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While in today’s world, the Internet is a fact of life, and most mentions of it deal with unusual new laws or the discussion of the Internet as a cultural force in the world, this wasn’t always the case. Started as a network of networks in the late 1960’s, the Internet was, by today’s standards, a pitifully slow connection that spanned only the most with-it college campuses and govenment installations. While the BBS world thrived and exploded, the Internet slowly grew, adding new schools and stronger connections over time. Before BBSes knew what hit them, this collegiate computer tool suddenly because The Next Big Thing, and any BBS that didn’t grow and adapt to handle the Internet in some form slowly withered and died. On the other hand, any BBSes that made the switch were mutated into something completely unrecognizable anyway, so it was a lose-lose situation as far as the BBS culture surviving intact.

Nostalgic whining aside, the Internet stood away from the BBS world in some very positive ways: It was truly worldwide and your writings could be seen by thousands around the world as opposed to less than a hundred if you were lucky; the participants were generally college-age and had gotten over that inexplicable need to act like a complete ass online; and the subjects and topics approached by different people on the Internet were generally both interesting, and deep.

Of course, it did in fact collapse into a relative heap when the Internet became the must-be-on place for every schmuck with a modem. But on the other hand, you didn’t need to spend tens of thousands a year for access to a terminal, either.

These files represent the thoughts of people in the late 80’s/early 90’s as they struggled to bring to the world the “definitive answer” on everything, which seems to have been one of the Internet’s inherent missions. They’re separate from BBS textfiles, but they’re definitely something worth checking out.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
CERT ./.. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Bulletins (1988-)
FAQ ./.. The Frequently Asked Questions Collection
31.txt 4986 DDN Management Bulletin #31: Police for Defense Data Netowkr Node Relocations (March 24, 1986)
32.txt 3842 DDN Management Bulletin #32: Phase 1 Of the Domain Name Implementation (January 22, 1987)
36.txt 5747 DDN Management Bulletin #36: DDN Monitoring Centers (December 10, 1987)
aboutmtv.txt 1690 Adam Curry Explains: What is MTV.COM?
acronyms.txt 1731 Some Common E-Mail Acronyms
action 5846 IRC Action Coding Script by PosterBoy (January 22, 1994)
active.txt 50738 List of Currently Active USENET Newsgroups (June 6, 1992)
active2.txt 75775 List of Currently Active USENET Newsgroups (June 6, 1992) (Part 2)
address_.faq 24158 Obtaining Host and Address Information by Ron Ray of the Network Services Group of Johns Hopkins University
alt-news.txt 134025 A List of Newsgroups in the 'Alt" Heirarchy by Bruce Becker (May 6, 1994)
alterna1.txt 2077 Registration of Domain Names for Bitnet, Csnet and UUCP
alterna2.txt 4339 Domain Registration Template for CSNET and UUCP Sites
altgroup.txt 6546 Guidelines for the Creation of an ALT Group (December 7, 1992)
altirc.faq 17574 FAQ: The Internet Relay Chat FAQ Version 1.4 (August 7, 1995)
altxirc.irc 14922 FAQ: IRC Frequently Asked Questions (January 2, 1995)
anarchy 41094 Crypto Anarchy and Virtual Communities by Timothy C. May
anon 10642 Information on the Anon.Penet.Fi Anonymous Server (April 25, 1994)
anon.ftp 108970 A List of Anonymous FTP Servers from Jon Granrose (December 1, 1990) 25027 How to Set Up an Anonymous FTP Server (July 24, 1994)
anonftp.txt 36864 List of Internet Sites Accepting Anonymous FTP, by Jon Granrose (March 13, 1990)
ansnet 3833 The ANS Acceptable Use Policy
archie.doc 20818 Information on using Archie for E-mail Version 3.0 (April 10, 1993) 39052 MAN Page for ARCHIE
archie.txt 3295 How to Look Up FTP Files on ARCHIE (July 22, 1991)
asn.txt 48626 List of Autonomous System Numbers (July 22, 1992)
