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From the first time a rumor went by that the FCC was going to institute a “modem tax” (this one shows up about every two years without fault), BBS users took an interest in the funny little laws that govern the country and how the jackasses in the funny white building were going to mess up the fun. To this end, transcripts and discussions about laws have been around for a long time.

Because of the somewhat odd subject matter of some of the files, some of the files you would expect to be located in this section are also located in the politics section. Some of these files would probably be better put in the Politics section as well.

Oh, and this would normally go without saying, but it’s probably not a good idea to depend on these files for actual, your-property-and-well-being law advice. Sometimes the law has radically changed since the file was written, or the file falls under that special “The US never submitted a full approval to all 50 states so actually you can punch a cop” type of conspiratorial section. See also conspiracy.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile 12257 Counterintelligence Challenges in a Changing World, by William S. Sessions, Director, FBI
1stamend.txt 7883 A Showdown Over Computer Crime, by Brooks Boliek (August 5, 1990) 10189 Urban Transportation Security, by Robert W. Dart, Chicago Police 3164 Section 250.12 of the Model Penal Code: Violation of Privacy 4324 Section 251.4 of the Model Penal Code: Obscenity 16903 Corruption: A Continuing Challenge for Law Enforcement, by Otis E. Cooksey, Military Advisor 17004 Developing Police Leadership, by Paul Mansen, Sergeant, Rochester Police 15488 Foreign Counterintelligence: An FBI Priority, by James E. Tomlinson, FBI 4273 Police Practices: Telemarketing Crime Prevention, by David I. Rechenmacher, Illinois Police Department 9088 Police Practices: Ministers Team With Police to Keep the Peace 17880 The Respectable Pusher, by Jeffrey D. Lane, Office of the Secretary of State, Atlanta 15290 Taking the Bounce Out of Bad Checks, by Vinse J. Gilliam, DA's Office, Ventura Country CA 10534 Espionage Awareness Programs, by Freddie L. Capps, Jr. Special Agent, FBI 7395 Point of View: Managing for Excellent, by David A. King, Chief of Police, Perkasie Police 6022 Research Forum: McGruff Robot Teaches Kids 11710 Effective Crowd Control, by Steven J. Schmidt, Kentucky Police 12058 The Kentucky State Police Drug Testing Policy, by W. Michael Troop, State Police of Kentucky 24042 Civil Forfeiture: Real Property Used in Drug Trafficking 21091 Custodial Interrogation: Impact of Minnick V. Mississippi by Kimberly A. Crawford
93dec001.txt 11014 Leadership in the Nineties, by Ronnie Garner, M.P.A.
93dec002.txt 10340 Employee Empowerment by Shelia Berglund
93dec003.txt 5183 Police Practices: Citizen Advisory Committees by Major Dan Flynn, M.P.A.
93dec004.txt 12706 Positive Organizational Culture: A Preactical Approach by Randall Aragon, M.A.
93dec005.txt 20150 The Family and Medical Leave Act by Jeffrey Higginbotham, J.D.
93jun001.txt 20680 Eyesight Standards: Correcting Myths, by Richard N. Holden, Ph.D.
