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While it wasn’t my thing, a lot of teenagers make it their life’s goal to turn off (or ‘expand’) as much of their brains as possible. To this end, learning all the new and amazing ways they can mix household chemicals to create intense highs became quite the goal. A lot of these files deal with marijuana, pills, alcohol, and whatever else people could get their hands on. Some were talking completely out of their butts, and some approach the level of pharmaceutical papers in their clinical and terse writing. Vive la Difference!

When Usenet started to really come into play, people started writing textfiles and posting them as articles in the newsgroup “alt.drugs” and its brethren. I’ve put all these files into a different directory, since they encompass the spirit of textfiles, but not really the same style.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ALT.DRUGS ./.. Postings to the alt.drugs Usenet Newsgroup.
MARYJANE ./.. Textfiles about Marijuana and the Poltics Therein
12reason.leg 22860 Twelve Reasons to Legalize Drugs from The Pragmatist (August, 1988)
2015.txt 6929 The Enemy is US by Donald W. Hipkiss (Political Commentary on the War on Drugs)
2cb.txt 40584 An Overview of 2CB (4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine)
5_deaths.txt 20271 A Report of Five Deaths Associated With the Use of MDEA and MDMA by Graeme P. Dowling, MD; Edward T. McDonough III, MD; Robert O. Bost, PhD (March 27, 1987)
aa.jok 1613 The Alcoholics' Anthem, from Christchurch [N.Z.] University Revue
absinthe.experiences 4687 An Experience with Absinthe by Aseem (November 27, 1995)
acid_dre.txt 80474 LSD, the CIA, and Your Brain by Zodiac
acidinf.fun 8832 LySergic acid Diethylamide by Billy the Kid of Bayonet
acidinf.txt 9135 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, by Billy the Kid of Bayonet
acidinfo.txt 43854 Information on LSD, by David Honig (June 2, 1991)
acidtrip.hum 3095 Someone writes during an Acid Trip
addresse 17550 A Collection of Drug and Anarchist Mailing Addresses
aging-and-alcohol 13446 Aging and Alcohol Abuse (October 22, 1992)
alcohol.drg 6803 Part I of the Getting Homemade Highs File
alcohol.fun 3226 Alcohol Manufacture by The Shadow Lord of Metal Communications
alcohol.mak 13223 The Guys Six Feet Under Present Part I of the Getting Homemade Highs File: Alcohol
alcohol.txt 13222 The Guys Six Feet Under Present The Guide to Getting High: Alcohol
ald52.drg 2425 Extraction of information on ALD-52
ald52.txt 0 An Extract of Information about ALD-52 (1984)
alert.fda 4287 An FDA Warning about Illicit Health Drugs being Imported (January 30, 1992)
alien.txt 19908 The Spacetime Continuum by Terrence McKenna (Alien Dreamtime) (February 26, 1993)
amac-pku 12364 Information on Phenylketonuria (PKU) from the Pediatric Information Resource Center
amanita.rpts 12772 Anectodes Regarding Muscaria from the 1970's
amino.txt 6213 Amino Acids and Their Effects Version 1.1 by BJ Krawchuk
amph.fun 3717 Amphetamenes, from The Anarchist Cookbook, typed in by Zandar Zan
amph.txt 4764 Amphetamines: from William Powell by Zandar Zan of the Neon Knights
amphetam 5464 Information on Amphetamenes
amphies.fun 3357 Amphetamines, from The Poor Man's James Bond
amylnitr.txt 2548 The Highs and Lows of Amyl Nitrate/Butyl Nitrate from Dr. Benway
anar38.txt 3697 Knock Out Drops: Creating
