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One of the groups that really grabbed a hold of the BBS world and held on for dear life were folks who had a different view of organized religion. BBSes immediately provided them with a place to discuss, organize, and put up doctrines. You could find massive libraries of doctines online, in fact; a BBS could be set up for a specific religion, encourage discussions, get new converts, the whole deal. This was popular with all sorts of religions, although of course it set up a nice easy target if the religion was inherently judgemental.

Another side of this coin were parody or joke religions, who found it easy to creative large amounts of lore and meaningless parables and rules that would almost seem real, if it weren’t for the bad spelling and wanton profanity. Some of these, like the Church of the Subgenius, were both publishing phenomenons and online scions. It was all very silly.

This section is a little hard to sort, because it’s very hard to tell what documents belong to what line of thought, and, even worse, some lines of thought have split down even further to two or more branches that hate each other. But I’ll do my best. Please be sure to write in if things are completely missorted.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ATHEISM ./.. The God Who Isn't There
BOB ./.. The World of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Slack, and the Church of the Subgenius
CHRISTIAN ./.. Files about that nice Jesus Boy
ERIS ./.. Files of the Discordians
FREEMASONRY ./.. Files Dealing with Freemasonry
INSPIRATION ./.. Inspirational Files
JEDI ./.. Jedi Realism
MOOISM ./.. The Doctrines of the Church of MOO
MORMONS ./.. The Church of Jesus Christ (and Latter-Day Saints)
OTO ./.. The Ordo Templi Orientis (Crowley)
PAGAN ./.. Files about Pagans and Paganism
ROSICRUCIAN ./.. Files about the Rosicrucians
URANTIA ./.. The Book of Urantia
WICCA ./.. Files about Wicca, Wiccans and Witchcraft in General
WORLDSCRIPTURE ./.. World Scripture
ZEN ./.. Zen and Zen Bhuddism
1 10939 From the Heaven's Gate Cult: What Our Purpose Is - The Simple "Bottom Line"
11-12-90.trs 5120 Understanding the Universal Law (November 12, 1990)
2police.txt 24741 What Law Enforcement Agencies Need to Know about Witchcraft
3aml.txt 15760 Mystic Light: Dying and Becoming
3bml.txt 15874 Mystic Light: Symbolism is the Source of Knowledge
3dml.txt 20786 Mystic Light: Speaking and Creating
3foldlaw.txt 3712 Karma, the Threefold Law, and Grace
4d 3420 The Fourth Dimension: Unedited 7th Grade Version
72.occ 8341 The 72-Fold Name of God and Angels of the Quinaries
7aastr.txt 6469 Astrology: Emerson: America's Great New Age Mystic
7bastr.txt 6053 Astrology: Goethe: The Great Initiate Poet
7castr.txt 6530 Astrology: America's Prophet of Astrology
7rays.occ 11392 The Seven Rays - What are They? By RLP
7rays.txt 11392 The Seven Rays: What Are They? By RLP
8circuit 16490 The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness, a Lurker's Guide
9br.txt 12535 The Presence of Other Worlds, by Wilson Van Dusen (1974)
about_ki 2404 The idea of KI from Lao Tzu Tao
abraxas.occ 1024 The Abraxas Foundation on Evil
ac-drugs.syn 11289 Aleister Crowley: Synopsis of Six Articles on Drugs