asn_temp.txt 5738 Registering for an Autonomous System Number
astroftp.txt 10547 The Astronomy FTP List (April 5, 1993)
atmtutor.txt 39461 A Brief Tutorial on ATM by Zahir Ebrahim (March 5, 1992)
au_regis.ann 3998 Information on The Australian Internet Registry
author.lst 42744 A List of Reachable Major MsDos Authors of Files at FTP Archives (February 28, 1993)
autonet.txt 80186 DOCUMENTATION: AUTONET: Automated Internet Communications 3.0 by David SMith (1995)
autonet3.txt 5764 Autonet Terminal Identity Codes
autonet4.txt 5973 Autonet Publications
banned.faq 62721 FAQ: How to Receive Banned Newsgroups FAQ (November 30, 1994) 22484 Complete List of Networks World Wide, from Sk8 the Skinhead
bbslist.txt 34028 Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List (June 15, 1992)
bd_appd.txt 24569 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Appendix
bd_ch1.txt 45802 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 1: Setting Up and Jacking In
bd_ch10.txt 7971 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 10: News of the Weird
bd_ch11.txt 28152 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 11: IRCs and MUDs
bd_ch12.txt 12509 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 12: Education and the Net
bd_ch13.txt 7855 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 13: Business on the Net
bd_ch2.txt 42089 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 2: E-mail
bd_ch3.txt 45939 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 3: Usenet I
bd_ch4.txt 29582 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 4: Usenet II
bd_ch5.txt 9481 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 5: Mailing Lists and Bitnet
bd_ch6.txt 50298 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 6: Telnet
bd_ch7.txt 42314 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 7: FTP
bd_ch8.txt 36094 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 8: Gophers, WAIS, Web
bd_ch9.txt 17026 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Chapter 9: Advanced E-Mail
bd_pref.txt 29446 The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 (February 1994): Preface and Introduction
bigfun.txt 24960 Big Fun in the Internet with Uncle Bert
billbord.txt 29082 Electronic Billboards on the Digital Superhighway: A Report of the Working Group on Internet Advertising The Coalition for Networked Information (March 18, 1994)
bitnet 95578 A List of Nodes on BITNET (December 14, 1988)
bitnet.inf 44975 BioBit No 17 (Bitnet for the complete idiot) (October 15, 1990)
bitnic 27321 A Directory of Files on Bitnet (March 19, 1988)
blacker.txt 52196 DOCUMENTATION: Blacker Interface Control Document (March 21, 1989)
bot.txt 19481 Baloobear's Guide to Writing IRC Bots
brief.txt 1065 How to Get onto IRC, from Antares Cybersquatting Division (August 9, 1994) 5448 A Listing of NSFNETworks by Country (June 1, 1994) 3080 NSFNetworks by US State (June 1, 1994)
bytes.hst 689 NSFNet Byte Traffic History (April, 1994)
c 33353 Some Frequently Submitted Questions on USENET
cerfnet 2171 The Acceptable Use Policy for CERFnet
chat 4290 Instructions of VMS Chat
chern.vax 16507 The Arrival of the USSR on Usenet (April 1st, 1984)
cihac009.txt 218045 Illegal and Offensive Content on the Information Highway: A Background Paper, by Gareth Sansom, Long Range Planning & Analysis (DPP) Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunications Sector (SITT) Industry Canada (June 19, 1995)
cisler.nre 16144 The National Research and Education Network: Two meetings (December 17, 1990) 31426 Closing the Net, by Greg Costikyan, from Reason Magazine
coemail 12431 Formulating a Company Policy on Access to and use and Disclosure of Electronic Mail on Company Computer Systems by David R. Johnson and John Podesta (October 22, 1990)
concert 8577 Operational Policies for Internet Network 128.109 and The Concert Network
confidential.txt 2279 SPAM: A Confidential Letter, Help Get Nigerian Money
contents 3326 All You Ever Wanted to Know About Usenet (July 27, 1991)
cppnews.txt 10997 DOCUMENTATION: CPPNews Version 1.2
