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Your one-stop shop for all files of a “computery” nature, that cover how to rebuild a piece of computer hardware to do something it was never meant to do, or to see someone go really deeply into a computing subject that would cause most people to yawn and look for the snack table. Since BBSes were on computers, it was natural for people who used BBSes to focus on all aspects of these wonderful machines. The evidence of their interest and their experimentation resides below.

Of course, nearly ALL textfiles are computer-related in some fashion, and some subjects might fit here but fit even better in another section. For example, you should most definitely check out the programming and apple sections as well, as you might not agree with what I decided should go where.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ASTRESEARCH ./.. Technical Bulletins from AST Research
CYBERSPACE ./.. Files Concering the Idea of "Cyberspace"
DOCUMENTATION ./.. Documentation Files and Instruction Sets
HARDDRIVES ./.. Hard Drive Technical Information
PRESSRELEASE ./.. Press Releases by Companies Long Forgotten
1003v-mm 4347 Information on the Western Digital 1000v-MMx Series
1006v-sr 4347 Information on the Western Digital WD1006V-SR1 and 2
1080mods 3610 Amiga 1080 Monitor Modifications
1105.txt 2468 How to Boot with DR DOS (October 31, 1991)
144_ctrl.txt 6819 Zaphod Beeblebrox' Notes on using PC 1.44mb 3.5" Drives with Atari STs and STEs
144disk.txt 6178 Edited Textfile about 3.5" Diskette Formats, from Kevin Maier of IBM Corporation (May 10, 1989)
144meg.txt 13288 How to Upgrade your Atari ST Floppies to 1.44mb 3.5" Drives, by Robert B. Pegram
1541.tri 12170 Two Rarely Used 1541 Disk Drive Functions, by Peter Weighill (September 1993)
154xb 8693 JUMPERS: Adaptec AHA-1540B
16550a_n 5842 Information on the 16550a UART
1991-12 42275 What is ISDN Good for? By Mitch Kapor of the EFF (December 10, 1991)
1pt4mb.inf 5035 Notes on the Use of 1.4mb Drives in AT Compatibles
2310-12 4347 JUMPERS: Adaptec ACB-2310,12
2496 4891 How to upgrade your US Robotics 2400 Baud Modem into a 9600 Baud Modem by Death Bringer 06/07/1991
24to96x.txt 7424 Complaint about a file purporting to convert a 2400bd Modem to 9600 baud; claims it's a Hoax
25mgupgd.txt 13929 A 2.5 Meg Socketed RAM Upgrade for the 1040ST by Barry Orlando (Decmber 28, 1988)
286 6326 A Review of Compaq DeskPro 286 by Bob McDuffee
286-2 2828 Part 2 of the Review of the Compaq DeskPro 286 by Bob McDuffee
28_8khst.txt 9335 US Robotics Announces the Last Modem You'll Ever Buy (Press Release, June 8, 1992)
2ndrs232.txt 7725 How to Get a Second RS232 Port For Your Atari (July 15, 1987)
2w93358a.txt 4445 Guide to PGP Operations in a Secure Environment
386486.txt 5589 A Low Cost Performance Boost for Your 386 PC
400top.txt 12870 The SatisFAXtion Modem/400: Solutions to Common Problems
401bugs.txt 7387 Two Suspected Bugs in MS-DOS v4.01 by William S. Ataras III (June 5, 1991)
450baud.txt 7296 On the Topic of 450 Baud, by Scott Loftesness, May 28, 1983
486vs040.txt 15981 CISC: The Intel 80486 vs. The Motorola MC68040 from Advanced Microprocessors by Daniel Tabak (Scribed by Mike, July 1992)
4chan8bi.asc 8688 Plans for a 4-Channel 8-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter for PC from Francis J. Deck
4dostips.txt 3297 4DOS Specific Information and Tips
500hacks.txt 46075 A Do It Yourself Guide to Computer Repair and Modification of the PC and Amiga 500 from Lewin Edwards
500mm.txt 6983 Disk Storage Reaches Molecular Level, from Video Computing November/December 1988 Issue
68040.txt 12653 The New CISC Micorporcessor offers RISC Performance
86bugs.lst 13776 Harald Feldmann's 86BUGS List (November 3, 1994)
87.set 15313 Information about the 8087 and 287 Coprocessors
8bitcomp.txt 24445 The Designing and Building of an 8-Bit Computer: A Personal Story, by Mark Balch (1990)