adam.god 86290 Brigham Young's False Teaching: Adam is God by Chris A. Ulachos (January 16, 1993)
adcopy.txt 3490 Parody: How to Become Satan! The Home Course, by Jason Scott
aeonic.occ 11161 Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics, by Pete Carroll
aeonic.txt 12393 Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics, by Pete Carroll
agrimony.her 2144 Information about the Agrimony Herb (Agrimony Eupatoria)
aidshealrit.occ 3586 Moon Web AIDS Working Information
aidswork.txt 6302 The LAMMA Ritual for the Healing of AIDS (Witchcraft)
alchemy.occ 23964 Definition of Alchemy from An Encyclopaedia of Occultism
alchemy.txt 23890 A Listing of Various Occult Definitions from "An Encyclopaedia of Occultism" by Lewis Spence 6385 FAQ: NecroMicon (Book of Dead Mice) Frequently Asked Questions by mitchell Porter (November 1, 1992)
amidpyrm.txt 26539 Amid the Pyramids by Dr. Ernest L. Norman (Transcription)
anatomy.txt 175797 The Anatomy of the Body of God by Frater Achad (Transcribed by Benjamin Rowe) (August, 1992)
angelica.her 1866 Information about the Angelica Herb (Angelica Archangelica) 6843 Some Meditation on Anger
aniherb.hrb 5864 Herbs for Animals, by Helen Massingham-Howells (June, 1988)
animals.aug 1927 Power Animals by Alernon of the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal
animalsaug.occ 1927 Power Animals, from Alernon
answer.txt 3328 An Answer, or, How Do I Know, by Hurn
anticrst.txt 17494 An Introduction to the Antichrist
aphrodis.hrb 6830 Aphrodisiacs by Aquarium (June, 1989)
aplmagic.occ 8320 Help in Applied Magic, by Brandy Williams
aplmagic.txt 8320 NLP: Applied Magic, by Brandy Williams
aquaques.ufo 20276 SOme Questions on Project Acquarius by Christian P. Lambright
arch.occ 2475 Archangels, by Paul Hume
archer.occ 20471 The Book of the Archer, by Benjamin Rowe
army1.txt 10496 Religion Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook for Chaplains (U.S. Army Pamphlet)
arrest.psi 3328 Psychic Arrested After Finding Body, 1987
art227.txt 16352 What to Do In Case You Miss the Rapture
art240.txt 11078 Demonic Influence and Bondage According to God's Word
artilife.txt 10511 Life: Real and Artificial by Sadaputa Dasa (November 29, 1992)
ascent.txt 5094 The Best Kept Secret in America: You can't evolve unless you know you Can, by Gene Kieffer
assess.occ 26112 A Ray Analysis Interview, by Judi Laws
assess.txt 26112 A Ray Analysis Interview by Judi Laws
astalpro.txt 150741 Heaven N' Hell's Occult Database of Astral Projection Information Files
astjudbl.txt 98137 Astrology Bibliography by Michael Strangelove
astonia.her 1091 Information about the Alstonia Herb (Alstonia Scholaris)
astragal.txt 14311 Astragalus Membranaceous & White Blood Cell Function by Patricia Wolf B.Sc. N.D.
astralpr.txt 9558 The Coven Presents: Astral Projection by Mephisto
astralpro.occ 7483 Mongre Techniques for Astral Projection
astrmt1.occ 2075 Orgone Committee Astral Meeting Spot
astrmt1.txt 2075 Orgone Committee Astral Meeting Spot by William Hunter
astrolog.ref 10211 Astrology Reference List from Grant Edwards (November 30, 1992)
attain 22925 The Star Sponge and the Fifty Gates, Two Passages to Attainment, by Bill Heidrick (1990)
auras.faq 14296 The Best Way to See Auras version 2.0 by Robert Bruce (April 7, 1994)
