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Before the news media made the transition to online servies, everything was on paper, and if a BBS user wanted to share, they had to type in the entire article themselves and pass it along. This directory will fill as time goes on with professionally transcribed stories, but peppered here and there are those labors of love, trying to spread the word.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
092793.txt 4875 Computer Porn Case Triggers Legal Questions from Daily Oklahoman Newspaper (September 27, 1993)
17arr.txt 2515 17 Arrested in High-Tech Phone Fraud by Lee Catterall and William Green, Typed in by Skatepunk (1988)
1stamend 6839 Showdown over Computer 'Crime" by Brooks Boliek (August 5, 1990)
26008586.txt 22884 Excerpts from Various Issues of 2600 Magazine, by The Fixer
2600dcr1.txt 8042 Reports of "Raid" on 2600 Washington Meeting 11/09/92
2600dcr2.txt 4525 Secret Service Role Questioned in "2600 Washington Raid" (November 10, 1992)
2600dcr3.txt 4451 Conflicting Stories in 2600 Raid (November 11, 1992)
2600dcrp.txt 6085 Hackers Allege Harassment at Mall; Pentagon City Guards Stop Meeting, Tell Computer Group to Leave. by Robert O'Harrow, Jr.
2600raid.txt 21162 A Raid on a 2600 Meeting (November 7, 1992)
adshack.hac 10821 The FBI Goes after ADS Hackers
agnts.nfo 7878 Computer Criminal Caught After 10 Months On The Run by Keith Stone (August 30th, 1994)
akronbbs.txt 12233 Police Say They Were Taking a Byte Out of Crime, by Charlene Nevada, Beacon Journal, March 22, 1993
arrest.txt 2688 Two Juveniles Arrested in BBS Extortion Case
article.txt 2377 ASCII and Ye Shall Recieve (Analysis and Criticism by the Slipped Disk)
bardbyte.txt 8836 The Bard Bytes Dust, by Charles Burress (SF Chronicle, 1986) Typed in by The Unknown User
baudy.hac 88653 The Baudy World of the Byte Bandit: A Postmodernist Interpretation of the Computer Underground (Thesis, 1990)
bawdybds.txt 10976 Bulletin Bawdy, from "The Games Machine" July 1988
bbscase.txt 11383 Akron BBS Trial Update: Dangerous Precedents in Sysop Prosecution
bbscourt.txt 19292 About Litigation on BBSes in the USA, April, 1990
bbssting.txt 4995 Police Set Up Bulletin Board Stings by Jim Forbes of Infoworld
bcwired.asc 28785 What Does a Nobel Prize for Radio Astronomy Have to Do with Your Telephone? by Richard Rapaport
biblio 6030 Computer Hackers News Articles by Bob Krause
bmbmnul.txt 3005 Student Disciplined for Bomb Manual, from the Collinsville Herald-Journal (March 21, 1993)
boardwat.txt 46733 Board Watch Magazine: Volume 7, Issue 4, April 1993
boh-20f8.txt 102242 Bildschirmtext: A Blow Against the System (Chaos Computer Club (November 30, 1984)
bp.txt 23907 Hackers Under Attack: Crackdown Raises Questions about New Forms of Speech, by Mark Leccese (September 7, 1990)
bucks.txt 896 Millionaire Gets Mugged In Park He Donated To
bust1lod.hac 11308 U.S. computer investigation targets Austinites
busted 6112 All About the Cherry Hill Phreak Busts
busweek.txt 6363 Does Someone Have Your Company's Number?: Phone Hackers are Tapping PBXs, Running Up Millions in Charges (February 4, 1991)
c0smos.nws 5101 The Story of the C0SM0S BBS
cable.hac 16727 The true story of John Maxfield, electronic private eye, by John Manning
captain.phk 2759 An Apple for the Captain
captaina.hac 9162 Who is Captain Zap? (Article from Washington Post)
captmidn.txt 24394 The Legend of Captain Midnight and HBO
chesire.phk 13228 Who is Cheshire Catalyst? (Article in Technology Illustrated)
cptcrnch.txt 23126 Raping Ma Bell: Captain Crunch, by Zbigniew Kindela of Hustler Magazine, February 1979 2176 The Urban Legend of Craig Shergold strikes in Kennewick, WA, USA, 15 Jan 1992
crime.hac 12567 Is there Computer Crime, and what are the results?
