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When the textfiles.com collection was just a lot of files at the Works BBS (which I was the SysOp of from 1986-1988), I had several major collections to sort all the text into: Humor, Phreak, Hack, Anarchy, etc. Of course, when I sat back to create this new website from many more files, I found it was better to add more classifications so we wouldn’t end up with too many thousand-file directories.

However, there always seemed to be those files that were easily classifiable, but which would have only one or two files in it at most, if I were to make a whole directory for them. Or, I’d have to make a section that was just gardening. I don’t want to make a directory dedicated to gardening.

So, I’d shove these weird files into the ‘Fun’ section. They were always entertaining in some fashion, but they weren’t humor. They often preached whacky things, but they weren’t conspiracies or political rants. They were just… …fun.

I’ve gone through this section a few times, and cleaned it out to go into other sections, but every time I’m adding files, some of the whacky ones always end up here. I guess that’s how it’ll always be: The Grab Bag.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
CAA ./.. The Incredible Computing Across America, by Steven K. Roberts
PHOTON ./.. Files Related to PHOTON, the Light Tag Game
$tripes.txt 6144 Information about Keeping Track of Your Money So It's Not Counterfieted
10code.txt 4600 The official National "Ten Code" Signal
430pm.hum 1978 Odd little event at 4:30pm
acronym.txt 1214 A Collection of Modern Acronyms
acronyms 103455 Collection of All Sorts of Internet and BBS Jargon
advert.txt 8579 Choosing an Advertising Agency, by Don Kobes
afri.txt 10068 African Words, Numerals, and Sentences (Used by Former Slaves in Georgia and South Carolina in the 1890s)
agency.txt 3239 How to Start Your Own Travel Agency
agn101.txt 2262 Booking An Agent 101
agora.txt 5632 Agoraphobia: Description and Symptoms, from the Freedom from Fear Foundation
ai.txt 6906 Some Thoughts on the Natural Language ESPERANTO
airbag.txt 19968 Emegency Rescue Guidelines for Air Bag Equipped Cars
aj-life 13289 Life Sucks: AJ's Philosophies and Ramblings by Robert Alan Seace (Agrajag/AJ)
aj-life2 15716 Life Sucks II: The Rantings of a Madman, Robert Seace (Agrajag/AJ)
aj-life3 13216 Life Sucks III: Life in the Real World, by Robert A. Seace (Agrajag/AJ)
alpine.txt 11512 ALPINE 1810 CD Shuttle Control by Ole Buzzard (November 15, 1993)
alt_book.txt 8186 A Small Collection of Alternative Reading Materials
amalgam.txt 13096 Some Alternatives to Amalgam
amchap7.txt 4537 The Eye Detector: Use Dialtion to Your Advantage
amtrak.txt 107446 All-Time Amtrak Diesel Locomotive Roster as of August 29, 1990
amtrak1.txt 61858 All-Time Amtrak Diesel Locomotive Roster as of August 29, 1990
amtrak2.txt 45588 All-Time Amtrak Diesel Locomotive Roster as of August 29, 1990 (Part II)
annoy.txt 721 Gweed is annoted how people zip up collections of textfiles
antimatr 3713 Balloon Campaign Will Seek Evidence of Antimatter Galaxy
anything.phk 5225 How to Connect Anything to Anything, by Jason!
applic.txt 3534 Crimefighters Membership Application
arctic.txt 2103 Learn Esperanto!
armstech.txt 663271 Jane's Fighting Ships 1990-1991 (Specifications of Warships)
arttext.fun 4020 The art of writing textfiles. What you needed to know.