anar67.txt 3012 Mind Control by the Rocker, July 6, 1986
angel.txt 4853 Information on making PCP (Angel Dust)
aniherb.hrb 5887 Herbs for Animals, by Helen Massingham Howells (June, 1988)
aoa-crac.txt 1143 Making Crack! By Eye No Phonez (1987)
aphrodis.hrb 8557 Overview of Different Aphrodisiacs
armylsd.drg 2181 Smattering of LSD Facts
art257.txt 6223 OD: A Story of Teenage Drug Addiction, by David R. Wilkerson
art275.txt 4176 Cracking the Crack Habit with God
artaud.txt 36895 The Artaud Teaser by Splicer (Excerpts from the Works of Antonin Artaud)
b_caapi.txt 7835 Some Information on the Plant "Yage" as a Drug
bad_1.txt 5505 Deregulating Drug Use: An Anarchist Perspective
barbs.fun 5059 Barbituates, from The Anarchist Cookbook
bbros-09.txt 21283 The Buzz Brothers Present The Supreme Bunch of Injustices by Peyote
bbros-10.txt 12467 The Buzz Brothers Present The Supreme Bunch of Injustices vs. Peyote Part 2
bbrosn11.txt 16896 High-Witness News May '91 No.189, transcribed by Major Havoc
bbrosn13.txt 43056 An Incomplete List of Impolite Words, 2,443 Filthy Words and Phrases, compiled by George Carline, typed by Havoc
bbrosn14.txt 37811 An Incomplete List of Impolite Words, 2,443 Filthy Words and Phrases, compiled by George Carlin, typed by Havoc
bcaapi 6965 Information Regarding Yage
beefeces 11776 The Bee Feces Theory Still Has No Sting, by William Kucewicz, Wall Street Journal, 9/17/1987
beergame.fun 6876 Beer Drinking Games by the Penguin
beergame.txt 7923 Beer Drinking Games by the Penguin
beerpiza.txt 3119 Beer Drinker's Deep Pan Pizza
beg.amp 8418 Amphetamines, Beginners Guide by the Sarcastic Few, Sweden (June, 1994)
bestofta.txt 7401 Smuggling and Dope, by John Shaver (December, 1982)
beta.txt 20441 Three Beta-Carboline Containing Plants as Potentiators of Synthetic DMT and Other Indole Psychedelics by Gracie and Zarkov (August 1985)
betacrb.drg 20499 Beta-Carboline/Tryptamine Combinations, by Gracie and Zarkov
bluflame.txt 48418 The Blue Flame: Fermentation of Alcohol
bohos 12280 A Couple of BOHOs Shooting the Breeze (William Burroughs and Timothy Leary)
bonuscup 4736 Bonus Cup Junior, by Temples of Syrinx
bonuscup.txt 5887 How to Make a Bonus Cup, by Malachi of the Temples of Syrinx
booze.fun 18303 Some common drink mixes, by the Penguin of T-Men
bor&drug.txt 54962 Is the Bill of Rights a Casualty of the War on Drugs? by Eric E. Sterline of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation (November 5, 1990)
botanica.txt 9600 Information on Various Psychadeling Drugs from the Haight-Ashbury Journal of Psychedelic Drugs
bufo.txt 7336 Some Information about Bufo Alvarus (The Sonoran Desert or Colorodo River Toad)
bufotenine.drg 962 The 5-hydroxy derrivative of DMT, bufotenine
cac_grow.txt 21992 The Cactus Grower's File (Frequently Asked Questions)
cactus.txt 45903 Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti: How to Use Them, How to Extract Them, What They Contain, Where to Obtain Them
cactusgde.drg 46075 Peyote and Other Psychoactive Cacti, by Adam Gottleib
cadea1.txt 10043 Clete & Don's Excellent Adventure Part 1 (Drug Experiences)
cadea2.txt 9613 Clete & Don's Excellent Adventure Part 2
cadea3.txt 9932 Clete & Don's Excellent Adventure Part 3
caffeineinf.drg 2284 The Different Responses of the Body to Caffeine
cancer5.asc 4146 Is there a Cancer Cure in Orange Peels?
