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As soon as software became available for a price, it’s been copied and distributed for free. The debate rages on about this facet of the computer world, but there’s no denying it exists.

There exists the phenomenon of the Piracy Culture, where badly spelled messages offer the newest and best software for free or for trade. People brag about what they have and what they want, and young-sounding scofflaws promise the world. Examples of these files are below.

Note that there are a lot of similar files in the Apple II and BBS sections; if you don’t see something you’d expect to see below, look there as well.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ANSI ./.. ANSI BBS and Group Tag Files
APPLICATIONS ./.. Applications to Join Piracy Groups
COURIERS ./.. Membership Lists of Couriering Teams
CRACKING ./.. Files About the Art of Cracking
DREAMTEAM ./.. .NFO and Information Files from The Dream Team Pirating Group
FAIRLIGHT ./.. .NFO and Information Files from the Fairlight Pirating Group
HUMBLE ./.. .NFO and Information Files from The Humble Guys Pirating Group
HYBRID ./.. .NFO and Information Files from the Hybrid Pirating Group
INC ./.. .NFO and Information Files from the International Network of Crackers
NFO ./.. A Very Large Selection of .NFO Files From Many Groups, 1990-Present
PRESTIGE ./.. .NFO and Information Files from the Prestige Pirating Group
RAZOR ./.. .NFO and Information Files from the Razor 1911 Pirating Group
SOFTDOCS ./.. On-Line Documentation, usually for pirated programs
TDUJAM ./.. .NFO and Information Files from the TDU-Jam Pirating Group
UNPROTECTS ./.. IBM-Based Software Unprotection Schemes
about.top 2366 The History of Tired of Protection (TOP)
anatomy.txt 3968 Anatomy of a Pirate
arrest.fun 3874 Getting into and out of trouble, and back into it again
bs-bye.txt 6612 A Farewell to the Scene from Black Spyrit of Razor 1991 and ACiD
bustnews 5216 Newspaper Article on the Grim Reaper and NotSoHumble Babe's Bust (February 3, 1992)
busts.txt 1162 The Unlucky Ones (A List of Piracy BBSes Busted)
compuser 9572 The Gospel According to Compuserve! Presented by Richard August (December 3rd, 1987)
coolhand 3301 Cool Hand Tells You how the Bust of The Not so Humble Babe and The Grim Reaper Went Down (February 3, 1992)
coolhand.nfo 3375 What's Going on with the Busts, by Cool Hand to Everyone (February 3, 1992)
courier.txt 6025 You Hack 'Em, We Hump 'Em, or Why YOU should be a Software Courier, by Dixie Flatline
cyberinf.txt 4730 All you want to know about "CYBERGAMES" by Knatter/XAKK (June 8th, 1994)
def.txt 3170 The Group/Acronym Lister, by Coruption of Slaves of Pain
dirty 40215 THE DIRTY DOZEN -- An Uploaded Program Alert List Issue #6: September 5th, 1986 by Eric Newhouse
disaster.!!! 6975 Information on the Checkout System for Pirated Programs
eel-bye.hac 7246 The Eel Quits Pirating and Says Goodbye
eel_bye.txt 7680 Is it Worth The Trouble? (The Eel's Farewell Address) (Piracy)
elite.txt 2353 Are the "Elite" Real Pirates? By Zardoz
flame02.txt 8296 Beowulf Says a Few Words on the CD Ripping Scene
flame03.txt 14512 Razor 1911 Writes About the Lack of Quality in others' Releases (October 2, 1992)
flame05.txt 7453 Tyranny Releases a File and Complains About the (u)ncopyright Notice being stolen (1996)
flame06.txt 8053 The Renegade Chemist Resigns from Razor 1911 and Says Goodbye to Everyone (1992)
flame07.txt 3926 The Punisher Quits from Razor 1911 (1998)
flame08.txt 3211 Cool hand Complans About the Scene and What People Are Doing Wrong in the Scene (1991)
flame09.txt 8356 Cool Hand Discusses the Legalities of Pirating Software
gatesletter.txt 2712 An Open Letter to Hobbyists, by William Henry Gates III (February 3, 1976)
groups 4815 Review of Other Pirate Groups by Bizzare Types of Wares
hackterm.txt 5117 HEAT: Hacker Acronyms by Rad Man of HEaT V.2.10
hit-mem.app 4028 Application for Membership to Hired International Terrorists, Inc. (1994)
hit-site.app 2934 Site Application for Hired International Terrorists, Inc. (1994)
humble.txt 1120 Note from The Humble Guys To All Their Fans
i_retire.txt 2773 The Retirement of the Slavelord of OFG (1992)
iaad.txt 71551 How Pirate BBSs Impact on the Entire Atari Community
inc2-nfo.txt 2666 Zodact Explains Why The Ghost and The Surge have Left Razor
insan4.txt 9285 'Lamer Pirate Magazines, Etc... by the Grim Reaper
introduction 16397 Toast's Introduction to his .NFO File Archive, April 1, 1998 Toast introduces you to his .nfo collection. Now, in the interim time, I've done a LOT of describing, editing, and restructuring of the thousands of files he had, but without his incredible work, I'd have nothing to show for this section. Thank you!