auras.txt 15581 The Other You: how to Develop Your Psychic Potential by Andrew Lawrence
auraview.asc 13841 A New Technique for Viewing the Aura
autonoma.txt 12489 The Autonomatrix: Nascent Manifesto of 930111 (January 11, 1993)
avodgod.hum 4740 Ways to Avoid God, which of course says you can't and must REPENT
awaken10.txt 28666 A Warning About the Moonies
awaken33.txt 9600 What the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania Had to Saw About What Was Supposed To Have Happened Then
ayurved.txt 4809 Reflections on Ayurvedic Medicine
b1.occ 3850 The Master Therion, Liber B Vel Magi Sub Figurf I
b150.occ 42919 Book 150: De Lege Libellum
b2.occ 3868 The Message of Master Therion
b220.occ 33374 The Book of the Law: Book 220
b231asc.occ 2822 The Heart of IAO
b30.occ 6228 Liber Librae: Book 30
b370asc.occ 5826 Book 370: Liber
b61aasc.occ 5880 The Preliminary Lection: Book 61
b671asc.occ 20144 Book 671: Building the Pyramid
b837.occ 9155 The Law of Liberty
bahai.txt 15451 An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith by Rich Troxel (December 8, 1992)
balancemsg.occ 2896 Gays In Traditional Craft
balm.her 2106 Information about Balm (Melissa Officinalis)
barebone.txt 1024 Barebones: Third Degree Elevation (A Spoof) by Orion
bascraftasc.occ 14189 Basic Principles of the Craft
basic.prn 7680 The Basic Concepts and Precepts of Astrology
basicprn.occ 7680 The Basic Precept of Astrology
basil.her 1528 Information about Basil (Ocimum Basilicum)
bcmmslm.txt 2274 How Does One Become a Muslim by Tyagi Mordred Magasiva
beesherb.hrb 5143 A Herb Garden for Bees by Heather Apple (March, 1989)
berberaq.txt 8549 Information on Berberis Aquifolium
bergamot.her 1524 Information about Bergamot (Monarda Didyma)
beth.txt 9216 The Star of Bethlehem: An Important Astrological Event
bigtime.txt 4041 MagickNet Echo MEssages (May, 1989)
bilocate.asc 11298 Monroe Techniques for Astral Projection (Bi-Location)
bincense.txt 10012 A Handbook of Botantical Incenses from Rowan Fairgrove
blackart.hum 25762 A Complete Guide to Black Magic & The Occult by Abdul Alhazred
blackber.her 3123 Information about Blackberries in Herbal Remedies
blackmag.occ 28942 The Old Black Magic: Getting Specific About Magic Ethics
blackmag.txt 28942 That Old Black Magic: Getting Specific about Magical Ethics
blackout.occ 4198 Blackout and Sigils
blood.occ 5632 Blood Sacrifice: By Althea Whitebirch
bloodtea.hrb 916 Blood Purifying Herbal Tea
bloxam1.txt 57600 Not the Life and Adventures of Sir Roger Bloxam by Aleister Crowley
bloxam2.txt 81536 Not the Life and Adventures of Sir Roger Bloxam by Aleister Crowley (Part II)
blueisle.txt 109220 A Story about the Titanic, Channeled through the hand of Estell Stead
boggles 5213 Explaining a Boggle, a Wayward Spirit
bomber.txt 2612 Church Bombing in Long Beach California (December 11, 1986)
book.lst 6275 A List of Pagan and Magickal Book Titles
booklaw.txt 31163 The New Book of the Law, from Lady Galadriel
books.occ 11349 Angel Tech: A Moden Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection
books.pgn 7961 Talespinner's Neopagan Reading List by J. Brad ("Talespinner") Hicks
bornagin.txt 6016 How to Be Born Again, from the Computers for Christ
braincir.occ 25077 Timothy Leary's Eight Circuits of Consciousness