cannabis.txt 21927 The Benefits of Cannabis, from Peacenet (October 6, 1990)
chemmeth.txt 4775 Chemicals Used in the Process of Making Methamphetamine by Elric of Imttyt
chromos.txt 4847 A Excerpt about LSD and Chromosomes from Andrew Weil
cia-lsd.txt 16744 The CIA, LSD, and the 60s Rebellion by Beatrice Devereaux
circuit.txt 17182 The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness: A Lurker's Guide
circuit8.drg 16192 The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness: A Lurker's Guide
clrblnd.txt 1828 The Effectiveness of LSD on Color Blindness
cocain2.txt 10456 How to Make Cocaine, by Cube (May 4, 1994)
cocaine.fun 3320 Q and A about Cocaine from a Law Enforcement BBS
cocaine.txt 308 The Evolution of a Cocaine Addict, by James Joyner
cocainerecipe.txt 10457 How to Make Cocaine, by Cube (May 4, 1994)
cocktail.txt 3876 Vodka Cocktails, by Anders Bjrklund (1990)
cookhash.drg 3856 Cooking with Hashish Recipies
crack 1152 Crack! The Newest Innovation in Flying Without Wings, by AoA Productions and Eye-No Phonez (1987)
crack.fun 1156 How to Make Crack, from Eye-No-Phonez (1987)
crackinf.drg 25311 Explanation of how Crack is made, and a list of scientific papers
crackrecipe.txt 1161 Crack: The Newest Innovation in Flying Without Wings by Eye-No-Phones (1987)
crystal.warning 896 A Warning About Making Crystal Meth by Freddy Fender
dangers.txt 10314 Some Information on LSD and Related Hallucinogens from Drugs and Behavior by Fred Leavit (1982)
darerant.txt 1686 A Trip to Magic Mountain - An Anti-Anti-Drug Rant
dea-sur1hst.drg 7698 Escaping the DEA
diy.det 21958 McDermott's Guide to Do-It-Yourself Detoxification by Peter McDemott (1993)
dmae.txt 5528 DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol): An Overview (March 16, 1992)
dmt.txt 13396 An Overview of DMT (Diumethyl Tryptamine)
dmtmake.txt 6269 How to Make DMT
dmtq_a.drg 17584 DMT: How and Why to Get Off, by "Gracie and Zarkov"
dmtsynth.faq 8375 DMT Synthesis, from Robert E. Brown of the Neo American Church League for Spiritual Development
dopehs.txt 3456 How to Recognize a Dope House, and What to Do About It
downers.txt 7157 Barbituates, reprinted from the book The Anarchist Cookbook, typed by Zandard Zan
drinks.drg 4938 Our Favorite Drinks, by Krystaur and Baron GTS
drreform.txt 69120 The National Drug Reform Strategy from the Drug Policy Foundation (February 1992)
drug-law.-re 30847 The Liberty Activists' Lists v1.16 (February 1993)
drug-net.txt 18047 Drug Related Network Sources, by lamontg@u.washington.edu (August 11, 1994)
drug.ter 1251 Drug Terminology Part 2 by Flaming Severed Head (August 1, 1991)
drug_pri 34755 The Price Project Report for the US (June 1994) (Report on Drug Prices)
druggpa.fun 1066 A study of Grade Point Averages split by drug use
drughous.txt 3378 How to Recognize a Dope House, and What To Do About It
druglist.txt 177157 Large List of Drug Substances and Information About Them
druglst2.txt 252788 Large List of Drug Substances and Information About Them (Part II)
drugs.drg 3890 H O W T O M A K E D R U G S
drugs.nph 58525 Making Drugs by Nocturnal Phoenix
drugs.txt 5399 Drugs: A Poem by P.K.
