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Somehow, always found myself here and there on different Ham Radio BBSs, where interesting Ham Radio stuff abounded. The whole Ham Radio thing passed me completely, so I don’t really have any insightful information on this community, other than that Ham Radio BBSes were everywhere, and that most of the files in this directory are either Frequency Lists or instructions on how to modify every radio under the sun to pick up cellular phone frequencies.

A quick note on that, which I do know. The government decided to outlaw the ability of ham radios to listen to the 800-900Mhz radio band, because this was allocated to Cell Phones. This angered the Ham Radio community so much (after all, the broadcasting was going on all over ANYWAY) that mod files, clipping this wire or taking out this or that chip to fix this “limitation” were ubiquitous. Freedom uber alles.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
FREQUENCIES ./.. Files Giving Lists of Ham Radio Frequencies
MODIFICATIONS ./.. Files Recounting How to Modify Scanners and Radios for Increased Reception
200xltrev.ham 15687 Uniden/Bearcat 200xlt Scanner Review, by Bob Parnass, AJ9S (July 21, 1988)
3rdpartynts.ham 1491 Countries with which the United States Shares Third-Party Traffic Agreements (July 1987)
42290rtc.ham 11392 Chat Regarding improving Scanner Listening (April 22, 1990)
800trunk.txt 14369 Public Safety Trunking Systems: An Overview by John W. Reed (May 30, 1990)
adv-pool.ham 164787 ASCII Text Version of the Amateur Advanced Class Question Pool
afonenew.ham 3137 Monitoring Air Force One Communications: The End of an Era (August 31, 1990)
allband.txt 10594 Converting to an All-Band Transmit Facility in Emergencies
alpine.txt 11302 Hacking the Alpine 1310 CD Shuttle Control, by Ole Buzzard (November 15, 1993)
amp_5.txt 5848 Schematics for a 25-200MHz / 8-45W Amplifier
amtrakdoc.ham 2048 Amtrak police Codes
anarc.ham 3967 Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC) List (July 5, 1989)
anarc10.ham 3203 The Lists of Broadcasts of the Voice of the Flemish Community in Belgium
anarc11.ham 1658 Addresses of FCC-Licensed International Broadcasting Stations (December 4, 198)
anarc12.ham 17242 What is Shortwave Radio?
anarc13.ham 18357 Information About the Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts
anarc3.ham 11017 Christian Science Monitor Schedule (September 24, 1990)
anarc5.ham 13953 Voice of American Transmission Schedule, September 30, 1990-March 30, 1991
anarc6.ham 1700 Radio Canada International English Language Schedule (March 25-September 29, 199)
anarc7.ham 24149 BBC World Service Schedule
anarc8.ham 6677 Radio Sweden Listing for September 30, 1990 to March 30, 1991
antenna1scn.ham 3584 Setting Up a Scanner's Radio
antennas.9x 8390 9X: The Pirate Radio Survival Guide by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
aor3000.ham 7441 First Impressions on the Lastest Scanner by Authority on Radio: The AOR AR 3000 (July 24, 1990)
aortest.ham 23060 The Authority on Radio AOR3000 Scanner by Nigel ballard (September 10, 1990)
aosc_fbi.ham 32267 System Profile of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
aosc_fbi.txt 32267 A Profile on the Federal Bureau of Investigation by the All Ohio Scanner Club
ar.ham 7408 The AR-1000 Reset Prcedure
ar1000rvw.ham 7186 Review of the AOR AR1000
arizon.txt 7387 Information on owning a Low power Micro Radio Station by KAPW
arrlvett.ham 7763 Amateur Radio Examination Opportunities (August 9, 1991)
avoiding.9x 8756 9X: Avoiding Responsibility for Pirate Radio, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
awacs.ham 617 Information on AWACS Aircraft
band.lst 7084 High Frequency Band List
band.txt 7084 A High Frequency Guide: The Complete HF Band
bartg015.txt 4977 The British Amateur Radio Teledata Group News Broadcast Service Bulletin #15 (March, 1994)
bbslist.txt 64224 The History of the SetHack BBS by Dave (December 13, 1996)
bfd.ham 5114 Boston Fire Department Incident Type Codes (Basic 901 Coes)
bfd10.ham 2046 Boston Fire Department Special Signals
bfdunits.ham 8746 City of Boston Fire Department Radio System Mobile Unit Call Signs
biddoc.ham 4757 Bulletin Identifiers: A List and Explanation