93jun002.txt 8259 The Computer: High-Tech Instrument of Crime by Michael G. Noblett
93jun003.txt 11852 Elevator Vandalism Squad by Ronald Welsh
93jun004.txt 7200 Police Pracices: Drug Educaiton Saving America's Youth, by Damon Davis
93jun005.txt 14677 Police Violence: Addressing the Issue, by Daniel B. Boyle
93jun006.txt 5655 Focus on Training: The Americans with Disabilities Act, by John A. Leonard
93jun007.txt 34650 Computer Searches and Seizures: Challenges for Investigators, by John Gales Sauls
9brief.txt 2274 A Legal Brief by Special Agent Jeffrey Higginbotham (Probable Cause Determination) 2278 Legal Brief by S.A. Jeffrey Migginbotham, Legal Instructor, FBI 9090 General Information about the Electronic Frontier Foundation 12379 Citizen Police Academies by Martin Alan Greenberg, Dept. of Criminal Justice, Ulster Community College 6899 Police Practices: AFIS Technology for Rural States
aicnews.1 33391 Arizona Identification Council NEwsletter, July, 1990 7521 The Alabama Computer Crime Act, 1985
alcor-1 2506 ALCOR Files Suit Over Electronic Mail Seizure, by David Bloom, Feb 24, 1990
alcor-2 10036 Transcript of Suit by ALCOR
alcor-3 21192 Additional Filings in ALCOR BBS Case
alcor-4 13439 Response of ALCOR Lawyer to Motion Filed
alcor-5 7727 File Round of Motion Filed in Alcor Court Case
alcor-6 4381 The Resolution of the Alcor E-mail privacy Case
alcor-7 14366 Response of William F. Murphy to ALCOR Suit
alcor-8 37303 Bill Submitted in ALCOR BBS Case
alcor-9 10212 Appeal of dismissal in ALCOR BBS Case
anarchy.ripco 273415 The Modern Speeders Guide to Radar and State Troopers, by Exilic Xyth (January 11, 1988)
anti-hac.txt 8315 A Bill Against Hacking, from Emma Nicholson 5628 Arkansas Regulations on Computer Crime, 1987
arrest.txt 10256 Your Rights and What to Do Upon Arrest, by Michael J. Elliott, Criminal Defense Attorney 146119 Bibliography of Computer Security Articles 1983 through 1988
asmp-gui 17486 American Society of Magazine Photographers 1991 Copyright Guide 3086 Arizona Computer Crimes Law, 1978
babbs001.txt 8498 Anti Federal Agent BBS Protection, by Babbs Boy 16949 Privacy and Offshore Banking... What the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know! By David Johnson (July 5, 1994)
bbs-suit.txt 12289 Civial Action No. IP-88 93C: Linda Thompson vs. Bob Predaina
bbs_and_ 58600 The Electronic Pamphlet: Computer Bulletin Boards and the Law by Michael H. Riddle (1990) 58671 Computer Bulletin Boards and the Law, by Michael M. Riddle (Law Study) 106099 Defamation Liability of Computerized Bulletin Board Operators and Problems of Proof, by John R. Kahn 40181 Version 1.1 - BBS LEGAL GUIDE by Clary and Kraft, 1993
bbslaws.txt 54725 THe Legal Aspects of Telecommunications and Electronic Bulletin Board SYstems, by James J. Spinelli
bellraid.txt 12560 The Future of Telecommunications.......
bendix.txt 20856 Crosley Bendix (Negativland) Discusses The Copyright Act (November 9, 1992) 27975 Death of the Blue Box, by Full Disclosure, 1991
brave.yes 4352 Smart Brave Lady indicates that we are not Drivers, and therefore do not need a license. 7144 Police Practices: Computer Aided Drafting for Law Enforcement 64505 Crime and Puzzlement by John Perry Barlow 8090 Update on Crime and Puzzlement by John Perry Barlow, 1990
cardozo.txt 21349 Some "Property" Problems in a Computer Crime Prosecution by Mike Godwin of the EFF 29382 Cellmate Informants: A Constitutional Guide to Their Use, by Kimberly Kingston Crawford, FBI Academy
cellmate.txt 29316 Cellmate Informants: A Constitutional Guide to Their Use, by Kimberly Kingston Crawford
chomloot.txt 43325 Noam Chomsky writes a letter to Lies Of Our Times, May 1991 48132 CIA Memorandums on Brainwashing
citizen1.txt 94984 Studies in Constitutional Law: A Treatist on American Citizenship by John S. Wise
citizen2.txt 31969 Chapter 2: How American Citizenship May be Acquired in the Nation
citizen3.txt 43595 Chapter 3: Of the Obligation and Duties of the Citizen to the Nation and the States
citizen4.txt 202375 Chapter 4: Of the Rights, Privileges, and Immunities of the Citizen
citizen5.txt 122539 Chapter 5: Privileges and Immunities Under the War Amendments
citizens.gui 94355 A Citizen's Guide on using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records (July 10, 1991)
civil.dis 63050 Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau 24676 Civil Liberties in Cyberspace: When does Hacking Turn from an Exercise of Civil Liberties into Crime? By Mitch Kapor, Scientific American, 1991
civlrght.txt 15090 Civil Rights Cases and Police Misconduct, by John Epke 15156 Civil Rights and Police Misconduct, by John Epke and Linda Davis
clipper1.asc 13335 Remarks by Bruce Sterling at the Fourth Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 31990 Closing the Net, by Greg Costikyan (On Operation Sun-Devil) 3697 Colorado Crimes Law, 18187 Cognitive Interviewing, by Margo Bennett, FBI
compacs.txt 62976 The Limits of the Law in Restricting Computer Misuse, by Peter Sommer (March 19, 1991)
compcrim.txt 13559 Computer Crimes: An Escalating Crime Trend by William S. Sessions 46706 Computer Privacy vs. First and Fourth Amendment Rights, by Michael S. Borella
compsent 13603 Revised Computer Crime Sentencing Guidelines, from Jack King (1992)
compuser 9768 What is a Compilation Copyright? The Gospel According to Compuserve (December 3, 1987) 9839 Compuserve's Position: What is a Compilation Copyright?