crime1.txt 2354 Computer Crime Becoming "Less Sophisticated", Margie Wylie, May 1990 Computerworld
crimes.txt 9555 Going Undercover In The Computer Underworld by Ralph Blumenthal (The New York Times) January 26, 1993
crunchy.txt 5276 Phone Phreak Eyes Computers (More on John Draper)
crypto.txt 12550 Promising Technology Alarms Government, by Joe Abernathy of the Houston Chronicle (1992)
csuicide.txt 8534 Programmed for Life and Death, by John Markoff, New York Times, 1990
cybrnazi.txt 2379 CyberNazis Baffle German Politc (February 1994)
cybrshit.rdt 10590 Heavily Angrily Commented Transcript/Discussion about the BCS/Speech Discussion on Cyberpunks by John Markoff
cycrime1.hac 65213 Crime and Puzzlement, by John Perry Barlow (Introduction to the Electronic Frontier Foundation)
dedsheep.txt 8222 Bighorn Sheep Massacre A Mystery, By Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review-Journal/Sun, Sunday November 24, 1991
delorean.txt 3951 The DeLorean Case
demonews.67 21689 DEMO NEWS #67, October 23-29, 1994
demonews.68 21522 DEMO NEWS #68, October 30-November 5, 1994
demonews.69 19707 DEMO NEWS #69, November 6-12, 1994
demonews.70 45893 DEMO NEWS #70, November 13-19, 1994
dibbel.hac 35066 "On Line and Out of Bounds..." By Julian Dibbell (Needs Editing)
dibbel.txt 35066 On line and Out of Bounds by Julian Dibbell
digital.txt 22352 Digital Underground, by Mark Bennett (September 12, 1992)
digundrg.txt 22533 Digital Underground, by Mark Bennettm Published in i-D Technology (September 12th, 1992)
donahue.txt 21381 Transcript of a Phil Donahue Show about Hackers (March 15, 1985) from P-80 Systems
emmanuel.txt 25110 An Interview with Emmanuel Goldstein, by CNN (1999)
ethics.hac 3948 Newsweek: Teaching Hackers Ethics
fadehack.txt 2646 The Fading Hacker Mystique: No Longer Just Pests from Computer Shopper, transcribed by Mac?? (August 24, 1991)
fbi1 2488 PC Bulletin Board Hit by FBI Raid, by Josh Hyatt (Boston Globe), June 14, 1992
fbi2 2517 Colonel Guilty of Sending Porn via Computer
fbi20 1693 30 Arrests In Silicon Valley Computer Parts Sting 01/13/93
fbibust2 2853 The Raid of Hackers in Irvine, California, by Uncle Fester
freeware.txt 12731 Andrew Flugleman: In Memoriam
gangplan.txt 7245 The Bloods and the Crips propose to face-lift LA
genius.txt 8414 The Latest Cult Hero: J R. Bob Dodds
geraldo.txt 28587 Now it Can Be Told: Mad Hacker's Key Party, by Geraldo Rivera (September 30, 1991)
guilty.txt 7734 Hacker Pleads Guilty in AT&T Case: Sentence Urged for Md. Man Among Stiffest Yet for Computer Crime, by Mark Potts of Washington Post
hack-nsa.txt 3530 Hackers Retaliate by Leaking Manual, by Keay Davidson, Examiner Science Writer
hacker.hac 8900 Abuse Hits Computer Networks
hacker2.txt 2432 The Cops Got His Number: Teen accused of harassment calls via computer, San Jose Mercury News
hackers 6591 An Article about High School Hackers by Argon PhoenixFire and Beta Ray Bill (February 28, 1985)
hackers.txt 58203 Is Computer Hacking a Crime? (March 1990 Harper's Magazine)
hackers.unite 8704 Hackers of the World, Unite! By John Schwartz and Typed by Apple Adept (July 2, 1990)
hackers1.hac 5582 Amateur Hackers Tripped Up (Telegram-Tribune Newspaper, Mar. 23, 1991)
hackers2.hac 6818 Computer Case Takes a Twist (Telegram-Tribune Newspaper, Mar. 29, 1991)
hackers3.hac 2812 Hackers off Hook, Property Returned ((Telegram-Tribune Newspaper, Apr. 12, 1991)
hackerth 4307 Hacker "Theives" by Silent Revel (July 18, 1985)
hacknasa 2270 NASA vs. Hobbyist: Computer Whiz Accused of Illegal Access, Mischief, by Peter G. Chronis
hackpape.hac 7052 The Hacker Papers (Psychology Today Aug. '80)
hackrfoe.txt 7143 HACKERS: Friend or Foe? by Ken McLeod (1986)
hackunit.txt 16485 Hackers of the World, Unite! With Comments by Digital Derelict (July 2, 1990)
hacrpt.twk 4027 AP Newswire story on the coming crackdown on free phone calls
