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DISCOGRAPHY ./.. Collection of Artist Discographies
FORMATS ./.. Collection of Music File Format Explanations
GUITARTABS ./.. Collection of Tab Files for Songs for Guitar
PINKFLOYD ./.. Articles and Textfiles about Pink Floyd
100worst.txt 8546 The 100 Worst Singles of the Last 25 Years, by avids Browne & Hinckley of the New York Daily News
130.asc 16285 You're Wrong! An Irregular Column by Mykel Board
15-songs.txt 18665 A Collection of Songs from the Civil War
1956.txt 3641 The #1 Records for the Year 1956
1958.txt 4129 The #1 Records for the Year 1958
1959.txt 3477 The #1 Records for the Year 1959
1960.txt 3965 The #1 Records for the Year 1960
2112.mus 10052 Lyrics to "2112" by Rush, by The Griffin
3sonnets.txt 2300 FILK: 3 Sonnets by Staeorra Rokraven (March 9, 1989)
50ways.txt 1760 FILK: 50 Ways to Kill an Ensign (January, 1992)
acdcdeed.mus 10499 AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Cheap, typed by the Omen!
acdcdeed.sng 10262 Lyrics to AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Cheap, by The Omen
alice.hum 13547 The Lyrics to 'Alice's Restaurant'
alt-stp.txt 7007 Transcription of Stone Temple Pilots by Molochi
alwysher.sng 1739 Always a Herald (Parody of "Always a Woman" by Billy Joel)
amer_pie.txt 26975 The Very Large Annotated American Pie, by Don McLean
amongliv.hum 18002 Entire Lyrics to Among the Living, by Anthrax
ams.log.011592 18653 Apple II Music and Sound Forum Conference Log: SoundSmith 1.0 (January 15, 1992)
ams.log.072491 18334 Apple II Music and Sound Forum Conference Log: What's New in SoundSmith (July 24, 1991)
ams.log.110691 16562 Apple II Music and Sound Forum Conference Log: GS Music Programs: Noisetracker and MusicStudio (November 6, 1991)
ams.log.112091 15883 Apple II Music and Sound Forum Conference Log: Starting Your Own Band (April 10, 1991)
anti.metal.punk 5376 Getting Punks Away From metal by Ellis E. Conklin
asimov.txt 1432 FILK: Shakespearean Sonnet of Isaac Asimov, by Marguerite Peterson (April, 1992)
avalon.txt 2364 FILK: Avalon is Rising, by Isaac Bonewitz
backmask.txt 28430 Introduction to and Examples of Backwards Masking
backward.bgr 1550 How to listen to Music Backwards by Dr. Bushwacker, 1994
ballad.sng 2048 The Witch's Ballad
ballad.txt 1277 FILK: The Witch's Ballad
bamboo.txt 1955 FILK: Bamboo by Tom Rogers and Ellen Fuller
banned.txt 4139 FILK: Banned from Argo
bard_01.txt 45056 Various Songs Sung by the Society for Creative Anachronism
bard_02.txt 32640 Additional Songs for the SCA
bard_03.txt 33280 Finally, Even More Songs for the SCA
bard_04.txt 29184 Ooops, I lied, more songs for the SCA
bard_x1.txt 25472 Rowdy Songs for the Society for Creative Anachronism
bard_x2.txt 35200 Additional Rowdy songs for the Society for Creative Anachronism
bardic-x.txt 179624 A VERY Large Selection of Medieval-Like Bawdy and Rowdy Songs
bardic1.txt 203506 The Black Book of Locksley (SCA Songs)
bardic2.txt 225318 Further Rowdy Songs for the SCA
bardic3.txt 63175 Further SCA Song Parodies
bardpero.pom 2687 Ioseph of Locksley talks further about his many SCA things
bards.txt 9009 On Bards and Bardic Circles by Ioseph of Locksley
barlycor.txt 1587 FILK: John Barleycorn, by Traffic
batohell.hum 19487 Bat Out of Hell Lyrics
bauhaus.txt 25171 A Collection of Bauhaus Lyrics by Gregory Hempel (December 23, 1992) 35006 The Black Book of Locksley: Collection of SCA-Inspired Songs
