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Another fine example of how alternate viewpoints found a willing soapbox in BBSes, Conspiracy Files promised to reveal the true and actual way of the world by exposing the secret, behind-the-scenes machinations of those who were secretly in power. Since everything got equal footing in the file sections or in the message bases, it all seemed a little more plausible when a literate, seemingly well-thought-out essay told you that things were not how they seemed. This is the power that the Internet shares today.

Whether you look at them as the Real Truth shining through, or some amazingly entertaining fiction, you can often spot a good solid conspiracy theory a mile away. You get evidence that has been surpressed, studies that have been done and forgotten, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’ll mention the Pope.

And hey, some of it is true.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
CN ./.. Conspiracy Nation: A Newsletter of Conspiracy
3.txt 48032 Speeches and Other Public Statements by Political Leaders of the Third Reich (Holocaust Revisionism)
666_ibm.txt 21457 IBM Provides the Mark of the Beast!
9dims.txt 8487 The Proven Existence of 9 Dimensional Planes
a-z-cons.txt 29336 The A-Zs of Conspiracy, from the Guardian (February 12, 1995)
africa.txt 19584 WHO Murdered Africa: Conspiracy Theories about the AIDS Virus 8437 Suggest Books and Periodicals dedicated to Urban Legends
afu.faq 81601 Official Usenet Alt.Folklore.Urban Frequently Posted Legends (29.March.1993)
afu_flam.for 3472 Alt.Folklore.Urban Reply Form
afu_surv.gui 8923 The Alt.Folklore.Urban Survival Guide (A Guide to Posting)
aids 43269 AIDS: Epidemic or Weapon of War? By Mr. Dave Emory (November 1991)
aids-2.txt 50217 Shocking Revelations on AIDS Research by our North American Correspondent, from New Dawn Magazine (1992)
aids-war.txt 35547 AIDS as a Weapon of War by Dr. William Campbell Douglas, MD (August 16, 1990)
aids.txt 56971 AIDS: a U.S. Made Monster? from J. Segal and L. Segal (1990) 15488 AIDS: A U.S. Made Monster?
aids02.txt 8695 AIDS: Spread Facts, not Fear, from the American Red Cross
aidsconsp.txt 16048 AIDS: a U.S. Made Monster? from J. Segal and L. Segal (1990)
air-rail.txt 17331 The Secret History of the Atmospheric Railway and the Pneumatic Tube 3814 The Urban Legend about Aladdin 3371 Are there Really Alligators in Sewers?
alt3.txt 32260 Alternative 3, by Leslie Watkins, David Ambrose and Christopher Miles (Conspiracy Parody, 1978)
alt_folk.faq 18380 Official Usenet Alt.Folklore.College Frequently Posted Legends (31 March 1993)
althist.lst 86084 The Alternate History List by Robert Schmunk Version 3 (July 16, 1991)
anti-jew.txt 18339 Extremely Involved Jewish Conspiracy File
antich.mail 19201 Collecting Mail for the Coming AntiChrist by D. Kabatoff (Alt.Jokes.Pentium)
aosc_fbi.txt 32267 System Profile: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, by the All Ohio Scanner Club
art-04.txt 14810 Do Assassinations Alter the Course of History? By Simon Freeman and Ronald Payne
art-05.txt 21432 Conspiracy Theories: Doubts Refuse to Die by Bob Dudney (November 20, 1991)