blackboo.txt 91326 A Pirate and Clandestine Radio Listeners Little Black Book by No One (December 27, 1984)
brevity.ham 3425 Official Brevity Codes Used in the U.K. by Nigel Ballard
brinks.txt 1060 Looking for Rent-A-Cop Frequencies
bugdetec.txt 2961 Bug Detection on Home Phones
bugging.fre 3456 The Bugging Frequencies Used in Las Vegas
bugging.txt 7805 Bugs on a Budget: Inexpensive Surveillance by Data Line (August, 1985)
bugs.txt 2461 Bugs And How to Tap Someone's Room by Fireball
caducus.txt 7272 Plans and Documentation for Crating an omnidirectional Scalar Wave Reciever and Transmitter (April 1, 1987)
canada.txt 2703 New Canadian Low Power Licensing Policy
carradio.ham 5726 How To Hook Up an old Car Radio
cartrekdoc.ham 7893 The Bug Detector! By Ford Prefect
caught.txt 22662 Guide to Hassle-Free Operation of A Pirate Radio Station
cbbook.txt 35454 Crobbfile's CB Radio Reference Guide (Large)
cell-10.txt 2975 A Few Common Scanner Modifications
cell-11.txt 5718 The 40-50mhz Cellular Scanner
cellroam.txt 16081 Cellular Roaming: The New Deals by Karen Kleiner
chips.ham 7262 Scanning the CHiPs: Here's the Update on the California Highway Patrol, by Rick Maslau (September 1990)
clarifir.ham 1071 The HCS Clarifier Update
clark.ham 9216 The Clarke Belt: An overview of Satellites
codes.txt 9008 Collection of Police Codes Used in Radio
consumer.ham 4864 Some Questions About Owning a Satellite Dish, Answered
convert.txt 4246 Plans For Building a Shortwave Converter
copcode.txt 16307 Police Radio Codes, by Combat Arms (November 26, 1988)
copcodes.txt 9452 Police Call Radio Guide by Hollins Radio Data
cordless.txt 2804 A True Story Of How Cordless Phone Users are Ignorant
cordlsph.txt 4024 Creating a Cordless Phone Antenna, by Adam Gott (August 3, 1989)
cordmod.txt 4451 Cordless Modifications by Bob Kay of Monitoring Times (September 1990)
cordpriv.txt 25582 Cordless Telephones: Bye Bye Privacy! by Tom Kneitel, K2AES
covspect.txt 21065 The Covert Spectrum (Pirate and Secret Broadcasting) by Jim Hougan
cpd-ten.ham 3584 The Charlotte Police Department Official Ten Signals
cpra9205.txt 322173 The CPRA Advisory Committee Listing (May 1, 1992)
deliverynts.ham 7621 Handling Third Party Traffic: The Oldest Tradition in Amateur Radio (July, 1989)
designts.ham 3597 Designators for Third Party Traffic for Ham Radio Operatiors (June, 1989)
dishnews.ham 30639 DISHCETERA: Volume 2, Issue #10 (August 1, 1990)
dsquelch.ham 15681 New Data and Tone Squelch Circuit for the PRO-2004, PRO-2005 and PRO-2006 (November 23, 1990)
dxband.ham 4915 Tuning in the Overlooked Band (29.70-30.00mhz) (July 1989)
eavesdropping.txt 10047 Electronic Eavesdropper by Circle Lord
ecpa_86doc.ham 134400 Notes from Eric Poole, Sysop of the Leo Technology BBS, on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (October 7, 1988)
edjpole.txt 4821 A Copper Tube J-Pole by Ed Humphries (1994)
epa86.txt 132576 The Electronics Privacy Act of 1986
eurpro34.ham 4864 Switchabout Euro Mod for the PRO-34
exams809.ham 22409 Amateur Radio Examination Opportunities
faqcb1.txt 28842 FAQ: Rec.Radio.CB Frequently Asked Questions Part 1 (December 18, 1991)
fcc_list.txt 95796 The R.E.C. and N6UII List of Frequency Allocations from 60Khz to 40GHz Version 1.2
fccfiche.ham 7587 Some Information on Ordering Microfiche Information from the FCC
fccknock.txt 9508 What to do with the FCC Knocks on your Door
fccsmr.ham 68458 A Whipe Paper on Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) (February 1991)
fdny10.pro 5543 New York City Fire Department Signals
fedplate.ham 2590 Decoding Federal Government License Plates
feds.txt 5149 Watching the Watcher Watching You, by Sir Knight (Archival Version)
feedline.9x 3337 9X: Transmission Lines (For Pirate Radio) by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
feedxmtr.9x 5003 9X: Feeding the Transmitter, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
fm-10.txt 15165 The WEB8EoH Gizmo Report
fm-trans.txt 3021 A Simple FM Wireless Microphone (Plans)
fm.txt 4299 How to make an FM Wireless Bug by Johnny Rotten of Cryptic Criminals and Elite Justice
fm_bug.txt 4520 How to make an FM Wireless Bug by Johnny Rotten of Cryptic Criminals/Elite Justice Society
fm_mike.txt 3949 Building an FM Microphone
fm_monitor.txt 2196 Making an FM Monitoring Device: Cheap, Small, and Interesting by T.M.M.