brainwasmet.occ 50850 The Battle For Your Mind, by Dick Stephen
bull10.bbs 3046 Metaphysical Bookstores: Stores in the San Diego Area that Specialize in Metaphysical Books
burnhist.txt 3108 Documented Incidents in the "Burning Times"
burning.txt 6874 The Laws, by L.A. Hussey (June 25, 1988)
bylaws.dwn 12800 Bylaws of the Denver Aria Wiccan Network
c_rising.occ 5396 The Aeon of Cthulu Rising, by Tenebrous
cabala.txt 10880 Cabala: The Major Facets
cabala1.occ 10904 Cabalah: Some Major Facets of the Cabala
cabala2.occ 5366 A Sampling of Hidden Codes in the Torah
calendar.txt 13788 A Calendar of Events in Wicca (January 1, 1989)
candle.occ 8576 Candle Magic
candle.txt 8576 Examples of Candle Magick
candlema.txt 8448 Candlemas: The Light Returns by Mike Nichols
candlmas.occ 7087 Candlemas, by Gwyndon Cinhil Kirontin
carbonmf.txt 16940 The Consequences of Gaia or The Carbonist Manifesto, by Jeff Berkowitz (November 1992)
cardivin.txt 4608 Divination Using 36 Ordinary Playing Cards
carpehum.occ 11046 We'd Like to Introduce you to CARPE: C-Net Alternative Religion Party Effort
cass-fax.txt 2432 Introduction to Cassandra FAX
castan.eda 5241 Carlos Castaneda references and reviews by Todd I. Stark (April 20, 1992)
catechsm 13362 History and Catechism of the Moorish Orthodox Church of America (Virtual Edition)
catharsirit.occ 2712 Grounding Shields, by Judy Marrow
cathech.d 51880 The Secularist's Catechism by Charles Watts
cchurch 8358 The CyberChurch Fellowship Echomain Network (1993)
celt.txt 14664 Celtic Interactions with Other Cultures, by Steve Myles (February 11, 1994) (Research Paper)
celtdie.txt 4480 Celtic Dieties
celtic.bib 10384 A Celtic Studies Bibliography by Rowan Moonstone (July 6, 1991)
celtreg.reg 16105 An introduction to the Celtic Goddess Text
celtsong.txt 2560 Celtic Night Out, to the tune of Do You Hear What I Hear, by Lucillus, the Mad Poet
ch02.dos 124769 A Sketch of the Hebrew Scriptures
ch_monk.occ 3919 Chaos Monasticism, by Peter Carroll
chaos.txt 17946 Defining Chaos by Mark Chao
charitbl.occ 7501 Regarding Charitable Contributions of Property other than Cash or Stock
chartor2.occ 16795 The Orgone Committee Charter
chartor3.occ 2439 An Analysis of the Charter as a form of Oligarchic Acollectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein
cherherb.txt 3764 Cherokee Herbology: A Beginning of Understanding by Joseph Teller of the Pagan Information Network
chinese.hrb 2690 Chinese Checkers (June 1988)
chjapreg.reg 5331 Introduction to the Goddess in China and Japan by Ben Blumenberg
circle90.txt 49344 The Summer 1990 Crop Circles by Michael Chorost and Colin Andrews
circorr1.occ 1512 Correspondences of the Three Circles
clergyab.txt 28555 Christian Clergy Abuse of People by Ammond Shadowcraft
cobc.txt 6514 The Church of Beaver Cleaver
coke-ac.txt 25332 Some Thoughts by Aleister Crowley
columenc.d 196071 The Columbia Encyclopedia's Crimes Against the Truth by Joseph McCabe
coop.occ 1526 blessed Be Fellow orgonic Orgonians!
course.01 8049 The Basic Technologies of Witchcraft
course.02 3955 Meditation and Visualization in Witchcraft
course.03 5284 Basic Ritual Techniques in Witchcraft
course.04 2617 Neopagan Symbolism in Witchcraft
covenfor.occ 9045 Looking at Yourself: What Position are you in the Coven?