computer.cri 101985 Computer Crime: Current Practices, Problems and Proposed Solutions, Second Draft, Brian J. Peretti 15893 Why Suspects Confess, by David D. Tousignant, Inspector, Lowell Massachusetts
confess.txt 15834 Why Suspects Confess, by David D. Tousignant 17512 Public Services Consolidation: The Answer to your Community's Needs, by Robert L. Sobba, Chief of Police, Idaho Police
const_in.cyb 47714 Laurence H. Tribe, "The Constitution in Cyberspace"
copr.txt 35200 How to Copyright Software, by Locus, Inc. (1990)
cops 19373 If YOu Have to Ask, Get Out of the Way, by Chuck Milland
cops.txt 22258 Why Cops Hate You: If You Have to Ask, Get Out of the Way
copstamp.txt 5209 Police Tampering: How Often and Where, by Alan Deshowitz
coptalk.txt 3509 Don't Talk to Cops, by Robert W. Zeuner, Member of the New York State Bar
copy.txt 10702 Software and Copyrights: Registration, Notice and Why by Charles B. Kramer (January 8, 1992)
copyr 29718 Copyright Information, by Inez Harrison
copyrigh.txt 3949 Legal Brief: Software Copyright Law (December 1985) 6569 Copyrights and Computer Software: An Introduction, by Sam Kitterman, Jr. 7671 Copyrights and Computer Software: Part II, by Sam Kitterman, Jr. 10500 Copyrights and Computer Software: Part III, by Sam Kitterman, Jr. 7459 Copyrights and Computer Software: Part IV, by Sam Kitterman, Jr. 8454 Copyrights and Computer Software: Part V, by Sam Kitterman, Jr.
copyrite.c64 11596 Commodore's Extremely Silly Liscence for Workbench 1.3.2
copyrite.doc 4352 Copyright Information for Computer Software Hacks from June B. Moore
copyrite.inf 5888 Answering Some Questions about the Ditribution of Public Domain Software by Ron Fowler (April 12, 1984) 47252 Large Overview of American Copyright Law
copyrite.txt 23296 Copyright Law from Jordan J. Breslow (February 13, 1986)
copyrt.txt 35833 Copyright law and Liscence Law as Applies to Computer Software
copyso.txt 7534 Software and Copyrights: Registeration, Notice and Why by Charles B. Kramer, Esq. (September 25, 1991)
correct.txt 11036 The Principle of Correct Absue
couriers.txt 25253 Detaining Suspected Drug Couriers: Recent Court Decisions 25319 Detaining Suspected Drug Couriers: Recent Court Decisions, by William U. McCormack, Special Agent, FBI Academy 43260 The Transcript of Craig Neidorf's Trial
court.txt 7683 Disorder in the Court! (Funny Court Transcripts)
cright3.txt 12068 Copyrighting Public Domain Programs by June B. Moore, JD
crime.txt 26658 The Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia Definition of Crime
crimecatalog.cmp 463516 The Crimefighters' Catalog of Special Purpose Books and Videos
crimefighter.cmp 714942 The Crimefighters Compilation
crimeftr.000 7079 Table of Contents and Quick Tutorial
crimeftr.002 17723 Why Police Can't Cope, and The Need for CrimeFighters
crimeftr.003 15130 Crime Stoppers and We-Tip's Formula for Rewards
crimeftr.004 8493 Catch-all Reward Law: $25,000 - All Felonies, All States
crimeftr.005 20017 Fines & Forfeiture Laws: 50% Paid to CrimeFighters!