fmradio.txt 7168 How to Start a Very Low Power FM Station to Serve Your Immediate Neighborhood
fmsc2.ham 3456 FCC Microfiche Code Listing
freq.for.phun.1 4480 Frequencies for Phun by Sir Francis Drake (Airline Frequencies)
freq.txt 7424 Surveillance Frequency Selection, from Full Disclosure (1991)
freqs.9x 5192 9X: Frequencies, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
fruquenc.hac 9391 The Idiot's Guide to Radio Technology and Freqing, by ZDNNET Writer #1 and the unknown Freq
fuzzcode.txt 15783 FUZZZZZ Codes II, by the Chemist and TransAmerica (January 15, 1986)
ge-superrvw.ham 5246 Collection of Questions/Answers about the GE Superradio II (September 29, 1991)
govt-vipuhf.ham 6144 More on Nightwatch VIP UHF-Mux Air Ground Circuits by David I Emery
gre-amprev.ham 6346 The GRE America Super Amplifier Product Review (November 1990)
ground.9x 6566 9X: Station Ground, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
ham06.txt 4949 The Basics Behind Radio Hacking
ham07.txt 8843 The Basis Behind Radio Hacking Part II
hamdef.ham 2863 Why Radio Amateurs are Called "Hams" from Florida Skip Magazine: 1959
hamfaq.ham 47416 Some Frequently Asked Amateur Radio Questions (July 30, 1991)
haml0490.ham 31846 National and Foreign list of Ham and Shortwave Listener BBSes (April 1, 1990) by William G. Poissant
hamwatsdoc.ham 4224 800 Telephone Number List for HAMs
hardline.ham 1152 How to match the Popular 75mhz ohm CATV Hardline to a 50 Ohm Antenna
headerdoc.ham 2270 Why the Packet Radio BBSes Cannot Have Their Headers Changed by Hank
hierdoc.ham 19741 International Routing Designators by Lew Jenkins and David B. Toth
hmewire.txt 3541 List of Frequencies by HME/HM Electronics, Inc.
how_phon.wor 32158 Understanding Telephones by Julian Macassey, Ham Radio Magazine (September 1985)
howtonts.ham 12268 How to Send NTS Messages on Packet Radio (October 11, 1989)
ic-r10.ham 1947 ICOM Introduces the New IC-R100 Advanced Wideband Communications Reciever (January 19, 1990)
introswl.txt 18258 FAQ About Shortwave Radio
ka-radar.txt 2683 An Explanation on Why KA Band Photo Radar Units Are So Hard to Pick Up, And How to Avoid Them
kdk2016.ham 2969 The Scan Defeat during XMIT for KDK-2016A
kzar.txt 6498 Renegade Soundwaves: A Local Pirate Radio Station Add Moxie to a Crowded Radio Market, but the FCC Isn't Impressed, by Ben Fulton (October 13, 1993)
libradio.txt 9678 Mbanna Kantako and the Micro-Radio Movement by Michael Townsend
life-fli.ham 8805 Life Flight: Monitoring the Emergency AeroMedical Service by Laura Quarantiello
lingods.ham 4198 Some Exotic Terms, Code Names, and Slang in use during the Gulf War
litewave.txt 8192 A Lightwave Transmitter and Reciever by Joe Scharf
m-e-1.ham 20847 War of the Words: Who's Right and Who's Wrong? What's Really Going On? Who did What and Why? by Gayle Van Horn (October 1990)
m-e-2.ham 16524 The Gamble in the Gulf: Monitoring World Military Reaction to the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait by larry Van Horn (October 1990)
m-e-3.ham 18645 Global Navies Converge on the Persian Gulf (and you can tune them in) by James T. Pogue (October 1990)
marsnts.ham 3350 Sending Traffic into the MARS networks
masterfreq.txt 1873 The Master Frequency Listing from J.C. (June 30, 1982)
mb8719.ham 7045 A Diagram of the MB8719 Chip used in All the New Radios
mebcst.ham 4976 English Language Broadcasts from the Middle East and Arab World
