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If a textfile’s about something that’s edible, it’s probably here.

Here are files with instructions on how to make really great food, or which purport to give you in side scoop on secret food information (like the original Coke formula). There are also files about making drinks, which got to be pretty popular as a lot of users reached drinking age (or at least an age when they started drinking).

Believe it or not, I’d warn again mixing the drinks or recipes in this section unless you know what you’re doing; after all, this is stuff you’re putting into YOURSELF, or your friends. Caveat Gourmet.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
1st_aid.txt 2395 The Herbalist First Aid Kit
acetab1.txt 3164 Acetaminophen: Medication Alert, from the Mayo Clinic
acne1.txt 13481 Isotretinoin (Accutane) Treatment of Acne
alcohol.hum 2540 A Guide to Good Alcohol, by the Weatherman
all_grai 50370 The Beginner's Guide to Advanced and All-Grain Brewing by Richard B. Webb (August 30, 1994)
aniherb.txt 5882 Herbs for Animals, by Helen Massingham-Howells
anorexia.txt 2059 The Nutritional Extremes of Anorexia & Bulimia by Zoltan P. Rona, M.D.
antibiot.txt 16196 Examining the Need for Clinical Prophylactic Antibiotic Coverage
antimead.bev 1364 RECIPE: Antipodal Mead by Zero
aphrodis.txt 6798 Aphrodisiacs, by Aquarian
appbred.brd 1034 RECIPE: Apple Bread
appetiz.rcp 60823 Collection of Recipes of Appetizers
applepie.des 799 RECIPE: Grandma Hauf's Apple Pie
apsaucke.des 1138 RECIPE: Applesauce Spice Cake
arcadian.txt 1498 RECIPE: Arcadian Eight Bean Chili
arthriti.txt 10878 Natural Therapies for Arthritis, by Zoltan P. Rona, MD
atherosc.txt 5627 Preventing and Treating Atherosclerosis by Zoltan P. Rona, MD
awespinh.sal 1444 RECIPE: Awesome Spinach Salad
ayurved.txt 4582 Reflections on Ayurvedic Medicine
b12.txt 25545 Vitamin B12 and Vegans
back1.txt 5441 Mobilization Wedge for Thoracic Disc Lesions by Olive K. Pester
bakebred.txt 7359 A Collection of Bread Recipes
baklava.des 1756 RECIPE: Baklava
banana01.brd 574 RECIPE: Deb Scholerman's Banana Bread, by Gawain
banana02.brd 998 RECIPE: Banana Bread, by Bryn
banana03.brd 1485 RECIPE: Banana Bread, from the Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen
banana04.brd 759 RECIPE: Banana-Nut Bread by Lisa Jenkins
banana05.brd 433 RECIPE: Quick and Easy Banana Nut Bread
batrbred.txt 924 RECIPE: Batter White Bread
beer-g 6780 Beer Drinking Games by The Penguin
beer-gui 4618 The New York City Beer Guide by Jim Kasprzak (June 3, 1992)
beer.gam 9111 Some Examples of Beer Games
beer.txt 10046 How to Brew Your Own Beer by Jeff Hunter
beergame.hum 7131 Beer Drinking Games, by The Penguin
beergame.txt 5260 BEER Drinking Games by The Penguin
beershrm.fis 686 RECIPE: Beer-Boiled Shrimp
beershrp.fis 868 RECIPE: Beer-Boiled Shrimp
beerwarn.txt 2024 A Collection of Beer Warning Label Suggestions