hakmedia.hac 1771 Hackers in the Media, List start: 10/28/92 - Doomsday
harticle 4858 Teen-Age Hacker has Lessons for Columbia Police
hcc.txt 22062 How Crackers Crack by Rory J. O'Connor of Mercury News
hcknews.hac 28683 Grab-Bag of Hacking-related news story transcriptions
hckrslg 12665 The Hacker's League, by Lee Felsenstein, 18 March 1992
herb_zin.sto 6407 Chicago Phreak Gets Prison Term (February 17, 1989)
hunt 5821 Holding Teenage Hackers: Don't Plug Those Leaky Computers, December 1984
hydebomb.txt 1912 Newsweek Article on the Hyde Park Bomb
invest.txt 10965 Philadelphia financial planner Christine C. Dattilo is interviewed by financial writer Mike Pietruk
isdn.txt 17485 Macworld: Another Part of your Life is About to Go Digital
jilted.txt 2894 Jilted Businessman Accused in Botched Murder Plot
johnmedi.txt 3796 Hacker's Story: Two Days on Long Distance (Transcribed by Anarchy Tech)
kevin.pol 44270 More Net Friends Charged with Telephone Computer Crimes, by John Gilmore (January 19, 199)
kfyi-593.txt 91136 KFYI Phoenix, 910 AM, Kim Kommando Show 5-22-93 Transcript (Nerd on the Air)
latimes.txt 12523 The Pirates of the Internet (November 3, 1994)
leftist.txt 16319 Open Sesame: In the Arcane Culture Of Computer Hackers, Few Doors Stay Closed (Wall Street Journal, August 22, 1990)
legion.txt 4581 Article about Legion of Doom: "Ex-Hackers' Tactics Attracting Criticism', Houston Chronicle 7584 'Hacker' Pleads Guilty in AT&T CASE: Sentence Urged for Md. Man Among Stiffest Yet for Computer Crime, by Mark Potts, Washington Post Staff Writer
livermor.txt 6948 Hackers in the News: Orlando Sentinel from the Los Angeles Times
lodhbust.nws 11121 US Computer Investigation Targets Austinites
marsface.txt 2690 Some See Glimpse of Life in Face of Mars
marsmani.txt 3617 Mars Mania, API, 1988
menace.txt 6446 The Hacker Menace and Electronic Bulletin Boards by Code Cracker
mism34.hac 13440 What You Should Know About Collection Agencies ("Cosmopolitan" (November 1984))
mism6.txt 3584 Computer Hackers Beware! Senate Passes Computer Fraud And Abuse Act
mitnick.txt 8878 Slippery cybervandal caught in his own electronic web, by New York Times
mob.hac 8879 Hackers in the Mob
modbust.txt 10181 New York Computer Crime Indictments (Bust of the MOD) (July 10, 1992)
modem.spf 7168 Split Personalities on Electronic Bulletin Boards by Rangott Spliekin
multimed.txt 14368 The End of Literature: Multimedia is Television's Insidious Offspring, by Steven Levy
nasa.hak 5737 The NASA Hackers, by Tarkin Darklighter (September 15, 1987)
neidorf 42000 The Craig Neidorf Case Proceedings, July, 1990
neidorfd.txt 3460 The Craig Neidorf Defense Fund Introduction 17687 IBM Announcement of the Personal System/2
newphed.phk 1988 RADIO SCHLOCK Helps the Feds (Needs to be edited)
night.txt 15968 The Night of the Hackers, by Richard Sandza
nighthac 12705 Nighthack:A Story About Hackers
nighthak.txt 14774 The Night of the Hackers, by Richard Sandza
nightlin 21364 Nightline: FBI, Privacy, and Proposed Wire-Tapping Legislation, Friday, May 22, 1992
nsw-porn.txt 5757 Forget Homework, Computer Kids Discover Electro Porn, by Ben Hills
nzidcard.txt 8945 Prime Minister's Team Gets Set to Move on ID Cards, by Clive Mathew-Wilson, Computerworld, April 1, 1991 4530 Paranoia runs rampant throughout Computer Community
pbust.txt 1280 Semi-Literate Account of the Busting on Two Portuguese Pirates
pcomhck.txt 11311 The Popular Communications Hacker News Story, by Tom Kneitel (K2AES)
phrack.txt 1522 Missouri Man Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of Cracking 911 System
piratpub.hac 2862 Publisher Pirates Publisher, 1983
prank.txt 13836 Infoworld 1984: The Merry Pranksters, Wozniak and Jobs
press.txt 4780 How To Talk To The Press by Johnny Mnemonic
pump.txt 1727 Computer Access Arrests In NY 11/03/92
r&e_bust.txt 4006 FBI raids major Ohio computer bulletin board, January 30, 1993