metro.ham 3378 Metro Radio Servce Codes (10 Codes, Extended)
mgrdutynts.ham 1226 The Duties of a NTS NCN BBS Packet Manager
micro2.ham 1280 Expanding the Band for the ICOM Micro2
mil-call.txt 4992 Military Callsigns on Radio
military.txt 13821 A List Of Military Aviation Frequencies
milsat.ham 3479 how to Listen in on Milsat Band Broadcasts
miltrain.ham 8367 Military Training Radio Broadcasts by John Johnson
mobile.9x 3467 9X: Mobile Operations, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
mod_21.ham 16256 The Radio Shack Pro-2005 Programming Scanner by Bob Parnass, AJ9S
morehint.ham 27138 Some Radio Hints and Tips by Nigel Ballard (November 1990)
morse.ham 1073 The International Morse Code List
moscowsch.ham 5120 Radio Moscow Services Schedules (September-February, 1992)
motbible.txt 106633 The Motorola Users and Programming Guides by Mark Larsen Version 1.1a (March 26, 1995)
msgadrdoc.ham 6208 Decoding the Message Header in a Packet Radio Message for Distribution
msgfmtdoc.ham 11923 The Standard 16-Line Message Format, by G.O. Ellis, AAT6VF
mx4000.ham 1250 Get Longer Battery Life from Your Regency MX-4000 or MX-4200 Scanner by Bob Parnass
narago.ham 11947 Where did the NARA (National Amateur Radio Association) come from? By Donald L. Stoner, W6TNS
nbcnew.ham 1380 Letter by Kenneth W. Hane to NBC News about a Anti-Scanner Article
neighbor.9x 3958 9X: Radio "Neighbors", by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
newham.ham 4981 Getting an Amateur Radio License by Terry R. Dettmann/WX7S
newscandoc.ham 63075 The Indespensable Guide to Scanning, by R.P. Meggs of Intercept, Inc.
nicadchg.ham 6009 A NiCAD Battery Charger using Voltage and Current Limiting Techniques
nigel-if.ham 8251 Reciever Hunting using the I.F. Principle by Nogel Ballard (August 5, 1990)
nigel01.ham 14954 A Journey Through My Scanning Triumphs and Disasters by Nigel Ballard (July 20, 1990)
nigelbug.ham 9216 Radio Surveillance (Bugging) in the UK by Nogel Ballard
nigelcmp.ham 16751 A Personal View of Computers and Computing, by Nigel Ballard
nigelden.ham 8982 A Layman's Guide to Traffic Analysis by Nogel Ballard (July 23, 1990)
nigelspy.ham 8382 Advanced Signal Acquisition for Private Scanner operators by Nogel Ballard (July 20, 1990)
niglbest.ham 55666 The Best of the Early SSC Scanning Free Info Sheets by Nogel Ballard
nite.txt 5488 Emegency Communications Systems of the US Government
ntscfreq.txt 4844 North American Television Channels and Frequencies as per NTSC Standards (Weld Pond)
nypd10s.pro 4498 NYC Police Department Radio and Incident Code Signals
oil-dx.ham 4828 Oil Rig DX: Tuning In on the Hunt for Energy in the Gulf of Mexico (April 1990)
opdx148.txt 8256 The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster Bulletin Number 148 (February 21, 1994)
pac-intr.ham 16727 An Introduction to Packet Radio
packet.ham 15360 An Amateur Packet Radio Overview by Rich Bono (NM1D) (October 1990)
packet.txt 89129 Packet Radio: An Introduction by Larry Kenney
packettrm.ham 7653 A Neutral Glossary of Amateur Packet Radio Terms
pcs300.ham 1635 Adjustment with the AXDEN PCS-300 Radio (February 2, 1985)
phone.pat 29538 Article about Phone Patches from Ham Radio Magazine (October 1985)
pir.txt 12160 Pump up the volume (or how to make a pirate radio station) by D.J. "big Joe"
pir001.txt 7616 Starting a Pirate Radio Station by Arclight (May 13, 1993)
pirate.txt 77021 How to Be A Radio Pirate?