8chan12b.asc 6047 Chap 12-Bit ADC for IBM PC by Francis J. Deck
8meg_exp.txt 8158 An Amiga 8meg RAM Expander, by John Kamchen (1991)
9600.inf 19072 The Long, Painful Road to a 9600 Baud Standard
9600data.txt 30848 A Comparison of High Speed Modems Compatibility/Features/Differences/Prices (March 3, 1991)
9600info.inf 19119 9600 Baud Modems: An Overview
a4000 6725 A Scared Amiga Beta Tester lets the Cat out of the Bag about the Amiga 4000
a5000.txt 11864 The First Reports of the Amiga 5000
a500_1mb 8312 Directions on How to Convert your Amiga 501 Cartridge to Chip RAM
aboutems.txt 27370 Memory Expansion in80x86-Based Computers Under MS-DOS by John Wilson of Hyperdyne
abrash.lst 20429 Roll Your Own Minilanguages with Mini-Interpreters, by Michael Abrash and Dan Illowsky (1989)
accel.txt 3948 An Amiga 500 Processor Accellerator Project, by Leslie Ayling
act-13.txt 63155 The Amateur Crackist Tutorial Version 1.3 by Specular Vision
adapter.txt 18556 How to Connect a PC to a VideoCrypt Decoder, by Markus Kuhn (June 19, 1994)
add5.25drive.txt 3576 How to Hook a 5.25" Drive to your Amiga, by Les Ayling
add512kb 2438 How to install a 1mb Chip into an Amiga 500 on the Mothercard
addcard.txt 2291 Hack to Allow an Amiga 1000 or Amiga 500 to expand its 86-pin slot to 100pin
addictio.txt 7589 The Tragedy of Online Addiction, by Steve King
addrive.txt 8357 Generic 3.5 Inch Double Sided Disk Drive for the Atari 520/1040 Series
aids.txt 1571 The AIDS Trojan Horse Program Marches On (March 1990)
all-help.tec 36845 All the Help Scripts from the DESQview 2.26, QEMM 5.0, Manifest 1.0, QRAM 1.0, etc.
alsnutt1 2182 Big Al's Norton Utilities Tech Tips Volume 1 Number 1 by Al Hansen (1990)
alt-bin.txt 49521 Notes on Decoduing UUENCODEd .GIF Files
ami-chts.txt 182700 Large Collection of Amiga Video Game Cheats
ami-init.txt 4080 The Amiga Boot Sequence and Errors
amihist.txt 19261 Notes of RJ Mical Speaking about the Rise and Fall of Amiga Computer
amiport.txt 10617 More Ports for your Amiga: An I/O Expansion Board
amscsi.txt 6497 Building a SCSI COntroller for the Amiga
anderson.asc 130304 Kermit for OS/2 by Brian R. Anderson (1990)
anderson.lst 5622 C Customized Memory Allocators by Paul ANderson
andrson2.asc 135168 Kermit for OS/2 by Brian R. ANderson (1990)
anetwork.txt 3363 Making a Simple Atari ST to Atari ST Link
anonymit 34657 The Joy of Handles, or Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me But Have No Right to Ask, 1992
antiarq.txt 1257 Getting Rid of the ARQ Flashing by Mr. Fone
anywhere.txt 4142 DOCUMENTATION: The Anywhere Scroller Version 1.00
appendix.txt 3866 A Listing of Modem And Information Standards
apple.txt 7253 The Text of the Apple-Microsoft Agreement
arcsuit.txt 56430 Court Complaint from System Enhancement Associates and PKWARE (July 6, 1988)
arthayes.txt 30471 General Introduction to HAYES Modems and Compatabiles by Ignaat Simons
ascii 7504 Folklore: The Original Uses of the Unusual ASCII Codes, by Douglas Jones (June 2, 1994) 1040 A Short List of ASCII Character Set Definitions
asm.txt 101753 The 8086 Family Architecture
asmstr.asc 23451 Structured Programming Column by Jeff Duntemann (February 3, 1989)
asp3404.txt 274371 Catalog of Products from the Association of Software Professionals (October 4, 1990)
asp5202.txt 1219432 Catalog of Products from the Association of Software Professionals
asp5301.txt 1292374 Official Catalog of Products by Association of Shareware Professionals (Contents)
asp804.txt 1933029 Official Catalog of Products by Association of Shareware Professionals (Contents)
asp9301.txt 2212930 Official Catalog of Products by Association of Shareware Professionals (Contents)
asp9501.txt 1978185 Official Catalog of Products by Association of Shareware Professionals (Contents)
aspbbs.dlm 42717 List of Association of Software Professionals Directory
atamnesa.txt 2595 Hey! These IBM ATs have batteries inside and they're failing!