arubyint 1306 Introduction to Ruby's Pearls
arubypro 3480 Ruby's Pearls: Promotional Blurb
ast-dece.txt 6080
ast-dorn.txt 2699
ast-list.txt 17083
ast-prog.txt 1705
ast500hr.txt 814
astronau.txt 8854
attila.art 25678 Attila the Hun and the Battle of Chalons by Arther Ferrill
auto 6684 Suggestions for Auto Mar
autogide.txt 53242 Buying Your Massachusetts Automobile Insurance
autoscam.txt 15858 A Guy Takes his Fine Oldsmobile Out for a Ride and to the Mechanics of the Country
bathrm.txt 8191 G Saintiny writes about the glories of the bathroom, from the Winter Solstace 1990 EV Will and Word
battery.txt 11264 Glenn Sahlin's Introduction to Batteries
batteryn.ews 49140
bikaholc.txt 6086 Are Your a Bikaholic? by Dick Sorensen (June 25, 1992)
bike.txt 17046 Charlie Lear's Adventerous Day in Biking
bikelite.txt 6879 Project for Building a Bike Light
billrights.fun 3746 The Bill of Rights "Lite" by John Perry Barlow
blackbel 10652 What Does a Black Belt Mean? by Reverend Kensho Furyua
blackhol.nas 17207
blackhol.txt 15872
blckjack.txt 13704 Blackjack: Card Counting for the Complete Klutz, from Steven Jacobs
blkholes.fun 6440
blood 3088 How to Make Realistic Blood (Recipes)
bodybild.txt 6066 Bodybuilding Myths
bonsai.txt 16973 The Timeless Art of Bonsai
bonsai_c.oll 6384 How to Start a Bonsai Collection
bookshop.txt 21082 R.A.B. Bookstore List of Cambridge and Boston (May 26, 1992)
boring.txt 2795 How Not to Be Boring at a Party, by Jim Douglas
bpythons.txt 17551 Ball Python Care in Captivity, by Melissa Kaplan and Kyle Wohlmut
brcredit.txt 8413 How to Establish a Good Credit Rating, by Jay Anderson, Loan Broker 1986
brittish.txt 13123 Table of British and Amrtican English Words
bulbs.txt 5869 Summer Flowering Bulbs in the Home Landscape
burmese_python_faq.txt 18664 Burmese Pythod: Care in Captivity (February 20, 1995)
bwash.txt 16363 The Battle for Your Mind, by Dick Sutphen
car.txt 3522 Buy a New Car in Europe
carcheck.dos 4502 A Used Car Checklist: What to Check when you Buy a Used Car
carcodes.txt 3358 Codes Used by Computers in GM Cars
cards3.txt 2677 Mass Murderer Trading Cards Set III
carradio.txt 5724 Working with Old Car Radios
cat_haiku.txt 1337 A Collection of Cat Haikus
cchess.rul 6101 Chinese Chess: Xiang Qi
celebrity.txt 40622 The Celebrity Autograph Kit Version 1.0 by Louis Martinez (1993)
charitbl.txt 7501 Tax Information: Regarding Charitable Contributions of Property other than Cash or Stock
charlen.art 1850 Random Thoughts: A Charlen's Eye View of the Decades of Human Life by Charlen Kyle
chemburn.ana 3641
chinesec.hum 2384 A Collection of Chinese Curses
chinesez.odc 5858 The Lunar Calendar
choosing.cat 60032
chronolo.gy 5876 The Timeline of Akido Master Morihei Ueshiba
circadia.txt 8203
cleaning 11486 Some Clean-Up Tips
clubs.txt 4571 Boston Area Nightclubs: Compiled April 16, 1990)
coldfuse.pat 64317
coldfusn.txt 10221
collect.phk 13473 What you should know about Collection Agencies
collecti.txt 1860 A List of Animal Collectives
college.txt 6483 How to Get into College by Ian Osmond
color.cht 18816 Chat of different colors and patterns of cat fur (Choose your cats!)
comics.fun 4403 The Comic Book Collectors Handbook
comsec1.txt 13137 COMSEC Bulletin #1 (February 17, 1990)
consult.how 37888 How to be a Computer Consultant: A Guide
contacts.wrn 1966 Do NOT wear contact lenses near Electric Arcs!
couch 4080 How to be a Couch Potato in the Nineties by Francis U. Kaltenbaugh
cpoet-01.txt 33310 Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Part 1 (March 14, 1994)
cpoet-02.txt 27667 Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Part 2 (March 14, 1994)
cpoet-03.txt 31488 Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Part 4 (March 14, 1994)
cpoet-04.txt 9992 Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Part 4 (March 14, 1994)
cpoet-05.txt 33542 Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Part 5 (March 14, 1994)
cpoetkib.txt 22737 Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Journal (March 14, 1994)
crystal1.asc 4951
darkfaq.txt 34132 The Star Wars: Dark Forces FAQ by Karsten A. Loepelmann (Version 1.0, February 10, 1995)
deadend.fun 4575 Phiction by Tristan Farnon himself
dean1 5915 Fairmount writes about James Dean
decsocsec.txt 2702 Decoding Social Security Numbers (September 8, 1992)
dip.txt 1519 Abbreviations for Map Regions
disable.rd 96017
disclmr.txt 3354 A Very Massive Disclaimer
discover.txt 4208
divright.txt 20634 Divine Rights by Paul W. Will AK Koordar
dma.nfo 2473 How to Eliminate or Brush off Telemarketing Calls
doctmean.dos 42051 The Doctrine of the Mean (Chung-Yung)
dod.faq 36133 What does DOD Mean?