pk232dcddoc.ham 4608 Problems in the PK-232 Manual are Causing Major Problems
pktfaq.ham 20173 The Frequently Asked Questions for Amateur Packet Radio, by Steve Schallehn (July 9, 1991)
pll.spb 14011 Creating a Loop Filter by Mycal (April 13, 1994)
pocsag.txt 10475 Description of Coding Used on POCSAG Pager Signals
police.txt 12379 A Listing of Police Codes
policeco.phk 15165 Fuzzz Codes II by The Chemist and Trans America (January 15, 1986)
policscan.ham 15784 FUZZZZ Codes II (Police Scanner Codes) by the Chemist and Trans America, 1985-1986
postalnts.ham 1283 The Two-Letter Postal Codes for North America (August 9, 1989)
powersup.ham 2079 How to Build a 12-Volt Power Supply
pradio.txt 1737 A Visit from the FCC Agents by Jim Duncan of KOAN
pre-amp.ham 1156 How to Bypass that Preamp
pro2005.ham 15701 The Radio Shack Pro 2005 Programmable Scanner by Bob Parnass
pro2006rvw.ham 17679 The Radio Shack Pro-2006 Programmable Scanner by Bob Parnass
producin.9x 8909 9X: Producing a Show, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
propgtn.9x 7495 9X:Propogation, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
pycnog 4141 Cashing In on the Pycnogenol Antioxidant Blitz
qrm.9x 5667 9X: QRN, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
qsignals.ham 851 The Q Signals
quayle.ham 1922 Hunting Quayle on the Air Force 2 by Sue Kennedy
r7000.ham 30093 Fixing a R7000 Display and Sensitivity Problem
r7000cdoc.ham 6147 Double the Memory Channels of the ICM R7000 by Replacing the Speech Switch by Jean-Louis Ecochard
rabbit.txt 4465 The Rabbit Cordless System, Transcribed by Phantasm (December 14, 1992)
radio.txt 38598 Radio Electronics: A General Introduction
radiofax.ham 5504 Looking at Three Types of Multi-Mode Decoders by R.P. Meggs
radiomap.ham 4260 A Graphic Representation of Packet Radio Links Which Are Believed to Exist on 145.010mhz on the East Cost
rdtlkr1.ham 2036 The Sears Roadtalker SSB Base Mobile
rffdback.9x 3993 9X: RF Feedback, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
rfkitnew.txt 4725 Information on FM Kits from Free Radio Berkeley (1995)
rfoitte.txt 6936 Radio Frequencies of interest to Telephone Experimenters by The Researcher (January 26, 1986)
rfsniff.txt 3706 An RF Sniffer/Bug Detector
rs_galax.ham 80304 The DXers Guide to the Galaxy: Communications in Space (August, 1991)
rtty.txt 10440 List of Frequencies where English Language Press Stations can be Heard on HF, by KB9OZ
s-rescue.ham 6596 Tuning in on Search and Rescue Operations, by Thurston Wainwright (November 1990)
s-tipsdoc.ham 64512 The Indespensable Guide to Scanning by R.P. Meggs, Preside of Intercept, Inc.
sampsun.txt 5596 The Shortwave Listeners' Program Guide
san-d-1.ham 9644 A History of San Diego Police Communications (September 1990)
satdishlst.ham 64360 Satellite Channel Chart, March 15, 1988
sca.txt 15616 Some Additional Thoughts on the Subsidiary Communications Authorization
sca2.txt 3199 Eavesdropping on Subcarrier Transmissions
scabosto.txt 15736 The Boston SCA Report, by Weld Pond
scanhint.ham 17310 Scanner Hints and Tips by Nigel Ballard (October 1990)
scanintr.ham 10353 A Guide to the Hobby of Monitoring the Public Service Bands
scanintr.txt 14793 An Introduction to Scanning by Bob Parnass (AJ9S)
scaninuk.ham 16234 Visiting the UK and Intending to Bring a Scanner Along for the Ride? By Nogel Ballard (September 1990)
scanmast.ham 1792 Turbocharge Your R7000 FRG9600 and AR2002 Scanners
scanner.law 10880 State Scanner Law Regulations List (August 2, 1992)
scanners.ham 15579 An Introduction to Scanning, by Bob Parnass, AJ9S (January 1990)
scanners.txt 31026 A Guide to the Hobby of Monitoring the Public Service Bands
scantips.txt 62561 Some Thoughts on Using Scanners and Buying Scanners
sclaw.ham 10085 The South Carolina Highway Patrol: An Overview
scnpatdoc.ham 4631 Two Scanner Patents by Bob Parnass, AJ9S