drugs2.drg 1856 Weird Drugs, by Pa Bell
drugs2.txt 3365 Weird Drugs by Pa Bell of The Police Station
drugswei.ana 1992 Weird Drugs, by Pa Bell
drugtest.fwi 61605 FAQ: Drug Testing FWI Versions 3.8 Release (August 14, 1995)
drugtest.txt 13653 How to beat Drug Tests
dxm1.faq 476204 FAQ: The Dextromethorphan FAQ, by William E White Version 3.0 (1995)
e4xtc.txt 276085 E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders (May 1993)
e4xtc_a.txt 746425 E for Ecstasy by Nicholas Saunders -- Appendices (May 1993)
enhance.txt 47864 May You Never Sleep, by R.U. Sirius (Winter, 1987)
ergotclt.drg 6328 The Culture and Extraction of Ergot Alkaloids
eslf0004.txt 1337 The Perfect Drug Deal by Dracula of SLF
etanol.txt 43814 The Making of Alcoholic Beverages via Fermentation
europe 11015 A Guide to Drugs in Copenhagen by Anonymous
extract.txt 50176 The Topis of Extracting Chemicals (March 2, 1993)
extractlaa.drg 11269 A General Article on Extraction
facts1.txt 13947 Information on Alcohol as a Drug Glass
faq-absinthe 19879 FAQ The Absinthe FAQ by John Baggott (March 2, 1993)
faq-mdma.txt 33818 FAQ: MDMA Frequently Asked Questions List by Jon M. Taylor
faq-tryp.txt 22823 Tryptamine Carriers by Petrus Pennanen (ppennane@cc.helsinki.fi) (April 7, 1993)
faq-xtc.txt 83374 FAQ: The XTC FAQ (metheylenedimethoxymethamphetamine)
faq_ntmg.drg 24076 Frequently Asked Questions about Nutmeg
faq_ntmg.txt 24046 The Nutmeg Factfile, Culled from Many Sources
fartpdr.txt 1074 How to Make Fart Powder by Apocolypse from AWOL
favdrugs.sng 812 My Favorite Drugs (to the tune of 'Favorite Things') by The Pirates Hollow
favrit.things 720 My Favorite Drugs (To the Tune of My Favorite Things)
fda.txt 26594 The FDA, Nutritional Supplements and Mind Machines
flyagaric.txt 4326 Divine Mushroom of Immortality (Fly Agatic Kamachadal) (Transcription)
forfitur.txt 27784 Collections of Anti Drug-War Articles (August 11, 1991)
fry.drg 19390 Taking two hits of LSD instead of one
funherbs.bar 1158 Herbal Teas can be Cool (Very Cool)
futures.txt 1089 Smart Drugs: ChemWare for your Head
fzff1.ana 13891 Folo Zone Fun Files Part I
fzff2.ana 4280 Folo Zone Fun Files Part II
fzff4.ana 5322 Folo Zone Fun Files Part IV
fzff5.ana 9654 Folo Zone Fun Files Part V
ganja-1.txt 21696 Ganja, Marijuana, Cannibis, Hemp, Bud, Pot.
ganja-2.txt 8311 An Informational File on Growing Marijuana Indoors from Perilous Nation (1991)
ganja2asc.drg 9073 The Ganja Digest, Issue #2
ganja3.drg 8864 Ganja Information File #3
ganja4.drg 7735 Ganja Information File #4
ganja5.drg 7740 Ganja Information File #5
ganjaasc.drg 9861 The Ganja Guide #1
gasbom.txt 3732 Ammonium Nitrate and Laughing Gas
gator.txt 3793 Getting High off Gatorade, by Satan's Son (January 24, 1989)
gatorade.fun 2211 Getting High Off of Gatorade by Satans Son (July 24, 1989)
germanlsd.drg 325 I was wondering what LSD stood for again.
getdrugs.txt 7274 Obtaining Licit Drugs Hella Cheap, by The Azure Mage (1990)
ginkgo.txt 3695 Ginkgo Biloba: A Nootropic Herb?
ginsbergyag.drg 8105 Ginsberg's yage expedition in 1960
gloss.1 10695 Glossary of Herbal Terms
gotukola.hrb 8101 The Gotu Kola Herb, by Irene Yaychuk
gpic.txt 31579 We'll Return, After This Message, by John Walker (December 1st, 1989)
gras_hprtip.drg 2655 Hash and Weed Tips, from the Grashopper in Amsterdam
grass.txt 7463 Saving Trees with Grass, by Aldis Ozols