auping.asc 15046 Making the move to Modula 2 by J.V. Auping and Chis Johnston
author.lst 96222 A List of Email addresses of 255 Reachable MS-DOS shareware and PD authors (December 17, 1995)
autpub.frm 5138 Application to Join the Association of Software Professionals
autstd.txt 13029 Association of Software Professionals Membership Requirements
award.txt 2346 Award BIOS Drive Type Table
ayers.lst 29009 An Object-Oriented Logic Simulator by Kenneth E. Ayers
babel92a.txt 79153 Babel: A Listing of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms by Irving Kind, 1989-1992
babel94a.txt 105377 BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms by Irving Kind Version 94A (1994)
backdoor.txt 12384 Collection of Back Doors to computer games, by George Knochel
bartle-m 450025 Interactive Multi-User Computer Games, a Report by Richard Bartle, 1990
basunix.hac 15360 Basic UNIX Use by Lord Lawless
bat&conf.txt 7401 Tricks to Use with Batch Files
batch.txt 51183 Batch Files for Efficiency: Getting Real Work Done
battery.txt 26055 Rechargeable Batteries and Laptop Computers
bauer.lst 10217 Optimizing in a Parallel Environment by Barr E. Bauer (199)
bb 12057 Beta Bits by Tim Conner, Jr. (1986)
bbsnoise.txt 3251 Your System Has Noise, by Bill Noel
begunix.txt 337256 A Beginner's Guide to UNIX, from the Denver Office (September 16, 1991)
being.txt 38959 Being in Nothingness: Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace, by John Perry Barlow
best.cps 11430 Get the Best out of JRCOMM and your DUALST 14.4kbps on your Amiga, from The Spirit (May 19, 1991)
bev105.res 10421 The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 3 (March 7, 1993)
biblio.lst 28958 Bibliography of PC Interrupt Fuctions by Ralf Brown (February 11, 1996)
bibliog.txt 24448 Laptop and Portable Computer Books
bill 8784 Bill Gates Interview from PC Magazine 16647 Description and Call to Arms on H.R. 1035 4123 AMI 286 and 386 BIOS New Release Notes (December 15, 1988) 6288 AMI 286 and 386 BIOS Release Notes (February 25, 1989) 4264 AMI 286 and 386 BIOS Release Notes (March 30, 1989)
biprint.txt 9485 Making your PC Parallel Port Bi-Directional by Mark F. Bower (IBM PC) ((July 1991)
bitsbaud.txt 10112 Bits, Baud Rate, and BPS: Taking the Mystery Out of Modem Speeds, by Michael A. Banks
blt6 21816 Techniques for Off-Line Mail Reading, by Robert Dionne (May 6, 1990)
blum.lst 18024 Bidirectional Associative Memory Systems in C++, by Adam Blum
boost.txt 1670 An Audio Booster on the Amiga 500, by Chucky of Sargon
bootfromdf1.txt 6757 Saving DF0: by Booting up from DF1: by Les Ayling
bowling.asc 11641 Real-Time Modeling with MS-DOS by David Bowling
bradbery.asc 12901 Porting Fortran Programs from Minis to PCS, by John L. Bradberry
bright.lst 3200 Getting a Handle on Virtual Memory, by Walter Bright
bugrep.txt 1582 Bug Report Form for PKWARE
buildit.doc 59591 Building an IBM Compatible, or How to be a Real Clone, by DJ Elliott (January 1991)
buildit.txt 33024 The Obese Agnus: The New 500 Board and Other Recent Experiences by Andrew WIlson (July 23, 1989)
buy386 7996 The Developer's Guide to Buying a 386
buyguide.txt 25636 PC Gaming Sound Cards: A Buyer's Guide v0.34 by Dave Masten (November 4, 1994)
c64topc.txt 5646 How to Connect a Commodore 64 Compatible Printer to an IBM PC Compatible Computer (March, 1995)
cache.txt 5795 Disabling Write Caching in DOS 6 6100 Comparison of different Long Distance Carrier performance
cart.txt 8192 Turning an Atari ST's Cartridge Port into a Read/Write Port
cascade.txt 6784 Information from Cascade Electronics about Being Ripped Off
caution.txt 4613 Doublespace in DOS 6
cbm_dead.txt 2610 Eulogy on Commodore as it Goes Under (From Down Under)
cd-rom 93046 An Introduction to CD-ROM Technolgy by Andy Poggio (March 1988)
chaos.txt 2432 Chaos, Strange Attractors and BrainMaker Plots
cheap144disk.txt 2996 Making a Cheap 1.44mb Disk!