beesherb.txt 5293 A Herb Garden for Bees, by Heather Apple
beginn.ers 12580 The Beginner's Guide to Homebrewing
berryeto.bev 700 RECIPE: Elephant's Eye Berryetto 2577 BHANG: A Refreshing Drink for Summer Days
bhb.ill 18880 Butchering the Human Carcass for Human Consumption by Bob Arson (May 14, 1995)
blkbean.txt 1803 RECIPE: Black Bean Chili
blkbnsrc.vgn 1354 RECIPE: Black Beans Over Rice
blood.txt 2089 How to Lower your Blood Cholesterol
boarchil.txt 2296 RECIPE: Roast Boar and Black Bean Chili
bond-2.txt 4733 The Still: An Article from the Poor Man's James Bond, by Kurt Saxon
booknuti.txt 2265 Whole Foods for the Whole Family 7936 Booze: Or Why Inky's Dagger is Such a Sneaky Drink by Captain Harlock 9893 A Collection of Drink Recepies 8410 A Second Collection of Drink Recepies
brdpudd.des 762 RECIPE: Louisburg Cafe Bread Pudding
bread.rcp 48391 RECIPE: A Collection of Bread Recipes Collection by Anne Louise Gockel (March 22, 1993)
bread.rec 3859 Bread Recipes for the Breadmaking Machine
bread.txt 3611 How to bake Whole Wheat Bread
breadpud.des 1220 RECIPE: Bread Pudding
bredcake.des 1060 RECIPE: Bread Cake
brewing 22077 The Rec.Crafts.Brewing FAQ, January 2, 1993
brownie.rec 2861 Chocolate Orgasms Recipe
brush1.txt 14196 How a Mouth Works
btaco.txt 900 How to Make a Breakfast Taco
btscke01.des 2971 RECIPE: Better than Sex Cakes
btscke02.des 1478 RECIPE: Better Than Sex Cakes
btscke03.des 888 RECIPE: Better than Sex Cakes
btscke04.des 1948 RECIPE: Better Than Sex Cakes
btscke05.des 1122 RECIPE: Better Than Sex Cakes
buffwing.pol 600 RECIPE: Buffalo Wings
bunacald.fis 923 RECIPE: Bunacalda
burrito.mea 893 RECIPE: World's Best Black Bean Burritos
butcher.txt 18690 Butchering the Human Carcas, by Bob Arson of the Church of Euthanasia
butstcod.fis 1423 RECIPE: Butter: Steamed Cod
bw.txt 53249 Everyday Brainwashing, by Dick Sutphen
byfb.txt 38640 How to Brew Your First Beer, Revision D.2 by John J. Palmer (1994)
caesardr.sal 2658 RECIPE: Caesar Dressing
cake.rec 3291 Recipe for the Better than Sex Cake
calamus.hrb 1600 HERB: Sweet Flag (Acorus Calamus)
candy.txt 434535 Extremely Large Collection of Candy Recipes 4104 Curious how many calories are in that candy bar?
capital.txt 1508 RECIPE: Capitol Punishment Chili
caramels.des 779 RECIPE: Carmel Candies (Wertherlike)
cereal.txt 5380 Cereals: What the Label Doesn't Tell You
chickens.txt 3299 How to Kill Chickens
chili.txt 40391 A Collection of Chili Recipes
chinese.txt 2756 Chinese Checkers! (Chinese Herbalists)
choco-ch.ips 2003 The Authentic Mrs. Fields Cookies!
cmu.share 5368 Sharing How Great a Home Cooked Meal Is
coffee.faq 75425 FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee and Caffeine (December 16, 1995) 2337 How to Make Coca-Cola by The Penguin
coke.txt 1515 Lee Williams reveals the secret Coca-Cola Formula!
coke1 4831 Another make-your-own-coke. Remember how well new Coke flew?
