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This directory is filled with files that I considered funny, or trying to be funny. In some cases, the files might better belong in other sections because of their chosen subject matter, but usually, someone is just trying to make others laugh. Hopefully you’ll laugh too, or at least marvel that someone actually thought the chosen subject was humorous.

The sense of humor that people show online is pretty well varied; some people write fantastic diatribes on stupidity or weirdness they experience in their lives, some parody other common text files, and some just transcribe funny columns or jokes they heard. The range in this directory is, for the moment, beyond easy categorization.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
COMPUTER ./.. Computer-Related Humor
JOKES ./.. Standard Jokes
MLVERB ./.. The Humor of M.L. Verb (From Compuserve)
REAL ./.. The "Real" Guides
TAGLINES ./.. Collections of One-Liners
101nos.txt 5101 101 Easy Ways to Say No
1988.hilite 12221 The Most Important Events of 1988, from the San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle (1989)
20types 1557 The 20 Types of People You Might Meet in the Men's Room
21types.txt 1531 21 Types of People You Might Meet in the Men's Room!
59insn.txt 5456 The Warning Signs of Insanity
a-zfuck.txt 2572 The A-Z of Foul Language, by Deadbeat/Independent
aa.jok 1613 The Alcoholics' Anthem (To the Tune of Men of Harlech)
abbott.txt 8192 The Famous Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" Routine
aclamt.txt 3237 Supposed Medical Terms for Unpleasant, but Funny, Situations, from the National Lampoon
acronym.lis 8382 All Over List of Acronyms, 1990
acronym.txt 1214 Acronyms for the 1990's
acronyms.txt 88234 A Public-Domain Acronym/Abbreviation List
adcopy.hum 2444 Jason writes a bizzare Satanic Ad
addrmeri.txt 1950 Merit Badges for Man Scouts
admin.txt 2433 The Discovery of Administratium, the Heaviest Element
advrtize.txt 6962 It's an Ad Ad Ad Ad World
age.txt 2381 Were You Born Before 1945? You're a Survivor!
aggie.txt 1616 Letter from Aggie Mother to Her Son
aids.txt 27477 AIDS: Fact or Fiction? by Mr. Yuk, Mr. Telephone, and Mr. Weather (January 11, 1986)
airlines 3109 The Things I Hate and Love about Airlines, by Michael Rosen
alabama.txt 1865 Alabama Mom to Alabama Son (A Letter)
alcatax.txt 3328 The Alcoholics' Tax Return
alflog.txt 4893 My Life on Planet Earth: ALF's Secret Diary
ambrose.bie 5752 The Devil's Dictionary: Assulting Society
amchap2.txt 1468 How to Do a Kung-Fu Coin Grab
anim_lif.txt 22602 Life Imitating Art (About Growing Up in a Anime High School) by Curtis H. Hoffmann (November 28, 1992)
annoy.fascist 8367 101 Ways to Annoy a Facist by The Deth Vegetable and Lyndon LaRouche
answers 1631 Quick Answers to General Subjects. Well, Sort of.
anthropo.stu 5698 The Pedagological Tribal System of Primitive Cultures of the Scientific Research Community by Sara Duncan
arab.dic 2352 Useful Phrases to Know When Traveling in Muslim Areas
argotdic.txt 15172 Junk Culture Dictionary of Argot
art-fart.hum 8192 The Art of the Fart by the Guild Thieves
atombomb.hum 5997 How to Make an Atomic Bomb in 10 Easy Steps
att.txt 4633 Dealing with an AT&T Telemarketer
aussie.lng 9014 Dictionary of Australian Speak
b-2.jok 1932 Statement by Rep. Edward J. Markey against the B-2 stealth bomber, July 26
bad 22169 Things Might Seem Really Bad
bad-d 7168 You Know it's a Bad Day When.... by the Red Phantom
bad.jok 1312 You can tell it's going to be a rotten day when.....
