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ALANWESTON ./.. The Alan Weston BBS Message Collection (1990-1996)
ALTERREALITY ./.. Message Bases from the Alter Reality BBS (1989-1991)
BACKWATER ./.. Message Bases from the Backwater BBS (Unsorted)
YABBS ./.. Message Bases from Alex Wetmore's YABBS (1994)
103dbug2.txt 4248 MESSAGE: Tradewars Informationn, by Stephen Whitis (March 5, 1994)
103dbug3.txt 6499 MESSAGE: Tradewars Information by Stephen Whitis (March 5, 1994)
103dbug4.txt 5902 MESSAGE: Tradewars Information, by Stephen Whitis (March 5, 1994)
103dbugs.txt 5942 MESSAGE: Tradeware Information, by Stephen Whitis (March 5, 1994)
acking.txt 2383 Some BBS Messages about Hacking, December of 1984
anarchy.txt 53621 Postings from an Anarchy Sub-Board, Telegard Conference, Late 1991
anonym.txt 5686 Postings to the Anonymous Attic on the 1985 BBS, May, 1984
apples.txt 8960 Messages from the Apple Pirate board on Sherwood Forest II, 1985
avatar.posts 44288 The America Online Project Avatar Posts Archive (June 28, 1992)
bbs.txt 4302 Message Base with Ads for BBS's, 1985
bice.txt 47412 LODCOM: Selected Messages from Black Ice Private (April-May 1989)
black1.txt 64553 LODCOM: Large Sampling of Messages for the LODCOM Project
bombs.ana 19444 Postings to the Bombs Message Base from the South Pole BBS
bruce.txt 1757 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics, by Micah Holmes (February 16, 1994)
bruce2.txt 5701 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (The Bruces) by Saul Ansbacher (March 23, 1994)
brutal.txt 23411 CAPTURE: Text Capture of Brutal, early Danish Hack/Phreak BBS by FIgaro (1992)
buldagr1.txt 13202 BBS Messages: Johnny Dagger and friends build a story late one night (1993)
bullcreek86.txt 112306 BBS MESSAGES: The Bull Creek BBS in Austin, TX (Sysop: Mark Bryant) Messages from 1986
bust_bbs.txt 4216 Some Messages Preceeding a BBS Piracy Bust (September 27, 1991)
channl-1.txt 19120 Discussion of the Modem Tax on the Channel 1 BBS (August, 1993)
chatter.asc 19662 GodNet General Chatter Message base (February, 1993)
chin.txt 2517 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (I Like Chinese) from Micah Holmes (March 15, 1994)
circlems.txt 12794 Some Postings from The Inner Circle about Blue Boxing
citadel-story.txt 2472 Citadel Explains the Citadel-TOPx Log Files from 1996 (2002)
citadel-top.log 173991 Log Files of TOP BBS (January, 1996)
citadel-top2.log 41084 Log Files of TOP BBS (January, 1996)
citadel-top3.log 101457 Log Files of TOP BBS (January, 1996)
color$.txt 9824 The Color Box, from the Aluminum Gerbil (40 Columns, Uppercase)
compcond.txt 4783 CAPTURE: The Computer Connection BBS (1982)
compconna.txt 8228 CAPTURE: The Computer Connection BBS (1982)
compconnb.txt 6395 CAPTURE: The Computer Connection BBS (1982)
compconnc.txt 9698 CAPTURE: The Computer Connection BBS (1982)
conspir.asc 11274 The GodNet Conspiracy Theory Echo (June, 1993)