bbros04.txt 22098 20 Questions for Chuck D of Public Enemy, typed in by Major Havoc of the Buzz Brothers
bbros06.txt 28977 Testament: The High Times Interview, by The Buzz Brothers
beat_nov.txt 29524 The Beatles Novelty Songs List, 1991
beatle.45s 5503 Beatles 45 RPM Singles, through December 1974
beatle.eps 2560 Beatles 45 RPM Extended Play Records, through December 1967
beatle.u-k 10016 The Beatles: Record Titles, Through December 1974
beatle.u2 2657 The Influnce of the Beatles on U2
beatles.vid 46435 A Summary of the Beatles on Video, by Ed Chen (January 1993)
bellsys.txt 3630 FILK: The Day Bell System Died, by Lauren Weinstein (1983)
beltane 1560 The Beltane Chase Song (Traditional)
bibliogr 84584 Biblography of Synthesizers, MIDI, Computer and Electronic Music (August 2, 1994)
bibliogr.txt 100060 Synth/MIDI/Analog/Acoustic Bibligraphy (March 18, 1994)
biohs.txt 1860 DISCOGRAPHY: Bleep and Biosphere
bitchen.hum 2743 Lyrics to 'Bitchen Camaro' by The Dead Milkmen
blaklite.txt 18222 Black Sabbath: Light in the Darkness, by Bob Szekely, 1987
blood.txt 990 FILK: Strange Blood, by Leslie Fish
books.txt 3206 FILK: Too Many Books
br-hatlb.sng 1271 Hackin' All the Local Boards, Song by Blade Runner
brap.txt 1024 Lyrics to "Brap" by Skinny Puppy
broken.alb 7040 Nine Inch Nails: Broken Lyrics
broken.txt 6796 Lyrics to Nine Inch Nails "Broken" by Fetus of The Cell BBS
brosinga.txt 5351 FILK: The Lore of Brosingamene
brothel.txt 490 FILK: The Lady's Brothel, by Steven Posch-Coward (1980)
bulfugaz.txt 2876 Messages: Fugazi discussion (March 1989)
bullshit.txt 20269 Interview With Mike Bullshit, from Jersey Beat #39
buralbum 7009 William S. Burroughs Releases Bizarre New Album (September 28, 1993) by T. Carter School
burfile 45746 The Burroughs File: Reference Guide to the Works of William S. Burroughs (December 13, 1993)
c64midi-.txt 41184 Constructing a MIDI Interface for a Commodore 64 or Commodore 128
call.txt 871 FILK: A Call to Lord and Lady by Jeff Bordeaux (February 14, 1989)
callig.txt 6427 Mail Order Sources for Scribes
carmenm.txt 1273 FILK: Carmen Miranda's Ghost, by Leslie Fish
casey 1459 The Ballad of Casey Diess: Traditional
ccd-bb.txt 35452 FILK: The Strangest Dream by Ioseph of Locksley (1990)
cd-music 4192 List of Star-Wars Related Music CDs
celeliza.hum 4087 The Celebration of the Lizard by Jim Morrison
celtic.txt 3066 FILK: Celtic Circle Dance by W. J. Bethancourt III (1984)
celtpoem.txt 10377 FILK: The Coming of Lugh by Iarwain
chants01.txt 4448 ASCII Musical Notation by Leigh Ann Hussey
cheapmid.txt 3840 How to Build a MIDI Interface for the Sound Blaster
childs.mus 4681 Stories and Test Answers to Music Education Questions
chuckd.txt 21887 20 Questions for Chuck D by The Buzzz Brothers and Major Havoc (November, 1990)
class.cdc 2546474 The Compact Disc Connection Database for Classical Music (August 3, 1992)
code1 1785 Description of MIDI Status Bytes by Michel Poirier
code2 2697 Channel Voice Messages by Michel Poirier
code3 1991 Channel Mode Messages by Michel Porrioer
code4 3349 System Messages by Michel Porrioer
coil.dis 11952 DISCOGRAPHY: Coil (April 5, 1993) by Greg Clow
compmidi.txt 41342 A MIDI Primer for Computerphiles
composer.txt 111910 The Composers List (Fourth Posting) by Mike Hafner (August, 1991)
computer.sng 124186 The Computer Songs Collection v1.0 (December 18, 1991)