badday.hum 4491 A Basically Bad Day
bagelope.txt 1971 The Ecology of the Bagelope, by Kel'anth (Bagels to You and Me)
bank.rob 4359 Rules for Bank Robbers
barney.cn1 4817 The Barney Chronicles, Volume 1, Issue 1, by Chameleon Prime
barney.txt 68697 The Day of the Barney
bb 4131 Role Playing Beavis and Butthead
bbq.txt 3456 Legal Agreement to Host a Barbeque
beapimp.hum 3395 How to Be a Pimp, guaranteed to... well, maybe not.
beave.hum 3856 Beaver Gone Bad! Fiction by Pete Stocton and Baron Von Crash
beer.hum 2672 52 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Women
beerdiag.txt 3095 Beer Diagnostics List
beerjesus.hum 689 Why Beer is Better than Jesus
bible.txt 598 Bible Misinterpretations
bigpic1.hum 2766 The Big Picture (Iceland Summit) by A. Whitney Brown
billcat.hum 4770 Exploring Bill the Cat's Brain, by Motorhead
bimg.prn 15758 The Bimbo Glossary
bitchcar.hum 4337 How to make The Most Bitchenest Car, by The Dead Kennedy
bitnet.txt 29450 Nutworks, the Electronic Humor Magazine Issue #21 (January, 1988)
blackapp.hum 2390 Rabidly offensive racist employment form
blackhol.hum 5203 New Information on Black Holes
blaster.hum 1253 How to make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
bless.bc 1594 Bless B.C. I Stay
blooprs1.asc 13776 The World According to Student Bloopers by Richard Lederer of St. Paul's School
bmdn01.txt 13824 ABL's Barney Must Die Newsletter Issue #1 (May 1993)
boatmemo.jok 5117 The Summer Boat Ride Memos
boe.hum 10598 Tales from the Bureau of Explosives
boneles2.txt 15330 Manifesto of the Church of Holly Farms by Clorox Albatross
bored.txt 16723 Things to Do When Bored
boston.geog 274 Boston Geography in One Paragraph
browneco.hum 7420 Conference with Christopher Browne of Hagar
btcisfre.hum 2518 Bill the Cat is MY Friend! By the Motorhead
bugbreak.hum 3729 How to Make Bugs Breakdance, by The Daredevil
bugs.txt 5094 How to Make Bugs Breakdance by The Daredevil (Includes Menu of Textfiles)
butwrong.hum 9106 But it Would Be Wrong, by Bill Safire
buzzword.hum 1185 How to whip out some corporate buzzwords
bw-phwan.hat 3325 Philosophical Ramblings by Buckwheat
bw-summe.hat 1674 Just what the hell IS Summer?
cabbage.txt 5686 The Night of the Cabbage Patch Kids, by Thomas Covenant of the Phido Phreaks
calculus.txt 2748 The Event of the Calculus Exam
calif.hum 731 Why I Hate California
calvin.txt 7280 Interview with Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) running for President
cancer.rat 4030 Living in Cages Linked to Cancer in Lab Rats!
carowner.txt 1717 The 6 Major Personality Traits of Car Owners, from Weld Pond
cars.txt 3302 Large List of "Alternate" Acronyms for Lots of Car Makes
cartoon.law 3992 The Cartoon Laws, by Trevor Paquette and Lt. Justin D. Baldwin
cartoon.laws 4601 The Cartoon Laws, by Trevor Paquette & Lt. Justin D. Baldwin
cartoon_.txt 3865 O'Donnell's Laws of Cartoon Motion, from the June 1980 Esquire
cartoon_laws.txt 4523 The Cartoon Laws, by Trevor Paquette & Lt. Justin D. Baldwin
cartwb.son 4087 Alternate Explanation for the Lyrics in a Bugs Bunny Song
catballs.hum 2058 Looking at the Cat's Balls, by Charles Bulkowski
catin.hat 4412 Sigmund Freud on Seuss, by Josh LeBeau
catranch.hum 2685 Dewey, Cheatham, and Screw Internal Memorandum
catstory.txt 2137 A Cat, a Tree, and a New Word
cbmatic.hum 5517 The New Ronco CB-Matic
cform2.txt 5743 Standardized Bonehead Reply Form
chainltr.txt 1744 The Toilet Chain letter
change.hum 2290 A Comedy of Errors around Cable Cars
cheapin.la 4223 Supposedly True Funny Interoffice Memo from the LA Times
chickens.jok 3892 How Many Chickens Can You Fit Into a Generic Pontiac?