crimeftr.006 40146 Misdemeanors and Do-It-Yourself Lawsuits
crimeftr.007 22381 Qui Tam Law: Be the Prosecutor - Control Plea Bargaining
crimeftr.008 24285 Civil & Criminal RICO Laws
crimeftr.009 30886 Drunk Driver Terminators (D.D.T.) Patrols - to Get Started
crimeftr.010 29385 Drug Laws & Drug Wars - Unlimited Business Opportunities
crimeftr.011 46642 Polluter Tooters: Anti-Pollution laws, MEGABUCK Rewards
crimeftr.012 17812 Terrorists, Assassins, and Police Corruption
crimeftr.013 23155 Bounty Hunters, Bail Bond Agents and Skip Tracers
crimeftr.014 29522 U.S. Customs/Coast Guard Laws, Mechanics' Laws
crimeftr.015 23075 Post Office Rewards, Scams, Cons, Frauds
crimeftr.016 34324 Wildlife Protection/Poaching, Conservationists Laws
crimeftr.017 28625 National Forests (Vandalism, Pot Growing, other laws)
crimeftr.018 33379 Wiretap and Blackmail Laws & Rewards for CrimeFighters
crimeftr.019 22056 Misc Rewards for This and That (Dozens of them)
crimeftr.020 9940 State Reward Laws
crimeftr.021 15252 Crime Information, Your Right to Withhold for Rewards
crimeftr.022 45203 Citizen Arrests - What you Need to Know
crimeftr.023 19144 High Speed Pursuits - Unlike Smokey and the Bandit!
crimeftr.024 19490 Rules of Evidence - Entrapment Explained
crimeftr.025 17904 Where to Get CrimeFighter Training
crimeftr.026 23422 High Tech Tools of the Trade - Where to Get Them
crimeftr.027 25320 Problems with Prosecutors and Plea Bargaining
crimeftr.028 18991 How to Calculate Rewards, Proposed CrimeFighters Reward Law
crimeftr.029 16496 CrimeFighters International, Inc. Membership info.
crimeftr.030 4828 Membership Application 17091 Criminal Informants: An Administrator's Dream or Nightmare? By Harry A. Mount, Jr.
criminal.txt 17025 Criminal Informants: An Administrator's Dream or Nightmare? By Harry A. Mount, Jr.
cripple.txt 2387 The Experience of a Shareware Author by Frank Bell of NEWKEY
cryptlaw 12456 Crypto-Law Survey by Bert-Jaap Koops (July, 1995) 27719 National Act on Computer Crime, Act 100-235 27217 By-Laws of the Communications Security Association, Inc. 14407 Computer Security And the Law, by Gary S. Morris 10096 Computer-Related Offenses from the Connecticut General Statutes 21266 Cyberspace and the Legal Matrix: Laws or Confusion?
cyblaw.txt 22150 Cyberspace and the Legal Matrix: Laws or Confusion?
cybspace.txt 21027 Cyberspace and the Legal Matrix: Laws or Confusion?
