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While the vast majority of the textfiles on this site came from Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes), a much smaller percentage concern themselves with the actual nuts-and-bolts issues, heartaches, triumphs, and wonder of the BBSes themselves. This section covers those files specifically.

Imagine a simple home computer, maybe an Apple II or Commodore 64, sitting in a basement of a suburban house, or maybe in the bedroom of a young computer kid, waiting eagerly for the next calling to come down the second phone line (or even the only phone line, late at night) so that the single user could read and post messages, upload and download files, or ask the SysOp (system operator) if they wanted to chat. This was the single node of power which gave hundreds of kids the platform to express themselves or affect the world around them, one caller at a time.

These files rank among my favorites; reading the rants about the rules of the BBSes, the distant but emotionally powerful networks that rose between groups of people who never met, and the glimpses you are given into how it was to have your machine running a message base, hoping that you were going to get the most “posts” of any of the boards running in your neighborhood. Fantastic.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ADS ./.. Small Ads for Various BBSes
BBSLISTS ./.. Lists of Telephone Numbers of BBSes Long Past
CBBS ./.. CBBS: The Last Days of the First BBS
DELAM ./.. Dr. Delam's Collection of Hacker Captures, Messages, and Files
DESTRUCTION ./.. Files on or how to Crash and Destroy BBSes
FIDONET ./.. Files, News and Information from the FidoNet Experience
FILELISTS ./.. Lists of Files Available on BBSes Long Past
ICENEWS ./.. Issues of the ICEnet Newsletter
KEELYNET ./.. The File Collection from the Incredible KeelyNet BBS
MINDVOX ./.. The MindVox Collection: Menus, Files and Forums of MindVox BBS, First Edition
PASCO ./.. PASCO BBS Magazine (1993-1997)
PRINTOUTS ./.. The Jason Scott / TEXTFILES.COM BBS Printout Collection
TMOK ./.. Files from the 401 BBS "The Ministry of Knowledge"
UA ./.. Messages, Logos and Captures from the Unauthorised BBS (1990-1995)
WWIVNEWS ./.. Issues of the WWIVnews Newsletter
!sathack.txt 4552 An Introduction to the Sathack BBS
12budord.txt 1152 The Twelve Commandments of BBS Users
144bbs.txt 27770 144BBS List, Compiled by the Downtown BBS (List of BBSes running 14.4k Modems)
144intro.txt 7370 Introduction to the 14.4k Modem BBS List
1598.ufo 43110 The MUFON Member's Guide to BBSing (How to Act on a UFO Format BBS)
2020bbs.msg 1002 Message from Roy Lipscomb offering to sell MP/M System on the 20/20 BBS (May 23, 1991)
21.txt 1475 Application to Join a Set of Adult Conferences on a BBS
221 21798 Taming the Wild Kitty: Running a Wildcat! 4 BBS
514cu.txt 18680 The Complete Story of How to Become Elite in 514 by Mechanix
612bust.txt 18512 The IBM Bust of 612 by Professor Falken, Ex-Sysop of The Alliance (January 29, 1988)
800_4bbs.txt 4016 How to Get an 800 Number so All the Phreaks can Call the Best BBSes in the World and AT&T Pays for It
800bbs.txt 16937 America's Validated Toll-Free BBS List by Kevin Brook (December 31, 1994)
9600data.txt 34072 A Comparison of High Speed Modems Compatibility/Features/Differences/Prices (March 3, 1991)
9x.nfo 2463 Introduction to the 9X Group (Guidelines)
a-dial.txt 4833 Soft Docs: A-Dial Version 2.0, by Gerard Lane
abbbs.txt 3491 All the secrets of Another Bloody BBS
abuse.bbs 12992 Jim Anderson Gives up on The Most Significant Byte BBS (January 13, 1985)
abuse.txt 13975 The Jim Anderson BBS Rant, with Additional Comments
abusebbs.txt 9741 The Best Ways to Abuse a BBS by The Joker 4526 Application for Access to the Altered States BBS
ad 1327 BBS Ad: Country Micro RBBS
ad-art.txt 12800 Rusty and Edie's BBS: From the Beginning to the Beginning
advntge.txt 2024 The Ven-Tel Modem Advantage 4608 The Blue Adept presents: ASCII Express II: The Pro (1993)
an13.txt 4365 BBS Crashing Techniques by Mr. Memorix (January 27, 1987)
aop.faq 7436 Association of Online Professionals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
aop.txt 15903 Association of Online Professionals Information and Membership Application 10036 Another Chat with the Argus BBS Hackers (Boston BBS) by Criminal Minded 8268 Argus Hackers: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel by Kingpin (April 2, 1992)
arrest.txt 4024 Getting Busted: An Experience and a Warning
arubin.txt 7530 Andy Rubin Says Goodbye to The Spies in the Wire
aspbbs.txt 195106 List of ASP BBSes (1994)
at_set.txt 9693 A Rundown of the Hayes AT Command Set
author.txt 11750 Some Words from the Scan Man of P-80 BBS about His Hacker Chronicles CD-ROM
babbs001.txt 8498 Babbs Boy Presents: Anti-Fed BBS Security
basics.asc 61990 BBS Basics from Pasco BBS Magazine
baud-bps.txt 4428 Baud is Not Equal to BPS, by Grant DeLorean (February 26, 1990)
bbbasics.txt 32264 The BBS Basics, from Pasco Magazine (1993)
bbs-suit.txt 12463 BBS Suit: Linda Thompson Vs. Bob Predaina of the Professional's Choice BBS
bbs.txt 5571 Whatever Happened to COMMUNICATION In BBSes?