childhoo.jok 17034 The Etiology & Treatment of Childhood
childrenbooks.txt 1507 Children's Books You'll Never See
chinesec.hum 2465 Chinese Profanity Translations
chunnel.txt 3023 Ode to the Chunnel, or Why the English do Not Want a Channel Tunnel
church.sto 4424 Funny (Supposedly True) Church Stories
climbing.let 27721 Climbing Letters to the Editor Part II
co-car.jok 1876 How to Recognize a Company Car
cockney.alp 1498 The Cockney Alphabet
coffee.txt 9763 Smurf Liberation Front presents the S.L.F. Coffee File by Lithium Clown
coffeebeerwomen.txt 3547 Coffee and Beer: Better Then Women
cogdis.txt 9667 Short Paper about Cognitive Dissondance
cold.fus 5812 I'm Going to Assume This is Some Sort of HillBilly joke.
coldfake.hum 4006 How To Fake Cold Symptoms by The Daredevil
collected_quotes.txt 50622 Aaron Fuegi's Collected Quotations
college.hum 3682 The Top Ten Lists Go to College, by The Deth Vegetable
college.sla 19350 The Complete College Slang Dictionary
college.txt 6483 How to Get into College by Ian Osmond (Xiphias Gladius)
commutin.jok 12782 Commuting for the Beginner
computer.txt 7195 Things to Do in a Computer Lab
comrevi1.hum 20963 Don Tylers Splash Page: Comic Reviews, Setember 1985
conan.txt 13915 The Adventures of Conan the Librarian, by Alan Arnold
confucius_say.txt 2886 Confucius Say.....
consp.txt 49422 A Complete List of All The Stuff That's Probably in the Big Government Warehouse of All The Stuff You're Not Supposed to Know About
contract.moo 11908 Some Completely Over the Top Contract
cookie.1 33745 The Fortune Cookie File from Karl Lehenbauer (January 14, 1989)
cooking.jok 1980 A Definition of Cooking Terms
coollngo2.txt 3502 Cyberpunk Street Slang: The Cool Lingo of 2020
cooplaws 2647 Cooper's Laws of Life
cops.txt 971 Top Twelve Things NOT to Say to a Cop
corporat.txt 1440 The Creation of Corporate Policy
court.quips 2035 Disorder in the Court: a Collection of 'Transquips' by Richard Lederer
cowexplo.hum 7613 The Legend of the Cow Exploder!
coyote.txt 11939 COYOTE v. ACME (Wiley E. Coyote, Plaintifff v. Acme Company, Defendant)
cuchy.hum 8524 La Cucaracha, by Mr. Sandman
cucumber.jok 5739 The "why cu_CUM_bers are better than men" list
cucumber.txt 2177 Why Cucumbers are Better Than Men
curiousgeorgie.txt 4081 Curious Georgie by The Penguin
curse.txt 4294 Spanish Obscenities and Insults Dictionary by Midnight Sorrow
d-ned.hum 3525 The Saga of D-Ned.
dark.suc 6521 The Theory of Dark Suckers by Paul Holmgren
dead-r 3079 50 Extended Uses for a Dead Rubber, by The Banana Peel and the Garbage Can
dead2.txt 32397 DEAD2.DOC: A Musical Drama in -V- Parts from the Dedaparamaxx Productions
dead3.txt 59417 DEAD3.DOC: Our Heroes Enter Cyberspace by Dedaparamaxxaginos Productions
dead4.txt 68489 DEAD IV: Revenge of the Siberian Dwarf Teenage Mutant Ninja Samurai BBS Girls from Hell with Hormones That Go Bump In the Night: A Romance
dead5.txt 78620 DEAD V: Raiders of the Lost Byte by Dedaparamaxxaginos
deathhem.txt 2771 Standard Procedure on Death of Employee (A Memo, April 1, 1985)
dedpussy.txt 7734 50 Uses for the Household Pussy, by Gross Genitalia, December 04, 1989
deep.txt 8419 Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey
defectiv.hum 3363 Devective Defectors
desk.txt 641 Top Things that Suck at Emerson College's Library
deterior.hum 1787 DETERIORATA
devils.jok 13529 Excerpts from "The Devil's Dictionary", by Ambrose Pierce, 1911
diesmurf.txt 2805 A Collection of Anti-Smurf Poetry, by The Smuggler and the Highwayman of Underground Communications (1985)
dieter.txt 2933 Transcription of a Mike Myers "Sprockets" Skit from Saturday Night Live
dingding.hum 3543 A Little Ding In the Door
dirtword.txt 4832 Words that are Not Heard on Public TV, by George Carlin
disaster.hum 2327 Reflections on Disaster
disclmr.txt 3312 A General Disclaimer
disclym.txt 3312 The Supreme Disclaimer
doc-says.txt 3072 What the Doctor Says and What the Doctor Means
docdict.txt 8064 A Little Editing Needed Here (The Doctor as Humorist)
docspeak.txt 3055 What the Doctor Says and What He Really Means
doggun.sto 7273 Freeze! I'm Armed with a Dog!
