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It was natural that groups of close friends, working together to write textfiles on whatever subjects they considered their own, would start considering themselves a sort of rock and roll band, or maybe a gang. To this end, Textfile “Groups” starting making appearances early in the 1980’s, and of course it’s gotten completely out of hand.

Some groups had members that never actually met each other; they did all their work online and might be many many miles apart, or even in different countries. Some groups were open to anyone who wanted to be a member, and some were finite and refused to expand or contract. And then there’s the cDc.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
9X ./.. 9X
ANARCHYINC ./.. Anarchy Incorporated
BANANAREPUBLIC ./.. The Banana Republic BBS Collection (From New Zealand)
BAR ./.. The Bad Ass Retards
BLACKCIRCLE ./.. Black Circle Productions
BUZZ ./.. The Buzz Brothers
CDC ./.. The Cult of the Dead Cow Library
CHINA ./.. The CHiNA Colleciton
DAMAGEINC ./.. Damage, Incorporated
FISH ./.. Folks In Santa Hats
METALCOMMUNICATIONS ./.. Neon Knights and Metal Communications
OCTOTHORPE ./.. Octothorpe Productions, the official Works BBS Group
OMNIPOTENT ./.. Omnipotent, Inc.
PHAIT ./.. Phreaks, Hackers and Anarchists Instigating Turmoil
PHONELOSERS ./.. The Phone Losers of America
PPH ./.. The Phido Phreaks
PPP ./.. Phucked Phreak Productions
SHAWN ./.. Shawn Da Lay Boy Productions
TWAT ./.. The Winner ANSI Team
VIDEOVINDICATOR ./.. The Works of the Video Vindicator
ZAN ./.. Zhit Access Nation
There are 21 directories.