cycrime0.txt 28434 Emmanuel Goldstein on the E911 Affair
dblaw.txt 33393 Legal Protection of Computer Databases, by Ralph C. Losey
define.stb 8490 Definitions of Legal Terms
deflib.bbs 103794 Defamation Liability of Computerized BBS Operators and Problems of Proof by John R. Kahn
delibera.leb 23079 Deliverate Indifference: The Standard for Municipal and Supervisory Liability by Michael Callahan
denning 58773 Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems, by Dorothy Denning, October 1st, 1990
dennis_h 76080 The Price of Copyright Violation from Dennis Jayes
dial911.die 26086 Dial 911 and Die by Aaron Zelman and Jay Simkin (December 15, 1992) 3432 Director's Message, May 1991, by William S. Sessions, FBI 34116 The Americans With Disabilities Act, by Jeffrey Higginbotham, FBI 17512 Disaster Operations: Not Business as Usual, by Michael Guerin, Governor's Office, Ontario, California
disclaim.txt 4911 An Example Set of Disclaimers, Rules and Regulations
disk-fee.txt 9087 The Great "Disk Fee" Fallacy for Public Software Distribution 5902 Point of View: Dispatching Units: Improvements for the First List, by Bob Blankenship, Chief, Redding, California Police 3883 Director's Message, April 1991, by William S. Sessions, FBI
dmessage.leb 3505 Director's Message: Police and Citizens Working Together by William Sessions
doggie.txt 25984 The Great American Dog Trial Vendetta by P. Remington Adams (1991) 24459 Domestic Violence: When do Police Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect? by Daniel L. Schofield, FBI
downtime.bul 806 Example of a Policy Regarding BBS Downtime 3462 Research Forum Survey Results: Driver License Suspension programs 49544 The (Almost) Definitive Answer to Driving Barefoot in America (1994)
drugdiv.txt 13651 Pharmaceutical Diversion and Abuse: Our Nation's Other Drug Problem, by Thomas C. Babicke 13717 Pharmaceutical Diversion and Abuse: Our Nation's Other Drug Problem, by Thomas C. Babicke, DEA, Virginia
drugtest.txt 13065 Drug Abuse and Testing in Law Enforcement: No Easy Answers, by Andrew J. Harvey 13131 Drug Abuse and Testing in Law Enforcement: No Easy Answers by Andrew J. Harvey, Sergeant, California Police
dunnel.txt 3708 The Dunne Act Introduced in NY for Computer BBSes (May 15, 1989)
e-law.txt 203190 E-Law: legal Issues Affecting Computer Information Systems and System operator Liability, by David J. Loundy
ecpa.lay 10286 The Electronics Communications Privacy Act of 1986, a Layman's View by Michael H. Riddle 40796 Electronic Communication Privacy Act: Chapter 119 34493 Electronic Communication Privacy Act: Part II 33464 Electronic Communication Privacy Act: Part III 10524 The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986: A Layman's View, by Michael M. Riddle 25695 Edwards vs. State Farm Insurance
edwards_ 11517 The Processes by which the Secret Service Investigates Computer Crimes
eff-righ.txt 31722 Legal Overview: The Electronic Frontier and the Bill of Rights (July 10, 1990) 69535 The Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation get back to you about Their Plans
eff.txt 42240 The Foundation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (July 10, 1990) 13014 Legal Overview: The Electronic Frontier and the Bill of Rights 35098 Civil Liberties Implications of Computer Search and Seizures: Some Proposed Guidelines for Magistrates Who Issue Search Warrants
elbarasn.107 14592 Electronic Bar Association Announced by Paul Bernstein 12761 Electronic Bulletin Boards: A New Resource for Law Enforcement by Seth Jacobs, SEARCH Group 56463 Electrifying Speech: New Communications Technologies and Traditional Civil Liberties
email 21657 Some Policies on Electronic Mail: A Summary by Todd Hooper
email_pr 19636 Computer Electronic Mail and Privacy: The Law, by Ruel T. Hernandez, January 11, 1987 14786 Overview of the Employee Privacy Laws as Currently Apply 5801 Bibliography on Law and Computers 12290 Bank Employee Embezzlement by Denise M. Dube, LA DA 20142 Employee Development Programs, by John L. Pape, Chief of Police 10624 The Defense of Entrapment as it Applies to Bulletin Board System Operators, by Randy B. Singer, Esq.