cheats 40275 A Very Large Collection of Amiga Cheat Codes
cleankey.txt 9856 How to Clean the IBM PC Keyboard by David R. Bivens
clinton.sgi 38608 Remarks by the President and Vice President to Silicon Graphics Employees, Feb. 22, 1993
coemail 12431 Formulating A Company Policy on Access to and Use and Disclosure of Electronic Mail on Company Computer Systems, by the Electronic Mail Association, October 22, 1990
colors.32k 9679 Getting an Atari ST to Display 32,768 Colors by Barry orlando (September 9, 1989)
colr.txt 8448 Guidelines for Effective Color Terminal Usage, from Tektronix
comdefs.hum 5121 Grab-Bag of Geeky and General Humor 4175 An Overview of PC Hardware's LPT/COM/IRQs
compdev.txt 12301 Some Thoughts on the Development of Personal Computers by Duane Bristow
comphorror.hum 164912 A Fantastic Collection of Computer Horror Stories
compiler.tut 8576 Compilers and How They Work: An Overview, by Lou Morgan
compuser 9572 The Gospel according to CompuServe! (Their position)
conclus.txt 17859 The Conclusion of the Courts in the INSLAW Software Case, January, 1992
config.txt 34499 Your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT by Barry Simon, 1986
convmem.txt 1078 JZig's Guide to Freeing Conventional Memory (On a PC) 11392 Copy Protection: A History and Outlook 10880 Copyrighting Public Domain Programs
courierv34man.txt 346655 The Courier V.34 Manual, by U.S. Robotics (1994)
cpsranno 2259 Upcoming Conventions of Computers, privacy and Freedom (1994)
cpucmp14.txt 31839 Performance Comparison: Intel 386DX, Intel RapidCAD, C&T 38600DX, Cyrix 486DLC by Norbert Juffa
crtstuff.txt 51493 The Quest for the Ultimate Display System by Steve Gibson
defrag.txt 2291 Defragmenting a Doublespace Drive in DOS 6
designer.txt 9653 Sapphire Designer Notes, by Tim Campbell
diagnose.txt 18306 An introduction to Troubleshooting your IBM PC by Jerry Schneider of the Capital PC User Group
diagrams.txt 36835 Listing of Different Drives and Controllers for TheRef
disks1 15882 The Technology of Magnetic Disk Storage by Steve Gibson
disks2 16889 A Hard Disk Drive for Steve's Dream Machine by Steve Gibson
disks3 28492 The Logical Structure, Organization and Management of Hard Disk Drives by Steve Gibson
dma.asc 18432 DMA Techniques for Personal Computer Data Acquisition
docwaste.txt 1033 George Gutman's Call for lack of spaces in DOC files
dodont.txt 12638 How To Get The Most Out of Your New PC
dos-user.s-g 3605 The PC User's Guide to UNIX
dos6tips.txt 1957 DOS 6 Tips and Tricks: Review
dos_err.txt 3456 Dos 2.0 Has Problems with Redirection of I/O
doshist.txt 41430 The Development of DOS
dosmem.txt 13205 The PC Memory Management Overview
dosmnual.txt 42543 PC/MS-DOS: The Essentials, by George Campbell
drives.txt 5060 Driving Us Crazy, but For a Reason (Hard Drive Overview) by Alan Brenden
dvinter.1st 8430 The DESQview Interrupt List, Release 90.3, 07/15/90
dvscript.txt 2432 Creating and Using Scripts with DESQview
ea.iff.85 63215 EA IFF 85: The Standard for Interchange Format Files by Jerry Morrison of Electronic Arts (January 14, 1985)
earlybst.txt 6529 Timo's Subjective Choices of the Best Public Domain and Shareware MS-DOS Early Material (September 13, 1995)
echtutor.txt 17437 A Tutorial on the New Phenomenon of Fido Echomail
eight.lws 14297 The Adventures of Lone Wolf Scientific: The House Where Andrew.BAS lived, by Michy Peshota
email 21201 A Large Suggested Summary of Policies on Electronic Mail
equip.txt 45113 Hints on Purchasing a Laptop Computer
errors.txt 8182 A List of Errors by Hard Drives Under DOS