art-06.txt 29646 The Day John Kennedy Died by Bryan Woolley (1991)
art-07.txt 10739 A Rememberance of Kennedy, by Jim Henderson (1991)
assassin.the 34437 The Kennedy Watergate Iran-Contra Nazis Conspiracy (November 22, 1988)
autoscam.hum 14812 The Big Automobile Scam of America
badges.asc 17110 Could Star Trek Badges Be For Real? (April 20, 1992)
bankcris.txt 10528 The Next Banking Crisis: The Issue Whose Name They Dare Not Speak by Doug Henwood (July 20, 1992)
bcci-1.txt 78716 BCCI: The Big Picture: A System Out of Control, Not Just One Bank by George Winslow (October 23, 1991)
bendini.txt 28152 The Kromery Converter/Free Electricity from Axon Industries (July 4, 1986)
bermutri.txt 2847 The Bermuda Triangle and Parapsychology by Dave Beall
bigbroth.hum 25512 The National Guards, by Donald Goldberg
bkgroun1.txt 18940 Foresight Background Issue #4 by Arthur Kantrowitz (1989)
bnlgate.txt 10607 The Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro / IraqGate Scandal
bohemian.txt 3200 The True Story of the Bohemian Club
bookfile.txt 32053 The Book File: The Super Radical File that Uses Real Sources to Document the CIA/BUXH/MOM/ILLUMINATI/OIL Company Links to Rape and Steal from We the People (January 10, 1991)
bor-stat.txt 32622 The Bill of Rights, a Status Report by Eric Postpischil (September 3, 1990)
brainwsh.txt 38360 Brainwashing by Lorenzo Saint Dubois
bugged.msg 21013 Electronic Surveillance: Are You Bugged? by Michael E. Enlow
burning.ppl 4647 Spontaneous Human Combustion: No Longer a Burning Issue by Al Sechel
bushbio.txt 196851 George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography bi Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin
bushbomb.txt 5898 Bush Linked to Terror Bombing: Will the UN ask for Extradition? (June 22, 1992)
cabala.txt 29916 The Ancient Secret Meaning of some of the extended ASCII characters, and beyond by Henry J. Franzoni III (February 17, 1988)
caesar 3608 Is Caesarism the Conspiracy?
camps.txt 25184 The "Liberation of the Camps": FACTS vs. LIES (Holocaust Revisionism) by Theodore J. O'Keefe
carter.txt 5406 Jimmy Carter's True Legacy is Shocking
castro.txt 23131 Cuba, Castro and the United States or How One Man With a Cigar Dominated American Foriegn Policy
celine.txt 29572 Celine's Laws by Hagbard Celine
chaos.def 17947 Defining Chaos by Mark Chao
chappaqu 4538 The Links Between Watergate and Chappaquidick
christ-c.txt 8358 Christianity and Freedom, by Jacob G. Hornberger
chron.txt 13968 The Chronology of Secret Societies by Michael Howard
cia-sws.txt 18944 The CIA's Secret Weapons Systems (1992 Reprint of 1978 Issue)
cia.sws 18859 The CIA's Secret Weapons Systems by Andrew Stark (June, 1978)
cia.txt 51968 An EX-CIA Official Speaks Out by Greg Kaza (1986)
cia_br.ain 4072 The CIA STOLE MY BRAIN! A U.S. woman's Month of Horror
cia_info.txt 86737 Very Large Report on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
ciabwash.txt 48565 A Report on Communist Brainwashing (February 8, 1984)
ciactrlf.txt 37888 How the CIA Controls President Ford by L. Fletcher Prouty (April 10, 1992)
ciafoia.asc 5744 The CIA's "Openness" is Laughable, by David Corn
ciamedia 5356 The CIA And the Media (Conspiracies)