concrete.dis 15443 DISCOGRAPHY: Concrete Blonde, by Clare Waterson (June 16, 1992)
copyri.ght 19022 The Copyright and the Musician: A Guide to the 1976 Copyright Law, updated to include the 1988 "Berne Act" by David Richards (June 1990)
craftsng.txt 52079 FILK: Songs for Neo-Pagans by The Bard
crown.txt 3767 FILK: Carsey at the Crown, by Bertram of Bearington
cthulhu.txt 3045 FILK: The REAL Lord of the Dance, by Jeremy Buhler (January 13, 1992)
cure.dis 14876 Discography: The Cure, December 23, 1992, by Alexander Lum
cybrpnk.txt 1001 FILK: Cyberpunk, by Sherman Dorn (1991)
cz-1000 6681 Casio CZ-1000/101 MIDI Implementation Version 1.0 (January 31, 1986)
cz-101.fmt 5760 CZ-101 MIDI Data Format
cz-101.imp 3200 Casio CZ101 Midi Implementation Chart
cz-101.mus 6933 CZ-101 MIDI Data Format
cz-midi- 24396 The Casio CZ MIDI Fuide Condensed Version
cz101imp.mus 4101 Casio CZ-101 MIDI Implementation Chart
cz_sens.txt 4352 The Sensitive CZ (How the CZ-100 Handles Velocity)
czmidi.mus 23540 Casio CZ MIDI Guide Condensed Version
czpgmn.mus 2840 Casio CZ Programming Tips
czpgmn.txt 1920 Some CZ Programming Tips
damnsong.txt 1536 And I Don't Give a Damn (Sung to the Tune of Greenback Dollar) by Lucillus
darlin.txt 1760 FILK: My Darlin' Charlie K by Bob Hirschfeld and Kate Searle
dead_tix.txt 2905 Grateful Dead Concert Information (1992)
deadhead.txt 4047 Schedule for a Deadhead
death.poetry.ii 5376 Death Poetry II by Mortis Primus
dedmilkm.txt 15018 Dead Milkmen Lyrics by Dan Reed
demzones.txt 1937 FILK: Reapportionment Rears Up Again by Jane Rein'l
depech.mus 983 Lyrics to Blasphemous Rumours, by Depeche Mode
detachab.pen 2163 Lyrics to the song "Detachable Penis", by King Missile
dethangl.txt 8690 Death of Angel
diary.txt 13031 Diary of a Rock Critter at the 1989 New Music Seminar by Jim Testa of Jersey Beat Fanzine
dicks.txt 10342 Why are Straight Edgers Such Dicks? A Rhetorical Question by Jim Testa
digital-.aud 6816 Information on the Digital Output of a CD Player (May 30, 1991)
digitalp 10179 A Guide to Buying Electronic Pianos by Michael Dunn (April 14, 1994)
dio.txt 6955 Interview with Ronnie James Dio By Gerry Galipault
dmdiscog.sng 20559 A Complete Depeche Mode Discography
doggie01.txt 2560 Come Home Little Doggie, By Lucillus
dogsoup.txt 939 FILK: Dog Soup! By Joe Bethancourt III (1992)
doublet.txt 1881 FILK: Black Leather Doublet by W. J. Bethancourt III (1991)
dream1.txt 968 FILK: Strangest Dream of All by W. J. Bethancourt III (1992)
drunksng.txt 1536 We Three Drunks by Lucillus
duke.txt 1558 FILK: Duke Has a Dream by Jane Rein'l
dune.txt 1535 FILK: The Spice Has Made My Green Eyes Blue by Jeremy Buhler (1992)
dx-100 4804 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer DX100 MIDI Implementation Chart (May 10, 1985)
dx1.out 10668 The Yamaha 32 Voice Bulk Data Format
e-bass.txt 19578 A Collection of Compuserve messages regarding Recording Electic Bass
eat-byt 1470 The Infiltrator Riffs off of a John Valby Song
ec.txt 5619 The Electric Carnival at Lollapalooza, June, 1994
efaunus.txt 671 FILK: Evocation of Faunus by Morning Glory Zell (1974)
elements.son 3903 Lyrics to The Elements, by Tom Lehrer
elements.txt 3473 The Lyrics to Tom Lehrer's "Elements" Song
eleubibl.txt 1880 Eleusinian Mysteries: SOurce Materials by Nestor
engineer.son 6020 The Engineers' Drinking Song
erishymn.txt 2003 FILK: Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy by Lord Omar and Talespinner