bbs30.asc 3310 The 30 Commandments of BBSing
bbs_mnrs.txt 8704 Some Hints on General BBS Etiquitte
bbsburn.txt 22371 The BBS Burnings, by Lance Rose of NetLaw
bbscd_ol.txt 5553 The BBS Callers Digest Online Version Information File and Pricing (March 10, 1992) 7639 The Death of BBSes
bbsethic.txt 10159 Ethics for BBS Users
bbsfaq.toc 12476 The Official BBS FAQ, Version 1.0, 1994 by Claire Walters
bbsfaq01.txt 30558 The Official BBS FAQ: Chapter 1: Introduction
bbsfaq02.txt 30969 The Official BBS FAQ: Part 2: Shareware
bbsfaq03.txt 27994 The Official BBS FAQ: Part 3: Remote Access
bbsfaq04.txt 34186 The Official BBS FAQ: Part 4: Vision X
bbsfaq05.txt 23531 The Official BBS FAQ Part 5
bbsfaq06.txt 23069 The Official BBS FAQ Part 6
bbsfaq07.txt 43013 The Official BBS FAQ, Part 7
bbsfaq08.txt 39041 The Official BBS FAQ Part 8
bbsfaq09.txt 37462 The Official BBS FAQ Part 9
bbsfaq11.txt 10424 The Offical BBS FAQ: Part 11
bbshist.txt 5665 The History of BBSes and How They Came to Be In the Hopeful State They Are Now, by Thomas Ark (December 4, 1986)
bbshistory.txt 5664 The History of BBSes and How They Came to Be in the Hopeful State They Are Today, by Thomas Ark (December 4, 1986)
bbsinfil.txt 7934 Computer Terror and Distruction: Issue #1 - BBS Infiltration by the Chamelion 40618 Version 1.1 - BBS LEGAL GUIDE by Clary and Kraft, 1993
bbslaw.txt 7685 Collection of BBS Laws Disclaimer To Put On Your BBS
bbslbl.txt 42471 A List of BBSes and Their Mailing Addresses
bbslist.txt 7691 List of "Official ModemNews Stands" for Issue #15
bbslog.txt 14680 Using the Files in the BBS Log Program
bbslog1 5247 BBS Call Log
bbslog2 5248 BBS Call Log (Second Page)
bbsloser.txt 49305 The Loser Users, by The Trash Compactor
bbspeak.txt 4121 Collection of BBS Speak
bbspr.txt 122212 The Computer Bulletin Board Guide to Public Relations Version 1.6 by Robert Parson (1994) (Concatenated)
bbsrates.txt 5489 On the Oregon BBS Rates Case (1992)
bbsrev.ans 73016 Jeff Hunter's BBS Review (In ANSI) September 17, 1992
bbsrev.asc 119595 Jeff Hunter's BBS Review by Jeff Hunter (September 17, 1992)
bbsting.txt 5120 Police Set up BBS Stings, by Jim Forbes, Infoworld
bbstip12.txt 14305 Effective Shareware Distribution via the BBS Channel Version 1.2 (August 10, 1992)
be-sysop.txt 16438 So You Want to Be a SysOp, by Wally Byczek, Wallyworld BBS 1989
billcat.ana 4213 Exploding Bill the Cat's Brain
bio 5767 The Biography of the Sysops of The Invention Factory BBS
birth.txt 1665 Collection of Birthdays for different BBSes and BBS Users, St. Louis Area
blitzend.txt 1582 The End of the Blitzkreig BBS, Transcribed by Phantasm [09/01/93]
boards.txt 13312 My Secret Life on the Boards by J.D. Hildebrand
boardsims.txt 45212 Board Simulations: A Great Collection of Title Screens of 1980's Hacker BBSes (1987)
boardsims2.txt 59944 Board Simulations: A Great Collection of Title Screens of 1980's Hacker BBSes (1987) (Slightly Different Version) 191208 The Bust of the Private Sector BBS (August 1985) 5783 An Application to Join the BOM Squad
brainst.orm 9800 Some of the HoHoCon 1991 Brainstorming Session
bulletin.txt 7602 Engineering Oriented Bulletin Board Systems Directory (April 8, 1991)
bullshit.txt 3352 The Pirates of Puget Sound talk about the Hard Drive Crash
callback.txt 9834 Callback Verification is for Chump Sysops! By Colostomy Bagboy
capitol.txt 3968 Information about the Capitol Connection BBS
career.txt 7399 Fraudulent Behaviour #2: Career Opportunities: A Hacker's Guide to a $50,000 Job (June 14, 1996)
cbbsbrth.msg 3428 Ward Christensen Explains to Janet Balas how CBBS Came to Be (March 1, 1993)