dream-is.txt 12880 Dream Interpretation and Symbology by Raymond Buckland
eclair.txt 3372 The Lotus Eclair: Too Fat to Race
electric.bas 3026
ena!.hac 7860 The ENA Vision: What IS Ena?
enbalm.txt 3562 A Quick Lesson in Do It Yourself Embalming
eng-amer.txt 39269 How "Correct" is British English? By Alex Gross (1992)
english.1st 12672 Official English: A No Vote
english.txt 3146 Here's your Pop Quiz... What do these words mean?
english1.txt 3698 Excerpts from "Crazy English" by Richard Lederer
english2.txt 1981 The Answers to the English Pop Quiz
enid.jok 9457 Rules for the card game of Enid
erma10rules.hum 1352 Erma Bombeck's 10 Rules to live By
espero.txt 6576 Large Advertisement for the Esperanto Language
essays.txt 263347 Art in the Age of Digital Dissemination Class Essays by Brad Brace (1993)
eurodisn 53910 A EuroDisney Report by Tom Drynda (June 17, 1993)
evolve.cat 35328
evolve.cht 16768
fairdebt.txt 1854 Fair Debt Collection from Charley Brown's Office of Consumer Protection Division
families.txt 2035 The Ten Mafia Families
faq11109.txt 33733 Disneyland Frequently Asked Questions (November 23, 1994)
farfel-1.txt 5649 Farfel Oddities: Why the Farfel is an Idiot
fculture 129801 A Large Subculture Glossary and Introduction
fighter.pil 18280 Who was the Most Successful Fighter Pilot of All Time?
file 46443 The Aikido Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List (Version 1.1), May 12, 1994
finall.txt 98755 How to Raise Money for a Small Business
fission.txt 20003
fli-laun.txt 44515
flyer.txt 13289 Esperanto... The International Language
french.txt 2084 Funny French Phrases and Idioms
freud.on.seuss 3584 Freud on Seuss by Josh leBeau
frlnce.fun 15115 How to succeed in freelancing without being 'trying'
frparis-.mis 28587 A Large Selection/Choice List of Must-See Paris Things
fs397.txt 5120
fs417.txt 2048
fusion 26752
fusion.txt 5064
g-solars.txt 5436
gamchess.txt 6539 The Game of Chess
game_y.txt 5043 The Game of Y, with Cool ASCII Illustration
gblevent.txt 1621 Installing a Gable Vent for Your House
gems.01 13985
gems.2 40125
gems.3 7145
gems.4 8841
genetics.cat 94208
german_u.lan 2813 The Truth about the German Language becoming America's Language
glossary.txt 121480 Collection of Varied and Miscellaneous Abbreviations
goddard 911
govtfree.txt 44032 Accommodations, Airplane Rides and More for Youth Groups
grammar.jap 29417 The Quite and Dirty Guide to Japanese
gun.txt 14731
halfbdcc.txt 5325 A Simplified Half-Board Game Using a Chinese Chess Set by Roleigh Martin (January 18, 1994)
handyman 9750 Some Suggestions for a Handyman
hazchem.txt 9216
heretogo 31305 The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin
heritage.lis 22213 UNESCO's World Heritage List (The 10-12 Most Historic Sites)
hghlndrp.txt 4769 Introduction to Playing a Highlander Role-Playing Game
hi-e-wt.txt 6537
hi-lo.txt 12047 How to Beat Atlantic City Blackjack, by Michael Hall (1991)
hi-opt-1.txt 48386 How to Beat Single Deck Blackjack Version 1.01 by Michael Hall (1991)
hindu.nam 24664 List of Hindu Names
hiroshim.sp 29319 Talk given by the son of the man who was Gandhi's scribe and secretary
histless.txt 10434 The World According to Studen Bloopers, by Richard Lederer, St. Paul's School
history.cat 25856 The Cat in History, by Roger Breton and Nancy J. Creek
horscare.txt 40386 Excerpts from Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets
hot_wate.fas 4437
how2dotv.txt 4696
howto.fun 5138 How to create the Perpetual Party
howtoevaluatenew.txt 4988 How to Evealuate New Members: Weed Out Informants and Agent-Provocateurs
htaquitd 3882 Released to the Media After Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is Exonerate on Various Sex and Weapons Charges (May 31st, 1990)
htt.txt 6402
humble.how 2703
icons.txt 1622 David Melnick Suggests some Smileys
implosion.txt 13309
in_like.fly 1137 The Origin of the Phrase "In Like Flynn"
indians.oh 14113 The History of the Native Americans of the Ohio Valley
indylook.txt 6242
infinity.jok 3698
insomnia.txt 775 Dealing with Insomnia, from Richard
interrog.txt 18575 Intelligence and Interrogation Processes by Master Of Impact and the Legion Of Hackers
intro.txt 4522
invent.rpt 13423
iqhist.txt 3970 Estimated IQs of Famous People in History 1450-1850
item1.txt 1280 Are You Using Only Half Your Brain?