ciawar.txt 76844 John Stockwell: The Secret Wars of the CIA
ciawars.txt 77195 John Stockwell and the Secret Wars of the CIA
clinto_m.rus 11465 ONI CIA and Mossad in an Assassination Plot Against Bill Clinton? (December 23, 1994)
clubs 3887 The Secret Conspiracy of the Elks Clubs
cncd0001.txt 57499 The Chernobyl Experiment by J. Adams (April 23, 1996)
cnch0020.txt 78349 Billions for the Bankers and Debts for the People: A Study, by Pastor Sheldon Emry
cncia006.txt 77011 Clinton Quigley and Conspiracy: What's Going on here? By Daniel Brandt (January 8, 1995)
cncia010.txt 91463 The Secret Concentration Camps (Conspiracy)
cncia022.txt 71114 Concentration Camp Plans for US Citizens: A National Emergency, Total Takeover (Conspiracy)
cncia024.txt 64888 Secret Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programming Manual (October 22, 1996)
cncia028.txt 62189 The History and Significance of the New World Order by Scott Spencer (February 9, 1997)
cncja006.txt 79334 John Stockwell: The Secret Wars of the CIA (October 10, 1987)
cncjb017.txt 127644 The Shadow of the Swastika: The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization by R. William Davis
cncka002.txt 94281 Transcript of an Interview with Mr. Brian Mee Concerning the Famous Backyard Rifle Photographs (1994)
cncka003.txt 74910 Proof that Oswald Didn't Shoot JFK: The Baker-Oswald Encounter by Michael T. Griffith (1996)
coldfusi.txt 6390 Host Element Fusion, an Unpublished Work on Cold Fusion by Earl Laurence Lovings (1990)
compse.txt 42476 The Comutational Self, by Robert M. Galatzer-Levy, M.D. (June 6th, 1988)
consp.txt 49422 An Attempt to List Everything That The Government Got Their Hands On
conspire.txt 8643 25 Questions and Answers about the "Atomic Bomb" (Holocaust Revisionist Parody)
contra.txt 9088 Soldier of Fortune Dies Mysteriously After Talking to Congressional Investigators by Vince Bielski and Dennis Bernstein
contrcia.txt 9728 The Secret Team of Weapons Dealers by Vince Bielski
control.txt 11233 Racism, Control, and Rock and Roll by Jacob G. Hornberger
corpdem.txt 5298 The Takeover of the Democratic Party (July 20, 1992)
cotd9311.txt 6903 Conspiracy for the Day: The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate" by John Merks (November 3, 1993)
cowtown.txt 54234 The Cowtown Connection by M. Duke Lane
crashir.hum 18062 The Planned Crash of 1987
crybaby.txt 52736 Crybaby by Philip J. Klass 20078 A Theoretical Understanding of Cryonics, by H. Keith Henson and Arel Lucas (December 17, 1992)
dallas.txt 69088 The Guns of Dallas by L. Fletcher Prouty (JFK Conspiracy, March 27, 1992)
dark.suc 6521 The Theory of Dark Suckers, by Paul Holgrem
dark1.txt 8554 Dark Conspiracy involving Power Companies Surfaces by the Quantum Mechanic (August 7, 1988)
deaths.txt 28787 The Convenient Deaths (JFK Theories)
democ-pr.txt 9727 Producer Interests Vs. The Public Interest: The Origin of Democratized Privilege by Richard M. Ebeling 9472 DePass Speaks of the American Boot Camps (1992)
deskgen.txt 4120 Desktop Genetic Engineering, by Kevin Kelly
dictator.txt 8856 Blueprint for U.S. Dictatorship Places Individual Rights at Risk by Mike Blair of the Spotlight