donut.txt 8939 How Different Philosophies Handle The Donut
dover.poem 881 The Dover Poem, by KWH 1981
drinker.txt 2657 The Drinkers' Fault-Finding Guide
drinking.tro 2435 The Drinkers' Fault-Finding Guide
drinkrul.jok 3144 Philosophies of Life
drive.txt 6322 Macho Driving in Massachusetts
dromes.txt 8281 Here's a Bunch of Palindromes
druggame.hum 1990 Take Me Out to the Drug Game
drunk.txt 7064 You know it's time to go on the wagon when...
dthought.txt 8507 Collection of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey
dubltalk.jok 3771 The Quarterly Review of Doublespeak, 1988
dym 18265 Speaking in Texican: A Primer
eandb.drx 3224 How Ernie and Bert Came to Be, by The Durex Blender Corporation
eatme.txt 2059 Eat Mee Kitchen, Chinese Food to Eat Out
econridl.fun 7831 Who paid for the Englishman? A Riddle
electric.txt 2195 Primer for Homeowners: The Electrical System
element.jok 1976 Scientists Discover Administratium, the Heaviest Element
elephant.fun 5771 Determining Your Job By How You Hunt Elephants
elevator.fun 3456 50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator by Toni Ralston
empeval.txt 2944 Profanity-Laden New Employee Evaluation Form
engineer.hum 2097 The Condemned: A poem
english 9962 Some examples of weird things that came in the English Language
english.txt 12026 A Collection of Language Questions with Answers
engrhyme.txt 1889 Poem about the foolishness of English
enlightenment.txt 2471 Drime Your Karma, Curb Your Dogma: Swami Beyondananda's Guidelines for Enlightenment
enquire.hum 7029 The New, Improved National Enquirer, 1985
epitaph 6822 Epitaths, Famous Last Words
eskimo.nel 8728 The Ballad of Eskimo Nell
exam.50 7620 50 Fun Things To Do During a Final You Were Going To Fail Already
excuse.txt 5120 Excuses for Turning Down a Date
excuse30.txt 7424 Top Excuses for Arriving Late to French Class, including French Translations!