item2.txt 1408 Hey, Man, Are You Only Using Half Your Brain?
japanese.lsn 3529 Hello Friends! I hold some Easy Japanese Lesson!
jcs-report-1947.txt 530
jinfo_01.txt 6462 The J: Party: Why Think? Online Propoganda #1.23
joyce 61696 Beyond the Orality/Literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce and the Pre-History of Cyberspace
ka.txt 3430
koreanc.txt 25320 The Rules for Korean Chess
land-tur.txt 17219
latin.stu 680223 A Study Guide to Wheelock Latin
lavalamp.txt 4603 Lava Lamp Plans (January 13, 1995)
lazarusn.txt 3550 Excerpts from ~The Notebooks of Lazarus Long~ by Robert A. Heinlein
lemmings.txt 2756 Lemming Level Codes
leverage.txt 4719 The Beauty (And Beast) Of Leverage, by Dianne Maley
loglan.txt 8423 Brochure for Loglan, the "Logical Language"
lotto.asc 17561 Suggestions and Hints for Lottery Beating
lovebase.txt 14885 A Database of Love Poems by Kevin Solway 1992 (Version 1.6)
lowball.txt 103518 The Book of Lowball by Justic Case
lyingninja.txt 9580 How To Be a Lying Ninja!
lyme.bc 14217 Ticks, Lyme Disease and You
macsfarm.old 13137 The Tragic Tale of Old MacDonald's Farm, a Personnel Saga by A. Mouse
maine_coon_cats.txt 15821 A Collection of Information about Maine Coon Cats (May, 1994)
maze.how 5409 How to Build a Maze
measure.sug 1864
medicine 17714
memetics 46888
mensa.txt 18545 Questions and Answers about the Mensa Organization
mera.pk 55043 Mera Peak (21,600 feet), Nepal by Chris Ellingham
merkle1.txt 6870
merkle2.txt 10630
mind1.asc 22166
mind3.asc 8990 The Indian Rope Trick and Mind Control by Fakirs
mind5.asc 5288
mind6.asc 3278
monorail.faq 46198 The Complete Walt Disney World Monorail FAQ
moon.txt 37862
mtg-tour.txt 10855 Magic: The Gatheric Official Tournament Rules (August 1, 1994)
mulch.txt 5120 Mulches Serve Many Purposes (Gardening)
newbie 19984 The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Training (ver 2.5) by Jeff Pipkins
nocredit.txt 5200 No Credit? Here's how to get started on your own!
north.txt 2722 A Test to See If You've Settled in Northern England
nostrada.txt 20097 The Prophecies of Nostradumus, a List (August, 1986)
nukecat.txt 153685
nukewar.txt 42356 NUKE: The Nuclear Age Magazine: Do-It-Yourself How To Start
nutritio.cat 49536 Feline Nutrition by R. Roger Breton and Nancy J. Creek
nwu 16006 Statement of Principles on Contracts between Writers and Electronic Book Publishers by the National Writers Union, Prepared by Philip Mattera (April 1994)
obsearth.txt 8483
ok_etymo.of 3806 The Etymology of "Okay!"