cbv.txt 2582 How to hack CBVs (Call-back Verification Systems) by Morpheus
cfog1.log 4743 Partial log of session on RCPM of "Chicago's First Osborne Group." from Roy Lipscomb
cfog2.log 5417 Partial log of session on RCPM of "Chicago's First Osborne Group." from Roy Lipscomb
changbbs.txt 9527 The Changing BBS, by Lois B. Laulicht, CCC of WV (1992)
chatchatchat1.txt 42463 CAPTURE: The Chat! Chat! Chat! BBS (May 19, 1993)
chatchatchat2.txt 25186 CAPTURE: The Chat! Chat! Chat! BBS (May 9, 1993)
chatchatchat3.txt 14575 CAPTURE: The Chat! Chat! Chat! BBS (May 16, 1993)
chatchatchat4.txt 67018 CAPTURE: The Chat! Chat! Chat! BBS (December 1, 1993)
chatwar.txt 13845 IronHorse goes deep into a chat-war being held on three BBSes in the New Jersey Area (Excellent) 31426 Closing the Net by Greg Costikyan (January 1991)
color 3556 The Facelss Computer, by Tony Curro (1992)
colorama.txt 1280 BBS CAPTURE: The Colorama BBS
comcrime 4878 Computer Crime and Punishment by Kevin Heyboer, Sysop of the Pinellas Law Enforcement BBS (March 17, 1986)
command.txt 3343 The BBS Commandments from "Link-Up" Magazines
commands.bbs 2944 The Thirty BBS Commandments
compcult 17441 An Introduction to the Computer Underground, by The Butler, 2/26/1991
compueti.txt 6844 Computer Etiquitte by Mel North
computer.cri 98842 Computer Crime: Current Practices, Problems and Proposed Solutions, by Brian J. Peretti
coolhand.hac 3301 Coolhand Luke explains what is happening with TNSHB TGR
coph.log 1883 Log of Session on the Committee of the Physically Handicapped BBS, by Roy Lipscomb
corruptinf.hac 5695 Corrupt Security BBS Introduces Itself
cosysop.txt 4529 Thoughts on Co-Sysops for WWIV Boards and Security Levels in General
crash2 3772 How to Crash GBBS II Boards 5376 A Sysop's Guide to AE
crashem 9077 What to Do When You Break Into a BBS by Doctor Crush
cshcommy.txt 2916 How to Crash a Commodore BBS
cursehist.txt 16121 The Curse BBS, by The Incognito: A History (1988)
cyberthr.txt 36647 CYBERThrash by Julian Dibbell (March 1990)
danger1.txt 5625 The Danger of Computer Bulletin Boards by Chief Alfred Olsen (October 29, 1993)
danger2.txt 4585 The Danger of Computer Bulletin Boards by Chief Alfred O. Olsen (Second Part)
danger3.txt 5784 The Danger of Computer Bullet Boards, by Alfred O. Olsen (Part III)
dde-31.txt 7406 Distorted Digital Erection #31 (June 2, 1994)
dead1.txt 17152 The History of the BBS User, a Musical Drama in 5 Parts
defense.txt 2699 Your Defense as a BBS Operator, by Brian Oblivion (1992)
deflib.bbs 103794 Defamation Liability of Computerized BBS Operators and Problems of Proof by John R. Kahn
design.bbs 22390 Some Designs Ideas for a BBS Program
diaryhack.txt 31710 The Diary of a Hacker Parts I and II by the Cuisinart Blade (Excellent)
dirtydzn.txt 53822 The Dirty Dozen: An Uploaded Program Alert List Issue #7 (January 4, 1987)
disaster.!!! 6975 Extremely Long File About Why they're Not a Pirate BBS
dishpavc.frm 1674 NFO FILE: Fucking Hostile BBS System
dljunkie.txt 3257 Confessions of a Download Junkie (How to Tell You're Addicted to Downloading)
document.txt 4276 A User Describes his Dream BBS Software, Centrum
dodontae.hum 9385 The Do's and Dont's of ASCII Express by Quasimoto
donate.nws 12378 A Very Interesting Fight Breaks Out About Charging Subscription Rates for a Previously Public BBS (1989)
downtime.bul 806 A Policy Regarding BBS Downtime
dpa-bbs.-10 4595 The Disktop Publishing BBS - The Epicenter of Electronic Publishing by Ron Albright, Sysop
dpa-q&a.-10 11197 What is "disktop publishing?"
