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      _  _____x%%XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXn_            k i l l e r  " b o b "
    XXP^  `VX^^><^^~XXX%KxxXXP'^^Y^XXXXXXn,       
   |XXL-    ~     ,JXXXXXXXXXk   "^VXXXXXXXx,
    ~'   ,_   _j%%XXXXXXXXXXX.   \q%XXXXXXXXXk
       JXX,        ^XXXXXXXXX|     _Lx%XXXXXXXXA,
       XXY~~      ,xXXXXXXXXXX-     XXXXXXXx L,XX,
       XX|         ~^^XXXXXXXX|      ~~ ~~~  Y|`XXk
        ~    .         ~~^XXXX^x_:_,          Y YXXk,
       cX _   \ '         __~ cXXXXY          |n `YXXxn
         `^              -XXX%XXXXXn          `Y   ^XXXXxxn,__
         |Xn .           |XXXXXXXXXX|         `Y    ~XXXXXXXXXxxn
         |X__-___          -~^^XXXXXY          \_  -XXXXXXXXXXXXXn,
          ^X<_YXX%n_,       _xn ~^~^            Y%xxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL
           ~YXXX^^~       q%XXXpn_                `YXXXXXXXXXXXX>XX,
            `T            `^XXXXXY                  `YXXXXXXXXXXXXXK
             `\__ `         ~YXXX'                   `~~^^TYXXXXXXXX%xn
               `Yn_ ' --      ~       __              __ _\n^XXX<^^^~~^
                 ~|_              ,x%%XY^^q_         JXX%XX%XXXXX%%%xx\
                   ^|- '        ~^YXXXX- oXx=x~_x,_ %n XXXXXXXXXXXXXX^X^n__
                                   `YY_x_  ~~,xXXXY,XP XY^Y^^YXXXxXXXXX%xX^n_
                                     YXXx~   XXXX~ XY  X% ` 'x>CLINKENPEEL%n~

>As for the picture of BOB, I don't think it made through the mailer very 
>well.  Unless it's supposed to be a missshapen blob.....

Yeah, you kinda have to stand back from the terminal to see it... it's not
very good, but interesting to see that someone actually took the time
to do it (it was done by hand). I don't know who, though.

Edwin Nomura



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