esq1arch.cht 3654 The ESQ-1 Architecture
esq1prgm.cht 4451 The ESQ-1 Program Sheet
estrella.txt 1919 FILK: Banned from Estrlla by W. J. Bethancourt III (1992)
euryth.txt 1059 "What's That Code?" to the tune of "Who's That Girl?" by The Slipped Disk
examples.t 17714 Examples of ZIPI Applications by Matthew Wright (December, 1994)
eyrie.txt 1475 FILK: Hope Eyrie
ezrin93.txt 5953 Guitar World Interview with Bob Ezrin, producer of The Wall
fam_tree.txt 39266 The Rock Family Tree, by Mark Perry (1991,1992)
faq.t 17411 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About ZIPI by Matthew Wright (December 1994)
fb01.imp 4864 FB-01 MIDI Implementation Chart (January 10, 1986)
fda 6961 Spiritual Music Advice n' Stuff by Rev Richard Visage
ferris.txt 3736 Ferris Bueller's Day Off: The Soundtrack by Lazlo Nibble (Ernie Longmire) (October 25, 1991)
fetus.mus 9275 Lyrics to "Feed Us Fetus" by the Dayglo Abortions
ffile1.txt 20786 Filk File One from the FILK Echo (May, 1990)
ffile12.txt 49269 FILK: Filk File 12 by Kay Shapero (January, 1992)
ffile2.txt 24831 FILK: Filk File 2 by Kay Shapero (June, 1990)
ffile3.txt 35190 FILK: Filk File 3 by Kay Shapero (July, 1990)
ffile4.txt 26743 FILK: Filk File 4 by Kay Shapero (August, 1990)
ffile5.txt 23777 FILK: Filk File 5 by Kay Shapero (September, 1990)
ffile6.txt 34491 FILK: Filk File 6 by Kay Shapero (December, 1990)
ffile7.txt 39394 FILK: Filk File 7 by Kay Shapero (January, 1991)
filksongs 90013 The Illuminati Alma Mater by John M. Ford (November 16, 1990)
filktime.txt 1340 Infomation on The Filking Times
fisher.txt 1286 FILK: Fisher's Chant, by Leslie Fish
fishsong.txt 722 FILK: Fish Songs, by Joe Bethancourt (1992)
flaming.txt 1934 FILK: Recursive Flaming by Philip Jacobs, Carl Monk and Dave Aronson
fmoddoc.txt 85833 A MOD Player Tutorial by Brett Paterson (FireLight) (June 16, 1995)
forts.txt 1590 FILK: The Joy of Fortifications
front242.lyr 3232 FRONT 242: Lyrics to FRONTMEN:
g_dead.txt 37890 Collection of Grateful Dead Bootleg Tapes and Setlists
g_dead2.txt 22281 Grateful Dead: Setlists - European Tour fall '90 thru Chinese New Year '91
genesis.dis 391524 DISCOGRAPHY: Genesis, (1992, 1993) by Scott McMahan
giants.txt 12431 Interview with They Might Be Giants, Throttle Mag. 1990
gibson.dif 6119 Interview with William Gibson (March 22, 1991) from Creem
gig101.txt 10301 Gigging 101: Getting a Place to Play Your Band
girlband8.txt 66593 The Girl Band Guide: A Directory of Women-Oriented Alternative Bands with Female Vocalists by Carrie Carolin Issue #8 (June, 1994)
god.txt 4228 What is God? By Belladonna (May 21, 1991)
goddess.txt 1242 FILK: The Goddess is Alive, by Shadow Hawk (February 26, 1989)
gothic.lis 13292 The Gothic Music List (December 9, 1992)
grace.txt 1526 FILK: Amazing Grace (New Lyrics) by Verna Knapp
greengro.txt 1786 FILK: Green Grow the Rushes Oh by L.A. Hussey (February 8, 1988)
grendel.txt 1209 FILK: Grendel, by Kathy Mar and Leslie Fish
grendel2.txt 2685 FILK: Grendel, by Kathy Mar and Leslie Fish (Part 2 by Skald-Brandr Toralfsson)
guitar.mus 3733 Some Basics of Guitar Playing Part I, by Cosmic Charlie
guitar.txt 4503 Some Basics of Guitar Playing, by Cosmic Charlie
gus-sb.txt 21502 Sound Blaster and Gravis Ultrasound Frequently Asked Questions List by Daniel Rogers Version .92 (September 2, 1994)
gwydion.txt 535 FILK: Metempsychosis by Gwydion Pendderwen