dti1.txt 9351 Midnite Computer Wiring Society Profile by DTI of Kryptic Night (1990)
dvoraktcimp.txt 8785 John Dvorak: Keystone Kops Caper in Computer Community (About the Tom Tcimpidis Case) (October 12, 1984)
electrop.txt 115151 Electropolis: Communication and Community on Internet Relay Chat by Elizabeth M. Reid (1991)
elite.acc 37356 A somewhat serious attempt by LOD to explain what the phrase "Elite" truly means and how to achieve it
elites.txt 3113 Someone who is VERY Angry about the Eliteness of a BBS 7296 The End of the Metal AE, by Lustfer Death
endmetalae.txt 7442 The End of the Metal AE (February 14, 1990)
engrgbbs.lst 41232 Engineering Oriented Bulletin Board Systems Directory (April 8, 1991)
exconf.log 54758 Log of a Session on the Executive Region Premium BBS by Roy Lipscomb (August 8, 1992)
exec-pc 45577 About the Exec-PC Network (Since 1982) by the Exec-PC BBS (1991)
fbi 27677 Excerpts from The FBI and Your BBS, from The Net News Admin of Ripco.Com (September 5, 1994)
fbi&bbs.txt 18995 The FBI Comes Rapping, Rapping At Your BBS by Brock N. Meeks
fbi1 6996 Offworld BBS Buster: Computer Operator Denies Porn Menu by Christine Bertelson (January 19, 1993)
fbiraid.txt 35665 Colonel Guilty of Sending Porn over Computer from the Associated Press
fdfaq.001 8923 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about FrontDoor, TosScan, and Related Utilities
feardead.txt 21557 The Fear and Loathing BBS Was Busted Today, August 3, 1993
fever 6453 The BBS Fever by Steve King
fever.txt 6515 The Tragedy of On-Line Addition, by Steve King
file9301.src 5585 How do I Get a Copy of the Hack Report? (FidoNet)
filter.hst 7167 Telecomputing: BBS of the Month by Curt Phillips (Line Noise Filter)
fixline.txt 13361 Your System Has Noise! By Bill Noel
flamers.bib 4353 The Flamer's Bible by Joe Talmadge
flamerul.txt 7807 A Guide to BBS Flames by Stacy A. Thomas (Junary 4, 1993)
flmtips.txt 14101 Otto's Flame Tips: How to Conduct a Flame War, or How to Piss off FIDOnet Sysops in Network 105
fotmw.txt 162566 The Fall of the Modem World, by Chris (Unformatted)
freenopc.txt 7760 The New Orleans Personal Computer Club Membership Information File
fremont.hac 12216 Articles Concerning the California "Fremont Bust" (March, 1986)
fuckdave.txt 14818 Fuck Dave Lindsey (Warchild) by CyberChrist (November 11, 1993)
galnet.txt 5214 Galactica Net: Information and Rules
galnetco.txt 12361 GalacticNet: Rules and Regulation
gateway.ann 13109 Information on Gateway '89 (BBS Convention in NY)
gttutor0.txt 23721 Factual Errors in "GTTUTOR and MEGALink" Files by Chuck Forsberg (June 23, 1987)
gttutor1.txt 27865 A Tutorial about Modem Communications by Raymond Wood and Jim Davis
gttutor2.txt 26189 Conversation with Hames Davis and Raymond Wood Regarding Modems and GT PowerComm
gttutor3.txt 11750 Conversation with Hames Davis and Raymond Wood Regarding Modems and GT PowerComm (Part III)
guide.txt 21321 The Ultraviolet Cafe's Guide to Better Modeming Cuisine, by Tony Frey
h96sysop.txt 14157 Explanation of the Hayes Sysop Program
hacker-1.boy 15023 The Loser Hacker Wannabe on ARGUS by Genetic Mutation
hacker-2.boy 24123 Additional Comments from Lose Hackerboy, by Genetic Mutation
hacker.txt 152596 Northern Illinois University: The Social Organization of the Computer Underground
hacker3.txt 18747 The Diary of a Hacker Part 3, by the Blade Cuisinart
handle.hum 9426 How to Choose an Alias, by The Sheister/UMass Bandit
hi-speed.txt 101627 What You Need to Know About Modems by patrick Chen (December 25, 1991)
histrycc.txt 12808 The Ways of CACHE: A History of the Chicago Area Computer Hobbyist Exchange by Charles F. Douds (1983)