esdi.txt 8326 Basic Installation Procedure for ESDI Drives by Ruan Ramsey (July 3, 1992)
essays.txt 263347 Art in the Age of Digital Dissemination: Class Essays from an Art and Technology Course, 1993
execnois.txt 3889 If You Are Getting Garbage On the Screen (Modem Diagnostics)
ext-ram.txt 14198 An Extended RAM Tutorial for MS-DOS by Raymond Dunn
fangrev3a500 3372 Making a Faster Agnus Chip, by Hans Van Der Werf (October 30, 1989)
faq.txt 52582 FAQ: OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions List: User's Edition Verison 2.0 (April 25, 1992)
fbi.sys 5192 Summary of FBI Computer Systems, by Ralph Harvey of Full Disclosure
fcc.txt 12545 Computer and Software News Part 1 by Tim Elmer
fd_ref42.lan 36874 A Large Floppy Drive Directory Version 4.2 (October 1, 1991)
fd_ref42.por 23264 Floppy Drive Directory by TheRef Version 4.2 (October 1, 1991)
fdd 11750 teria, by Bud Leroy
fileid.txt 18022 Information on Why You Should Use FILE_ID.DIZ
filename.txt 21870 File Names and Extensions: The Keys to the Kingdom
flop.txt 3194 Using Doublespace on Floppy Disks in DOS 6
floppies.txt 15744 Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know Abut Floppy Disks by Ted Jensen
format.txt 2510 Photo/Digital Specifications for GIF Files
forums.lst 20327 A Complete List of Public Forums on Online Services by Ed Girou of the CompuServe Practice Forum (June 1, 1993) 6068 Must We Declare an Electronic Declaration of Independence
freenet.cap 13691 The Concept of Community Computing
fricc 2296 The FRICC Policy on Interocnnectivity and Resource Sharing
ftp2uk23.inf 71087 Notes for PC/MSDOS users at UK JANET sites (April 27, 1992)
ftxt 19014 Information on FTXT: A Text Standard for IFF Files from Steve Shaw and Jerry Morrison, Electronic Arts (November 15, 1985)
fyi-8 253367 The Site Security Handbook, a guideline for computer systems, July 1991
galileo.txt 93697 The STS-34 Press Kit (Exploratory Spacecraft)
gameport.inf 3231 Specifications for the IBM/PC Game Port Connector (April 6, 1990)
genderol 25452 Gender Issues in Online Communications by Hoai-An Truong, 1993
genlock.txt 19649 The Genlock Circuit Operation Description
gfxhints.txt 30197 Some Hints on Improving your Computer Graphics
gifstd.txt 31874 The GIF Specification
glossary.lst 35647 Glossary of Computer Terms
glossary.txt 3311 Yet Another Computer Glossary
gnu 23949 The GNU Manifesto by Richard Stallman (1985)
hack_pom.txt 2215 Casey at the Byte (Parody of Casey at the Bat)
hacktest.txt 8497 The Hacker Test Version 3.0: Another 'Adventure in Software' from SuperNova Software by Rich 'Crash' Lewis, Jr. (1992)
hallfame.txt 100594 The Freeware Hall of Fame by Rey Barry (June, 1992)
handles.txt 33215 The Joy of Handles (or, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Me but Have No Right to Ask)
hayes.txt 322645 Technical Reference for Hayes Modem Users, Version 1.0, November 1990
hd.txt 28948 Hard Disks: The Essential Accessory
hd_mfr41.dir 23897 Hard Disk Drive Manufacturer Directory (January 3, 1991)
hd_ref41.lan 404370 Hard Disk Drive Directory Version 4.1 (January 3, 1991)
hd_ref41.por 309167 Hard Disk Drive Directory Version 4.1 (January 3, 1991)
hd_ref43.lan 692412 Hard Disk Drive Directory Version 4.30 (May 1, 1993)
hd_ref43.por 587412 Hard Disk Drive Directory (May 1, 1993)
help.txt 3737 The DOS 6 Help File
hint89.txt 2945 Configuring Autoexec.bat and Config.Sys Files (December 1, 1991)
history.txt 17081 A Little PC History: Where We've Been with No Idea Where We're Going!