gwydion1.txt 4234 FILK: For Gwydion
halantow.txt 4106 FILK: Hal and Tow
halls.txt 1158 FILK: Big Halls by Dave Roberts
hardware.txt 13111 MODPLAY: Making an Amiga Four-Channel Hardware Device for PCs, by Mark J. Cox (1990-1991)
harp.txt 3912 Definition of the Harp
harpinfo.txt 6464 Where to Buy Harps (List of Addresses)
hellawai.hum 8487 Slayer: Hell Awaits Lyrics
helm.txt 1267 FILK: The Grin Behind the Helm by W.J. Bethancourt III (1991)
hifi.mus 7292 The Common-Sense Guide to Hifi
histlyri.txt 22129 Lyrics to Schoolhouse Rock "History Rock"
horn.faq 94715 The 1997 Horn-Players' FAQ
houshol.hum 7382 Houses of the Holy - Led Zeppelin
hunt.txt 4097 FILK: The Hunter's Warning, by Staeorra Rokraven (March 8, 1989)
hunters.txt 5159 FILK: The Hunter's Warning
ibnzmc1.mus 16636 The Ibanez MC1 MIDI Guitar and Controller
illumman.txt 12434 Information on Illuminated Manuscripts
indnjazz.txt 41113 A Guide to Classical Indian/Jazz Fusion (April 1994) by Allen Alley Cat Lutins
instcat.txt 6875 SOurces of Medieval/Renaissance Musical Instruments by Ioseph of Locksley
instrcd.txt 49633 Instrumental Surf CD List (November 30, 1993)
intro.t 17166 ZIPI: Origins and Motivations by Keith McMillen of Zeta Music/Gibson Western Innovation Zone (December, 1994)
irene.txt 1241 FILK: Goodnight Irene
ironmaid.hum 3377 he Trooper, by Iron Maiden
jamie.txt 1697 A Whole Nude World (Parody of Whole New World) by Walther, Fleury, and Friedland
jazz.txt 233676 A Jazz Improvisation Primer, by Marc Sabatella (March 7, 1994)
jblmiles 4459 Milestones of the JBL Audio Company (1984)
jblprd 14354 JBL Audio Component Listing by Numerical Category (September 1985)
jblsystm 23808 The Ancient Audiophile's Quest for the Ultimate JBL Home System
jewel.txt 1687 FILK: Jewel, by Shadow Hawk (March 12, 1989)
johnny.txt 1876 FILK: Drastic Changes, by Scott Fridenberg
jp5_jp7.txt 7685 Gravis Ultrasound JP5 and JP7 mods and specs (1993)
jungle.mus 927 Milliways (Parody of "Jingle Bells")
kbush1.txt 3477 The Story of Kate Bush
kilemall.mus 11079 Metallica: Kill 'em All, Compliments of Swamp Rat (1988)
ktop100.txt 5555 The Top 100 Hits of 1991
ktop300.txt 18839 The Top 300 Modern Rock Songs, by KITS, 1990
kurt.txt 3215 Kurt Cobain's Suicide Letter
kurtcobn.txt 6650 Kurt Cobain's Suicide Letter, Followed by Dozens of Tasteless Jokes (April, 1994)
lecture.mus 38978 Lecture in Sequencers, MIDI and Music Software, by Gary Osteen
lilith.txt 1588 FILK: Lilith
llow.txt 1997 FILK: Collection of Filk Songs
lonesome.txt 1365 FILK: Lonesome Travelers by Tom Rogers 28023 List of the Longest CDs in the World (December 21, 1992)
lugh.txt 2667 FILK: All Things Keltic by David Schaal (March 3, 1989)
lyra.txt 464 FILK: Lyra, by Hugh Read
lz_rare.txt 14482 The 50 Rarest Led Zeppelin and Related Records by Robert Godwin
m-love.mus 896 Modem Love (Parody of "Modern Love")
mac-midi.txt 3962 Creating a Minimal MIDI Interface for Macintosh Computers (May 1993)
madonna.txt 1584 Like a Loser, Parody of Like a Virgin, by The Slipped Disk
man-mach 45034 The Man Machine Interface by Metlay (Interfaces for Machines)
mast_pup.sng 12395 Lyrics to "Metallica, Master of Puppets, by Deth Vegetable of LUCIPHER
may.txt 2651 Collection of Events in May from Dan McClure (June 8, 1991)
maychan1.txt 330 FILK: May Day Chant 1
maychant.txt 1335 FILK: Collection of May Day Chants
megadeth.hum 8857 Lyrics from Megadeth's Peace Sells, but Who's Buying?