envhook.txt 59071 The Environmental Movement and the Value of "Moderation" by Brian K. Yoder (1992) 10665 The Environmental Protection Forum, by Michael A. O'Brien, Start Attorney Office, Florida. 13373 Point of View: Rededicating Ourselves to Leadership and Ethics in Law Enforcement, by Vane. R. King, Flint Michigan Police Department
ethics.txt 8140 Ethics for BBS Users
fbi 27677 Excerpts from the FBI & Your BBS (From Ripco)
fbi-miss.txt 2678 The FBI Mission Statement
fbi_mail.txt 3652 Appeal Filed in Todd Patterson v FBI Case (July 26, 1989) 19065 Accreditation: A Small Department's Experience by Raymond E. Arthurs, Chief, Willowbrook Police 16027 Odometer Rollback Schemes, by James E. Scripture, Special Agent, FBI, Boston Massachusetts 4768 Police Practices: Custom's BET Program 14228 The Tactical Incident: A Total Police Response by Nicholas F. Kaiser, MA, Troy Police 9910 A New Approach to FTO Training by Blair Rankin, North Carolina Police 8248 Focus on NCIC: Identifying the Unidentified 26013 The Federal Grand Jry: Exceptions to the Rule of Secrecy (Part I) 14832 Lateral Entry: A Move Toward the Future, by J. Eddie Nix, Leut. Cobb County, Georgia Police 23307 Confronting the Terrorist Hostage Taker, by G. Dwayne Fuselier, FBI 5432 Police Practices: Bomb Dog Teams 12651 Campus Security: The Mule Patrol, by James A Huff, Central Missouri State University Campus Police 15216 The Forensic Anthropologist, by Robert W. Mann, MA, Smithsonian Institution 3305 Focus on Crime Prevention: Business and Government Working Together 23458 Anticipatory Search Warrants, by A. Louis DiPietro, FBI 13907 The Yardies: England's Emerging Crime Problem, by Roy A. C. Ramm, Detective Chief Superintendent, London England 3243 Focus on Forensics: Latent Shoeprint Analysis 9597 Towing Companies: Friends or Foes? By Michael C. Gillo, Attorney's Office, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 4594 Police Practices: The Nelson-Denny Experiment 15473 Facility Planning In Colorado: Form Vs. Function by James D. Munger, Colorado Springs 7208 Records Management in the 1990s by Daniel L. Arkenau 9548 Research Forum: FBINA Graduate Survey 7980 B.L.O.C.: Business Leaders Against Organized Crime, by Mike King, Administrative Assistant, Weber County, UT Attorney's Office 24198 DNA Testing and the Frye Standard, by Robert A. Fiatal, FBI
fbitop10.hum 3926 FBI Top Ten Countdown, January, 1986 15673 Privitization of Prisons: Fad or Future, by Lt. David K. Burright, Linn County Sheriff's Office, Albany, OR 9169 The Administrative Warning Ticket Program by Lt. Andrew J. Barto, Romeoville, IL 3524 Arson Investigations by William A. Tobin, FBI Laboratory 21880 The Criminal Behavior of the Serial Rapist, by Robert R. Hazelwood, MS, Behavioral Science Instruction/Research Unit 5964 Large Vehicle Stops 10325 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing 31199 Foriegn Searches and the Fourth Amendment, by Austin A Andersen, LL.B>, FBI 5297 Florida's Computer Crime 8535 Federal Computer Crimes Law, 1984/1986
fedbbs3.lst 6478 Federal Public Access Bulletin Boards, March 1989
fedcompseize.txt 315003 The Federal Computer Seizure Guidelines (1994)
federal.leb 24029 The Federal Grand Jury: Exceptions to the Rule of Secrecy (Part II) by Austin A. Anderson 15145 ROP-ing In Fences, by James Rainum, Officer, Repeat Offender Project, Washington DC
fija.txt 9501 A New Hope for Freedom: Fully Inform Jurors by Don Diog
fija02.txt 6668 If You're Called for Jury Duty, by Don Doig
files.tut 2360 File Transfer Liability
finalmo.txt 24624 An Attempt to Modify Phone Rules for BBS Lines by Missouri, 1992 8475 Florida Computer Crimes Act, 1978
foia-pa.txt 162806 A Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records (September 20, 1991)
foia.txt 30272 Using the Freedom of Information Act
foiacit.txt 92726 A Citizen's Guide to using the Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 to Request Government Records (July 10, 1991)
forbes.txt 5241 A Little Perspective, Please, by Mitchell Kapor of the EFF (June 21, 1993) 12226 The FBI's Forensic DNA Analysis Program, by Jay V. Miller, FBI
funny.txt 17655 Very Large Rant and Sales Pitch about Paper Money Being Evil 7868 The Georgia Computer Crimes Law
grandjur.txt 25954 The Federal Grand Jury: Exceptions to the Rule of Secrecy by Austin A Andersen
gunshot.txt 11888 Gunshot Primer Residue: The Invisible Clue by Roger W. Aaron 11954 Gunshot Primer Residue: The Invisible Clue, by Roger W. Aaron, FBI Laboratory
gvtscrcy.txt 3328 The Government's Mania for Secrecy, 1987 464 Introduction to the San Luis Obispo Incident 5653 Amateur Hackers Tripped Up, by Danna Dykstra Coy 6889 Computer Case Takes a Twist, by Danna Dykstra Coy 2883 Hackers Off Hook, Property Returned, by Danna Dykstra Coy 8012 A Case for Mistaken Identity... Who's Privacy Was Really Invaded?
