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Everyone loves television, except of course for those that think it’s an inherent evil out to remove all vestiges of culture and sanity from today’s world. But buried among the hours of useless screen time, one could and can find some real jewels. BBS users would share with each other the cool shows out there, and try to find out the stories behind the episodes. They started collecting lists of shows, and it all out a little out of hand.

In many ways, this was one of the first unusual uses of the information networks; to create perfect, complete episode guides of television shows. People could work together, collaborate, and discuss, and ultimately, you’d know every weird reference in the Twilight Zone and who starred in what. It was, at the time, something to behold.

If you’re wondering where the Star Trek stuff is, it’s in the Science Fiction Directory, in a special Star Trek Section.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
EPISODES ./.. Episode Guides or Lists of Shows/Movies
SCRIPTS ./.. Transcription of Performances or Original Movie/TV Scripts
a_fish_c.apo 2000 The Full Apology John Cleese Delivers in A Fish Called Wanda (June 24, 1993) 9597 The Results of the 1991 Alt.Fan.Twin-Peaks Poll (January 3, 1991) by David L. Claytor
aboutada.txt 4139 More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Adam Curry
adrian_e.faq 8090 The Adrian Edmondson FAQ Version 1.32 (March 7, 1995)
ads.txt 8438 It's an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World (Advertising Bloopers)
adt_miam.txt 1946 Amused to Death Review in Miami Herald, Miami, Florida, U.S.A. 9/23/92
aeonint.txt 32822 Interview with Peter Chung, creator of Aeon Flux
allusion 28828 Allusions to other works within Twin Peaks -- Edition 3
anime.cli 32871 Cheats, Cliches, Cartoons, Anime Version 1.4 by Curtis H. Hoffmann (November 21, 1992)
anime.lif 23001 Life Imitating Art or I Thought This Was Just A Movie by Curtis H. Hoffmann (November 28, 1992)
arnold.txt 15908 Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Messiah! By Andrew O'Hehir
bbh_intv.txt 10381 Beavis and Butt-Head Rolling Stone Interview, 1993 43731 Beauty & The Beast: Work in Progress LD - Timing Analysis (December 14, 1992)
bnb_quot.txt 9258 Collection of Funny Beavis and Butthead Quotes
bnbeg2.4.txt 44595 Beavis and Butthead: The Episode Guide Version 2.4 (March 2, 1995) 11096 EPISODE GUIDE: The Bond Movie List by Wes Barris (April 27, 1993)
bozo_tv.leg 3329 Some Miscellaneous Television Urban Legends
bp.too 718 Nightly Prime Time Schedule. Why do I have this?
cast.lis 9785 Cast List for Twin Peaks (Entire Run of Series)
cgs_lst.txt 4756 List of Canadian Game Shows 69926 The Cheers Quiz (April 18, 1991) 19842 The Christopher Ryan Interview
chung.iv 20906 SOUND Interview with Peter Chung by Ed Stastny (November, 1992)
clancy.txt 13652 Yanqui Realism, by Yves Barbero
classicm.hum 20288 Rant About Classic Movies from a Canadian Fanzine
commword.hum 24107 Acronyms used in the Cable, Broadcasting, and Media Industries
crzycred.lst 32448 The Crazy Credits List 1.12 (March 17, 1994)
cultmov.faq 43418 The Cult Movies FAQ, by Jon von Zelowitz
earp 6989 Movie Review: Wyatt Earp
epikarat.txt 52372 Comprehensive Guide to the Oss!! Karatebu (OKB) Manga
facedeth.txt 15356 Summary of "Faces of Death", by Laurence Doering (February 27, 1993)
film91.txt 284248 1991-93 Theatrical Film Releases Rev. 4.4 Copyright 1991 by Eric Carter
film92.txt 201055 1992-93 Theatrical Film Releases (Rev. 1.1 Copyright 1992 by Eric Carter CIS 76050,3563) (January 22, 1992)
film93.ans 261527 1993-1994 Film Releases by Eric G. Carter (February 24, 1993)