secret 22800 Uijt gjmf jt cspvhiu up zpv dpusuftz pg uif D)sbdljoh: Secret Radio Frequencies
sendbuldoc.ham 3467 Distributing a Bulletin to a Packet Radio BBS
shipcall.ham 8748 Ships and Calls by Ship Name (March 4, 1987)
shrtwave.txt 19969 A Guide to Shortwave Radio (Frequently Asked Questions)
shtlfreq.txt 8454 Shuttle Mission Frequencies by Topol
silkpurs.ham 15418 Monitoring Silk Purse, by Nigel Ballard
sked.txt 8130 Composite Schedule of Numbers Stations Broadcasts (December 23, 1995)
sonyrfa.txt 3135 Sony: Sony VHF Synthesized Wireless Microphone Systems
sonyrfb.txt 4288 SONY: Sony Wireless Microphone Systems: UHF Channel Allocations
sources.9x 2973 Sources of other Pirate Radio Information, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
spy.txt 6464 The Spu Numbers Decoded by Peter Febbroriello
spyradio.txt 17171 The Los Numeros Update from Havana Moon (1990)
startyou.1 6509 How to Start a Very-Low-Power FM Station to Serve your Immediate Neighborhood
stats.ham 3692 Some Statistics about Ham Radio Operators (December, 1990)
studio.9x 6389 9X: Building a Production Studio, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
subcar 14313 Some Additional Information SCR Reception, by Bob Parnass
svc-code.ham 3712 The FCC Service Codes
sw-ant.txt 6407 Short Wave Antenna Basics
sw-chart.txt 3991 A Handy Shortwave Radio Chart
swbands.ham 1866 The International Shortwave Bands
swl.txt 22939 Shortwave Listening Guide 1991 by Gary Maddox (February 1991)
swlb.txt 5591 Shortwave Radio on a Limited Budget, by Mendel Cooper
swlg.txt 2969 Shortwave Listening Guide 1991 by Gary Maddox (February 1991)
swlgdoc.ham 2969 The Shortwave Listening Guide 1991 by Gary Maddox
swmisc.ham 2326 Miscellaneous Topics Relating to SW Listening and Amateur Radio
swmisc.txt 1727 Miscellaneous Topics Relating to Shortwave Listening and Amateur Radio
swr.9x 6043 9X: Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
swrhack.txt 3154 Short-Wave Radio Hacking by The Seker
telltime.9x 5360 9X: Everything You Needed to Know about GMT, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
tencodes.ham 2790 The Ten Codes and the Phonetic Alphabet, by John Johnson
tencodes.txt 3567 Collection of "Ten Codes"
tenmeter.ham 12093 Mode and License Class Allocations for 10 Meters, by John Johnson, KWV8BP
theoakla.1 6213 900 Codes for Police
tips.ham 11937 Information and Safety Tips for Weather
tone.ham 5730 Tone Programming the SAT IC-2SAT, IC-3SAT, IC-4SAT
tvpiratedoc.ham 13934 Dr. Mabuse: Hacker to the M-M-Max, by Morgan Russel in Reality Hackers Magazine (1988)
usedsc.ham 23234 A Guide to Buying a Used Scanner, by Bob Parnass, AJ9S (August, 1988)
v20_bug.txt 3328 An NEC V20/V30 Bug, by Howard Vigorita of the New York Amateur Computer Club
vco.txt 2163 A Dandy Circuit for a VCO and Buffer that Operates Across the Entire FM Broadcast Band
verify.9x 9107 9X: Verifying Your Efforts, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
voasch.ham 31694 The Voice of America Transmission Schedule (October 18, 1991)
welfarents.ham 3248 How to Prepare and Send Welfare Traffic
whatisnts.ham 6704 The History of the National Traffic System (NTS) (June, 1989)
wiretap.alg 32838 The Wiretap Algorhitm (Packet Radio and Tapping) (October 30, 1985)
wpscan.txt 7005 Weld Pond Transcribes an Article: Hackers Scan Airwaves for Conversations (1992)
wrdcountnts.ham 3993 Checking the Word Counts of Messages (June, 1989)
wreck.ham 15785 Packet Radio at the Wreck of the Colonial by Bob Bruninga (January 11, 1986)
wvsig.ham 2432 The West Virginia State Police Signal Codes (July 18, 1989)
wxboxist.ham 9216 National Weather Service Teletype Access
xmitters.9x 20438 9X: Transmitters, by Nemesis and Captain Eddy
xtal.ham 1621 Crystals for your Shortwave Converter
xtal.txt 1516 Crystals for your Shortwave Converter
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