craig.she 5448 Do Not Send Any Cards to Craig Shergold! (The Craig Shergold FAQ)
cren 3881 The Acceptable Use Policy for the Corporation for Research and Education Networking
crocker.txt 47638 The Political and Social Implications of the Net by Steve Crocker (October 29, 1992)
cwis.txt 32780 The Campus-Wide Information Systems List by Judy Hallman (April 7, 1992)
cyberpunk.txt 3289 Some thoughts about Cyberpunks and Post Humans, by Wyzel
d 19229 A Primer on How to Work with the USENET Community by Chuq Von Rospach (October 23, 1991)
datapac.inf 12445 Technical Guide to DataPac, by The New Dark Council (1990)
datapac.log 18878 Datapac 3101 ITI Parameters Description
datapac1.txt 29450 Datapac 3101 Outdial Procedures, Captured and Edited by Damaged Mind (October 23, 1991)
datapac4.txt 20024 Datapac 3101 Service Descriptions
datapac5.txt 17415 Datapac Network Messages
dearemil.pos 12648 Dear Emily Postnews: Emily Postnews, the Foremost Authority on Proper Net Behaviour
defdb.txt 77311 Department of Defense Federal Data Bases List
defense 10448 Defense Data Network Blues, by Harry Hackalot
defensed.txt 10628 Defense Data Network Blues, by The Federation and The Baud Baron Stolen from Harry Hackalot's File 42065 The Del Rey Books Internet Newsletter Issue #4 (May, 1993)
demosite.lst 6404 The Official Demo FTP List by Belgorath (March 22, 1994)
diac92.txt 62740 Mudding: Social Phenomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities by Pavel Curtis of Xerox PARC
dirtyftp.ill 7457 A List of FTP and Telnet Sites
disemail.txt 12418 How to Send Disguised E-mail (Forging)
dom 159672 A Complete List of US Domains from a Long Time Ago
domain.hac 4746 Domain Hijacking and InterNIC Loopholes
domain.txt 22616 What is a USENET Domain? By Mark R. Horton, Bell Laboratories
dpacbas.txt 9425 The Basics to DATAPAC, by Mister X (February 2, 1991)
dummy20.txt 408942 The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet by Shari Steele (January 15, 1994)
e 17409 FAQ: Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette (July 25, 1991)
ejournal 244055 Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters by Michael Strangelove (July 1992)
electrop.txt 115151 Electropolis: Communication and Community on Internet Relay Chat by Elizabeth H. Reid, 1991
email 21201 Policies on Electronic Mail: A Summary From Different Sites, by Todd Hooper
email7.txt 58494 Accessing the Internet by E-Mail: Doctor Bob's Guide to offline Internet Access, by Doctor Bob Rankin (July 1998)
email_pr 19636 Computer Electronic Mail and Privacy by Ruel T. Hernandez (January 11, 1987)
english.txt 43375 DOCUMENTATION: PC Yarn: Offline News Storage and Reading System
etiquett 18418 A Primer on How to Work With the USENET Community by Chuq Von Rospach, 21 Jan 1991
f 4668 Some Hints on Writing Style for USENET (July 25, 1991)
farnet 10296 The FARnet Acceptable Usage Policy
fibersph.ere 54028 The Coming of the Fibersphere (December 7, 1993)
filelist 12016 The Cathouse List of File Archives (April 2, 1993)
firewall_faq.txt 27557 FAQ: The Internet Firewalls FAQ (1994)
fndemail 27783 FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses (March 31, 1993)
fricc 2296 The FRICC Policy on Interconnectivity and Resource Sharing from Bill Bostwick (July 2nd, 1990)
ftp-10.acb 7931 The Internet Warez Sites List (April 3, 1995)
ftp-11.acb 6617 Windoom's Personal Badass Motherfucker List (FTP Sites)
ftp-12.acb 4978 Taran's FTP and FSP PC Site List (February 24, 1995)
ftp-13.acb 4778 The Anonymous Warez Exchange List
ftp-14.acb 4090 The NS FTP Site List (February 20, 1995)
ftp-15.acb 2346 The Chrome FTP Site List by Guilder Lamprey (February 26, 1995)
ftp-3.acb 9111 A Warez FTP and FSP List
ftp-4.acb 30722 A List of Warez Sites and What's In Em
ftp-5.acb 10479 The FTP Warez List by AnacondA (January 1, 1995)
ftp-6.acb 2287 A List of Warez FTP Sites by BaergaMan
ftp-7.acb 2540 A List of Warez FSP Sites
ftp-8.acb 9687 General List of All Sorts of FTP Sites
ftp-9.acb 2502 The Puke List of FTP Sites
ftp-help.txt 6924 Using "anonymous ftp" to get files from other Internet machines by Mark Moraes, University of Toronto