hoagco.cis 37883 Transcription from Compuserve of Various Information by Hoagland Mars Mission
hoagland.let 29828 Letter from Richard Hoagland (December 1, 1989)
honey.txt 4144 Honey, Can the Computer Do This? By Wayne Garrison
how2mnp.txt 30321 How to do MNP Modem Protocol
hsdiag.res 6557 The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 5 by Lee Jackson (April 10, 1993)
i4004.txt 3213 Before the Great Dark Cloud: Information on the Intel 4004
ibm.fu 6757 OS/2 Is Still Vaporware (June 4, 1988)
itcfree.800 3563 Information on the ITCnet Toll Free Communications Network by Jack Reece
jadu13.rvw 3983 REVIEW: Just Another Disk Utility Version 1.3 (October, 1989)
jargn10.txt 1128344 Eric Raymond's Jargon File, Version 2.9.10, July 1992
jrquiet.txt 468 Silencing the pesky IBM PCJr hard drive 6120 Karpov vs. DEEP THOUGHT: The Overview, by Darren Bedwell
kcah-1 32102 KCAH Volume 1
kcah-2 17440 KCAH Volume 2
kildall.txt 11552 The Gary Kildall Legacy, by Sol Libes (1996) 3056 Killer DOS Stalks Software
language.lis 390367 The Language List, Version 1.9, Jan. 13, 1993: Collected information on about 2000 computer languages, past and present
licence 12488 The GNU General Public License Version 1 (February 1989)
lrplan.txt 2924 The Long Range Plans of the University of Pittsburgh for their Computing Facilities
mac2tel.v2.txt 8864 How to Get Digitized Macintosh Sounds Into a Modem
mac_oscillators.txt 28179 A Macintosh Crystal Oscillator Speedup, by Marc Schrier (April, 1994)
maccrack.txt 7038 A Collection of Macintosh Unprotect Schemes
mactricks.txt 5942 Some Mac Tricks for Novices by Steve J. McAllister (February 28, 1995) 2825 Really Angry Complaining Letter
manners.txt 7464 Computer Etiquitte, by Mel North
manyhint.txt 15640 ATARI ST Guaranteed Cheat Codes and Strategies
may-bust.txt 6617 Busted! By the Leviathan
mdic150.txt 136696 The Modem Dictionary, by R. Scottt Perry, 1993
mdic200.txt 155549 The Modem Dictionary Version 2.0 by R. Scott Perry (1993)
mism16.hac 28288 The Kromery Converter/Free Electricity by John Bedini, Eike Mueller, and Tom Bearden
mism18.hac 42496 The New Tesla Electromagnetics and The Secrets of Free Electrical Energy (Part 1) by T. E. Bearden
mnemonic.txt 6705 An interesting Collection of Helpful Mnemonics
modem.txt 2016 Some Modem Specific Information: AT Command List
modemlif.hac 11074 The Modem Life: Is it Really Worth it? By The Nomad
modprobs.txt 13312 Modem Communication Problems by Graham Newton
morph.txt 9597 Several People Discuss that new Morphing Technology, 1991
mrdos1.txt 9381 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction
mrdos2.txt 5753 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction (Part II)
mrdos3.txt 8562 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction (Part III)
mrdos4.txt 5527 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction (Part IV)
mrdos5.txt 8148 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction (Part V)
mrdos6.txt 11242 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction (Part VI)
mrdos7.txt 10060 If You Have Never Used Computers Before... An Introduction (Part VII)
msbbs.txt 35293 Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 Windows Driver Library (December 9, 1992)
msdos.txt 8827 Some MS-DOS Specific Information
muck.txt 12965 The MUCK (Multi User Coding Kludge) Commands List
muck_edi.hel 1457 The MUCK MUF (Programming Language) Reference
muf161.txt 3044 The Fabulous Microsoft Undocumented Features Volume 1 Number 6
net_horm.txt 19189 Net Hormones: Infection Control assuming Cooperation among Computers by David Stodolsky