merry.txt 16646 The Merry Pranksters and the Art of the Hoax, by Mark Derry (December 23, 1990)
metallic.hum 7667 Metallica, Master of Puppets Lyrics by DRU
metaltru.mus 5479 Heavy Metal: The Untold Truth, by Starmaster (January 25, 1990)
mfspec06.txt 27648 The MIDI File Specification Version 1.0 (March 1, 1988)
midi-and 74374 A Tutorial on MIDI and Wavetable Music Synthesis by Jim Heckroth (1993)
midi-com.t 22559 A Comparison of MIDI and ZIPI by Matthew Wright (December, 1994)
midi-em.txt 9442 MIDI Interfaces for the IBM PC by David (Rudy) Trubitt (September, 1990)
midi.prn 44739 A MIDI Primer for Computerphiles
midi.txt 26434 The USENET MIDI Primer, by Bob McQueer
midi2.txt 27136 The USENET MIDI Primer, by Bob McQueer
midi_dic.txt 28729 Preliminary MIDI Dictionary by A.C. Conti (1987)
midiarti.cle 18500 How Much for Just the MIDI? by Eric Lipscomb (October 1989)
midicon.mus 4826 Basic Concepts in MIDI
mididump 8607 The MIDI Sample Dump Standard
midimac.txt 9119 Building a MIDI Interface for the Apple Macintosh
midimis.mus 8088 What's Missing in MIDI? From Keyboard Magazine
midinote 1224 Summary of MIDI Note Numbers for Different Octaves
midiprim.txt 27734 The Usenet MIDI Primer, by Bob McQueer
midispec 8914 The MIDI 1.0 Specification
midistat 10096 Summary of MIDI Status & Data Bytes
midistat.001 10125 Summary of MIDI Status & Data Bytes
miditime.txt 34816 MIDI Time Code and Sharing (February 12, 1987)
minnie.txt 2295 FILK: Minnie the Freak by Leslie Fish
misfit.txt 39205 The Misfit by Lynn Hirshberg (About Madonna)
mixer.txt 3773 Instructions for Building a Passive Line Level Mixer
modplay.cfg 6973 The Modplay Configuration File by Paul Sutton
moog.mus 13546 Computers and Music, by Robert A. Moog
moog.txt 14381 Computer and Music by Robert A. Moog
mpdl.t 74529 The ZIPI Music Parameter Description Language (December, 1994)
mtvtp100.mus 6400 MTV Top 100 Videos for 1985
music 4959 Announcing MusicNet
musicbra.txt 5703 What Happens When Music Meets the Brain
musijoke.txt 6790 Collection of Musician-Related Jokes
musik1 145409 Computer Songs and Poems v1.2 by Stefan Haenssgen
myths.txt 7814 Rock and Roll Legends: Exploding the Myths by E.O.P. of Rock Scene Magazine
naziufo2.txt 35432 Foo Fighters and the Kugleblitz by Al Pinto
nclosure 5760 Venter Loudspeaker Enclosure Construction and Operation 17893 Nitzer Ebb: Analog Synths & Ambient Samples Put A Polish On The Industrial Grind by Alan di Perna
ne.txt 18945 Nitzer Ebb: Analog Synths & Ambient Samples Put A Polish On The Industrial Grind, by Alan di Perna
negativ.u2 12429 Complete Lurics to U2 By Negativland (1991)
netjam 17063 Guide to Operation for NetJam, Berkeley by Craig Latta (October 9, 1991)
network.t 17587 A Summary of the ZIPI Network (December, 1994)
newkids.txt 5598 The New Kids on the Block and why we hate them
newone.txt 35500 Old Pink writes about a lot of Music and Politics (November 1990)
newsv1.txt 24300 The Gravis Helper, from Advanced Gravis Computer Technology (1996)