green.goddess 29142 ABSINTHE: The Green Goddess by Aleister Crowley (January 4, 1996)
greenleaf-5.1 51546 The GreenLeaf News Volume #5 Issue #1 (May 3, 1994)
growhalu.txt 98284 Growing the Hallucinogens: How to Cultivate and Harvest Legal Psychoactive Plants
growherb 2137 Do the Government a Favor and Grow Your Own
growing.txt 4767 The Marijuana Grower's Guide from Lord Kagesama Part I
growshrm.txt 12863 How to Grow Psukictbe Cubensis in Your own Home by The Seeker
growyour.txt 14092 Growing Marijuana, from the Fixer
grwshrom.drg 28526 All He Knows about Growing Psychedlic Mushrooms
guiness-faq 18250 The Guiness FAQ and Folklore (May 10, 1994)
h2opipe.txt 5005 Making a Wicked Water Pipe, from the Skate Basher (April 5, 1991)
happyhammer.drg 6524 Happyhammer's Alternate Ways to Get High
hash.drg 3358 How to Make Hash by Mr. Crue
hash.txt 4856 How to Make Hash, by Mr. Crue
hash_eat.drg 6572 The Tale of Two Hash-Eaters (Traditional)
hashbook.txt 82791 The Beginner's Guide to Hash-Making
hashish.fun 5311 Hashish, the Exotic Elixir, by EZRider
hashish.txt 11972 Hashish: The Exotic Elixir, by EZ Rider
hashpipe.fun 3328 The Power-Hash Toker, Written by the Griffin on August 28, 1990
hashpipe.txt 4158 The Power-Hash Toker, by The Griffin (August 28, 1990)
hemp.lif 113325 Giving President Clinton the Lowdown on Hemp (February 22, 1993)
hemp.src 7731 A Collection of Hemp Sources (August 30, 1993)
hemp.txt 9773 Information on Cannabis Hemp, by Repo Man
herbhigh.txt 45690 Herbal Highs: A Guide to Natural and Legal Narcotics, Psychedelics and Stimulants, by Mary Jane Superweed
herbsmok.fun 3981 Herbal Smoking Mixtures by Phil Osopher
herbsmok.txt 4816 Herbal Smoking Mixtures, by Phil Osopher
herer.txt 11583 The High Times Interview of Jack Herer by Steven Hager
heroin.txt 1646 My Favorite Drugs (To the Tune of My Favorite Things)
hidose2cb.drg 32007 A High-Dose 2-CB Trip
highdoc.ana 1408 How to Get Really Soaring High on Gatorade
highs.txt 76467 Legal Highs: A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Herbs and Chemicals with Psychoactive Properties by Adam Gottlieb
hilowalc.txt 3445 The Highs and Lows of Alcohol
hilowamp.txt 4358 The Highs and Lows of Amphetamines
hilowcaf.txt 963 The Highs and Lows of Caffeine by Dr. Benway
hilowcan.txt 3445 The Highs and Lows of Cannabis by Dr. Benway
hilowcoc.txt 2811 The Highs and Lows of Cocaine Hydrochloride by Dr. Benway
himet1.txt 3955 A Likely Synthesis of Desoxyephedrine (Metamphetamine)
history.hrb 11579 The History of the Apothecary Garden, by Tamarra S. James
hoffman.txt 6360 LSD: The First 50 Years
homebeer.txt 4759 Homemade Beer by the Wizz
homebrew.drg 2403 How to Make Good Homebrew Beer
homebrew.txt 4771 The Homebrew Store Staked Out by Feds (March 1993)
homedrug 4805 Drugs in Your Own Home: How to Use and Abuse by Thunder God
homegrn.txt 8391 Hydoponics The Cheap Way
hookah 5651 A Look at the Hookah, by Bud J. Jonser
hookah.txt 6531 A Look at the Hookah by Bud J. Jonser
howto_03.txt 5058 Doctor Reality's Magic Brownie Technique by Elric Imrryr (July 21, 1985)
howtomak.thr 4261 Dr. Reality's Magic Brownie Technique (July 21, 1985)
howtomk3.txt 4094 Dr. Reality's Magic Brownie Technique by Elric of Imrryr of Lenatic Labs (July 21, 1985)
ht-fyi93.txt 7704 Feds Open New Door to Forfeiture Abuse from High Times (December, 1993)
htcccyp.txt 4543 How the Cops can Seize Your Property by William P. Cheshire (February 20, 1994)