filmgoof.txt 62752 The Movie Goofs List Version 2.0 (September 1991) by Murray Chapman
films_gl.txt 66003 The Gay and Lesbian Centered Film List by Frank Swilling (January 11, 1993)
final.epi 253357 The Final Episodes of Twin Peaks: An Overview (June 10th, 1991)
gameshow.txt 29996 List of US Game Shows, (September 1984)
gd_flybd.txt 19987 Flying Blind Program Guide (July 1993)
goofs.lst 111819 The Movie Goofs List Version 4.0 by Starman (March 31, 1994)
hawi_tv.lst 1607 List of Hawaii Television Stations
hbo_spec.rev 4845 Rowan Atkinson's HBO Comedy Hour Special, a report by Marc Midura 4556 List of Hitchcock Cameos in his Movies
hitchcock.txt 110415 The Hitchcock Information Files by Colin Needham (March 25th, 1993)
hitchcok.txt 4268 A Listing of Alfred Hitchcock's Cameo Appearances, posted by Peter DeCroede (August 9, 1989)
holygral.txt 127390 The Official Unofficial Monty Python and the Holy Grail by Grue (August 9th, 1992)
homermmm.txt 19445 A Complete List (As of 1993) of Homer's MMMs
horflick.txt 14080 The Complete Essential Step-by-Step Guide to The Mass Production of Modern Horror Films
how2dotv.txt 3651 A One Minute Course on How to Do TV by Richard Freeman
japantv.txt 20189 Explanation of Japanese Television Listings
kanalx.txt 18107 Pirate TV In Eastern Europe by Evelyn Messinger
letterbx.txt 5806 Pan and Scan is a Crime on the Star Wars Films! by Nathan Hill
missdish 5475 A Collection of Really Bad Things to Do at Movies
mov_goof.txt 93358 The Movie Goofs List Version 3.1 (January 1992)
mov_rail.txt 9795 133 Railway Movies (January 1993)
mtv.asc 1908 Neil Speculates on how to Computer-Generate MTV
namm 2248 Review of the NAMM Show, 1994
normquot.txt 11669 A Collection of Quotes from Norm of "Cheers" (January 22, 1993)
oliver.txt 19074 Online Video Review Issue #1 by Beth A. Spotts
oliver02.txt 26688 Online Video Review Issue #2 by Beth A. Spotts
oscar.deb 5244 The Film Debuts of Various Actors/Actresses
packard.txt 14436 Summary of American Moving Image Archivists screening, 12/8/93
petshop 6924 The pet Shop Sketch by Monty Python, transcrabed by Bret Shefter and malcom Dickinson (March 28th, 1986)
rns_bcl.txt 7499 Bob Camp's lecture at Nassau College (November 22, 1992)
rns_bwl.txt 12548 Billy West Speaks At Miami University (October 11, 1993)
rns_ency.txt 46202 The Ren And Stimpy Encyclopedia By Norman Sippel (January 16, 1994) 24788 San Francisco Zine Publishers Resource Guide, April 1993
sfmovie.txt 12464 FAQ/Review of Street Fighter: The Movie (December 10, 1994) by Andrew Eddy
stuf10.txt 61478 Anime Stuff 10: Reviews and Information for the Anime Gourmet! (April 9, 1989)
stuf11.txt 51401 Anime Stuff 11: Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Goods (September 25, 1989)
subb_lis.txt 14821 Subtitled/Dubbed Anime List, Edited by Michael Studte (November 30, 1992)
sw_err.txt 25421 The Bad Guide to Star Wars the Movie, by Brandon Gillespie (April 29, 1993)
t2.txt 304411 Terminator 2: Judgement Day: A Screenplay by James Cameron and William Wisher
tpquote2.txt 3477 The Twin Peaks Quote List #1, by Charles d. Kincaid
tpquotes.txt 37643 The Second Collection of the Twin Peaks Quotes List
twinpeak.txt 13312 The Twin Peaks 1990 Season Summary by Jim Gorman
wacky.ani 12996 The Wacky Anime Definitions Dictionary version 1.53 by Roger Earle
warnrani.txt 82673 The List of Everything Warner Animation, November 1993 by Paul Hendry 90544 The Weird Movie List Posting by Peter Correnty (January 13, 1993)
widows 4034 Review of the Movie "Widow's Peak"
xfepgd.txt 78618 The X-Files Episode Guide Version 2.20 (December 2, 1995) by Cliff Chen
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