craftint.occ 9066 The Ancient Art: A Perspective
craftsta.occ 6205 Getting Started in the Craft, by Fiona Oceanstar
cristd&d.txt 6920 Christianity: Concerns for the AD&D Player, from Silver Ghost
crowley.mag 20797 Some Definitions and Abstractions of Magick in Theory and Practice by Crowley
crystal.occ 1764 The Crystal Tablet of Set
crystalspro.occ 12811 Crystals and Gemstones for Healing
cryston1.txt 8779 Some Information about Crystals and Stones
culthunt.txt 12292 A List of Cult Hunting Organizations
cultlist.hum 29663 Cult Catalog of the "Other Jesus"
cultnet.txt 10870 Cult Fighters in Center of Raging Storm, by Wes Smith (March 22, 1988)
curry.hrb 4482 Curries, from The Herbalist (December, 1988)
curtains.txt 28165 A Spiritual Experience Setting up a BBS
cuteness.txt 2321 The Cuteness Tarot (September 26, 1986)
cwr1.txt 28602 Cultwatch Response Volume 1 Issue 1 (1988)
cwr2-1.txt 59889 Cultwatch Response Volume 2 Issue 1 (1989)
cwr2.txt 31394 Cultwatch Response: From the Editor, by Gerald L. Bliss
cwr3.txt 23030 Cultwatch Response Volume 1 Issue 3 (1989)
cwr4.txt 53498 Cultwatch Response Volume 1 Issue 4 (1988)
cwr5.txt 40697 Cultwatch Response Volume 1 Issue 5
cwr6.txt 35588 Cultwatch Response Volume 1 Issue 6
cyber.txt 109997 An Introduction to Cybercraft by Mike Morgan
cybercra.occ 109772 Introduction to Cybercraft by Mike Morgan
dahala.txt 25410 Fiction: Dahala: Erotic Fiction
dar.txt 44915 Absurdities of the Bible, by Clarence Darrow
darkdung.txt 10240 Dark Dungeons by J.T.C., Adapted from Comic-Book Form by J. Brad Hicks
darkmai.occ 6664 Discovering the Maiden Goddess, by Shekhinah Mountainwater
dcof1.txt 8832 Examples of Spells, Conurations, Summations Magick and Test by Dr. Death Overlord
dcof2.txt 13313 Making Your Own Personalized Divining Machine/Ouija Board
dcof3.txt 6145 Large Collection of Trivia and Oddities
dcof4.txt 5504 Large Collection of Trivia and Oddities (Part II)
dcof5.txt 1920 Large Collection of Trivia and Oddities (Part III)
death.txt 2678 Look Out for the Cactus of Tarantula Death!
deathbed.txt 317005 Infidel Death-Beds by C.W. Foote
deathpsi.asc 3724 Death PSI: Does Approaching Death Make our Psychic Abilities more Acute?
deb-1.d 39716 Is the Bible the Word of God? by Emmet F. Fields (1983)
deb-2.d 35294 Is the Bible the Word of God? Part II (1983)
deepecol.ogy 34688 Public Lecture on Deep Ecology by Fritjof Capra (April 3, 1986)
deity.txt 2176 A Deity Engineering Worksheet
dhroobs.txt 8767 The Dhroobs of OZ by Roger Price
dianic.txt 7864 Dianism in a Nuit-Shell
dianicwic.occ 7656 Dianism in a Nutshell
discord.txt 3328 About Discordian Zen, by Bo Orloff (July 16, 1986)
discorda.txt 10863 The Principia Discordia: The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger
discordi.zen 3292 About Discordian Zen by Bo Orloff (July 16, 1986)
discordmag.occ 8663 The Principles of Discordian Magick - A Very Loose Discussion by Lord Falgan
discordzen.occ 3053 About Discordian Zen
divinati.txt 3894 Talking About Divination in Grandmother's Kap
divine.occ 10624 The Divine Plan: Fact or Fiction?
diy.pan 4096 Helpful Household Hints from Habondia
dome.pre 11103 DOME - Development of Mental Energy, Preliminary Information
dome.txt 80864 DOME - Development of Mental Energy (User Reference Guide)
doomsday.txt 5875 Clarence L Thomas IV Warns You that Jesus is Coming Soon (1994)
doubts2.d 45603 A Respectable Man of the World, Reputedly Pious, and a Heretic Addicted to Public Advocacy of Freethought, by Charles Bradlough
dragon.msg 1818 Seeking the Sign to DragonHeim by Jeff Bordeaux (February 17, 1989)