ice.txt 4731 Information on ICE (Version of Cocaine)
iceinf.drg 5043 Information on the drug known as "ICE"
impmun0.hac 8622 Making Nitrous Oxide by Z. DeBuggah
indoleref.drg 6310 Indole and tryptamine references
indoplnttea.drg 9682 An Indo-European Plant Teacher, by "Gracie and Zarkov"
indsweed.txt 11869 The Industrial Uses of Marijuana by The Griffin of THC BBS
inspot.txt 12923 Inside the High-Flying Pot Industry, by Gordon Witkin
ipomoea.res 4644 The Botanical and Chemical Distribution of Hallucinogens by Richard Evans Schultes, PhD
ipomoea.shf 6537 Ipomoea Purprea: A Naturally Occuring Psychedelic by Charles Savage, Willis W. Harman and James Fadiman
ipomoea1.pog 2442 "Plants of the Gods" by Richard Evans Schultes & Albert Hoffman
iq-drugs.txt 16303 New Drugs that Make You Smart, by John Morgenthaler
joysv3.drg 129024 The Joys of an Herb Garden at Home; v.3
jungle1.cat 12439 We Are... Of the Jungle (Drug Catalog)
kava2.txt 28695 Additional Input about the Effects of Kava
ketamine 2483 Some Information and Notes on Ketamine
khal.txt 3333 An African Aphrodisiac which librates women and fortifies Men: Khij
khatinf.drg 15048 Discussion of Uses of the drug "Khat"
kissfrog.fun 4230 How do you feel after you lick a toad? (Newspaper Article With Comments)
kitlsd.drg 1376 How to Make LSD in your Kitchen
kitlsd.txt 1782 Making LSD In Your Kitchen
knockout.hac 4771 Knock-Out Drops
knockout.txt 4710 Knock-Out Drops: Chloral Hydrate
knokout.txt 4540 Creating Knock Out Drops
lablsd.drg 15788 Making LSD In The Laboratory
lablsd.txt 16623 Making LSD In the Laboratory
lafgas.txt 4912 Ammonium Nitrate and Laughing Gass from The poor Man's James Bond Typed in by the Scarlet Armadillo
laughgas.txt 13765 Nitrous Oxide, Alias Laughing Gas, by Z. DeBuggah of the Folo Zone Gang
leary.txt 6970 An interview with Timothy Leary by Denise Caruso, Infoworld
leary001.txt 24361 Load & Run High-tech Paganism-Digital Polytheism by Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen
leary002.txt 19479 Cyberpunks, by Dr. Timothy Leary
leary003.txt 25296 Interview with Timothy Lear in Rolling Stone 1987
leary004.txt 25216 Timothy Lear's Eight Circuits of Consciousness
leary006.txt 2458 Poetry by Timothy Leary
legal.ana 3578 How To Make Legal Drugs
legalhi.asc 71199 Legal Highs, by The Twentieth Century Alchemist
legalhi.txt 71201 Legal Highs: A Concise Encyclopedia of Legal Herbs and Chemicals With Psychoactive Property
legalhig.txt 16551 Legal Highs by Vortex
legalpsy.txt 5896 A List of Legal Psychadelic Drugs by the Stainless Steel Rat
legldrug.txt 4617 Drugs are Defacto Legal by Matt Giwer (February 19, 1994)
lglhigh.txt 12632 Legal Highs, by Coroner
liver.hrb 8254 The Function of the Liver, with Herbs
livinghgh.drg 1270 Reccommendation of the book "Living High" by Herbert Hendin
lmdrugtest.txt 8454 Last Minute Anti-Drug-Test Provisions
lostdrugwar.txt 9712 The Drug War Is Lost, by Der Spiegel (1992)
love.txt 8454 Aphrodisiacs, by Aquarian
lovedrug.txt 8877 The Love Drug from the Marriage of the Sun and Moon by Andrew Weil (1980)
lry&bryn 33237 Two Heads Talking: David Byrne in Conversation with Timothy Leary
lsd&govt.fun 15414 The CIA, LSD and the 60s Rebellion by Beatrice Devereaux
lsd&govt.txt 16249 A review of the book "Acid Dreams" by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, publisher, Grove Press.