hotshot.txt 134000 FILE LIST: The Hotshot BBS In Sweden
howtobbs.txt 9216 How to Become an Unsuccessful, Burned-Out SysOp
hsalist.139.txt 19980 HSAnet Nodelist for Friday, May 19, 1995 -- Day number 139 (1995)
hsalistann.139.txt 21069 Information about The Hashbrown Society of America Network, including nodelist, by Rich Bobrowicz (2004)
hum1193 817 Top Ten Ways To Tell You're Having a Really Rough Day In BBS Land by Joe De Rouen (1993)
hum4 4781 From the Mage's Workshop: The BBS Weaselholic (1994) by Joe DeRouen
humor.txt 6912 BBS CAPTURE: Collection of Jokes from the Colorama BBS
hype2.txt 11549 A Reply to the Busted Information File by Bender (British Phreaking) (Includes Tags)
i.teen.modem.gk 13952 I Was a Teenage Modem Geek by The Sheister/Umass Bandit
ih-derf.txt 11390 One Man's Thoughts on the DERF BBS Scene
iiu-001.txt 5955 Bust Avoidance For Dipshits typed by Derision (1990)
info0 18432 The IBM Bust of 612 by Professor Falken (January 29, 1988)
infolook.txt 42946 Information on Info-Look (September 23, 1989)
insane18.txt 9034 Insane Inc. Price List from Static Rave Zulu
install.txt 11530 DOCUMENTAITON: Chat with Lisa, by Mike Fox (1995)
intlwrn.txt 2781 A Warning Before Joining Interlec and Cliff Whatkinds 2399 Little cool intro blurb before launching into BBS Discussions
intro.prn 9440 An Introduction to the Paul Revere Network
intwrn2.txt 9744 A Response to Doug Scott's file/message called INTLWRN.ZIP (BBS Flame War from 1991)
jaycol93.oct 13364 BBSing and the Law by Jay Gaines
keith2.txt 2585 A Letter of Concern about the Seizing of a BBS Computer (January 19, 1994)
keith3.txt 7854 United States District Court vs. Steve Jackson Games
kiddie.txt 20301 A Recap of the Events Surrounding the Amateur Action BBS
kileach.txt 6865 Dr. Smut's Prescription to Sysops for Terrorizing Loser Users and Leeches
killtlgd.txt 4805 How To Crash a Telegard BBS by The Crypt Keeper
killwarz.txt 2093 Kill those K-RaDiCaL K00l KiD wArEz b0aRdS! (July 12, 1992)
kk00ld00ds.txt 5401 The History of K-K00l D00ds by The Edge
krad-usenet.txt 25352 Various Theories of what K-Rad Means on Usenet, Followed by some Original Users Mailing In (1994)
leeches 3584 Leeches, by The Grim Reaper of ESP (February 8, 1985)
leeches.txt 3593 Leeches by The Grim Reaper of ESP (February 8, 1985)
leechhat 6558 What Leeches Hate about A.E. Sysops by Crackmaster
legal.txt 6288 Checking Out Files from the Realm of Darkness BBS 4514 Public Access to Library Catalogs Via Modem
limrks.txt 6400 BBS Capture: Colorama Dirty Limericks
lists.txt 3030 A Book of Lists (About BBS Programs) by Shooting Shark (September 3, 1985)
lnenoise.txt 3172 Line Noise, by Bill Noel
localbbs.txt 7543 A List of Chicago Area BBSes (1991)
lod_ss 20451 The Secret Service, UUCP,and The Legion of Doom
lodstuff.txt 48261 The LOD Files - A CuD Critique, by the CuD Moderators (May 29, 1993)
logonmsg.txt 1318 WELCOME SCREEN: The Clinic, with Sysop Doctor Quack
loserusr.txt 7552 The Traits of a Loser User (December 11, 1985)
lubbock.feds 668 A List of Lubbock, TX Federal Agents by Bartman (December 15, 1992)
maggot.weeding 7552 Dr. Arcane's Guide to Maggot Weeding Volume 1.0 by Dr. Arcane
maggotweeding.txt 7757 Dr. Arcane's Guide to Maggot Weeding Volume 1.0 by Dr. Arcane
mailsysp.lib 18464 Sysop Liability for Enroute Mail, by Mike Riddle
malformed.gens 14464 Maformed Genitals: Written by the Ramsacker of Pieces of Eight
mass.txt 10880 Blade Runner Describes the Goings-On of "Max", in the 908 BBS Clique of 1990
master.txt 6656 This story appears to be some threatening letter to a Sysop, about Communism.