dicthere.txt 4680 Dictatorship Possible Here, by Lawrence Wilmot and Martin Mann of The Spotlight
diplomat.txt 3117 The FBI License Plate Codes (October 17, 1990)
diseas.txt 18118
dnamast.001 19329 A New Understanding of Aging and Disease based on subtle electrical phenomena in DNA and RNA
dpalma4.txt 10729 Violation of Law of Conservation of Charge in Space Power Generation Phenomenon by Paramahamsa Tewari
dpalma5.txt 43655 Hompolar "Free-Energy" Generation Test by Robert Kincheloe (February 1st, 1987)
dpalma6.txt 6694 Energy from Space: An Engineer's Invention Excites Interest
dream 4666 The (American) Dream is on Life Support, by Dave Bealer
drug-cia.txt 21982 WBAI Pacifica Radio New York: Interview with Mark Swaney by Paul DeRienzo (CIA Operations)
drugrunr.txt 11489 Contras Used Cocaine to Buy Arms By Vince Bielski and Dennis Bernstein
ecology.pop 15848 Notes on Pop Ecology, by Robert Anton Wilson (1982)
econ 3067 What is Happening to the Economy? (1989)
electric.cha 2664 The Urban Legend of the Edison Electric Chair
embalm.txt 4337 A Quick Lesson in Do-It-Yourself Embalming by Gus McLeavy (Typed in by The Big Bad Barbarian)
encybrit.d 189895 The Lies and Fallacies of the Encyclopedia Britannica by Joseph McCabe
evol-110.txt 28637 The ARARAT Report: Post WWII Sightings (February/MArch 1987)
evolutn3.hum 19456 Creation or Evolution? Part III: The Fossil Record
exec_ord.txt 94824 The Secret Concentration Camps (Conspiracy Theory)
executiv.txt 90112 The Secret FEMA Gulag Concentration Camps
faces_of.rev 15174 The Real Facts about the "Faces of Death" Video
fakeaids.txt 12871 Designer Diseases: AIDS as Biological and Psychological Warfare by Waves Forrest
fbi-fone.txt 12752 Draft of the FBI Wiretap Act
fema-1.txt 25278 The Secret Concentration Camps: The FEMA Gulag
fema-2.txt 28054 The Secret Concentration Camps: The FEMA Gulag (Part II)
fema-3.txt 39783 The Secret Concentration Camps: The FEMA Gulag (Part III)
femabust.txt 4627 Help Bungled and Disorganized by Martin Mann and George Nicholas of The Spotlight
feminism 12356 Feminism: A Mask for Marxism?
feverf.txt 3679 Feverfew: A Herbal Remedy for Migraine?
fgn-plcy.txt 9999 Foreign Policy and Foreign Wars by Richard M. Ebeling 2944 The Flat Earth FAQ by Lee Harvey Oswald Smith of the Flat Earth Society 6912 The Flyer Handed Out by the Flat Earth Society by Charles K. Johnson 6898 Transcription of the Flyter from the Flat Earth Society
foia.txt 29071 The Freedom of Information Act Files Kit: Instructions
forg0int.txt 81427 Forgery in Christianity: A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion, by Joseph Wheless
forg1.txt 112950 Forgery in Christianity: Pagan Frauds
forg2.txt 117351 Forgery in Christianity: Hebrew Holy Forgeries
forg3.txt 81994 Forgery in Christianity: Christian "Scriptitre" Forgeries
forg4.txt 129294 Forgery in Christianity: The Saintly "Fathers" of the Faith
forg5.txt 169030 Forgery in Christianity: The Gospel Forgeries
forg6.txt 148894 Forgery in Christianity: The Church Forgery Mill
forg7.txt 307381 Forgery in Christianity: The Triumph
forward.txt 18688 Exploring Hyperspace in Everyday Life by T.B. Pawlicki (1988)
frame 4249 Police Frame-ups and Thought Decoders!