hakharas.txt 4186 Hackers and the Authorities: A Question of Harassment, as Seen in an Article from a Recent Newspaper on November 15, 1992
handbook.txt 74752 What You Should Know if You're Accused of a Crime by Joyce B. David Esq. 13409 hate Violence In the United States, by Floyd I. Clarke, FBI
hategrou.txt 13345 Hate Violence in the United States, by Floyd I. Clarke 7266 Hawaii Computer Crimes Law, 1984 14116 A Low Cost Approach to High Technology, by Mark Clark, Lt. South Portland, ME Police
hightech.txt 14103 A Low Cost Approach to High Technology by Lt. Mark Clark 16425 Police and the Homeless, by Barney Melekian, Lt. Santa Monica, California Police
homeless.txt 16418 Police and the Homeless by Barney Melekian 25433 Hostage/Barricade Incidents: High Risk Factors and the Action Criteria by G. Dwayne Fuselier
hostage.txt 25367 Hostage/Barricade Incidents: High Risk Factors and the Action Criteria by G. Drawyne Fuselier
hostaker.txt 23235 Confronting the Terrorist Hostage Taker by G. Dwayne Fuselier 6493 Police Practices: Operation Hotel-Motel
howtobeattheirs.txt 10834 Tax Resistance Primer: How to Beat the IRS
howtosel.txt 4224 Making Shareware Pay, by Gary Raymond 7233 Iowa Computer Crimes Law, 1984 3358 The Idaho Computer Crimes Law, 1982
ident.txt 20441 Identification: A Move Towards the Future by Bruce J. Brotman 20508 Identification: A Move Towards the Future, by Brice J. Brotman 10564 The Illinois Computer Crimes Law, 1981/1987 2091 The Indiana Computer Tampering Law, 1986
intrundg.txt 18096 An Introduction to the Computer Underground, by The Butler (February 26, 1991) 12444 Environmental Crimes: Investigative Basics, by Martin Wright, Dept. Assistant Director, EPA
invbasic.txt 12378 Environmental Crimes: Investigative Basics by Martin Wright
irs-20q.txt 14464 IRS and Business Taxpayers Disagree Over Who Should be Considered Employees: Why, Results, Solutions 2790 Director's Message: Facing the Future, by William S. Sessions, Director, FBI 16437 The Future of Law Enforcement: Dangerous and Different, by Alvin and Heidi Toffler 28766 The Changing Face of America, by Robert C. Trojanowicz, Ph.D. 24159 The Future of Policing, by William l. Tafoyna, Ph.D. 20355 Public Law Enforcement/Private Security: A New Partnership? By Terrence J. Mangan 17733 A Look Ahead: Views of Tomorrow's FBI, by Richard Sonnichsen 19135 Tomorrow's America: Law Enforcement's Coming Challenge, by Rob McCord 19064 Taking the Job Home, by Richard N. Southworth, Attorney General's Office, Virginia 12288 Joint Custody: A Simplistic Solution by Robert D. Felner and Lisa Terre
joyce 61696 Beyond the Orality/Literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce and the pre-History of Cyberspace by Donald F. Theall (May 1992)
judna.txt 27647 Judicial Acceptance of DNA Profiling by John T. Sylvester and John H. Stafford 27713 Judicial Acceptance of DNA Profiling, by John T. Sylvester, J.D.