oniongam.txt 32407 The Insane Card Game of Cripple Mr. Onion
ooberel.txt 7400 A Collection of Relaxation Techniques
orbiter.txt 22417
orbname.txt 8810
orgspook.txt 35480 The Author Attends a Party at Lord British's Home
origin.txt 13295 A Visit to Origin Systems
outdoor.bc 16493 The Backcountry Turing Test
palindro.txt 12167 A Collection of Palindromes
perparty.fun 5065 Creating the Perpetual Party
pion.fun 71506 Extensive(!) listing of Broadcasting Pioneers
plane.txt 4105 How to Make a Paper Airplane
plantpai.txt 35772
plots.txt 23175 The Thirty-Seven Dramatic Situations
pms.fun 9216 Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Documented BAD case of PMS.
poison.dig 116433 The Poisons of the Realm (For a Game)
posh_ety.of 2153 The Etymology of the word "Posh"
project1.txt 15080 Astral Projection Part I by the Joker and The occult Crue
project2.txt 14768 Astral Projection Part II by The Joker and The Occult Crue
pronatal.txt 4860 Examples of Pregnancy Terminations in Different Cultures
purebred.cat 109952 Purebred Cats by R. Roger Breton and Nancy J. Creek
puzzle.jok 1049
q&a 28056 The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Building Loudspeaker Enclosures
q-books.txt 99665 Quilting and Quilt-Related Books Compiled for Quiltnetters
qalam.txt 9990 QALAM: A Convention for Morphological Arabic-Latic-Arabic Transliteration
qconst 199 How I Got Out of It
quake.txt 5043 I survived the World Series Earthquake of 1989!
quotes 374224 An Enormous Amount of Quotes about Life from Many People
quotes.txt 53873 Large Collection of Quotes by Famous People
rad-damage.txt 20418 A Note About Radiation Damage by The Red Phoenix (1994)
ramp.fun 40225 Building a Skateboard Ramp, before Skating was big.
reality.txt 5761 The Reality of the Situation, by Kortron
repos.txt 18312 Buying a Car or Truck through Repossesion Auctions by Paul Dewey
rid.txt 1010 Getting Rid of the Riddler by Alien
rightplay.fun 2388 Your Certificate Giving you the Right to Play
rockets.txt 10368 Present Day Soviet Launch Vehicles
rses_cfc.txt 11564 Refrigerants and the Atmosphere (November 1989)
school.txt 32640 A True American's Guide to Success in Lower Education by Peregrinus Jupiter, 1992
sci-skep 128467
scoutide.txt 8681 Boy Scouts Advancement List, getting a New Scout to 1st Class in less than 1 year
scouting.fir 53701 Scouting Campfire Skits, Yells and Other Silly Things
scrotum_.rep 2961 The Unusual Case of the Scrotum Self-Repair
search.txt 59368 Searching Your Family Tree: A Primer
seedlawn.txt 1532 How to Seed a 1200 Square Foot Lawn
shuttle.fun 10419
silver.txt 5751
slang.col 18754 The College Slang Dictionary 1989
slime 3412 How to Make Slime, by Black September
smiley.txt 7313 The Unofficial Smiley Dictionary
snake.bc 44442 Snake Bites: Distilled Wisdom, January 11, 1993
snuffit1.mag 67931 Snuff It! #1: The Magazine of the First Church of Euthanasia
snuffit2.mag 70475 Snuff It! #2: The Magazine of the First Church of Euthanasia
sochap18.txt 617 TRICK: The Impossible Coin Pickup
sochap6.txt 891 TRICK: Two Bottles and a Bill
socsec 1564 Knowing Where Someone Came From By Their Social Securit Number
songlrya.fun 7424 Lyrics to "Feline" by the Stranglers
soviet.pre 4480
sovsdi.txt 12672
spam1.txt 4128 The Story of Spam, by Raphael Dareau (September 7, 1991)
spam2.txt 8717 The Story of Spam, Volume 2
spam3.txt 21709 The Story of Space Volume 3
spam3h.txt 28260 The Story of Spam Volume 3 1/2 (December 20, 1991) by Raphael Dareau
spam3hh.txt 8391 The Story of Spam Volume Three 1/2 1/2
spam4.txt 3230 The Story of Spam Volume 4
spatial.txt 34171 Spatial Deconcentration by Yolanda Ward
species.cat 64640 The Wild Cats by R. Roger Breton and Nancy J. Creek