coke_fan.naz 2900 The Story of Coke, Fanta, and the Nazis from Kristy
cokeform.txt 3049 Is it Coke? 84-year Old claims to have original Coke Formula 3942 Summary of the major cola players at the time
coladrik.txt 4988 The Cola Guide for the 1980's
cookberk 3112 How to Cook a Berkeley Student by the Wharf Rat (June 1, 1988) 3084 How to Cook a Berkeley Student 2944 Or, how to cook cool stuff even if you're a bachelor
cooking.jok 1565 Some Somewhat Odd Cooking Terms
critic.txt 29920 An Examination and Critique of the Recommendations of the Health Professions Legislation Review
cuisine.txt 5817 Microsoft creates CuisineNet and Takes Over Food (April 17, 1993)
curry.hrb 4482 Curries, from the Herbalist
curry.txt 4611 Herbal Curries
damiana.hrb 1833 HERB: Damiana
dandwine.bev 1173 RECIPE: Dandelion Wine
diet.txt 2820 Follow this Diet EXACTLY to lose 10 pounds in 3 days
dining.out 6929 You Know You're In Trouble When, by George Lang of Food and Wine Magazine
drinks.gui 48630 Very Large Drink List
drinks.txt 6447 Our Favorite Drinks, by Krystaur and Baron GTS of The Parking Lot
egg-bred.txt 1202 RECIPE: Egg Braid Bread
egglentl.vgn 1313 RECIPE: Eggplant and Lentils
eggroll1.mea 1385 RECIPE: Eggroll Special Recipe
engmuffn.txt 1207 RECIPE: English Muffins
fajitas.rcp 21024 RECIPE: A Collection of Fajitas Recipes (May 3, 1993)
fearcola.hum 10377 Count Nibble Presents Fear and Loathing in the Softdrink Aisle
feista01.dip 755 RECIPE: Fiesta Dip
fiber.txt 29352 Things sweet to taste prove in digestion sour... Fiber in your Diet
firecamp.txt 575 RECIPE: Kathy Hirdler's Fire Camp Chili
fish.rec 1686 A Couple Fish Recipies
focaccia.brd 1327 RECIPE: Two Sisters Foccaccia Bread
food 13939 Some Trivia About Food
foodtips 9553 Some Food Preparation of Tips
frogeye1.sal 1143 RECIPE: Frog Eye Salad by Burntout
fudge.txt 1664 MOM B's Five Minute Fudge
gack!.txt 1457 A Recipe for making Slime (Gack!)
garlpast.vgn 1284 RECIPE: Vegetarian Garlic Pasta 13952 A Parody of MAKE.MONEY.FAST by Dave Rhodes (1988)
gingbeer.txt 3539 Making Kelleye's Home Ginger Beer
goldwatr.txt 736 RECIPE: Sen. Barry Goldwater's Expert Chili
gotukola.hrb 8472 GOTU KOLA by Irene Yaychuk
greenchi.txt 1807 RECIPE: Green Chili with pork
gumbo.txt 2911 Peter's Authentic Louisiana Gumbo Recipe
hamburge.nam 5086 What is the Etymology of junk food names?
hangover.txt 1560 A Hangover Helper, by The Snark
hedgehog.txt 2467 Steph Mandell Lets You Know About Hedgehogs
homebrew.txt 19328 A Collection of Magazines, Organizations and Books about Brewing and Home Brewing
hop.faq 40046 FAQ: The Hops FAQ Revision 3 (November 11, 1993) by Norm Pyle/Mark Garetz and Al Korzonas
hotpeper.txt 797 Know Your Chili Peppers
iced.tea 7091 How to use Tea Intravenously
indgrdn.txt 21780 Creating an Indian Garden, by Frances B. King
insect1.txt 3238 Eating Insects for Food
jalapast.dip 1668 RECIPE: Mr. Q's Jalapeno Paste
jambalay.pol 856 RECIPE: Chickehn Jambalaya
japice.bev 552 RECIPE: Jalapeno Lime Ice
jawgumbo.fis 1189 RECIPE: Jaws Gumbo
jawsalad.fis 949 RECIPE: Shark Salad
jerky.rcp 22263 RECIPE: A Collection of Jerky Recipes from Richard Moynes (January 11, 1993)
jungjuic.bev 1355 RECIPE: Jungle Juice by Zapman
kashrut.txt 36132 A Guide to Keeping Kosher: Fundamental Practices of the Jewish Dietary Laws
margos.txt 1478 RECIPE: Margo Knudson's Chili (Winner, 1987 World Championship)
mead.rcp 45569 Large Collection of Mead Recipes
meat2.txt 11653 Reconsidering Meat: Vegetarian Rant
mitch.txt 1862 RECIPE: Mitch Murdock's "Now That's Chili"