ftp-qna.txt 8053 Questions & Answers about anonymous ftp by Odin (January 5, 1990)
ftp.lis 149881 A List of Anonymous FTP Servers, by Jon Granose (March 8, 1991)
ftp.txt 134197 The Anonymous FTP List, by Jon Granrose (October 9, 1990)
ftpbounc.txt 10396 The FTP Bounce Attack, by Hobbit (July 12, 1995)
ftpmail 39995 Special Internet Connections from Scott Yanoff (December 6, 1993)
ftpsites 109292 Large List of FTP Sites by Jon Granrose (December 1, 1990)
ftpsites.txt 153042 A List of Internet-Wide FTP Sites (1990)
gamingftp 11660 The Really Up To Date Gaming FTP Site List by Theresa Verity (May 30, 1994)
gateways 7594 Inter-Network Mail Guide by John J. Chew (February 23, 1990)
genderol 25452 Gender Issues in Online Communications by Hoai-An Truong and Members of BAWIT (1993)
god 6486 A Somewhat Idiosyncratic View of the Internet As Portrayed as a Parable of Genesis
granrose 244065 An Introduction to Anonymous FTP Servers and What's Available, by Granrose
h 18484 USENET Software: History and Sources (October 23, 1991)
hackingenie.txt 14125 The Information Center Issue #1: Accessing GEnie Free
hitch01 7168 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: First Meeting
hitch02 7808 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: The Flamers
hitch03 8960 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: The Singularans
hitch04 6016 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: E.C. The Extra Commercial
hitch05 8320 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Netrothea
hitch06 9600 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Netrothea Part II
hitch07 7296 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Everything is Alphabetic
hitch08 8448 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: The Flamers Return
hitch09 6528 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Martin
hitch10 7680 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Roarin' George
hitch11 6784 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Life, the Net and Everything Part I
hitch12 7936 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Net: Life, the Net, and Everything Part II
hitchhik.gui 59192 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet, by Ed Krol (August 25, 1987)
hosts.hst 2414 Approximate Amounts of Internet Hosts, 1981-1994
hosts.txt 1166485 The Department of Defense Internet Host Table (July 23, 1992)
howflame.txt 4067 The Twelve Commandments of Flaming, from David Byrnes (May 29th, 1994)
i 49338 FAQ: Alternative Newsgroup Hierarchies (October 23, 1991)
in_email.txt 57847 Accessing the Internet by E-Mail by Doctor Bob Rankin (March 1995)
inet-cmc 18343 Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication by John December (August 1, 1992)
inet.bbs 33501 Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List (March 20th, 1992)
interest.txt 262144 The List of Mailing Lists (September 21, 1990)
internet 12480 Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List (March 30, 1992)
internet.hack 47820 A Hacker's Guide to the Internet, by The Gatsby (July 7, 1991) 8996 A Listing of Special Internet Sites and Services
internet.q 52737 Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions, August 1990
internet.tcp 91328 Introduction to Internet Protocols, by the Computer Science Facilities Group (July 3, 1987)
internet.tour 216559 A Tour of the Internet (Poems, Stories, Histories of the Internet)
internet.txt 195569 Michael's List: A List of Internet Services (August, 1995)
intrntcm.inf 20040 Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication by John December (Release 1.6,) (September 1, 1992)
introduc 1866 An Introduction to WarCom 5, an IRC Script Collection
intwrm.vir 14538 A Preliminary Overview of the Internet Worm
ipaddr.txt 14030 Understanding IP Addressing, by Wally Linstruth (November 12, 1986)
irc-howto 6455 The IRC How To, by Wyzewun v0.1 (April 2, 1999)
irc.faq 69877 How to Get into IRC (The IRC FAQ) (August 9, 1994)
irc.nfo 6615 What is IRC? And what do I do with it?