mfgenitals.txt 14754 Malformed Genitals by The Ramsacker of Pieces of Eight
miagrps.txt 7424 Modem Organizations/Groups/Gangs in Stark County by M.I.A. (May 12, 1991)
minos.txt 7424 Information on the Minos BBS System
mnepress 7314 A Major Change in Direction for ModemNews (December 1, 1993)
mnfileid 16542 The Introduction and Thinking Behind FILE_ID.DIZ by Richard Holler Version 1.7 (March 11, 1993)
modem.pai 15189 A Collection of the "Modem Pail Kids"
modem.spf 7168 Split Personalities on Electronic Bulletin Boards by Rangott Spliekin
modem.txt 8064 Are you a BBS Addict?
modemlif.hac 10818 The Modem Life: Is it Really Worth it? By The Nomad
modmhead.txt 9357 Modemhead by Eddy Vasile
mogur.txt 3356 Southern California Sysops Pull the Plug on Tcimpidis, by David Brown (October 19, 1984)
mondo.txt 16335 Riding the BoardzZz: A Guided Tour of the Underground from Mondo 2000
mons 3552 Choosing a Monster BBS by Gage Steele (1994)
moritz.txt 2685 Complete description of the Bill Moritz Affair, Circa 6/1/90-11/1/90 by Kevin Paradine, Sysop, Zeppelin BBS
multi.txt 48306 Special Sysop Deals on MultiModems
must.see 1940 Tag for Rusty and Edie's BBS
mydaywss.txt 15383 My Day with the Secret Service Man, by The Incognito
narc-fbi.txt 1202 A Warning about FBI Agents penetrating BBSes
natl.enlt.1 5760 The National Enlightener Issue #1
natl.enlt.2 8064 The National Enlightener Issue #2
natl.enlt.cmmt 3328 The National Enlightener Comments and Credits
natlenlightener1.txt 5904 The Elite Commandments from the National Enlightener
natlenlightener2.txt 8312 The National Enlightener Issue #2: Interviews and Quotes
natlenlightener3.txt 3367 The National Enlightener Issue #3: Summing Things Up
ne3.txt 4432 The National Enlightener (Mid-80's Scandal Sheet for Phreaks)
nenewfsh.txt 3498 The National Enlightener (Scandal Sheet for the Pirate/Phreak World)
net282.txt 11904 Look out for John! He's a Sysop AND a Killer!
netmail.txt 9380 NetMail Documentation (Fidonet Netmail) 6528 The New Generation Group Guide by Beezle Bart of The Thought Police
newgengrpguide.txt 6555 The New Generation Group Guide by Beezlebart of The Thought Police
newsltr.94 32894 Newsletter for RAIN (Random Access Information Network) BBS through 1994 (1994)
newsltr.95 69376 Newsletter for RAIN (Random Access Information Network) BBS through 1995 (1995)
newsltr.96 35164 Newsletter for RAIN (Random Access Information Network) BBS through 1996 (1996)
nhawards.94 4753 The New Haven BBS Awards, 1994 Edition (Second Annual)
nicecomm.txt 4826 Communication Etiquette in Modern Media (March 16, 1994)
nobusts.txt 4164 The Sysop's Guide to Not Getting Busted, by The Story Teller
noise.txt 5573 Dealing with Line Noise from Jim 953 (August 31, 1988)
non1 8734 Michael Elansky: Anarchist? by Gage Steele (1993) Article about the arrest of the Connecticut Sysop for having Anarchy for Fun and Profit 8917 The Organization of "The Resistance" (December 30, 1992) 19380 NORML: Cannabis: The Rational View" (January 4, 1993) 3492 New York Sysops Association Ethics List
nystaxes.txt 3868 Important News Release from ModemNews: (September 10, 1991)
oas.txt 3207 The Online Atlanta Society (OAS) -- What Is It?
opinion.txt 9216 One SysOp's Opinion
pamateur 3304 The Twit Filter: The Professional Amateur by Dave Bealer
party!.txt 3359 Invitation to the Telecomputing Magazine COMDEX Party: "The Biggest Names in BBSing"
patriotbbs.ham 4158 The Great Dreams of the Patriot BBS
pcinfo.txt 3968 Police Report on John Richard, the Scofflaw Sysop
pcorip1.txt 4746 Warning how Phone Companies are charging all BBS's as a Business
pcorip2.txt 2401 Call to Arms to stop the Overcharing Phone Companies and Save BBSs.