montoys.txt 590 RECIPE: Senator Joseph Montoya's New Mexican Chili
mrsfield 2064 Recipe For The Authentic Mrs. Fields Cookies
msfields.txt 1075 The Urban Myth of the Mrs. Fields Cookie Recipe
newcoke.txt 10665 Count Nibble Presents Fear and Loathing in the Soft Drink Aisle, June 4th, 1985
nzdrinks.txt 3560 Collection of killer drinks from The Gallop Motor Inn's Ascot Cocktail Bar in New Zealand
oakwood.txt 1514 RECIPE: Oakwood Feed Store Chili
oatbran.rec 821 Recipe for Oat Bran Muffins
oculis.rcp 29013 Medieval Feast with whole roast pig
oldtime.txt 4887 RECIPE: Old Fashion Texas Chili
oranchic.pol 961 RECIPE: Orange Chicken
orgfrost.bev 591 RECIPE: Orange Frosted Beverage
parsnip.txt 2475 Home Made Parsnip Wine, by The Urban Warrior
pasta001.sal 1246 RECIPE: Pasta Salad
pbcookie.des 1058 RECIPE: Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe
penndtch 88532 RECIPE: Various Baked and Stuffed Dishes
pepper.txt 6396 Going for the Culinary Burn: Why Americans Love Hot Food
pot.txt 10079 Cooking with pot: Recipes
ppbeer.txt 7341 The Phone Phantom presents How to Brew Your Own Beer
qttofu.vgn 701 RECIPE: Quick and Tasty Tofu
quantity.001 1013 An Approach to Food Stocks, by Les DeGroff 2152 Cooking with Pot
recip1.txt 3703 A Collection of Marijuana Recipes
recipe.001 2181 RECIPE: Italian Minestrone Soup
recipe.002 1215 RECIPE: French Onion Soup
recipe.003 1828 RECIPE: Chinese Pepper Steak
recipe.004 2400 RECIPE: German Sauerbraten
recipe.005 2153 RECIPE: Indian Chicken Curry
recipe.006 1397 RECIPE: Hungarian Goulash
recipe.007 1816 RECIPE: Russian Beef Stroganoff
recipe.008 1265 RECIPE: Japanese Pickled Cauliflower
recipe.009 1283 RECIPE: Grecian Green Beans
recipe.010 1619 RECIPE: Scottish Oaten Bread
recipe.011 2527 RECIPE: Columbian Fresh Banana Cake with Sea Foam Frosting
recipe.012 1116 RECIPE: Brazilian Iced Chocolate
renored.txt 1468 RECIPE: Reno Red Chili
richbred.txt 1219 RECIPE: Rich Bread Recipe
sanshop.txt 6191 The Collegiate Guide to Food Shopping, by Havok Halcyon (November 24, 1992)
scam.txt 5487 Scamming Free Food in OZ (1994)
seafood.txt 1935 RECIPE: Seafood Chilly
seeds42.txt 12804 Exotic Tropical Seeds Variety List
shooters.txt 19242 A List of Shooters (Alcoholic Drinks)
shuimai.txt 14823 RECIPE: Shui Mai Dumplings
snapple.rum 6714 Snapple Escapes the Grip of Rumors by Barbara Presley Noble January 19, 1993
stagline.txt 910 RECIPE: 1981 World Championship Butterfield Stageline Chili
strattma.txt 1073 RECIPE: Steve Strattman's Winning Chili
texbeef.txt 1464 RECIPE: Texas Beef Chili
tuna.lab 2677 More details on the "cat food sold as tuna" story 5001 Roast Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing Recipe
twinkies.jok 4489 The Biology of Snack Cakes, by Eric Kollenberg (February 21, 1986)
unochili.txt 1745 Recipe: Numero Uno Chili from the Manhattan Chili Company
vegan.rcp 108682 A Large Collection of Vegetarian Recipes
venganza.txt 1481 RECIPE: Los Venganza Del Almo Chili by Bill Pfeiffer (1982)
venison.txt 1562 RECIPE: Venison Chili
whitbred.txt 1405 Recipe for White Bread
wonton.txt 10772 Recipe for Won Tons
woods.txt 1883 Recipe for C.V. Woods World Championship Chili
x-drinks.txt 36388 A Large Collection of X-Rated Drinks (Or at least with X-Rated Names)
yogurt.asc 2280 RECIPE: Yogurt by Vaishnava Dasa (June 29, 1991)
zucantom.sal 1142 RECIPE: Zucchini and Tomato Salad
zuccmush.sal 902 RECIPE: Zucchini and Mushroom Salad
There are 213 files for a total of 2,129,022 bytes.