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These are textfiles that are attached to certain holidays. It’s kind of sannoying to see files about subjects that don’t represent year-round types of subjects, so they’re all lumped in here. The majority of the files here are currently Christmas files.

An exception is the Occult section, which is loaded with Halloween stuff but it doesn’t seem as clear to split the specific holiday stuff from and put here.

Interestingly enough, the most popular files are parodies of the time-honored poem “A visit from Saint Nicholas”. Something about that particular poem (the idea that Santa’s breaking into the house, the glimpse you get of him before he cuts out of town) inspires generations of geeks and self-styled humorists to make new, alternate versions.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
12-Days-to-Xmas 2593 The Twelve Days of UNIX
12-bugs 3564 The Twelve Bugs of Christmas
12days.txt 6189 The Twelve Letters of Christmas
aletterf.txt 2682 The Day After the Twelve Days of Christmas 2247 Anti-Valentine's Day Party Results
brownose.xms 780 The Story of Rudolph the Brown Nose Reindeer
christma.wor 3544 The Worm Before Christmas, by Clement C. Morris (December 12, 1988)
fday 1146 Happy Father's Day Graphic
fdc 2274 Art: Happy Father's Day
fs270.txt 11264 FS270: Rutgers Cooperative Extension: Estimated Costs and Returns for Growing One Acre of Douglas Fir Christmas Trees by Mark C. Vodak
hanuk9.ans 573 ANSI File Wishing You Happy Hanukkah
hatedeer.txt 2340 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Hatedeer (Parody)
holiday.txt 3441 The Modern American Guide to National Holidays
killsant.txt 4543 How to Kill Santa Claus Dead! By the Outland, of Neon Knights, Metal Communications
mc.xmas 905 The MIT Night Before Christmas
meridian.jok 2275 Santa Claus is Weilding a Gun (To the Tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town")
merry.jok 50398 A Collection of Merry Christmas Programs in Many Languages
nicholas.txt 5853 A Visit from St. Nicolas, for Students in the 23rd Year of Schooling
night.hum 5101 Twas the Nocturnal Segment of the Diurnal Period
nightb4.txt 3093 Twas the Night Before Installation
nightbef.txt 11648 Large Collection of Night Before Christmas Parodies
niteb4.xmas 2798 Twas the Hippies Before Christmas
nitexmas.txt 5145 Jargon-Filled Night Before Christmas
noriega.txt 4152 'Twas the Night Before Christmas '89 in Panama
omnixmas.hum 2475 Twas the Cyber Night Before Christmas
pagancar.sng 2976 A List of Pagan Christmas Carols
pc-xmas.txt 2997 A Politicall Correct Christmas
pc_carol.txt 1435 The Politically Correct "Carole"
pcxmas.txt 2965 Merry P.C. Christmas!
sansanta.txt 6373 The SANctuary Night Before Christmas by Havok Halcyon
santa.ans 1255 Merry Christmas ANSI
santa.gun 1053 Santa Claus is Wielding a Gun (Parody)
santa.moves 3564 The Imperceptibility of Santa Claus, 1984 7803 Ho ho ho! The Origin of Santa! 3656 Twelve Magic / Tragic Words 3406 Games Elves Play 12084 Short Dissertation on Ice Nymphs 3105 Interview with Santa Claus 2647 Why Santa gives lumps of coal! 1891 Santa's Best Kept Secret 2057 Santa's Fave Jokes 3517 Why Santa says HO HO HO 3913 Santa's Clothes? 8161 The Magical Pomegranate 6599 How the Elves first met Santa 4930 A true story by Zeeker the elf!
santa_m.ail 1100 Very Unhappy Poem to Santa
santa_mail 1063 Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire
santa_mo.ves 3630 The Imperceptibility of Santa Claus
st.woz 3406 A Visit from Saint Woz
stngxmas.txt 2908 The Night Before Christmas (Star Trek TNG Version)
stsxmast 14492 A Christmas Tale, by Franchot Lewis (1993)
the_worm.txt 3829 "The Worm Before Christmas" by Clement C. Morris
tree.asc 1031 INEZ Wishes you Happy Holidays
unixxmas.jok 2709 An Electronic Chistmas/Chanukah Card to All, by Evan Leibovitch, code by Beverly Erlebacher
xmas 3150 128 Column ASCII Art of Christmas Tree
xmas.stu 34576 The Twelve Thank You Notes of Christmas (November 18, 1990)
xmas.twelve 2511 The Twelve Computerized Days of Christmas
xmas.txt 7824 Shedding true light on Christmas Day, by The Cruiser.
xmas.vt 15955 VT100 Terminal Coded Christmas Card
xmas.worm 2784 The Worm Before Christmas
xmas1.txt 1896 Christmas Poem: I Can Help the Next Person at This Register, Please
xmas12.jok 6947 The 12 Days After Christmas
xmas2.txt 2593 Christmas Poem: A Sacred Meditation by David Fox, 1990
xmas_poem.txt 2866 The Night Before Christmas: The Liability Version
xmas_twe.lve 2616 The Twelve Computerized Days of Christmas
xmascard.rvw 3036 REVIEW: XMASCARDS - Disk 1 and 2 - Send ANSI Xmas Cards
xmasdec.txt 1482 Tree Decoration Recommendations
xmasfire.asc 1459 ASCII ART: Christmas Tree and Fireplace
xmasraid.txt 8401 An Christmas Raid on the Slaveshop of the North Pole, by Shawn Harold and Linda Thompson (December 23, 1994)
xmastory.txt 11710 Collection of a Half-Dozen Night Before Christmas Parodies
xmasworm.jok 3200 The Worm Before Christmas, by Clement C. Morris
yupixmas.txt 4449 The Night Before Christmas, The Yuppie Version
There are 73 files for a total of 379,033 bytes.