drawmoon.asc 3359 Drawing Down the Moon: A Ritual
dream.txt 10051 Learning Lucid Dreaming by Athena (January 14, 1986)
dreambib.txt 25163 A Bibliography on Dreams
dreamlif.txt 4086 Dream Life and Waking Life: Both are Creations of the Person
dreampsi.txt 2619 Some Thoughts on Pre-Cognitive Dreams
dreams.asc 3794 How to problem-solve in your dreams, from American Health (July August 1987)
dreams.txt 10434 Dream News: Some Various Information about Dreams
druwydd.txt 5581 The First Book of Druwydds, as compiled by Covi Kanamanah (1989)
duty.txt 16434 Duty, a Story by Aleister Crowley
dying 5850 The Men's Circle (1987)
earlyjud.txt 43312 An Early Judaism Biblography from R.A. Kraft and G.W.E. Nickelsburg by David J. Reimer (April 2, 1991)
earthdrm.msg 1263 Earth Dream, by Jeff Bordeaux (February 15, 1989)
eastwic.txt 4434 Witches Leage for Public Awareness: Protest Against The Witches of Eastwick
easyjrny.txt 163647 Easy Journey to Other Planets by Practice of Supreme Yoga by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
echin.hrb 4944 HERB: Information on Echinacea
echolgyl.txt 2688 The Fundamental Laws of Human Ecology
ecomagic.asc 3111 ECOMAGIC: Making Magic for Planet Earth by Shadowstar
ecstasy.txt 3597 The Posture of Ecstacy
edlet3a.occ 2278 More Letters to the Editors of Will and Word
edlett4.occ 8077 Even more Letters to the Editors of Will and Word
egregore.txt 16196 Some Notes on the Role of the Historical Egregore in Modern Magic
eight.occ 48211 Rituals and Spell Objectives and Design in Eight Magics, by Pete Carroll
ekjv0331.txt 72608 Christian Central BBS Message Base, March - April 1994
element1 1024 Poem: Elements, from RMPJ (October, 1986)
elements.txt 8064 The Pagan Elements (Table)
elementsatt.occ 5438 The Elements of AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH.
elf.msg 761 POEM: Elf, by Marcus (February 19, 1989)
eq-i-3.as1 305704 The Equinox Volume 1 Number 3 by O.T.O (October 22, 1989)
equinox 253824 The Equinox of the Gods by Ordo Templi Orientis (1985)
erishymn.flk 2496 The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy by lord Omar
errors.txt 16896 Some Examples of Errors that have snuck into modern versions of the Bible
essaysbea.occ 5255 Essay: Beatitude.
essayscha.occ 5771 Essay: Chastity.
essaysglo.occ 5190 Essay: Glossary.
essaysind.occ 6671 Essay: Indifference.
essayskno.occ 6676 Essay: Knowledge.
essayslau.occ 4909 Essay: Laughter.
essayslov.occ 6071 Essay: Love.
essaysman.occ 11363 Essay: Man.
essaysmas.occ 6301 Essay: Mastery.
essaysmem.occ 5319 Essay: Memory.
essayssil.occ 5183 Essay: Silence.
essayssor.occ 5207 Essay: Sorrow.
essaystra.occ 5965 Essay: Trance.
essaystru.occ 6464 Essay: Truth.
essaysund.occ 3918 Essay: Understanding.
essayswon.occ 5588 Essay: Wonder.
esteem.txt 23936 The Gospel of Self Esteem by Martin and Deidre Bobgan
ethyl-ac.txt 17791 Ethyl Oxide by Aleister Crowley
evilgod.txt 13070 BBS Message Discussion: Is God Good or Evil? (April, 1989)
exorcis1.txt 26340 A Brief Handbook of Exorcism (Transcript of 1976 Book by Malachi Martin)
exorcis2.txt 4351 A Brief Handbook of Exorcism (Transcript of 1976 Book by Malachi Martin) (Part II)
experim.txt 2109 How To Use Rhine Cards For ESP Testing
extracts.hrb 2776 HERBS: Fluid Extracts of Herbs 3941 Why we can't refute the 'extra day' given to us
family.txt 7029 What Does the Bible Really Say About Family Values? by E. Pearlstein (July, 1989)
famous.txt 1510 A Listing of Famous Episcopalians and Anglicans
fascistset.occ 25829 Fascism within the Temple of Set? A Long Look at the Accusations.