races.txt 5393 Professor Pilloried for Race Theory, by Jeffrey Ulbright in Toronto 11117 Article About the Publishing Racist Jokes, from the Kitchener Record
radhoax.txt 4109 Disc Jockeys Apologize for Concocted On-Air Murder Hoax
rdr.asc 3216 Roswell Daily Record for Tuesday, July 8, 1947: RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region
requiem.txt 12288 Requiem for a Sysop, from PC WEEK, November 20, 1984
response.hac 7842 A Case for Mistaken Identity... Who's Privacy was Really Invaded? by Jim Bigeloww
rivera 27063 Transcript of Now It Can Be Told: Mad Hacker's Key Party, by Geraldo Rivera (Sept. 30, 1991)
saddam.txt 4334 Transcript of Meeting Between Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie. - July 25, 1990
satelite.hac 6312 The Great Satellite Caper, from Time Magazine
satlink.txt 4606 Overview of the News Channel's View of Satellite Links
scary2.phk 9726 "Night of the Hackers", by Richard Sandza
sentence.hac 2057 Three from Legion of Doom Sentenced (Nov. 17)
sflvrs_h.ack 30285 A Beautiful Obsession with the Binary World by Steven Levy
shadow.hac 12566 The Shadowy World of Computer Hackers
shuttle.txt 10419 Large Collection of Suspicious NASA News Stories
sieze.txt 10484 Drive to Counter Computer Crime Aims at Invaders, by John Markoff (June 3, 1990)
sign 7424 A Sign Of Our Times (Anorexia) by Rick Arnold
silvrspy.txt 2399 World of Silver Spy, 17 Year Old Tinker (Needs Editing)
singh.hac 4797 Hacking: The Case of Edward Austin Singh
sjg-day1 4835 Steve Jackson Games/Secret Service Lawsuit -- Day One by Joe Abernathy, Houston Chronicle
sjg-day2 5359 Steve Jackson Games/Secret Service Lawsuit -- Day Two by Joe Abernathy, Houston Chronicle
sjg-day3 6332 Steve Jackson Games/Secret Service Lawsuit -- Day Three by Joe Abernathy, Houston Chronicle
sjg-wins.sjg 4580 Steven Jackson Games Wins Lawsuit Against U.S. Secret Service
ss&fbi.txt 5546 The Secret Service Decides to Watch All of Us
sunhack.txt 2811 Hackers Suspected in Online Vandalism
supehack.txt 9327 Super Hacker. Was he busted, or slipped out into the night?
swpiracy.txt 5266 Software Piracy: from the NZ Listener (August 13, 199) by Chris Barton
syrp1124.txt 11368 The Syndicate Report: Bell Information Transmittal #8
sysopjl.txt 15875 SysOp Jailed in Georgia, by Lance Rose
teensac.txt 1669 Two Teens Accused of Cracking Phones While in the jailhouse
telecmp2.hum 25766 The Telecomputist, Sept 1986 52443 Terminal Delinguents, by Jack Hitt and Paul Tough of Esquire (December 1990)
theburli.txt 3712 Peninsula Hackers Busted, by John Curry
thefacts.phk 105724 Push Button Felonies, KPFA Radio Broadcast, July 26, 1990
thegreat.txt 7930 The Great Satellite Caper, by Silent Rebel (July 29, 1985)
time-art 8341 Cyberpunk, by Philip Elmer-Dewett (Time Magazine, February 8, 1993)
top10.hac 4272 Top 10 Media Errors about the Steve Jackson Games Raid
top10.nws 4272 The Top 10 Media Errors about the Steven Jackson Games Raid
trib1118.txt 12285 Crackdown on Crime is Raising Question of Computer Rights by Jim Sulski
trw 5996 Computer Raiders Hit Big Credit File, 06/22/84
tubeshok.txt 7308 Tube Shocks, by J. Neil Schulman (About TV)
v-world.txt 7048 Programmed for Life and Death, by John Markoff
vanish.txt 3836 The Hacker Who Vanished: Suicide or Clever Hoax? (About Bill Landreth)
videocon.txt 5185 Ben and Jerry's Use of Video Conferencing
virgin_i.phr 6475 News: Virgin Islands Phreak Arrested and Convicted
vs010799.txt 4955 The Rise and Fall of the Modem King, by Victoria Shannon
washlod.txt 13183 The Terminal Men: Crackdown on the `Legion of Doom' Ends an Era for Computer Hackers, by Willie Schatz (Washington Post)
wormdoc.hac 45159 Crisis and aftermath. (the Internet worm), by Eugene Spafford
xt.hac 10014 Personal Computer Users Penetrating Nation's Phone System, (1988 NY Times)
There are 184 files for a total of 2,403,386 bytes.