isdn_faq_v4.2 106374 ISDN FAQ Version 4.2 (January 25, 1995)
j 41893 FAQ: A List of Active Newsgroups (October 23, 1991)
javabug.txt 7806 EXPLOIT: Java Class Loader Hole Recently Discovered (June 10, 1996)
jul93blt.txt 15600 Connecting to the Internet: Security Considerations (CSL Bulletin) (July, 1993)
k 18644 A List of Moderators of USENET Newsgroups (October 23, 1991)
killfile.faq 19217 The KILLFILE FAQ (October 21, 1995)
leviatha 207798 Searching for the Leviathan in Usenet, by Richard Clark Mackinnon, December, 1992
listserv.lis 201246 List of all LISTSERV lists known to LISTSERV@BITNIC on January 14, 1992
lita.nre 96178 Libraries and the National Research and Education Network (June, 1990)
los-nett 540 The Los Nettos Acceptable Use Guidelines
lstserv.txt 234120 List of all LISTSERV lists known to LISTSERV@BITNIC on September 16, 1992
mages-guide2 44913 The Mage's Guide to th Internet by Tyagi Nagasiva Version 2.0 (April 29, 1994)
mailguid.e 24898 The Inter-network mail transfer guide by John J. Chew (June 25, 1992)
maillist.lst 1348691 The List of Special Interest Mailing Lists (June 14, 1993)
modem.txt 45650 Information on Configuring a Modem for Connecting to the Internet (April 19, 1995)
moder.lst 33604 A List of Moderators at Anonymous FTP Sites with MS-DOS or Windows Material, by Timo Salmi and Rhys Weatherley (1994)
mrnet 31098 The Minnesota Regional Network Bylaws, September 23, 1987
msdosx.ftp 8609 FAQ: List of Recommended PC (DOS) Archive sites Accessible via FTP (July 18, 1991)
muck_for.ref 3412 The MUF Cheat-Sheet, as seen by Sammael (Arthur, The., etc)
mud-arti 5929 How Students See an Artificial World, by David L. Wilson (February 12, 1993)
mud.dic 46979 Three's Unabridged Dictionary of MUD Commands
mudlist 43860 The Totally Unofficial List of Internet Muds Volume 5, Issue 9 (June 1993)
mudlist.txt 51647 The Totally Unofficial List of Internet Muds Volume 6 Issue 3 (September 17, 1993)
mudrepor.inf 13560 Interactive Multi-User Computer Games
muds-rea 14021 MUDs and Reality (Mysticism/Computers - LONG THEORY) by Thyagi Morgoth NagaSiva (December 17, 1992)
muf.exa 5978 The MUF Examples List 28663 The MUF Reference Manual by Jethro, ChupChup and Black_Dougal
muf.tut 16405 Beginner's guide to MUF programming by ChupChup (August 10th, 1990)
ncsa.em 22439 The New NCSA E-Mail Policy Inconsistent with Academic Freedom, from Carl M. Kadie (April 23, 1991)
nearnet 2375 The NEARnet Acceptable Use Policy, 29 October 1990
netcat.txt 77141 DOCUMENTATION: Netcat Version 1.10
netcount.hst 5003 History of NSFNET Growth by Networks (1988-1994) (June 1, 1994)
netguide.txt 460283 formerly The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet by Adam Gafflin (October 23, 1995)
netiquette 16694 The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette by Arlene H. Rinaldi (September 3, 1992) 6686 Summary of Sending Internet Electronic Mail, Circa 1985
netnews.10 1329 Top Ten Problems with Netnews
netserv 24328 The NETSERV Filelist for Netsev at Bitnic (November 4, 1987)
netsurf 2057 Internet Traveler Guide. The Alternative Journey by Yaron Bloom & Uri Hasson (June 1994)
networks.lis 22825 List of Internet Networks and Protocols
news_dw.txt 9186 Divination Web News (August 9, 1994)
nfs494.hi 3822 NSFNET Traffic Distribution Highlights (April 1994)
nha-003.txt 197583 NetWork Hackers Alliance Issue 3