pcp 26942 Access Numbers for PC Pursuit, by The Phantom
phile9.txt 7599 Phile 9: Review of Apple BBS Boards
pnbreg.frm 2728 Application to get onto the Adult Section of the Puss N Boots BBS
points.txt 41830 List of BBSes that Distribute ZIP Magazine
prelim.txt 3962 Tony Davis and the seizure of the Oklahoma Information Exchange BBS
product.txt 6192 The Roster of Devonline Products (BBS Doors)
prose.txt 19584 Archive of Poetry from the House of the Rising Sun BBS (October 1, 1994)
protogen.txt 29808 Log File of Going through the ProtoGen BBS (1993)
ques 4616 Questions and Answers To The BBSes and Nets Around the World (1993)
quiz.txt 3912 Are You a BBSaholic?
qwkformt.txt 2232 The QWK file format
qwkpacket.txt 4161 Information on the QWK Packet File Format
r&estory.txt 13240 Rusty and Edie's BBS Seized by the FBI (Bulletin Boards and Badges)
r0dent.txt 6016 A Day in the Life of a R0dent from the Music City BBS
ra.txt 21105 Generally Making a RemoteAccess BBS Sad, by Valentino
radshack.txt 4561 SysOp is Told by Radio Shack to Take Down Her BBS
raid.txt 3919 FBI Raids California BBS Thanks to the Efforts of the SPA (Press Release)
rbbs.txt 3939 How to Destroy an RBBS-PC System by Phreak's Cabaret
rbbsbox.txt 2496 RBBS-PC of Chicago Offers the Official RBBS-PC In a Box CD-ROM
rcpm-ug.prn 51550 RCP/M Guide: A Users Guide to the Operation of Remote CP/M Systems, by Jon Schneider of the Rio Grande RCP/M (June 5th, 1985)
real.bbs.users 3072 Real Sysops and Unreal Board Crashers: Real BBS Users by The Master Watchman of The Encounter
real.bbses 3840 Read BBSes Don't Eat Upload Credits by Suicidal Maniac
real.pirates.5 3072 The Real Pirates Guide Volume 5 by Rabid Rasta and Control Reset of High Society 4608 Real R0dent's Guide by Shooting Shark
realbbsd.txt 3829 Real BBSes Don't Eat Upload Credits by Suicidal Maniac of the Dirty Bird's Nest BBS
realbbsusers.txt 3098 An Addition to Real Sysops and Unreal Board Crashers by The Master Watchman of The Encounter
realgphi.txt 5894 The Official Guide to G-Phile Authors, by Man Tooth (Needs Formatting)
ripcowar.txt 75392 The Seizure Warrant Documents for the Ripco BBS (1990) 2176 Blueprints of the Safehouse BBS
safter 18849 The Scene, as I see it, and a warning to all my modem acquaintances, by Sought After (February 3, 1992)
sanessay.txt 12620 An Essay on the Electronic Highways by Havok Halcyon of SANctuary (September 25, 1992)
sbbbs85.txt 5290 The Santa Barbara BBS Scene of the Mid 80's, by Charles Hobbs
sbbstips.txt 19917 The SuperBBS Tip File
sbfree.txt 31497 Ad for the Strictly Business BBS's Free Offers to Help Your Business Grow, 1992
scared.pwp 3072 The Edge Talks About Being Harassed on his BBS
security.txt 4009 Wildcat BBS System Emergency System Documentation (January 2, 1989)
seizures.txt 32081 Some of the Dangers in Running a BBS (Message by Kee Hinckley) (June 1, 1990)
sel-bbs 10558 21 Considerations in Selecting BBSes to Use and Enjoy, by Ken Buchholz
sfagenda.txt 8460 The Star Fighter Agenda by The Ramshacker (October 7, 1991)
sha2 2779 The Best on the Boards, by Russell Mirabelli (1993)
sjgames1.txt 2837 Secret Service Held Guilty of Violating Computer Privacy by Bob Ortega (March 16, 1993)
sjgames2.txt 6848 Court Ruling Gives Laws on Privacy a Hi-Tech Edge, by Bob Ortega (March 18, 1993)
so.wannabe.syso 5248 So, You Wanna Be a Sysop Version 1.3 by The NOID, The Hevmedler, and Mister I/O
sol_text.lst 124927 The Files Listing for Socialism Online BBS
spoof.txt 960 HI I AM A NEW USER ON THIS BBS!!!!!!!