excuses.txt 3200 A Collection of Typical School Excuses
f_tang.txt 5654 Frank Tang Sell Best Good Mushroom! (From National Lampoon)
failure.txt 1844 A Collection of Complete and Utter Failures
farsi.phrase 1725 Useful Farsi Phrases for American Officers Traveling to Iran
farsi.txt 1657 Useful Farsi Phrases for Americans Travelling to the Middle East
fartinfo.txt 8673 The Facts about Flatulence, by Margaret C. McDonald
fartting.txt 3621 ...on Farting, by Bosk
fascist.txt 8521 101 Ways to Annoy a Fascist, by The Deth Vegetable
fbipizza.txt 2673 JOKE: The FBI Orders Pizza (1996)
fed.txt 3256 AOL Feds, by Shot
fegg!int.txt 2604 Dr. Fegg's Encyclopaedia of *All* World Knowledge (Formerly the NASTY BOOK) (April 9, 1994)
feggaqui.txt 2943 Dr. Fegg's Encyclopedia of *All* World Knowledge (Apil 11, 1994)
feggmagi.txt 3776 Dr. Fegg's Encyclopedia of *All* World Knowledge (Magic) (April 10, 1994)
female.jok 2556 Chemical Analysis on the "Woman" Element
figure_1.txt 5400 AT&T Customer Service Memorandum (See Figure 1)
final-ex.txt 3915 The Ultimate Final Examination
finalexm.hum 3929 Final Examination from Hell
fireplacein.txt 6737 He Swears This is a True Story about the Fireplace
firstaid.inf 4633 Quick First Aid Card
firstaid.txt 3589 First Aid for Non-Medically Minded Persons
flattax.hum 2940 The Flat-Out Tax Revisited
flowchrt 1611 FlowChart for Problem-Solving
flowchrt.txt 1421 Problem Solving Flowchart
flux_fix.txt 23989 A Very Large Amount of Random Thinking
footfun.hum 873 Cops Recover Human Foot in Sewer
forsooth.hum 1064 Mother Spanks Son and Blows Up
free-cof.fee 4522 The Coffee Manifesto by Steve Guccione (June 11, 1990)
freshman.hum 4019 A Quick note to the Freshman of Horace Greeley
freudonseuss.txt 3640 Freud on Seuss by Josh LeBeau: A Review (From the UCSD Humor Magazine)
from.hum 2461 From the 60's to the 80's
fuck!.txt 2944 The Greatness of the word "Fuck"
fuckyou2.txt 11662 Toxic Shock Presents: Fuck You Too, I I Hate Your Guts (Toxic File #49)
fusion.gal 2853 Fusion Girl (Scientific Song Parody) by Bill Higgins (1989)
fusion.sup 6545 Observation of Warm Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Soup
fwksfun.hum 6335 Fireworks Foibles and Follies
gaiahuma 1759 The Rules for Being a Human
ganamembers.txt 1369 How to Identify Gang Members
gas.txt 12567 The Fart Classification Chart (Fart Chart)
gd_guide.txt 9508 Game Developer Magazine Writer Guidelines
german.aut 3154 English and German Driving Terms
girlspeak.txt 4643 Girlspeak to English Dictionary
godmonth.txt 3144 The God of the Month Club
goforth.hum 5681 o Forth and Wait, a Play in One Act
gohome.hum 4456 Group Opposed to Harboring Movers from the East (G.O. H.O.M.E.)
good.txt 1436 How to Write Good, by Frank L. Visco
gown.txt 8291 A Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown, by Charles E. Siem
grail.txt 59904 The Strictly Unofficial Script of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (January 25, 1989)
grammar.jok 3493 The Future of the English Language, Demonstrated
grommet.hum 3128 Help! The Grommet's Missing!
grospoem.txt 12333 Redone Nursery Rhymes, with WAY too many disclaimers at the top
growth.txt 2304 Personal Growth Courses from hell
hack 3226 Memo To Employees: You Can Never Leave
hacktest.txt 20467 The Hacker Test (Version 1.0) by Felix Lee, John Hayes and Angela Thomas (June 16, 1989)
harmful.hum 3642 Dirty Air
hate.hum 3741 I HATE EVERYTHING
headlnrs 4361 A Collection of True Newspaper Headlines that Merit a Second Glance
hecomes.jok 3213 The Legend of Mad Martin
height.txt 925 The Height of ________ is..
hell.jok 3862 Welcome to Hell!
hell.txt 1307 A List of Things in Hell
herb!.hum 6784 Herb? Who's Herb? Where's He From!?!?
hi.tec 9750 Completely Bizzare Diseases
hierarch.txt 1414 The Heirarchy of a Business
hilbilly.wri 2432 Medical Terminology for the Layperson
history2.oop 8181 A History of the Past: Life Reeked with Joy
hitler.59 5201 The Top 59 Mistakes Made by Adolf Hitler (To Err is Hitler)
hitler.txt 4199 The Top 59 Mistakes Made by Adolf Hitler
hitlerap.txt 2076 Mel Brooks' Hitler Rap
hoonsrc.txt 3188 Auckland Hoon's Road Code
hoosier.txt 2442 You know you're a Hoosier when......