newkbdhack 18258 A New Keyboard Hack for the Amiga, by Dana Peters 4117 PC New Technology Digest
noise.txt 7717 The Modem Noise Killer, Alpha Version
noise_1.txt 6020 Creating a Modem Noise Killer
ohs-rcs.txt 58850 Information on the Orbital Manuvering System
opcodes.lst 32788 Undocumented Instructions and Documented Instruction of Processors, by Potemkin's Hackers Group (October 23, 1994)
opt_wagr.txt 8561 Mathematic Formulas: Optimal Wagering by Michael Hall, 1991
org-anal 67829 Organizational Analysis in Computer Science by Rob Kling (June, 1993)
p6fact.txt 1921 An overview of the P6 Processor
paging_g.ame 4275 The Paging Game, by Jeff Berryman describing how Memory Paging Works 4499 Paranoia Runs Through Computer Community, by John Dvorak
password.txt 11460 Some Very Good Advice about Choosing a Password
pause.txt 1858 Making a pause on the 68000, by Chucky of Sargon
pc1hrdsk.add 4388 Some Solutions for Old PC's and Hard Disks by Paul Vojta (February 28, 1988)
pc869kb.txt 9847 What is High Memory, and Why do I care, and How Can I Use It? By Cy Atkinson
pcg102b.txt 15745 The PC Gazette Volume 1.02 (Section b) (April, 1986)
pcgnet 20716 The I/O Port: Communications with the PC Gazette (August 21, 1986)
pcjrmem.txt 4224 Altering the IBM PC-JR 128 Memory Module to 512K by David James (July 20, 1986)
pcjrtopc.txt 3712 Instructions to Convert an IBM PCjr Color Monitor to a Standard DB 9 Connector
pcl100.txt 20296 List of HP Printer Escape Sequences (1988)
pentium.txt 15939 Intel Pentium(TM) Processor Technical Backgrounder
perstest.txt 9361 Mind Reader: Do Personality Tests Pick Out Bad Apples?
phoenix.txt 2377 Phoenix BIOS Drive Type Table
photoscn.txt 6901 Photographing TV and Computer Screen Images
piracy.txt 8451 Software Piracy: An Alternate View, by Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (March 5, 199)
pntq&a.txt 10377 The Pentium Processor Q&A, March 22, 1993
ports.lst 128622 XT, AT and PS/2 I/O port addresses (November 6, 1994)
presizer.faq 5860 FAQ: The Partition Resizer
privacy.txt 5474 The Rise of the CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
qf921124.txt 8101 QFACTS: The Representation of Facts and Information
r4300i.txt 24340 R4300i Microprocessor Technical Backgrounder
raspeed.res 4949 The Hack Report, File Test Results, Volume 2, Number 6, May 29, 1993
rbrown.txt 22307 A List of Public Domain/Freeware/Shareware by Ralf Brown (1994)
reagen.asc 7936 Ram Disk Driver for UNIX by Jeff Reagen (May 2, 1990)
realaq.asc 8351 Real-Time Data Acquisition by Mike Bunnell and Mitch Bunnell
realhack.txt 11485 The Meaning of "Hack" from the Jargon File
regan.lst 11153 LZW Revisited by SHawn M. Regan (January, 1990)
rehabots.txt 3290 Robotics for Rehabilitation from Epitomes-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
remote.asc 11486 Remote Connectivity for Portable Terminals Part I by Dan Troy
remove.ada 20668 One Man's Crusade to Remove Ada From the Planet
renaissance.txt 22619 The Electronic Renaissance: A Course in the Ether, by Ellis L. "Skip" Knox (1990)
replies 79819 Why Do Fans Blow Out? A List of Replies (April, 1993) 9508 A really whiny complaint about how users suck
response.txt 5623 Why Live in the Past? (The ARC and ZIP Fight) 5120 Copyright Information for Computer Software Hacks
ripscrip.txt 166212 The RIPscrip Graphics Protocol Specification (May 12, 1993)
rm-rf 8879 The RM -RF Story, by Mario Wolczko (The Recovery of a UNIX System) 28003 A Guide to the Dungeons of Doom by Michael C. Toy and Kenneth C. R. C. Arnold
rpgrules.txt 3230 The Rules of Role-Playing on the Galactic Net
rs232.txt 21260 A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing, by Lawrence E. Hughes