free-trd.txt 9575 Free Trade Versus Protectionism by Richard M. Ebeling
freeasoc.txt 2614 Leaflet: Freemasonry and Society by the Board of General Purposes of the United Grand Lodge of England
freetrd2.txt 8692 A Capitalist Looks at Free Trade by William L. Law
frgtimpt.txt 9545 The Forgotten Importance of Civil Liberties by Jacob G. Hornberger
gabel 19275 Peter Gabel on "The Spiritual Truth of `JFK'" (March 19, 1992)
gatamp.txt 1992 Stacking the Jury in Georgia
gemstone.txt 62452 A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone Files (May 1, 1975)
germ.txt 7737 U.S. Government Practices Germ Warfare on U.S. Population by Gary Null
global.txt 6124 The Global Economy Triumphs Over Earthday
god 67755 The Guns of Dallas: Theories on the Assassination of JFK (1992 Transcript of a 1975 File)
goldtrig.txt 157808 Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz (ret.) Versus Those U.S. Government Officials Whose Golden Triangle Heroin Trafficking Has Prevented the Return of Our POWs From Southeast Asia
govt-imp.txt 5681 Will out Government Implant Our Children? By Samurai Writer
gravac.txt 40192 Can Gravity be Induced? Observational Evidence and Verifiable proof for a Dynamic Gravac Sun by Stephen Paul Groodfellow (1987)
gravity.txt 16102 Axon Systems Presents: The Resonant Gravity Field Coil, or How to Manipulate Reality in a 530 Square Inch Area by Shadow Hawk
gravity8.asc 0 Additional Letter to Flying Saucers Magazine (April 21, 1991)
gun-ctrl.txt 9582 Gun Control, Patriotism and Civil Disobedience vy Jacob G. Hornberger
gvtscrcy.txt 3328 The Government's Mania for Secrecy (1987)
handbank.txt 36103 "Crimes of Patriots," by Jonathan Kwitny (Bank Conspiracies)
heritage.sto 34794 heritage of Stone: The Assisnation of JFK
hertecon.txt 9175 The Heritage of Economic Liberty by Richard M. Ebeling
hoover.txt 31365 A Memorandum from Hoover to LBJ After JFK's Death (February 7th, 1992)
hopp.txt 10624 new FBI Attempts at Secure Communication, by Full Disclosure (1991) 5400 Opposing the Telecommunications Act of 1991 by Kaleb Axon
hr-3515.txt 52962 Transcription of HR 3515 by James D. Bryant II and Kaleb Axon
hunt 11335 Information on E. Howard Hunt and JFK
hyperp.doc 14409 Congratulations! You're About to Unlock the Secret of Hyperprotocol
idaho.txt 7978 The State of Idaho: HOAX REVEALED - OLIVER STONE TO DO MOVIE (May 19, 1992)
if_entap.txt 93270 An Introduction to Freemasonry by Carl H. Claudy
if_felcr.txt 94331 An Introduction to Freemasonry: Fellowcraft, by Carl H. Claudy
illum.1 10490 50 Points About the Illuminati
illumexp.txt 14764 The Ordo Templi Orientis Historic Evoltion Flowchart from the Illuminati Express (1985)
illumhis.txt 95690 An Illuminati Outline of History
illumin.txt 85331 The Opal File: The Round Table Financial Takeover of Australia and New Zealand (1991)
illumina.txt 18280 The Bavarian Illuminati FAQ Version 1.2 (January 1994)
imps-soc.txt 9040 The Impossibility of Socialism by Richard M. Ebeling
inc-tax.txt 22299 Conspiracy Theory of Income Tax and Its History
incon001.txt 286058 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier (December 31, 1985)
incon002.txt 131042 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier Part II (December 31, 1985)
incon003.txt 191711 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier part III (December 31, 1985)
incon007.txt 162629 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier Part IV (December 31, 1985)
incon008.txt 101912 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier Part V (December 31, 1985)
incon009.txt 3251 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier Part VI (December 31, 1985)
incon010.txt 5101 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier (December 31, 1985)
incon013.txt 35686 Invisible Contracts by George Mercier (December 31, 1985)
indo58 47173 Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA, and the Secret War By L. Fletcher Prouty
infmnply.txt 2944 The Information Monopoly (June 1987)
info-tmp.txt 5559 TMP Technical Information by Jay Shaffstall (1990)
ins-rich.txt 22166 Software To Die For: Inslaw Lawyer Elliot Richardson Talks About Murder and the CIA, by James Ridgeway 74066 Federal Corruption, by Harry V. Martin (March 12, 1991)
inslaw.txt 88794 The Barrons Article on Inslaw (October 1991) from Steve Crocker
inslaw2.asc 11556 INSLAW Case: 2/29/88 "BARRON'S" piece on Brian-Meese connection
inslaw2.txt 108627 Inslaw Conspiracy: The Justice Department Affects Inslaw
inslaw3.txt 12911 INSLAW case: Murder in the Martinsburg Sheraton?