lsd-data 27490 A Listing of Known LSD Tablets and Pills
lsd-esp.txt 13244 States of Mind: ESP and Altered States of Consciousness, by Adrian Parker
lsd-surv.txt 23036 A Survey for LSD Use
lsd-trip 16519 LSD Experiences from Sean LeBlanc (April 7, 1992)
lsd.doc 6360 LSD: The First 50 Years
lsd.drg 1197 How to make LSD : Dr. D-Code & The Pimp
lsd.txt 1299 Some Medical Uses for Hallucinogens by Rich Hartman
lsd2.fun 499 An ASCII drawing of the LSD molecule
lsd2.txt 3268 Making LSD by the Byte Rider
lsd3.txt 1334 An ASCII Drawing of the LSD Molecule
lsd_chro.txt 5376 Some Excerpts from Andrew Weil's "The Natural Mind" (September 17, 1993)
lsd_refs.txt 12331 LSD and Creativity, from the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (Conclusions) (January-March 1989)
lsddat.drg 26975 Massive Table of all the different LSD Tabs created
lsddosag.drg 1715 LSD Dosages
lsdfaq.drg 63028 LSD Faq, Circa 1992
lsdintro.drg 5910 An Introduction to LSD
lsdnfo.txt 67181 A Large Collection of Files Dealing with All Manner of LSD
m7 12993 Marijuana Myths, by Paul Hager of the Hoosier Cannabis Re-legalization Coalition
make.txt 26411 How to Make LSD
makecocaine.txt 10712 How to Make Cocaine, by Cube (May 4, 1994)
makelsd.fun 2329 Making LSD, with a warning that you will die
makelsd.hac 2056 Making LSD
makex.doc 3049 The Manufacture of "Ecstacy" from Chemical Abstracts 52, 11965 (1958)
makex.txt 3122 The Manufacture of Ecstacy from Chemical Abstracts 52
mandrake.txt 2660 A Bad Experience with Mandrake Root
maobad.txt 4013 Dangerous Combinations, Which Drugs Not to Take Together
maryjane.txt 14422 Info on comparison of MJ and tobacco
maryjanecm.drg 20489 The Official Criminal Minded Mary Jane Guide!
mcdermit.txt 29045 McDermott's Guide to the Depressant Drugs (1993)
mda.txt 8320 The Love Drug, or the Marriage of the Sun and Moon by Andrew Weil (1980)
mda02.txt 2170 MDA: XTC's Older Sister, by MAGI of The Magic Theatre
mdabrain.txt 4448 Brain Damage from MDMA (1985)
mdaxtc.txt 6197 MDA (XTC) Notes from the Recreational Drugs Sub-board on Lunatic Labs (1989)
mde_as_m.txt 4778 An Analysis of "Hearts", a Tablet Illicitly Sold as "Ecstasy" by The RadioDog (February 1994)
mdma-lat.txt 9078 Psychiatrists Defend New Street Drug for Therapy, by Miles Corwin, LA Times (May 27, 1985)
mdma-rh.txt 5654 Reality Hackers: Psychadelic Scenarios, by Bruce Eisner and Peter Stafford (Winter 1988)
mdma.txt 10525 Squirming in Ecstacy, an overview of MDMA
mdma01.txt 2811 The Drug Abuse Series: MDMA, from the California Health and Welfare Agency
mdma02.txt 4278 Preface: MDMA
mdma03.txt 15851 Fact Sheet: Who is Using MDMA?
mdma04.txt 34589 Interoduction to MDMA
mdma1.txt 7218 MDMA Synthesis: Bromosafrole Method
mdma4.txt 8864 A Collection of MDMA Information from the Whole Earth Review
mdmaimpr.drg 1473 MDMA is usually a white crystalline powder.
mdmainf.drg 9073 MDMA (3,4 -Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) from the Whole Earth Review
mdmaneurref.drg 17644 Discussions of Possible Neurotoxicity of MDMA
mdmarept.drg 53295 A California State Report on Ecstacy
mdmarept.txt 46257 MDMA by Jerome E. Beck of the Institute for Scientific Analysis at the School of Public Health in Berkeley, CA
mdmasynt.drg 3141 MDMA Synthesis
mdmasynt.txt 3093 A Definition/Description of MDA (3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine)
mdmatip.drg 5509 Various Information about MDMA
mead.cap 10998 Making some Basic Mead
mead2.cap 12094 Mead Recipies from the Castle ARGH!