star.fytr.agnda 8320 An Analysis by The Ramsacker (October 7, 1991)
start-bb.txt 41767 So You Want to Start a BBS? bt Jerry Shifrin (May 23, 1987)
startbbs.txt 8231 Tips on Starting Your Own BBS by Pazuzu (November 11, 1993)
stbfiles.bbs 43200 Listing of Files on the STB BBS
strknkd2.txt 15374 Stark Naked: The Journal of Stark County Telecom Volume 1 Issue #2 (August 1, 1992)
strknkd3.txt 16896 Stark Naked: The Journal of Stark County Telecom Volume 1 Issue #3 (August 8, 1992)
strknkd4.txt 19072 Stark Naked: The Journal of Stark County Telecom Volume 1 Issue #4 (September 1, 1992)
strknkd5.txt 15816 Stark Naked: The Journal of Stark County Telecom Volume 1 Issue #5 (September 20, 1992)
stupidki 4897 Large, All Capitals Rant about Stupid Kids
suckage.nfo 14410 Large Amount of Information about Lithium
sundevil.txt 69213 Articles from 2600 Magazine regarding Operation Sundevil (The BBS Crackdowns of 1990)
suprt.lst 48267 Technical Support List: BBS's, Datafax's And Internet Sites (December, 1995)
syndrome.txt 4422 The Hacker Syndrome: How They Did It (September 5, 1986)
sys 4235 The SysOp's Tale, Poem by Jogn Chambers, 1992
sys_liab.txt 203190 E-Law: Legal Issues Affecting Computer Information Systems and System Operator Liability, by David J. Loundy
sysfun.txt 6765 SysOp Fun, by Mutant Offspring
syslaw.txt 4493 Book Review: SYSLAW: The Sysop's Legal Manual by J. D. Abolins
syslibli.txt 105928 Defamation Liability of Computerized Belletin Board Operators and problems of Proof, by John R. Kahn (February, 1989)
sysop.nws 3024 James Galt Discusses the Sysop Madness (April 27, 1989)
sysop.txt 2606 Information Regarding the Posting of Unicorn Software Programs on BBSes 4871 The SysOp Blues
sysopeev.txt 6199 A Sysop's Peeves, by Bob Maxwell (July 21, 1986)
sysops 21824 What Files are Legal for Distribution on a BBS?
sysopsui.txt 35115 SysOp Suicide! (A Day in the Life of a System Operator) by James C. Goldbloom (March 1988)
sysoptest.txt 15878 The SysOp Test by Robin Francis and Bruno Gagnon (September 2, 1991)
tales.13.yr.old 6528 The United Anarchists' Guild Presents: Tales of a Thirteen Year Old Lose, by The Kracker and The Trash Can Man
tbk1.txt 8232 Weird Chat with The Black Knight on a BBS (1993)
tcctale.txt 6528 Once Upon a Time in A BBS Far Away (Parody/Complaint of a BBS) (December 12, 1993)
tdt-bust.nfo 6421 The Fed Busts: The TDT is Temporarily Disbanded
telecomputing.txt 67456 Telecomputing Magazine: Electronic Edition, by Galaxy Telecomm Corporation (October/November, 1990)
telegard.txt 9682 Martin Pollard Explains Why He's Killing off Telegard Software (December 8, 1991)
telix2.cap 4838 How to upgrade Your 2400 Modem into a 9600 Baud by Death Bringer (June 7, 1991)
textfiles.txt 2320 Textfiles, to the Tune of "Big Time" by Jason Scott (March 9th, 1987)
textprime.txt 6520 The Ramsacker's Textfile Primer (July 27, 1989)
tgbackdr.txt 3814 The Telegard Sysop's Protection Hints by the Man Against the Mob 4167 The Real Story, by Michael Levy, aka The Dark Knight 3330 The SysOp's Survival Guide
truth.txt 10545 The Truth about HumbleBabe
ua.txt 14322 Project Underground Alliance - A Proposal for Change: by Targa Phantom
ucgg0591.txt 12223 The UCGG Newletter (May 1991) by Robin #23
ussr.bbs 5073 Known USSR BBSes (February 22, 1991)
v32-v42.txt 11737 What is the Benefit of MNP? By David Terry, of Salt Air BBS, 05/19/1991
voiceswl 151413 Voices from the Well: The Logic of the Virtual Commons, by Marc A. Smith of Department of Sociology of UCLA 7972 WaReZ d00dz and H/P/A/V: A Failing Mixture, by Mr. Sandman (August 21, 1993)
warning.txt 1330 Warning about Dragons Lair BBS Being Down
wasphq.ans 2911 ANSI BBS Ad for the Trekkers' Tavern