi.txt 8448 ASCII Art Nude: Angi
art0 1024 July 4th/American Flag Ascii Art
ascii.pic 55148 Don Dillon's Collection of ASCII Art Pictures
asciiart.txt 16048 Collection of ASCII Art, including Teddy Bears and Disney's Pocohantis (November 1999)
asciicod.txt 5376 A Table of ASCII Codes, by Aaron Priven
bambi.vt 12818 VT100 ANIMATION: Bambi vs. Godzilla
barney.txt 3811 ASCII Image of Barney the Dinosaur with Satanic Subliminals 5376 Cleo, another Bassett Hound Dawg 4687 Batgirl, Naked, probably after Vargas
beavis.asc 826 Beavis of Beavis and Butthead, in ASCII
beer.vt 14415 VT100 ANIMATION: Time for a Beer Break, Folks! 4818 Innocuous Nude, "Betty"
big.flf 7190 FIGLET FONT: The Big Font
block.flf 8586 FIGLET FONT: Block Letters
bnbascii.txt 1651 Beavis and Butthead in ASCII
bob.pic 1840 Odd ASCII Picture of a Bob
bobface.txt 5249 ASCII art of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
bomb.vt 2649 VT100 ANIMATION: The Bomb Test 4415 Dr. Bones McCoy, Good Portrait
bubble.flf 3055 FIGLET FONT: Bubble FOnt
bugs 2876 ANSI Art of Bugs Bunny 10639 Cheezy Playboy Bunny (Woman, not Rabbit)
buysell.5bs 1856 Call the Buy Sell BBS Today! (Ad, ANSI) 16256 Odd 1985 Calandar with Nude Lady
cartwhee.vt 17418 VT100 ANIMATION: Doing a Cartwheel 1663 Charlie Brown 7680 Loinclothed, Topless Lady. "Clohe"
contessa.flf 2560 FIGLET FONT: The Contessa Font
county88.hum 3561 Bill the Cat and Opus in '88!
cow.txt 29281 Cows, Cows, and more (ASCII) Cows
cows.txt 29747 The Complete Guide to Cows, by Eric W. Tilenius
cowz.txt 211543 The Complete Guide to ASCII Cows
cpu.txt 1353 Some Helpful ASCII Art of a Computer System 1646 CURSE YOU, RED BARON 9884 Michaelangelo's "David" 10752 "Deborah", sitting on a Stool
delay.vt 8512 VT100 ANIMATION: A Small Delay
dirty.vt 25081 VT100 ANIMATION: Someone Having an Awful Amount of Fun
dogs.vt 8904 VT100 ANIMATION: Fucking Dogs
dont-wor.vt 15305 VT100 ANIMATION: George Custer's Last Stand: Don't Worry, be Happy 17686 Fun, Sleepy Cartoon Dragon
dragon.txt 888 ASCII Art of a Winged Dragon
drwho_pi 5304 ASCII Images from the Doctor Who TV Show 6144 Full-Stoked American Eagle 7168 Side view, U.S.S. Enterprise
erusalem.flf 9004 FIGLET FONT: Erusalem Font 43008 Everyone got together and made a Ferrari! 17843 DOCUMENTATION: The Figlet Program
firework.vt 34801 VT100 ANIMATION: Fireworks by Chen Lin
fireworks.vt 6727 VT100 ANIMATION: Guy Setting Off Fireworks
fishy2.vt 211945 VT100 ANIMATION: Shamus the Fish by David Rybolt (1994)
flag 814 ASCII Art of the American Flag
fontpage.txt 3237 FIGLET FONT: Example Fonts Page 7472 Playboy Jokes Chick, With Nice Subliminal
fu.sig 480 ASCII Art of a Middle Finger
fuckyou.txt 2188 Nice, large, Profanic Middle Finger ASCII Art
fuzzy.flf 6016 FIGLET FONT: Fuzzy Font 5120 "George", nude male. Well, that's ONE....