judseal.txt 22490 The Judicial Sealing Requirement in Electronic Surveillance: A Matter of Immediacy by Robert A. Fiatal
juryban.txt 2227 Local Jury Banned by Judge After Ruling Man Innocent
jurynul.txt 7467 Information on Jury Nullification
juryrig.txt 2013 How they Stack the Jury in Georgia
juryrite.inf 3553 Fully Informed Juries
juryrite.txt 6849 Toward a Bill of Jury Rights 4861 Kansas Computer Crimes Law, 1985 6331 Kentucky Computer Crime Law, 1984 5581 The Louisiana Computer Related Crime Bill, passed in 1984
lawbbs.txt 13440 Directory of Law-Oriented Bulletin Boards, 1986
laws.txt 3394 Interesting US Laws, taken from the Seattle P-I 4214 Director's Message, Law Day 1990, by William S. Sessions, FBI 10020 G.R.A.M.P.A. COPS, by Jere L. Spurlin, Chief of Police, Ft. Meyers, Florida 12413 High School Suicide Case Intervention, by David Fisher, Pinnellas County, Florida, Sheriff's Office 7456 Police Practices: Elderwatch 6272 Police Practices: Selecting the Right Officers: DARE 18893 Analytical Intelligence Training, by Marilyn B. Peterson 12961 Law Enforcement Exploring, by Steve Farish, Texas Law Enforcement Explorer Advisor's Association 28146 Curtilage: The Fourth Amendment in the Garden, by John Gales Sauls, FBI 2569 Legal Brief: Maryland v. Buie, Supreme Court Decision
legal.tec 10585 Some Examples of Legal Loopholes by Keith K (February 13, 1994)
legalfnt.txt 9872 US Copyright Office Rules Font Software is Not Copyrightable (November 30, 1989)
leglbyt1.txt 18370 Legal Bytes Volume 1 Number 1 by George, Donaldson and Ford (1993)
leglbyt2.txt 26724 Legal Bytes Volume 1 Number 1, by George Donaldson and Ford (1993)
len.ros 190622 Complete information on the Len Rose (Legion of Doom Source Code) Case
listcoun.txt 37317 Large List of United States Counties
lith_law.txt 6728 Legally, Lithuania's Case is Open and Shut, by Vytautas Landsbergis, President of Lithuania
lotus.txt 13425 Discussion of Lotus' Plan to Sell personal Information
lvstops.txt 5898 Large Vehicle Stops from William D. Dean
mail_exp 24161 Obtaining Host and Address Information by Ron Ray
mailordr 4321 How to Successfully Buy Through Mail Order and Protect Your Rights 12078 What They Didn't Teach in Management School, by James D. Sewell, Ph.D., Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute 5959 Cecil Adams on Copyright Traps in Maps (well, sort of) 17540 The Preliminary Investigative Process, by Chief Gordon F. Urlacher, Rochester, New York, Police Department 12111 Store Diversion Burglaries, by Detective Robert P. Meiners, Lincolnwood, Illinois, Police Department 5618 Police Practices: Operation Alert, by Captain Mark Willingham, Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco 13090 Police Retirement: The Impact of Change, by John M. Violenti, Ph.D, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, SUNY New York 16601 Managing Police Basic Training Cirriculum, by Rene A. Browett, Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy 26939 Personal Liability: The Qualified Immunity Defense, by Daniel L. Schofield, S.J.D., FBI 12184 New Massachusetts Modem Tax Proposed (For Real) 4666 The Maryland Computer Crimes Law 20297 Media Performance and International Law, by Howard H. Frederick, Ph.D. 9547 Medicaid Fraud, by Larry L. Bailey, Colorado Attorney General's Office, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Denver Colorado 3615 The Michigan Computer Crimes Law
military.txt 8855 Military Support to Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies by R. Barry Cronin 8925 Military Support to Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies, by R. Barry Cronin, U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters
minnesot 2115 Minnesota Invokes Computer Law by Rachel Parker 12662 The Minnesota Computer Crimes Law 7198 The Missouri Computer Crimes Law, 1982 6210 Police Policies: Mobile Command Posts 31927 The Court Case against Robert Tappan Morris, 1990-1991 7894 Mississippi Computer Crimes Law, 1985 3082 Montana Computer Law Statute
mulepat.txt 12585 Campus Security: The Mule Patrol, by James A. Huff
murphy.txt 6620 Murhpy's Law, and Similar Ilk