horoscop.jok 3206 Horoscopes for Philosophy Graduate Students by Lije
horoscop.txt 2584 Horoscopes for Philosophy Graduate Students, by Lije
horoscope.txt 2993 Your Lifetime Horoscope
hotel.txt 5464 Some Foriegn Signs That Attempt To Be In English
hotnnot.hum 9159 He Warelock tells you What's Hot and What's Not
how.bugs.breakd 4864 How to make Bugs Breakdance by The Daredevil of The Police Station
how2bgod.txt 6079 How to Be God Book II by Rusty Nail, Flat Tire, Jim
how_to_i.pro 2720 How to Identify Professors
howlong.hum 6950 How Long Things Take
hstlrtxt.txt 2747 You Know You're from Hustler, Wisconsin, When.....
htswfren.txt 7100 How to Swear in French by Cherry Poptart
hum2 5350 The Who's On First Routine by Abbot and Costello
humatra.txt 9209 HUMATRANS: A Transportation Device for Homo Sapiens
humatran.jok 9812 HUMATRANS (A Transportation Device for Homo Sapiens) (Reviews)
humor9.txt 260470 You Might Be a Redneck if....
humpty.dumpty 1388 The Story of Humpty Dumpty
icm.hum 2547 Another First for ICM
idaho.txt 14716 The True Story of Idaho
idr2.txt 2941 The Industrial Dude Ranch Letter
imbecile.txt 1876 Position Available: Imbecile!
imprrisk.hum 13056 Enhancing the Game "Risk" by Redd Slaver
impurmat.hum 4266 Impure Mathematics
incarhel.hum 2116 Jason's 15 Incarnations of Hell
initials.rid 3100 Some of the Ancient Riddles from the Past, by Peter Young (The Initial Riddle) (May 25, 1989)
inlaws1.txt 13302 The Book of the In-Lawys
inquirer.txt 4608 The Irrational Enquirer: Headlines
ins1 3321 The Rules for Being Human
insanity.hum 9305 Keeping Insanity in the Closet, by The Weatherman
insult 2024 28 Laughing Ways to Insult Your Friends and Enemies
insult.lst 106864 A Completely Bizzare List of Insults of All Sorts
insults1.txt 59966 Yo Momma So Fat, I Have a List of Several Hundred Insults
insuranc.sty 5753 Some Stories about why Insurance Companies Suck
insure.hum 2850 He hurt himself because he lost his presence of mind.
interv.hum 4224 Interview with Elder Berri abut Nabih Berry
investi.hum 5202 Investigation into the "Lynch Mob"
iqtest 2767 Your Intelligence Test
is_story.txt 6150 The Story on the CD by Information Society, grabbed by Andro and Tetsuo Shima
italoink.txt 1821 Badly Faked Italian Letter Indicating the Letter-Writer is an Idiot
ivan.hum 6281 Ivan and the Burlap Quilt
jac&tuu.hum 13924 The Real Story behind Jacob Riis and The Unknown User
japrap.hum 2054 We're Jap Girls, we Take No Crap
jargon.phd 3807 Glossary for Research Papers: Strictly Speaking
jason.fun 74093 Jason Sadofsky: The Tribune Articles 1986-1988
jc-elvis.inf 4657 JESUS and ELVIS - Coincidence, or Cosmic Plan?
jeffie.heh 1563 Oops! Jeff is in TROUBLE.....
johann 475 Why it is No-one remembers Johann?
jokeju07.txt 1878 Actual Messages from Real Church Bulletins
jokes 38867 Collection of Tasteless Jokes
jokes.txt 20954 Joke Blab from the Datanet. Edited By The Slipped Disk
jokes1.txt 24334 The Zen of Cat Bathing
jrrt.riddle 975 Collection of Really Old Riddles
just2 2108 How to Know You're Growing Older: A List
justify 1502 Strange Text Justification Experiment
kid2 816 Jessica Gets it All Wrong
kid_diet.txt 4213 New Infants' Miracle Diet for Overweight People
killer.hum 1279 He's the Walk In Killer
killself.hum 8133 101 Ways to Kill Yourself!