nis.txt 1545 NIS Explained, by Virtual Circuit and Psychotic
nixpub 52350 The NIXPUB Open Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites [both Fee and No Fee] (May 20, 1992)
nixpub.txt 55687 Open Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites [both Fee and No Fee] (September 1, 1992)
northwes 2607 The Northwest Net Acceptable Use Policy
ns101.txt 3937 Documentation for the Fake Nickserv Bot (Version 1.01) by Ang3ldust
nsfnet 2790 The NSFNet Acceptable Use Policy
nug.txt 227902 The DDN New User Guide Third Edition (September, 1991) 79557 DOCUMENTATION: NewsWerthy Version 2.0 by William Werth (1995)
o 71649 FAQ: Regional Newsgroup Hierarchies (July 25, 1991)
onet 5800 The ONet Association Acceptable Use Policy, October 23, 1990
packet.txt 12853 Packet Switching Networks and How they Work, March 4, 1985
pdial 27171 The Public Dialup Internet Access List (PDIAL) (October 15, 1992)
posting.rsk 5299 The RISKS of Posting to the Net (May 23, 1991) 8068 The Usenet Guide to Power Posting, by Hal Singer (May 24, 1988)
prepnet 4504 The PREPnet Acceptable Use Policy
privatiz.nre 15151 The Privatized NREN, by Mitch Kapor of the EFF (February 14, 1991)
q 12054 FAQ: A Guide to Social Newsgroups and Mailing Lists (October 23, 1991)
r 12506 FAQ: What is Usenet? (October 23, 1991) 7339 DOCUMENTATION: PSILink 3.2 Installation (August 1, 1992)
rfc2441.txt 11992 Working With Jon (Postel), by D. Cohen (November, 1998)
s 6603 FAQ: How to Construct the Mailpaths File (July 25, 1991)
sbjan95.www 20564 The SoftBase Report of Internet WWW Pages of Software Suppliers (January 3, 1995)
sec_ftp.faq 22631 How to Set Up a Secure Anonymous FTP Site Version 1.3 (June 1, 1994)
sendmail 16601 A Brief Tutorial on Sendmail Rules
sendmail.faq 16600 A Brief Tutorial on Sendmail Rules by Dr. Charles Hedrick (1985)
sendmailwb.txt 2858 A Description of the Sendmail Wizard Bug, by Steve Bellovin
services.faq 11482 FAQ: Alt.Internet.Services
sitelist 1101852 FAQ: An Anonymous FTP Sites Listing (February 22, 1995)
sl-inet.txt 27802 How Special Librarians really use the Internet (April 1, 1992)
slfp.faq 7228 Technical Information of the MIT Serial Line Framing Protocol (November 10, 1987)
slip_win.faq 4056 Using the Mosaic Web Browser over SLIP and PPP Connections
slipdoc.txt 80271 Personal Internet Access Using SLIP or PPP: How You Use It, How It Works by Frank Hecker (June 30, 1994)
smiley 14453 The Smiley Dictionary (September 12, 1990) by Per Goetterup
soc-sci.txt 69635 The Social Scientist's Guide to the Network (April 25, 1992)
softhis.txt 21203 FAQ: USENET Software: History and Sources, by Gene Spafford (April 15, 1992)
soup12.txt 40313 DOCUMENTATION: Simple Offline USENET Packet Format Version 1.2 by Rhys Weatherley (August 14, 1993)
source12.txt 43303 Finding Source Code on the Internet (Sources FAQ)
sp4rpt.txt 45895 Prototyping SP4: A Secure Data Network System Transport Protocol
spamfaq.txt 46328 The Network Abuse FAQ from J.D. Falk (July 8, 1996)
span01.vir 18375 SPAN Memorandum regarding the Internet Worm
span03.vir 7751 Security information on the Internet Worm, from SPAN
span04.vir 4551 Final SPAN warnings/insistences about the Internet Worm
spec1130.txt 18549 Special Internet Collections, by Scott Yanoff (November 30, 1992)