corruptc.txt 8116 Extracts from the Corrupt Computing BBS
crash.txt 2507 Submission for mod.telecom ("Crashing" a Central Office) (April 26, 1987)
crazy 5103 How Someone Harassed Someone Else on FidoNet
crckin.msg 4274 Messages from a "Cracking" BBS Conference, August, 1994
crime.txt 23927 Discussion of Credit Card Fraud on a BBS, with the Sysop Offering Help to the Secret Service (May, 1994)
cy-chat.txt 15924 Cyberpunk BBS Message Base (Early 1991)
cyberadv.txt 12645 Online Cyberpunk Role-Playing BBS (March 1991)
death.txt 1071 MESSAGE: A Little Poem of Death by Robert (October 2, 1993)
death2.txt 1192 MESSAGE: An Ode to Death, by Sysop III (October 19, 1993)
debate.txt 16545 The Debate Den Message Board on the Safehouse BBS
diversibuffer.txt 24370 BUFFER: Messages on a Diversi-Dial, Late 1980's
docwho.eko 61677 Capture from a Dr. Who Converence, (May 1992)
docwho1.eko 36345 Additional Captured Messages from a Dr. Who Conference (May 1992)
ericbee.txt 2038 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics by Micah Holmes (Eric the Half a Bee) (February 17, 1994)
feather.txt 58449 24 msgs on The Feather's Quill (A BBS Story Board)
frwrks.txt 6978 Pyrotechnic BBS Message Base (May-July 1984)
fuckyouf.txt 155880 Uncensored Transcripts from the MindVox "Fuck-You" Forum, Compiled and Moderated by Jim Felcher (1994)
galaxy.txt 2307 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (The Galaxy Song), from Jason Levine (March 1, 1994)
grabbag.msg 8607 All sorts of interesting snippets
hackers.msg 22918 BBS Messages: The Compost Heap, Hacking Sub-Board, March 1986
hackshak.txt 19958 LODCOM: Selected Messages from The Hack Shack BBS
hate-mod.txt 24613 A Very Large Flamewar on a Usenet Message Base in West-Germany The BBS Flamewar travels to USENET...
hpnumber.txt 23792 Collection of Hacking and Phreaking Codes on a BBS Message Base (November-December, 1991)
indy3.txt 29560 Capture of a Gaming BBS Message Base, Circa 1990
info4 6272 Hacker Messages from PC-Pursuit NetExchange BBS (February 1988)
int_pyro.txt 8904 Messages from the Pyromania Section of a Citadel BBS (June 1990)
iroc.txt 19355 LODCOM: Selected Messages from the Inner Realm of Communications BBS (IROC)
jerky.txt 50126 A Large Collection of Jerky-Related BBS Messages and Files (1994)
journal.txt 13081 The Works BBS Endless Story File
junk.txt 6528 Message Base about Luding on the 1985 BBS
kindbud.txt 242150 BBS Messages from Kind Bud's Hemp Discussion Corner
letter.txt 2234 A Great Message by The Slipped Disk
lifesong.txt 2674 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (Bright Side of Life) from Micah Holmes (March 8, 1994)
lodcom.hac 51395 Lodcom Sample Messages Set #1, 4/20/93
lodstuph 60363 LODCOM: Internal Release about the LODCOM Project, as well as LOD Messages
lotsames.msg 13507 Complete Smattering of Messages, October
luding.txt 8526 Posts on the Luding Message base from 1985 BBS, Feb.