nitzebb.txt 7658 Nitzer Ebb Lyrics, written by ICEolatEor (June 22, 1991) 17894 Nitzer Ebb: Analog Synths & Ambient Samples Put A Polish On The Industrial Grind by Alan di Perna
nothing.mus 1664 Money For Programming (Parody of Money For Nothing)
nothing2.mus 1408 Runnin' Your Forum (Parody of Money for Nothing)
outofs1.txt 23621 Information on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles Records
p-men.txt 10490 An On-The-Street Interview with the PotatoMen
paceegg 1188 The Pace Egging Song: A Spring Equinox Song
parker.txt 1284 Fed Busters, Parody of Ghost Busters, by The Slipped Disk
police.txt 1202 I'll be Copying You, Parody of Every Breath You Take, by The Slipped Disk
power.txt 1280 Some Hackers Card, Parody of Some Like It Hot, by The Slipped Disk
prdxl.txt 1685 A Paradoxical Sound Synthesizer by Thierry Rochebois (Junary 2, 1994)
prettyhm.txt 10067 Transcription of Lyrics from Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails
pro-audi 7369 The Pro Audio Spectrum Frequently Asked Questions List Version 1.0 (August 1992)
queen.txt 1195 We Will Logon, Parody of We Will Rock You, by The Slipped Disk
queensr.dis 16506 DISCOGRAPHY: Queensryche, January 1993
rapmastr.hum 3251 Lyrics to "Rap Master Ronnie" by Doonesbury Break Crew
rev2 5024 Spiritual Music Advice N. Stuff, by Rev. Richard Visage
rev3 7984 Spiritual Music Advice N. Stuff, by Rev. Richard Visage (Additional)
rev4 6532 Spiritual Music Advice N. Stuff, by Rev. Richard Visage (Buddy Guy)
reva 3877 MUSIC REVIEW: Kansas - Boxed Set by Dave Bealer
review.mus 11079 Keyboard Report: 1040ST Software: DX Droid
rhapsody.txt 3013 Ode to Freddie Mercury: Bumhemian Rhapsody
rock.cdc 1835469 The Compact Disk Collection Database (Collection of Information about Hundreds of CDs) (August 3, 1992)
rock_s8n.txt 40526 The Satanic Roots of Rock by Donald Phau
rockname.txt 31526 Where did Rock Bands Get Their Names? (November 21, 1992)
roland.txt 11160 The Definitive Guide to Old Roland Instruments by Sine Path Square (January 25, 1993)
roland_x.txt 14039 The Definitive Guide to Old Roland Instruments Plus Some Others (April 10, 1993)
rusmusic.txt 12540 Overview of the Music History of the former Soviet Union and Russia
samplers.txt 14336 Getting the Most out of the Akai S900 by Steven Cox (December, 1986)
sbmidi.txt 8008 A Cheap MIDI Connector Box for the Sound BLaster Card v1.0 by Adam Mirowski
sbx-80.imp 3072 The SBX 80 Midi Implementation Chart
sea_so.ngs 36438 Large Collection of Sea Shanties
sicksong.mus 1248 "Twas the Party Before Christmas" - Parody
signals1.mag 7906 Signalz Issue 1 (July 17, 1993)
signals2.mag 9370 Signalz Issue 2 (July 21, 1993)
signals3.mag 15472 Signalz Issue 3 (July 24, 1993)
signals4.mag 15811 Signalz Issue 4 (July 28, 1993)
signals5.mag 11191 Signalz Issue 5 (August 11, 1993)
slade.txt 1102 Hack Hack Away, Parody of "Run Run Away" by The Slipped Disk
slayrib.hum 10070 Lyrics to "Slayer: Reign in Blood"
slippeds.txt 10977 Collection of Song Parodies by The Slipped Disk
smdl-in.tro 26797 The Standard Music Description Language Objectives and Methodology by Charles F. Goldfarb and Steven R. Newcomb (February 15, 1988)