fbi-2.txt 149819 Investigator's Guide to Allegations of Ritual Child Abuse, by Kenneth V. Lanning (January 1992)
festcalc.txt 2039 A Calculator for Celtic Festivals
file0290.bbs 10240 Cassandra News (February, 1990)
fischer.txt 101594 Messianic Judaism: Beautiful Heritage or Biblical Heresy? By Dr. John Fisher
fiveflm.occ 2259 Ritual of the Five Flames, by Frater Almost
flood.cld 6907 Noctilucent Clouds and the Flood of Noah
fociidis.occ 9561 The Use of Focii, External, and Internal, by Elezar
focus 63149 The Focus of Life, by Austin Osman Spare
focus.occ 62668 The Focus of Life, by Austin Osman Spare
footstep.txt 6784 Footsteps on the Path by Tuppence
formslea.occ 4705 Formal Learning Styles of Magick
foundoc.txt 5102 The Foundation Document from Equinox 2061 Church of God! Join us and Feel the Love Vibes!
friendly.txt 23523 Can We Trust "Friendly" Fundimentalists? By Isaac Bonewits
fringe.asc 260313 Fringe Masonry in England (1870-85)
fthholdr.txt 4040 BBS Message Base: A Picture of a Faith Holder by Jim Taylor (October 13, 1993)
fund-ord.ers 12658 The Fundamental Orders of 1639
gardneriwic.occ 7694 Gardnerianism, by Kyril Oakwind and Judy Harrow
garlic.hrb 3254 Information on Garlic from the Herbalist (December, 1988)
gematriaeng.occ 14116 Liber Gematria, by Frater I Nigris
germanic.txt 8743 A Truncated and Annotated Bibliography on Germanic Kinship by James Marchand
gideon.txt 22858 From The Motel Room To The Classroom: Nobody Escapes The Gideons by Professor Allen Berger (January 15, 1993)
ginseng.hrb 2118 HERB: Gensing
gleen.txt 288599 Gleanings of A Mystic (Max Heindel)
gnostic.occ 55669 A Shared Vision, by D. M. DeBacker
gnostic.txt 3171 A Shared Vision by D.M. DeBacker (June 23, 1988)
godlike.hum 1276 What God is Like
godnet 5279 Introduction to GODNET
godtest.txt 14549 Test Those Christians: A Non-Believer's Guide for Testing the True Christian
gospel.txt 9066 Concerning the Gospel
gotukola.hrb 8472 HERB: The Gotu Kola Herb
grandsgn.txt 3723 God's Grand Plan in the Genetic Code
grave.d 46959 Is There a Life Beyond the Grave? By Chales Watts, Vol I.
gravres.txt 18560 A Different Point of View about Gravity Eelectronics Resonance from John R. Majka
greybook.txt 35684 The Grey Book: What It Means to Be Psychick Youth from ALamut
groupche.occ 1508 Checklist for a Well Working Group
grove02.asc 68391 Transcripts from The Grove: A FreeForm Chat Hosted by Ravensong
hadit11.occ 1846 Affirmations to Madit
hammer.occ 6240 An Example of the Hammer Rite Ritual, as adapted by Grendel 3141 Constance Cumby "Cleansed" in "Harmonic Convergence": Speaks through "Trance Channel" (August 15, 1987) (Parody)
heartbib.txt 40304 The Heart of the Bible, Where the Prophets Prophesy Falsely, and the Priests Bear Rule by Their Means by Marshall J. Gauvin
heirarch.occ 24718 The Enochian Hierarchy
hellfire.txt 6144 Where does the word "Hell" Come From?
herbbib.txt 3631 A Bibliography for Herbalism Research by Joseph Teller
herbs.hrb 10094 Herbs to look for in Spring Herbwalks by Karin Morcinek
heritage.hrb 3546 The Heritage Seed Program, by Heather Apple (December, 1988)
hermes.occ 2048 The Emerald Tablet of Hermes
hicks-1.asc 67547 An Alert to a Dangerous Cult, the Tnevnoc Cult, by Robert Hicks (September, 1989)
hicks2.asc 50519 An Alert to a Dangerous Cult, the Tnevnoc Cult, by Robert Hicks (September, 1989) (Part II)
highdegr.txt 71145 The Higher Degrees Handbook (For the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta) by J.S.M. Ward
hist01.txt 4611 The History of Witchcraft Part 1
hist02.txt 3463 The History of Witchcraft Part 2
hist03.txt 5636 The History of Witchcraft Part 3
hist04.txt 15786 The History of Witchcraft Part 4
hist05.txt 6969 The History of Witchcraft Part 5
hndfst2rit.occ 2749 Handfasting Ritual: Preparation and Script, by JT Traub (
horinv1.occ 15813 Horus Invocation
horus11.occ 1560 Affirmation to Horus
hreality.txt 9239 The Universe as Holigram: Does Objective Reality Exist, or Is the Universe a Phantasm?