species.cht 4608 The Cat Family
spooner.lis 15679 List of Spoonerisms, Malapropisms, and other Funnies said by Noel's Co-Worker
ssan.txt 4719 The Social Security Numbers, from Barbara Bennett
stat.jok 1049 A Friend Gets a Contentless Mathematics Paper in (August 12, 1990)
stchap1.txt 2204 TRICK: Using a Broom for The Big Push
stchap8.txt 968 TRICK: Only You Can Tear This
stcheats.txt 1918 Collection of Atari ST Cheats
stndrds 15124
stocks.92 17816 Daily Close Information for the Dow Jones and Standard and Poor's for 1992
stuf 5166 How do i Get Published? Then What Do I Do? By Kathy Fieler
suicide.txt 42925 Suicide Methods from Alt. Suicide.Holiday
sysop.txt 3243 Sysop Documentation for Citadel BBS Software
tacomanarrows.txt 10236 Some Analysis of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, by Dino
tapman.txt 5956 An Interview with Abbie Hoffman
taxonomy.dat 34381
taxonomy.txt 3335
teller-ulam.txt 18476
think.txt 9164 A Compilation of Thoughts by someone named SUICIDAL
thropart.txt 5517 How to Throw a Real Party, by The Gremlin and Chronos of Knights of the Black Circle
time.txt 7710 The Modern View of Time
timeline.lst 35932 Historical Events Chosen at Random, 217-Present
trestump.txt 1732 How to Remove a Tree Stump
trivia.fun 6656 The Trivia Blab, an experiment gone flat.
tsfetus.txt 7261 Toxic Shock presents How Must I Beat Thee? By Gross Genitalia
upccode.ana 5787 Some rough information on decoding bar codes
urdu.dic 75473 The Small-Sized Irdu Dictionary
usbernec.txt 24426 A Compilation of Position Statements, Statues and other Information Policies
usedcar.fun 1882 Tips for buying used cars
vgrjup.fs 12009
vgrnep.fs 24674
vgrsat.fs 21776
vgrur.fs 14671
vietnam.cpu 20474 A Glossary of Vietnam Computer Terms and their English Equivalents
visitors.ham 10691 Do the English Like the Americans? By Nigel Ballard
vocab-ee.txt 6160 English to Esperanto Glossary
w-fact-1.txt 327478 Collection of Complete World Facts Volume 1 (1990)
w-fact-2.txt 320831 Collection of Complete World Facts Volume 2 (1990)
w-fact-3.txt 322335 Collection of Complete World Facts Volume 3 (1990)
w-fact-4.txt 280580 Collection of Complete World Facts Volume 4 (1990)
w-fact-5.txt 294285 Complete Collection of World Facts Volume 5 (199)
w-fact-6.txt 283484 Complete Collection of World Facts Volume 6 (1990)
wanted.mag 2384 WANTED: A Few Good Writers
warning.txt 2804 Larry Schenk says NOT to Drive a Subaru
watfilt.bc 80044 Information on various water filter technologies
wavedest 6603 Destinations: The South Shore: Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, from Jan/Feb 1994 WaveLength Magazine
way.fun 1008 Finding a way up the tree. What is the tree? Discuss.
wcs.txt 6603
wdw4-92.txt 104601 The Very Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, by Rodd D. McCartney, 1992 Edition
welding-.txt 4745 Points to Remember When doing MIG Welding
welsh.ref 18672 Resources for Adult Learners of Welsh
what!.fun 3563 The word math problem from hell.
whatisfc 32901 What IS Futureculture? By Andy Hawks of Mindvox (January 29, 1993)
worldtv.txt 54910 Exchanging VHS Cassettes with Foreign Viewers and Using VHS Recorders Abroad
wrestler.txt 7218 A Collection of Professional Wrestlers and their Real Name
writegoo.txt 2493 How to Write Good, by Frank L. Visco
writerul.txt 2370 William Safire's Rules for Writing
wsbintrv.fun 10280 William S. Burroughs Interview
xq.rul 10978 Introduction to the Ancient Game of Chinese Chess, or Xiangqi, Version 2, by Peter Donnelly
zerosite.txt 5715 Introduction/Situation file for Noriko Ariushi aka "Zero", from Shadowrun
There are 368 files for a total of 10,406,112 bytes.
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