inslaw4.txt 11959 INSLAW case: More on Wackenhut (October 15, 1991)
insur.txt 19949 The World's Oldest Organized Profession (Banking and Insurance) by Bob Huebner of the National Commodity and Barter Association
inthenam.txt 30544 Global Tyranny... Step by Step, by William F. Jasper
intro.txt 71168 Where is Hyperspace? And How Do We Get There From Here?
introab 27398 An Introduction to the Assassination Business, by L. Fletcher Prouty (March 20, 1992)
iraqloan 7687 Congressional Inquiry: Henry Kissinger's Link the the Banco Nazionale del Lavoro (April 26, 1991)
iraqmiss.txt 4067 The Questions Around Iraqi Missiles
ironmoun.txt 149632 Report from Iron Mountain" (an electronic version) (The Conspiracy) (December 30, 1992)
irsinfo.hum 4979 Most Powerful Weapon of IRS is Imaginary
issue-15.txt 58328 Let Us Get Our Priorities Straight: Who's Trying to Save What & Whom - Precisely (August 1984)
issue-17.txt 41372 Knocking The Key Weapon From out of The Enemy's Hands (October 1984)
issue-18.txt 50410 Selection of Racial Terms Deliberate (November 1984)
issue-19.txt 24563 For the White Race, Jewish democracy has been an Unmitigated Disester (December, 1984)
issue-20.txt 38484 The Time has come for The White Race to establish its own POLE STAR (January, 1985)
issue-21.txt 35630 Confrontation - Sooner The Better (February, 1985)
issue-24.txt 57862 Where does YOUR First Loyalty lie? ur Race is Our Religion (May, 1985)
issue-25.txt 43569 Informed, Aroused and Organized, the White Race is overwhelmingly the most Powerful Force on the face of the Earth (June, 1985)
issue-26.txt 54576 Saving our Precious Planet from Becoming a Chemical Garbage Dump and a Human Pigsty (July, 1985)
italy.txt 41094 Gladio: The Secret U.S. War to Subvert Italian Democracy by Arthur E. Rowse
jaccuse.txt 11264 A Petition to Indict the United States Government of Making Deals with an Alien Nation, by Milton William Cooper
jfk-0001.txt 8913 The Kennedy Files: File #1, by Mark D. Turner (January 3, 1992)
jfk-0002.txt 11438 The Kennedy Files: File #2, by Mark D. Turner
jfk-0003.txt 13514 The Kennedy Files: File #3, by Mark D. Turner
jfk-echo.txt 170127 Passages from 'Echoes of Conspiracy', a Kennedy Book published in 1991
jfk.loo 18274 Who Killed Kennedy? The Media Whitewash, by Carl Oglesby (September 18, 1991)
jfkkill.txt 16090 JFK Conspiracy: The List of Convenient Deaths (March 26, 1991)
jfkmessages.txt 325250 A Very large Collection of JFK Assassination Messages (1992)
jfkques.txt 18499 The JFK Assassination on 11/22/1963: Coincidence or Conspiracy? 100 Questions from Peter Lemkin (December 30, 1991) 7621 Stone's JFK Makes Rechless Judgements, Absurd Accusations, by BY Peter Kauffner
kgbbib.txt 13066 Annotated Bibliography of Books Concerning Soviet State Security by Charles Trew
king.ass 40540 The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr. by John Edginton and John Sergeant (1990)
kisdeath.txt 18108 Coincidence or the Kiss of Death? The Death of the Bodyguards of Bill Clinton
knoll.txt 21704 JFK: Circumstantial Evidence of a Head Shot From The Grassy Knoll
kurt.txt 133037 Project: The Last Generation: The Brain Washing of a Generation
kurtresp.txt 21291 Project: The Last Generation: The Brain Washing Of a Generation (Rebuttal)
larouche.the 7756 WHo Killed President Kennedy and Why, according to Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
larouche.txt 41442 LaRouche Trial Fact Sheet by Steve Crocker (March 28, 1992)
laws2.txt 3710 Government Seizures Victimize Innocent by Andrew Schneider and Mary Pat Flaherty