kilsmur.hum 3189 A Compilation of Anti-Smurf Poetry
kloo.txt 11207 The Kloo Gnomes Present: The Not-So-Sacred Book of Kloos
koans.txt 8441 Collection of Zen Koans
la_times.hun 4556 Interoffice Memos and Tar
labels.txt 1178 Some Labels.....
lampoon.jok 1809 The Harvard Lampoon, "Bored of the Rings"
languag.jok 699 The ACTUAL Uses for Each Language
law.sch 4172 A Law School Chronology... Will they Be Lawyers or Not?
lawhunt.txt 3408 Washington 1986/87 Attorney Season and Bag Limits
laws.txt 9516 Interesting US Laws, taken from the Seattle P-I
lawskool.txt 5989 A Welcome Speech Supposedly Delivered by Dean William S. Prosser to his Freshman Law Students
lawsuniv.hum 3233 Rules of the Universe, by the Masters of the Universe
lawyer.jok 26307 The Canonical List of Lawyer Jokes
lawyers.txt 2237 How Many Lawyers?
lazarus.txt 3656 From the Notebooks of Lazarus LONGINT (Parody of Lazarus Long)
lbinter.hum 31676 The Lord British Online Conference
leech.txt 4573 The Leech at Work by The Rocker
legal.hum 7069 The Law Enforcement Translator
let.go 5862 A Captain Writes His Insurance Report
letgosh.txt 5374 A Large Comedy of Errors in the Ship's Log
letter.txt 22677 Best of the David Letterman Top 10 Lists
letter_f.sch 2605 A Letter From School
libraway.txt 3083 Pat Robertson speaks out for Anal Retention sufferers
liceprof.sty 1852 Funny Passage from Gordon Ostlere, "Doctor in the House," 1952
lif&love.hum 7568 Life and Love, by Tristan Farn0n
lifeimag.hum 9781 "All in a Days Imagination", by Theta Sigma
lifeinfo.hum 9216 The Meaning of Life (The Computer Game)
limerick.jok 8184 Small Collection of Dirty Lyrics
lines.jok 12923 A List of Classic (?) Pick-Up Lines
lion.jok 10151 The "Classic" How to Catch a Lion
lion.txt 9650 The Many Weird Ways to Catch a Lion
lions.cat 12382 A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting (Hunting Using Math Theories)
livnware.hum 2911 The Song 'Livin on a Ware' by Eddie and the Lusers
llamas.txt 6253 The Mettle Of Our Llamas
lll.hum 5762 The Legume Liberation League Manifesto
llong.hum 41331 The Notebooks of Lazarus Long
lobquad.hum 1427 The Lobster Quadrille, by Lewis Carroll
looser.hum 17660 How to Spot a Loset, by The Incognito of 202 Alliance
losers84.hum 25313 The Official 1984 LozerList by The Atom
losers86.hum 13109 The Losers of 1986, by Micro Magician/The Fugitive
lotsa.jok 25057 Grab-Bag of Jokes
lozers 8877 Chucko's Guide for Detecting Lozer Users
lozerzon.hum 12970 The Loser Zone, by The Circle Spellbook
lozeuser.hum 50165 The LoserUsers: A Documentary, by Trash Compactor
lp-assoc.txt 6452 Life Placement Associates, by Daniel P Dern
lucky.cha 3492 Judge Who You Are by the Lucky Charms Marshmallows you Like
ludeinfo.hum 9298 The Luding Chronicles, by Sinbad Sailor!
ludeinfo.txt 10344 The Basics of Luding
luggage.hum 6812 The Lost Luggage Scam
luvstory.txt 69492 Dead IV: The Book of Dead
luzerzo2.hum 11778 Another Tale From The Loser Zone: Black Buccaneer
m0dzmen.hum 13819 The Trabelling M0dzmen, Part II
macsfarm.old 13137 The Tragic Tale of Old MacDonald's Farm, a Personnel Saga by A. Mouse
madhattr.jok 3019 How to Ceelbrate Mad Hatter Day
madscrib.hum 13506 The Writings of the Mad Scribe, Volume III
maecenas.hum 10905 Marcenas, by Chuck Capaldi
mailfrag.hum 4167 Mail Fraud, by L.E. Pirate
makebeer.hum 4653 Homemade Beer, by The Whizz