hsinming.txt 8309 Introductory Notes to Hsin Hsin Ming: Verses on the Faith Mind by The 3rd Zen Patriarch, Sengstau
htohs.txt 10031 Hang Together or Hang Seperately: Which Whill it Be? By Diane DesRochers (1993)
hughes.d 264025 Why I Quit Going to Church, by Rupert Hughes (1924)
human.brn 3584 Mary Reeser: A Case Study in Spontaneous Human Combustion
human2.brn 3072 Mary Reeser: A Case Study in Spontaneous Human Combustion (Part 2)
human3.brn 2176 Mary Reeser: A Case Study in Spontaneous Human Combustion (Part 3)
humanism.txt 3559 The Affirmations of Humanism: A Statement of Principles
humanst1.txt 7808 Humanist Manifesto Version 1.0
humanst2.txt 24832 Humanist Manifesto Version 2.0
hymns.occ 28706 XXXI Hyms to the Star Goddess
hypno101.txt 29568 Hypnosis 101 from the Perridwyn School of Hypnosis (July 26, 1989)
hypothes.txt 4836 Hypothesis on Jello Knox Blox and Quantum Mechanix by Pressed Rat (May 13, 1990)
icemagic.txt 11154 Ice Magec: An Initial View by Frater U.D.
idel1.txt 21760 The Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectureship in Jewish Studies by Moshe Idel
idel2.txt 19336 The Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectureship in Jewish Studies by Moshe Idel (Part II)
idel3.txt 14895 The Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectureship in Jewish Studies by Moshe Idel (Part III)
ifar1191.txt 27589 The iiFAR St. Louis Newsletter Volume 1 Number 1 (Fall 1991)
ihad.txt 3886 In Hoc Anno Domini: A Story
illusionpar.occ 6831 The Story of A Master who Came to Earth
imbole.txt 4250 Solitaire Imbole Ritual by Micheal Hall
immune.hrb 17666 Immunologic Disorders: The Response of Herbal Medicine, by Keith Stelling (December, 1988)
impotenc.txt 3331 Mail Impotence: The 80 Percent Solution
incense.txt 3873 Discussion about Incense and Scents (January, 1991)
incun001.txt 27285 ONG's Hat: Gateway to the Dimensions!
indtbreg.reg 12982 Introduction to the Great Goddess in India and Tibet (April 25, 1992)
inerranchum.occ 789 What is Inerrancy?
initiate.rit 10112 A Ceremony of Initiation, by J. Brad Hicks
inlaws3.txt 14336 Liber Call Me AL: The Book of the Inlaws
innereye.txt 1879 Exercising the Power of your Mind's Eye
innerpea.occ 1434 Symptoms of Inner Peace, by Saskia Davis
intro.dwn 2048 Introduction to the Denver Area Wiccan Network (D.A.W.N.)
intro.txt 9123 Where is Hyperspace? And How Do We Get There From Here?
intro_to.txt 36656 Introduction to the Runes by Valkyrie
invisabi.occ 4480 The Creepy-Crawl Chamelion Rite: A Method of Not Getting Noticed
invoke.rit 5376 An Invocation to Frigg by Russ Anderson (May 7, 1988)
invokeson.occ 2326 A Collection of Invocations and Incantations
iot-pact.txt 26783 The Pact, by Pete Carrol
iot.txt 6398 The Pact (IOT) The Story so Far, by Pete Carroll
jehovah.txt 5334 Dealing with Jehovah's Witlesses
jencat.txt 17387 An Interview with Jen-Cat, Eight YEar Old Pagan