laws3.txt 3361 The Law: Guilt Doesn't Matter (Drug Seizure Laws)
laws4.txt 3499 Police Forces Keep the Take (Drug Seizure Laws)
laws5.txt 4986 'Looking' Like a Criminal (Drug Seizure Law)
laws6.txt 6009 Paying For Your Innocence (Drug Seizure Laws)
laws7.txt 4421 Ending the Abuse (Drug Seizure Laws)
lbtygate.txt 13056 LibertyGate: Israel's Attack of the U.S.S. Liberty (1983)
lewis_an.hux 8609 The Kennedy Assassination as a Cover-Up for the Murders of Huxley and C.S. Lewis (1990)
lho 33846 1963: Dallas. The Government Decides That Truth Doesn't Exist
libr-ism.txt 5196 The Moral Case for Taking Federal Matching Funds by Michael Emerling
libxtrem.txt 9750 Is Liberty Too Extreme? By Richard M. Ebeling
links.txt 3584 The Links Between All the Different Religions
lock-imm.txt 9852 Locking Out the Immigrant, by Jacob G. Hornberger
lostkey.txt 132818 The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, or the Secret of Hiram Abiff by Manly P. Hall
lyn_jfk.lhl 21792 Europe 1992: BackTrail of The Assassination of John F. Kennedy (November 5, 1988) by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
marcheti.txt 29079 EX-CIA Official Speaks Out: An Interview with Victor Marchetti By Greg Kaza (1986)
mars.txt 69120 The Truth of Mars by Dr. Ernest L. Normal, 1956
master.rac 59965 Global 2000: Earth First! for the "Master Race
mccabe01.txt 92009 The Vatican's Last Crime: How the Black International Joined the World-Plot Against Freedom, Liberalism, and Democracy, by Joseph McCable
mccabe02.txt 94916 How the Pope of Peace Traded in Blood - The Red Pope, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe03.txt 95602 How the Cross Courted the Swastika for Eight Years, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe04.txt 99503 The Vatican Buries International Law: Haw Mussolini And The Yellow Brother Got Their Share. by Joseph McCabe
mccabe05.txt 93002 Hitler Dupes the Vatican: How the Papacy Was Sold in Austria and Sold Civilization in Czecho-Slovakia, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe06.txt 105418 The War and Papal Intrigue: How the New Pope Talked Peace and Worked for War, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe07.txt 101883 The Pious Traitors of Belgium and France: How the Preaching of Peace Fizzled Out, and Why, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe08.txt 106889 The Pope and the Italian Jackal: How Mussolini's Invincible Legions were Blessed, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe09.txt 110129 Atheist Russia Shakes the World: How the Wisked Bolsheviks Save our Christian World, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe10.txt 105500 Fascist Romanism Defies Civilization: How the Pope Keeps to the Plot While the World Curses it, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe11.txt 108942 The Totalitarian Church of Rome: Its Fuehrer, Its Gauleiter, Its Gestapo, and Its Money-Box, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe12.txt 109149 The Tyranny of the Clerical Gestapo: Catholics the Most Priest-Ridden of All People, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe13.txt 104931 Rome Puts a Blight on Culture: The Roman Church, The Poorest in Culture and Richest in Crime, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe14.txt 106160 The Church, The Enemy of the Works: Rome is the Natural Ally of All Exploiters, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe15.txt 99712 The Church Defies Modern Life: One Sound Catholic Boast: We Never Change, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe16.txt 100236 The Holy Faith of Romanists: How Catholics are Hypnotized About Their Weird Creed, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe17.txt 100168 How the Faith is Protected: The Unique Apparatus of the Black International to Secure Loyalty, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe18.txt 95527 The Artistic Sterily of the Church: How the Church Stupefies Folk by Crude Emotionalism, by Joseph McCabe