sprint 44281 The Complete Introductory Guide to SprintNet and Similar Packet Switched Networks (April 22, 1990)
sslfaq.103 66253 FAQ: SSL-Tak, by Christopher Allen (December 12, 1997)
sterling 22663 A Short History of the Internet by Bruce Sterling (November 23, 1993)
style.txt 5738 Hints on Writing Style for Usenet by Gene Spafford (April 12, 1992) 62140 Surfing the Internet: An Introduction Version 2.0.2 (December 15, 1992)
surfpoly.txt 62030 Surfing the Internet Version 2.0.2 by Jean Armour Polly (December 15, 1992)
surfwild.txt 24925 Surfing the Wild Internet, by Thomas F. Mandel (March, 1993)
sw56gu.txt 30052 The Inside Guide to Switched 56 Digital Data Services Integrated Network Corporation
tcp-ip-a.txt 179689 The Introduction to Administration of an Internet-Based Local Network by Rutgers University (October 3, 1988)
tcp-ip-i.txt 93867 Introduction to the Internet Protocols by Rutgers University (October 3, 1988)
tcpadmin 142024 Introduction to the Administration of an Internet-Based Local Network by Rutgers University (July 24, 1988)
tcpip.hac 91204 Introduction to the Internet Protocols by VVSR, Rutgers University
tcpiso.txt 77938 Round 2 in the great TCP/IP versus OSI Debate (March 15, 1989)
telecom.txt 7580 Choosing Modem Software: An Overview
telenet.access 4048 Telenet Access Numbers
telenet.directo 9569 A Telenet Directory 44634 Conversion of Telex Answerback Codes to Internet Domains by Paul Robinson (November 13, 1992)
teln0418.txt 14410 A List of Telnet Sites Available on the Internet, by CC May (April 18, 1993)
telnet.txt 7062 Using Remote Host Computers Via Telnet: Understanding Telnet
the-plan 9730 The Rules for the Operators in The.Plan by Jennifer Wesp (July 1991) (IRC)
thumb.txt 4432 DOCUMENTATION: Thumb Version 1.2 by Kevin Leonard and Paul Braren
top1000.use 17259 The Top 1000 English Words from a Year of Usenet
tour.crt 79545 A Tour of the Internet Worm by Donn Seeley of the University of Utah
tr823.txt 106655 The Internet Worm Program: An Analysis by Eugene H. Spafford
trygrp.txt 20737 Guidelines for Usenet Group Creation by Bo Arnoldson (April 12, 1992)
tutorial.1 7210 A quick IRC tutorial from Ronald Van Loon (July 26th, 1991)
tutorial.2 12314 IRC Tutorial by Ronald Van Loon, July 31, 1991 (Part II)
tutorial.3 10191 IRC Tutorial by Ronald Van Loon, August 27, 1991 (Part III)
uninet 5341 The UUNet Acceptable Use Policy
unixworm.txt 30282 Analysis of the Internet Worm
us_domai.txt 14858 The US Domain
us_govt.01 57306 FAQ: Internet Sources of Government Information, 2nd Edition (February 26, 1994)
us_govt.02 58540 FAQ: Internet Sources of Government Informaiton, 2nd Edition (February 26, 1994) Part 2
us_govt.03 36780 FAQ: Internet Sources: US Federal Government Information Release 0.5 (October, 1993)
usbic 24762 USBIC: United States Board of IRC Co-Ordinators by Elizabeth Reid
usefaq.txt 39912 USENET FAQ, by Jerry Schwarz (April 25, 1993)
usenet.86 44162 How to use Internet Efficiently, by Matt Bishop 37360 The Usenet Newsgroups List (January 21, 1991) by Gene Spafford
usenet.txt 44160 How to Use USENET Effectively by Matt Bishop
usenet_0.sta 3105 The Usenet Flow Analysis for January 1994: Who Stores How Much News (February 12, 1994)
usenet_m.dra 130452 The NetNews Moderators Handbook (1994)
usenet_s.faq 38559 FAQ: How to Become a USENET Site by Jonathan Kamens (June 17, 1994)