lumberja.txt 2252 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (Lumberjack Song), from Jim Maciorowski (February 14, 1994)
messag.msg 14798 Wares, Cracking and Pirating Messages, November
messy.msg 4096 "General" to "Elite Phreak", November
meta01.txt 274645 Messages from a Pagan Fidonet Echo, February 1988
meta02.txt 304084 Messages from a Pagan Fidonet Echo, February 1988 (Part II)
mjunkdrw.txt 15268 Collection of Messages from the Junk Drawer BBS
modemtest.txt 203772 Messages from The Modem Test BBS (Sysop: Charles "Chuck" Hood) (1993)
morgue.cap 32000 A Capture of Textfiles and Messages from The Morgue BBS (March, 1985)
movie.txt 17722 The Movie Review Alcove Message Base of the 1985 BBS
nurses.hum 9789 Messages from Nurses in Bondage
nurses2.hum 16506 More Messages from Nurses in Bondage
nurses3.hum 12625 And Yet More Nurses In Bondage
old_msgs 29590 Explosives for Fun and Pleasure, Uploaded by Shadow Knight (May 17, 1987) (Has Anarchy Messages Around It)
os2news.txt 28908 Messages about the IBM PS/2 1991 Forum (April 18, 1991)
p80-1.txt 23384 LODCOM: Selected Messages from the P-80 BBS (January-March 1984)
p80-2.txt 9174 LODCOM: Selected Messages from the P-80 BBS (March 1984)
peyote.txt 34536 BBS Messages about the Supreme Court and Peyote
philosip.txt 44768 The Philosophy Message Base of 1985 BBS, circa 1984
phoenix1.msg 163124 The Incredible LOD Phoenix Project #1
phoenix2.msg 234933 The Incredible LOD Phoenix Project #2
phoenix3.msg 258465 The Incredible LOD Phoenix Project #3
phreaks.txt 5946 General Phreaking Message Base
pod_rule.txt 7209 Posting of Mesages on Pagan/Occult BBS (Rules for the Conference)
qbbs_mess.txt 152034 MESSAGES: Capture of messages from the QBBS Support Board (April 12, 1988)
randomne.hum 13169 The Slipped Disk's Ramblings
robin.txt 2868 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (Brave Sir Robin), from Jason Levine (February 19, 1994)
roundtab.txt 2042 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (Knights of the Round Table) from Michah Holmes (February 23, 1994)
sitface.txt 1057 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (Sit on my Face), from Jeff Stokes (March 6, 1994)
slippe.hum 7638 More weird writings by the Slipped Disk
snurgle.txt 8173 What the Hell is a Snurgle? (BBS Postings)
softrev1.txt 25468 Software Reviews Message Base (July, 1991)
spamskit.txt 3625 MESSAGE: The Spam Sketch (Monty Python) from Richard Cote (March 11, 1994)
sperm.txt 3145 MESSAGE: Monty Python Lyrics (Every Sperm is Sacred) from Micah Holmes (March 10, 1994)
strek.txt 121379 Inter-WWIV Posting about Star Trek
stuff3.txt 1929 Goodbye Message from the Off the Wall BBS
sysopsue.hum 31743 Message Base: Can Sysops Sue Their Users?
syssong.txt 2569 MESSAGE: The Sysop Soung (Monty Python Parody) by Mark Williams (February 19, 1994)
tardis2.msg 5888 Pretty bleak Dr. Who BBS Conference ..15 Minute Time limit...
telec.txt 15250 Basic Telecommunications Message Base by The Videosmith
telnetfe.txt 6001 Message Captured from the Telenet PC Pursuit Net Exchange BBS (February 1988)
trekkie.txt 25156 Star Trek Message Board from The Safehouse, 1984
tt900507 11416 MESSAGES: Messages from the Tender Trap BBS Circa May, 1990, by Dream Hunter Rem (1990)
udgbbs.txt 7552 Large BBS Ad Message Base List (January 1991)
vi900906.vir 187667 Messages about Viruses on a FidoNet board
vi901029.vir 181138 Messages about Viruses on a FidoNet board
virdisc2.txt 23128 Messages: Virus Discussion, 1991
vmb.txt 11833 Mish-Mash Collection of Various Phreaking Textfiles, 1990
wopr.txt 37938 LODCOM: Selected Messages from WOPR BBS (December 1984)
wotchlst.txt 89917 MESSAGES: Selection of Science Fiction BBS Messages
wotmisc.txt 255091 MESSAGES: Selection of Science Fiction BBS Messages (Prodigy)
wotproph.txt 139825 MESSAGES: Selection of Science Fiction BBS Messages (Prophecy)
wowie!!.msg 20632 Messages from October
zachman1.msg 175524 MESSAGE BASE: William F. Zachmann Quits the Ziff Davis Publishing Company (Compuserve) (1992)
zachman2.msg 52190 MESSAGE BASE: William F. Zachmann Quits the Ziff Davis Publishing Company (Compuserve) (1992)
zachman4.msg 30109 MESSAGE BASE: William F. Zachmann Quits the Ziff Davis Publishing Company (Compuserve) (1992)
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