girl1.pic 17413 ASCII Artwork of a Nude Wearing a Bow
girlface.txt 11163 ASCII of a Girl's Face
glass.vt 11620 VT100 ANIMATION: Filling Glass of Liquid
globe.vt 29696 VT100 ANIMATION: ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT Spinning Globe
gothic.flf 8832 FIGLET FONT: Gothic Font
graffiti.flf 6272 FIGLET FONT: Grafitti Font 4736 Icon of Groucho Marx 12786 Posed Nude, "Holly"
illumin.hum 473 Primus Illuminatus is Watching You 14336 Shy Nude, "Ingrid"
jerusale.flf 8633 FIGLET FONT: Jerusalem (Hebrew) Font 13497 Posed sideways nude, "Jessie"
juanspla.vt 41773 VT100 ANIMATION: Plan File in the Form of a Typewriter
jumble.vt 28816 VT100 ANIMATION: Jumbled Letters Form a Phrase 9932 Topless, Jeans-wearing nude, "Kathy" 7278 Simplistic happy nude, "Kelly" 2560 Portrait of John F. Kennedy 3584 Christ is Born! 6241 Portrait of James T. Kirk 4827 The Koala Bear Collection v1.0 (ASCII Art)
larry3d.flf 11392 FIGLET FONT: The Larry 3D Font
lean.flf 10705 FIGLET FONT: The Leaning Font 1333 Stereoscopic image of Lincoln. Experiment results: Inconclusive 2143 Love is All You Need 7296 Merry Christas! (Madonna and Kid)
madrid.flf 2816 FIGLET FONT: The Madrid Font
maxfour.flf 2816 FIGLET FONT: The Max-Four Font
mini.flf 2114 FIGLET FONT: The Mini-Font 28800 Very large Mona Lisa Printout
monkey.vt 51041 VT100 ANIMATION: The Monkey Gives You The Finger
morgana.pic 6887 Knelling post nude "Morgana"
moscow.flf 5374 FIGLET FONT: The Moscow Font
nasa.vt 19159 VT100 ANIMATION: NASA: Keep Reaching for the Stars, by A.J.L. 3712 Happy New Years, with drunk schmuck
nker-toy.flf 6327 FIGLET FONT: The Tinker-Toy Font
nt-ascf.ans 14006 Shading ASCII: Using the Upper/Lower Case Design Thing, by Nootropic 5667 Oliver from the strip "Bloom County"
ollywood.flf 15744 FIGLET FONT: The Hollywood Font
outfile.jok 1790 VT100 Animation of Someone Taking a Drive
owls.txt 1769 A Small Collection of ASCII Owls
paradise.vt 24788 VT100 ANIMATION: A Bomb in Paradise by Gonad the Barbarian 2304 Peace on Earth, with accompanying Dove
pepper.flf 2688 FIGLET FONT: The Pepper Font
phonepig.hum 2261 A Very Charming Middle Finger
pinup2.txt 17687 Nude Pinup with interesting Shading Technique 4608 ASCII drawing of an F-4 Phantom (War plane)
prey.vt 9010 VT100 ANIMATION: Klingon Bird of Prey
puffy.flf 7408 FIGLET FONT: THe Puffy Font 3866 Great-looking Siamese Cat
rev.flf 12032 FIGLET FONT: The Reverse Font 8704 Smiling, somewhat clad nude, "Roxanne" 23168 Image of Morton's Salt Girl No, she's not nude 3968 Merry Christmas! Sant and his Two Tiny Reindeer 10130 Pretty bizzaro picture of a Schlitz Beer Can
script.flf 5290 FIGLET FONT: Script Font
seasons.ans 3992 ANSI Screen: Seasons Greetings
sect.ans 6621 ANSI for the Marks Hotel HQ
sect1.ans 14043 Unbelievable ANSI Ad for the MARS Hotel
shadow.flf 3990 FIGLET FONT: The Shadow Font
short.flf 1801 FIGLET FONT: The Short Font
simpsons.txt 963 ASCII Art of The Simpsons
slant.flf 6136 FIGLET FONT: The Slant Font
slscript.flf 4480 FIGLET FONT: The Slscript Font
small.flf 3993 FIGLET FONT: The Small Font
smileys.txt 27085 Collection of ASCII Smileys
smscript.flf 3468 FIGLET FONT: SMScript
smshadow.flf 2944 FIGLET FONT: Small Shadow Font
smslant.flf 4484 FIGLET FONT: The Small Slant Font
snoopy.curse 6148 ASCII ART: Curse you, Red Baron!
snoopy.flustr 3745 ASCII ART: Snoopy Looking Flustered
snoopy.untab 7087 A 1981 Snoopy Calendar
snowing.vt 10334 VT100 ANIMATION: Snowing Landscape, Merry Christmas 5904 Nicely-done portrait of Leonard Nimoy
st-char.asc 10857 ASCII Art of Star Trek Characters
standard.flf 5657 FIGLET FONT: The Standard Figlet Font
startrek.vt 100342 VT100 ANIMATION: Star Trek Enterprise Blows up Politically Correct New Enterprise 114304 Huge Image of the Star Trek Enterprise 20608 So-So attempt at a Star Wars Image
sunlogo.txt 213 ASCII Sun Microsystems Logo 7680 Posed tanline-visible Nude, "Susan"
tanya.pic 8063 Wait, let me guess, another posed Nude! "Tanya"
term.flf 407 FIGLET FONT: THe Terminal Font
tetris.vt 9176 VT100 ANIMATION: Tetris Game
texthistory.txt 49163 A History of Text and ASCII Art, by Joan G. Stark (2000)
thick.flf 4879 FIGLET FONT: The Thick Font
thin.flf 5070 FIGLET FONT: The Thin Font 15872 Somewhat odd-looking tiger
torturet.vt 3189 VT100 FONT: The VT-100 Torture Test by Joe Smith (May 8, 1985) 3328 Merry Christmas Tree
trek.vt 21075 VT100 ANIMATION: The Enterprise Blows up an RCA Satellite
turkey.vt 13183 VT100 ANIMATION: Turkey Goes In for Thanksgiving
tv.vt 63909 VT100 ANIMATION: The Outer Limits Television Show
twilight.vt 64272 VT100 ANIMATION: The Twilight Zone
ualogos.txt 16377 A Collection of ASCII Art Logos, Welcome Screens, and User Information from the Unauthorised Access (UA) BBS of the UK (1995)
univers.flf 16757 FIGLET FONT: The Universe Font
valentin.vt 3702 VT100 ANIMATION: Happy Valentine's Day, Beth and Dave
vicki.body 7868 Ms. Vicki, from Oui Magazine, February 1973
watch!me.nfo 8726 Interesting Approach to a Cartoon ASCII Nude
we.jok 64940 The Outer Limits in vt100 codes
wineglas.vt 9749 VT100 ANIMATION: Wine Glass Filling
xmas.vt 45723 VT100 ANIMATION: Merry Christmas
There are 167 files for a total of 2,394,718 bytes.
There are 4 directories.