smdl-t.ech 105610 The Standard Music Description Language Part Two: Technical Description and Formal Definition (June 4, 1988)
sobersng.txt 6656 Why the Hell am i Sober? (Song) by Lucillus
sodspeak.hum 8909 SOD Lyrics: "Speak English or Die"
soloman.txt 25406 The Song of Solomon - Erotic poetry at its finest, typed in by Jon Noring
songs-x1.txt 47947 Rowdy Songs Not Suitable for Children or Small Dogs, by Ioseph of Locksley
songs-x2.txt 44117 More Rowdy Songs Not Suitable for Children or Small Dogs, from ioseph of Locksley
songs-x4.txt 21322 Additional Rowdy Verses from Ioseph of Locksley
songs-x5.txt 17423 SOngs Not Suitable for Anybody
songs.bc 16084 Entirely Random Collection of Song Lyrics
songs.txt 18143 Lyrics to Civil War Songs
songsjon.txt 61056 Janos Little Brown Book of Songs of the Known World (October 2, 1989)
songwrtr.txt 2005 25 Thoughts for Songwriters (1988)
soundsite-18 2984 The Sound Site Newsletter Issue #18 by David Komastu (February 23, 1994)
sowhat.txt 11828 Lyrics to Megadeth: So Far, So Good, So What! by Deth Vegetable of Lucipher
squids.hum 6382 Lyrics to Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant"
ssbanner.txt 2622 Full Lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner
stairway.lyr 1540 Stairway to Heaven Lyrics
starspng.txt 2569 Text to the Star Spangled Banner
stgedive.txt 4958 The Stagedive Score Chart
stumptheband.txt 6842 The Semi-Canonical They Might Be Giants "Stump the Band" List v1.0 by Jason Scott (1992) 50806 The Instrumental Surf CD List (November 30, 1993)
synchron.mus 12199 Anarchy Inc.'s transcription of The Police: Synchronicity
synchron.txt 9315 Getting In Sync: MIDI Synchronization
syncinfo.txt 27034 An Introduction to Tape/MIDI Sync and the MQX-32 by Dave Hocker (1988)
syneth1.asc 9324 Tone Shapes: A Novel Type of Synathesia by Michael J. Zigler (August 25, 1991)
synth-re.vie 175130 Synths 1992: Compilation of new and used synths, samplers, and rack modules by Clarence K. Din
talkhead.hum 3649 Reprinted liner notes from the Talking Heads' STOP MAKING SENSE
talking.mac 15303 Talking Machines: About Speech Synthesis and Vocoders, by J. L. Flanagan (1994)
tapeproj.mus 5923 Science Project description of different audio tapes
techno-a.txt 43195 The Techno Revolution, by Simon Reynolds
testtoss.txt 990 Testing the Tosser (To the Tune of Waltzing Matilda) by Dr. Mabuse
textfiles.paro 2065 Textfiles, to the tune of 'Big Time', by Jason Scott (March 9th, 1987)
tindrbox.hum 7426 Lyricx to Siouxsie and the Banshees "Tinderbox"
tommytc.txt 1489 Tommy the Cat, by Primus (Lyrics)
topalbum.mus 6049 Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of the Last 25 Years (Early 1990's)
topsingl.txt 6785 Rolling Stone's Top 100 Singles of the Last 25 Years
tornato.mus 10088 Anarchy Inc.'s transcription of Yes' "Tormato"
twangin.1 41410 Twangin' Issue #1 (May, 1994)
twangin.2 64139 Twangin' Issue #2 (July, 1994)
ultra 26772 UltraDOX: Gravis Ultrasound Documentation by Cyberstrike of Renaissance v2.0
valelf.hum 3423 Lyrics to "Valley Elf" Parody