scavenge.txt 38319 DOCUMENTATION: Scavenger-Dialer Version 0.61
script.txt 12079 How to use uSu Script Formats, by Cyberglitch
scsi.txt 9003 Basical installation Procedure for SCSI Drives by Ryan Ramsey (June 22, 1993)
scsidefs.txt 113040 An Introduction to SCSI Definitions
sea.txt 12928 SEA vs. PKWARE: Shareware Company Threatens BBS World that Gave it Life
secret.txt 1217 A Windows 3.1 Secret
secrets.jok 2167 Users' Guide to Little-Known Facts About Computers (Humor)
serial.txt 5207 Programming the Serial Port
share.txt 55380 The Shareware User's Guide to Shareware, Public Domain, Freeware and Commercial Software
sharew.txt 4373 The Definition of Shareware, by Paul Mayer, Author of GRAB Plus
sharewr.inf 5813 What is Shareware? By Richard Martin (January 1994)
smus 47165 SMUS IFF Simple Musical Score by Jerry Morrison of Electronic Arts (February 5, 1986)
softshop.txt 63378
software.txt 16512 Software for Laptop Needs: A Listing of Shareware Vendors
stereo.txt 8320 The Atari ST 520/1040 Stereo Modification
stips.txt 9714 Submissions and Tips and Tricks for DOS Booting v1.23 by Scorpio
stratari 29583 People Are Talking (About Atari ST Stuff) by Joe Mirando
supdev.txt 5654 Supported Devices for Various DPT Drivers (November 21, 1991)
support 7873 Programmer's Technical Reference for MSDOS and the IBM PC Version 2.2a
taeis.lng 63557 A Collection of Artifical Languages from the Taeis Worlds 18515 The Tao Of Programming, Short Version. 27266 The Tao of Programming, Translated by Geoffrey James (Formatted)
tcad 11547 Computer-Aided Design of Tesla Coils, by Toby Grotz
tec001.txt 1803 STAC Technical Note: Third party defragmentation programs and STACKER 2.0 and 1.x (February 20, 1992)
tec002.txt 4131 STAC Technical Note: QEMM386 and OPTIMIZE (September 18, 1991)
tec004.txt 1396 STAC Technical Note: Backing up STACKER drives (February 20, 1992)
tec005.txt 2564 STAC Technical Note: Miscellaneous STACKER Notes (May 24, 1991)
tec006.txt 2403 STAC Technical Note: LoadHI Information with Stacker (July 9, 1991)
tec007.txt 1886 STAC Technical Note: Removing STACKER (May 24, 1991)
tec008.txt 3285 STAC Technical Note: Stacker Coprocessor Installation Checklist (February 20, 1992)
tec009.txt 1572 STAC Technical Note: Stacker and Disk Cache Programs (May 24, 1991)
tec010.txt 2476 STAC Technical Note: Performance Differences Between Stacker Software and CoProcessor Versions (February 20, 1992)
tec011.txt 2355 STAC Technical Note: Scheck and Stacker Space Reporting (February 20, 1992)
tec012.txt 2073 STAC Technical Note: DR DOS and STACKER (February 20, 1992)
tec013.txt 2131 STAC Technical Note: Miscellaneous DOS and BOOT Issues with STACKER (June 26, 1991)
tec014.txt 4864 STAC Technical Note: DOS5 Information (June 18, 1991)
tec015.txt 2674 STAC Technical Note: DOS 5.0 Information (June 28, 1991)
tec016.txt 4129 STAC Technical Note: QEMM386 OPTIMIZE and STACKER Version 1.x (February 20, 1992)
tec017.txt 3907 STAC Technical Note: MAXIMIZE by Qualitas Corporation (September 6, 1991)
tec018.txt 3214 STAC Technical Note: Windows 3.0 in Enhanced Mode and Stacker (September 18, 1991)
tec019.txt 1266 STAC Technical Note: Finding SSWAPed Drives in C
tec020.txt 2002 STAC Technical Note: Installing STACKER on an IBM PS/1 (February 20, 1992)
tec021.txt 5550 STAC Technical Note: Installing 386MAX and BlueMAX on a STACKER System
tec022.txt 5341 STAC Technical Note: Using Stacker and QEMM by Robert Ngan
tec023.txt 9441 STAC Technical Note: Upgrading to DR DOS 6.0 with STACKER Installed (February 20, 1992)
tec024.txt 2383 STAC Technical Note: STACKER 2.0 Device Driver Memory Requirements (February 20, 1992)