mccabe19.txt 98887 The Fruits of Romanism: The Catholic Church Does Far More Harm Than Good, by Joseph McCabe
mcgehee.cia 4070 Ralph McGehee on Grenada and Conspiracy (April 25, 1992)
men-blck.txt 8117 Encounters with Men in Black
mex.pac 61821 The Mexican Rescue Package (February 6, 1995)
mind.con 119663 The Controllers, by Martin Cannon: Mind Control by the US Government
mind4.asc 60072 Brainwashing and the CIA (August 17, 1990 transcription of April 25, 1956 Memo)
mindscan.txt 25712 They're Fucking With Your Mind: November 1989 Article from Hustler by Robert McGarvey
mish24.txt 10752 The Tempest Method of Computer Data Interception by Al Muick of P-80 Systems (October 1986)
mism16.txt 28288 The Kromery Converter/Free Electricity typed in by Shadow Hawk (July 4th, 1986)
mism18.txt 42496 The New Tesla Electromagnetics and The Secrets of Free Electrical Energy by Shadow Hawk (July 13th, 1986)
mobilize.txt 3138 The Urban Myth of the FCC Modem Tax
morrison.txt 2707 Did Jim Morrison Really Die? 8405 Kremlin Sponsors "New Age" Kookery, by Mark Burdman
moynihan.txt 15405 How The Soviets Are Bugging America, by Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, April 1987
msnscrts.txt 15897 How to Crash the Masons, by William Poundstone
nag.txt 8064 The War on Privacy Hits you in the Pocket Book (1991)
natsrvc.txt 10638 Reflections on National Service by Jacob G. Hornberger
nazi.occ 57475 The Nazi Roots of the Occult
nazidocs.txt 118019 Excerpts From Original Nazi Documents Relating Directly to the Extermination of Jews and Others
news.txt 8832 The IRS Hears about the Miranda Case (1991) Full Disclosure
newstate.1 78240 A Proposed Constitutional Model for the Newstates of America
newstate.3 26952 Review of the Proposed Constitutional Model for the Newstates of America
ninemen.txt 10454 The Nine Unknown Men (A Tale of Asoka)
nixon_an.rub 25142 Nixon and the JFK Assassination (1991)
no_reps.txt 11010 Federal Harassment and Administration Censorship: The Top Underreported News Stories of 1986
nofredom.txt 9855 Why Americans Won't Choose Freedom, by Jacob G. Hornberger
notreasn.txt 104587 No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority
nsa-egb.txt 54454 The NSA Employee's Security Manual
nsachrtr.txt 17344 Transcription of Memorandum presenting the NSA Charter
ntlguard.txt 31160 The National Guards: Our Country Being Locked Up, from Omni Magazine (May 1987)
ntwar002.txt 8844 Soviet Intelligence: Inside the Aquarium, by Victor Suvorov, Typed by Lord Foul
nwo-merc.txt 9951 A New World ORder: Economic Liberalism, or the New Mercantilism? By Richard M. Ebeling
october.sur 30089 Conspiracy Theories about the whole Iran/Bush/Reagan/Ollie/Hoffman affair
oliver.sto 240262 Who Killed JFK? The Media Whitewash, by Carl Oglesby (1991)
opal.txt 60544 The OPAL File: The Round Table Financial Takeover of Australia and New Zealand
origins 17985 Is the Mystery of Masonry's Origin Solved?
oswald_l.wor 34310 1963: Dallas.. The Government Decides that Truth Doesn't Exist
otp.aut 89311 The Occult Technology of Power (The Arcane Secrets of Political Power)
ourmess.txt 14577 The Dirty Secrets Behind the Budget Mess (1991)
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