mecdergde.drg 29046 McDermott's Guide to the Depressant Drugs
med_lsd.txt 13632 Medical Uses for Hallucinogens by Rich Hartman
megabrai.txt 40457 Cognition Enhancement Drugs, by Michael Hutchison and John Morganthaler
mescal.txt 9937 Extracting Pure Mescaline From Peyote or San Pedro Cactus by Adam Gottlieb, typed by Elric of Imrryr
mescalin.txt 2282 Extracting Mescaline from Peyote in the Kitchen
mescalne.txt 10240 Extracting Pure Mescaline from Peyote or San Pedro Cactus from Elric of Imrryr
meth.txt 3297 Methamphetamine Synthesis
methcat2.faq 18738 Making Methcathinone, Compiled by Anonymous
methwarn.txt 1923 A Warning About Methadrine from Freddy Fender
mex_mint.txt 2753 An Overview of Mexican Mint, or Salvia Divinorum
mg.txt 15228 How to Trip on Morning Glory Seeds, by Bud J. Jonser
mgabrain.txt 43160 Cognition Enhancement Drugs by Michael Hitchison and John Morgenthaler
mism49.hac 6400 preparation of Nitrous Oxide
mism49.txt 6449 Making Nitrous Oxide, by Milamber of Spectre
miss.heroin 1717 Poem: Miss Heroin
mkdrugz.txt 4721 How to Make Drugs
mnewed11.txt 1833 Modemnews Asks that you Think About Illegal Drugs
modem.hippy 2560 Modem Hippy: A Poem, by Morpheous of LOM
modmoroc.txt 13370 The Modern Moroccan by The Omen (July 1988)
mondo2k.drg 29293 Interview of Terence McKenna Author of "Food of The Gods"
mother.drg 1427 Drug Parody of "Mother" by Pink Floyd
mrecipes.txt 9549 Cooking with Drugs by the Griffin (1987)
mscaline.drg 3725 How to Extract Mescaline from Peyote by Mr. Crue
muscaria 5921 The Preparation of A. Muscaria
mushroom.txt 24110 Field Guide to the Psilcybin Mushroom
mycelium.txt 18263 How to Grow Magic Mushrooms
n2o_ref.drg 1824 Bibliography of Nitrus Oxide info
n2oact.drg 5131 How Inhalation Drugs like Nitrus Oxide, affect the mind
n_h_faq.txt 45167 Australian Supplement for the Natural Highs FAQ
nat_highrpt.drg 954 Two Quick Natural Highs
natdrug1.txt 6288 Some Natural Drugs, Poisons And Their Sources by Lazurus Long
natdrug2.txt 3977 Natural Poisons Part 2 by Lazarus Long
nathigh.txt 61634 The Natural Highs FAQ (Short Version) February 6, 1992
nathis.faq 56462 FAQ: The Natural Highs FAQ, by Vince Cavasin, Paul A. Houle, Adam Boggs, and Petrus Pennanen (February 2, 1993)
natlintx.drg 13320 Natural and Other Legal Intoxicants, by Nick J. Piazza
natlintx.txt 12606 Natural and other Legal Intoxicants from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
neuro.txt 5453 MDMA Neuropharmacology
new_growgde.drg 10384 The New Grower's Guide, by "K"
nitrous.txt 9557 Making Nitrous Oxide, from Z. DeBuggah of Folo Zone
no_drug.txt 4511 Non-Chemical Altered States, by Jeff Hunter
nokdrops.txt 4484 Knock-Out Drops (Cloral Hydrate)
noknock.txt 28132 Legal Brief Discussing the use of No-Knock Warrants in the Pursuit of Drugs
noo_use.txt 7619 Some Recommended Dosages of Drugs
notp_fda.txt 9469 The FDA Stops Smart Drug Importation? (July 20th, 1988)
notptryp.txt 3656 Update: Analysis of L-Tryptophan for the Etiology of Eosinophilia-Myalgia Syndrome (1990)
nrk15.txt 6074 Dugs: Knock Out Drops
nrk50.txt 5805 Drugs in your Own Home; How to use and Abuse, by Thunder God
ns.txt 1547 Nicotine Sulfate by Saint Anarchy
nutmeg.txt 5881 Nutmeg, by Terminal Junkie of the Smurf Liberation Front
nutraswt.drg 30202 Collection of Scientific Abstracts about Nutrasweet
paper.txt 11940 Some Facts about Kenaf Paper
parsnip.drg 1594 Home Made Parsnip Wine
pcpdrug.txt 7808 Information on PCP from a Drug-User's Perspective
peppers 2683 The Chile Pepper Counterculture, by Robb Walsh (May 3, 1991)
perofasc.txt 14096 Perot Championed Unorthodox War on Drugs (June 10, 1992)
phenalkyref.drg 4642 Phenalkylamine Article List
picking.txt 198623