useread.rep 248032 The FUll Set of Data from the USENET Readership Report (March, 1995)
userlist.txt 3564 Getting Subscriber Lists for BITNET Lists (June 25, 1992)
using-ea.txt 11847 FAQ: The NASA Science Internet Interoperability Survey (April 14, 1993)
using-ft.txt 12837 FAQ: How to use the File Transfer Protocol (July 12, 1993)
usinternet 6750 Internet Providers in the US By Area Code (November, 1995)
ut.sof 7939 The University of Toronto Policy on Computer Software (January, 1988)
uucp.faq 35870 FAQ Posting of the UUCP Protocol (February 25, 1992)
uucpmap81.txt 4317 A UUCP/USENET Logical Map by S. McGeady (November 19, 1981)
varian1.txt 71070 Some Economics of the Internet by Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason (June 14, 1993)
varian2.txt 102897 Pricing the Internet by Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason (June 14, 1993)
vending_.dea 1680 The Journal of the American Medical Association about Soda Pop Vending Machine Injuries (March 1, 1993)
vendors1.txt 389431 Network Protocol Implementations and Vendors Guide by Steven Bjork and April Marine (August, 1990)
vendors2.txt 3461 Network Protocol Implementations and Vendors Guide by Steven Bjork and April Marine (August, 1990) (Part II)
veronica.faq 22381 FAQ: Information about Veronica, a File Retrieval Service (August 23, 1993)
veronica.hel 5965 How to Compose Veronica Queries Version 0.5 (June 24, 1993)
vm_oracl 6870 The Usenet Oracle: A History
wais.txt 17038 WAIS: A Sketch of an Overview, by Jeff Kellem of Beyond Dreams (September 23, 1991)
wais1.txt 8237 Finish University and Research Network FUNET WAIS Capture
web0494.txt 20532 Compy.Infosystems.WWW Frequently Asked Questions (March 15, 1994)
web1.txt 8965 The World Wide Web: CERN Information
webwar.txt 4911 PR Firm Declares War on Rogue Web Sites (1996)
weird2_1.sup 65890 The Supplement to High Weirdness by Email v2.1
weird2_1.txt 101705 High Weirdness by E-mail Version 2.1 by Mike Porter
what_the.txt 16380 The DDN Network Information Center (NIC)
whatsnew.txt 9526 The Online World Revision History (November 30, 1994)
whatuu.txt 17537 What is Usenet? by Gene Spafford (April 15, 1992)
whitehse.txt 11548 Getting information to and from the White House FAQ (March 12, 1993)
wholegui.txt 499973 The Internet Resources Guide by the NSF Network and BBN (1989)
winsock.faq 15679 Windows Sockets Version 1.1 Frequently Asked Questions (December 8th, 1993)
wired.inf 13287 The Wired Magazine Online Frequently Asked Questions v3.08 (August 19, 1994)
wormdoc.vir 45230 Crisis and aftermath. (the Internet worm), by Spafford, Eugene H.
wrathing.txt 2766 Wrathing a Webpage, by Archangel of the L0pht (April 24, 1998)
www1.faq 51102 Introduction to the World Wide Web (February 4, 1994)
www2.faq 102561 World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions (January 26, 1995)
www3.faq 33380 World Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace by Kevin Hughes (October 1993)
x.75 3210 The X.75 Standard
x25.txt 106103 Specification: X25 Protocol, from BBN
zeninternet.txt 158659 Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide to the Internet by Brendan P. Kehoe (January, 1992)
zine0494.txt 81657 John Labovitz's E-Zine List (January 26, 1993)
zines5.txt 90422 John Labovitz's E-zine List (April 3, 1994)
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