krack.txt 20352 Piracy By Teachers?
legal.txt 5717 The Final Fantacy BBS Legal Information
legalgwn.hac 15420 Bob MacKenzie talks about legal archiving of your own software
manifest.-6 12652 The Pirate's Manifesto Version VII (July 7, 1994)
manifest.-7 15793 Pirate's Manifesto VIII, Released 20 July 1994
menace.nfo 5013 MEMBERSHIP LIST: The Menace Couriers
morebust.nfo 941 Announcement of Being Busted by Static (January 31, 1992)
narcwtch.01 5882 NARCs of the Week: Mister Muff and Dark prophet of CIA (June 26, 1995)
nopirate.txt 3970 Thou Shall Not Dupe: A Flier Presented by ADAPSO, Typed in by Eight Ball
notes.txt 1437 ManHunter's Notes for Contacting Him About His Trainers
os2crack.txt 2929 How to Crack OS/@ Warp Test CD-ROM With Its Own Files by The Positive Force
overkil2.txt 20836 Newsletter for the Group OVERKILL
overkill.txt 11968 Information File for the Group OVERKILL
pc-bust.txt 4739 The Cops Are Busting Swedish Pirate Boards (1992)
pir1.txt 2583 Software Piracy Rampant, Survey Shows (Computer World June 1990)
piracy 8450 Software Piracy: An Alternative View, by Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (March 5, 199)
piracy.asc 18560 What is Piracy? By Ron J. Goodman
piracy.txt 5564 The Software Piracy Bluff, by John C. Dvorak (May 12, 1992)
pirate.ana 3444 A List of Ripped-Off "Freeware" (1985)
protect.fun 7090 Point/Counterpoint for Copy Protection
psyche.pirate 4224 Psychology of the Software Pirate, by The Beast
qmaster.top 1518 Tired of Protection (TOP)'s Crack for Quest Master
ragz.revenge.txt 12163 Some Rags on the Pirate Apple Pirate Scene, by The Triton and Touch Tone
ragz.txt 6657 The Rag Part II, by The Unknown Elite from The Bunnymen (1987)
real.cracker.txt 4190 The Real Cracker's Guide, by One Eye of the 1200 Club (1985)
realbust.hac 4049 NotSoHumble Babe got busted, and she says goodbye.
realpirates2.txt 4608 The Real Pirate's Guide II by Ctrl-Reset
ren-94.nfo 4438 Tag File with the Staff of Renaissance (August 20, 1993)
ren-true.txt 5641 The Official Truth About Renaissance by Charles S
rotsite.txt 1936 The Reign of Terror Site Summary (April 3rd, 1993)
rtahacker.tag 369 Tag File for the Anti Lamers Foundation
rzrcdrom.txt 11994 The Razor 1911 Tenth Anniversary CD-ROM: The Best of the Best! (1995)
safter.txt 19046 The Scene as I See It, and a Warning to All My Modem Acquaintances by Sought After (February 3, 1992)
smgone.txt 3003 The Shadow Master Calls It Quits (1995) (With Goodbye List)
snelle.txt 3285 A Letter to Snelle Regarding Mr. Muff and The Dark Prophet, from Valgamon (June 21, 1995)
starcon2.top 2074 The Mad Doctor Bitches about a Particularly Tough Crack
tdt-bust.nfo 6536 The Dream Team Goes Down in Flames, by Pepsi Man
tdtlame.txt 9561 RAZOR 1911 Explains why TDT are Lame
thescene.txt 17388 The History of the PC Piracy Scene, by Ipggi (April, 1999)
thetruth.txt 3222 The Truth about Rapier and Some of Their People (Claims that the "code" of the Piracy World Has been Broken)
tlc.nfo 6702 NFO: TLC: The True to Life Couriers
toastcol.tag 654 Tag File for Toast's Compilation of .NFO Files (January 23, 1998)
tr0-001.txt 8091 SPAvin Bastardz, From The Ruthless Organization by Gangsta (November 23, 1995)
truth.txt 2378 A Brief Explanation of What's Been Happening with INC (Piracy Group)
ttruth.txt 11471 The Truth about Triton by The Martyr (1987)
unt.nfo 5429 NFO: The Untouchables Membership List
usabust.txt 77469 The Full Stories of the USA Busts of the Grim Reaper and the Not So Humble Babe
vote.txt 3123 Voting Sheet for the Best Pirating Groups, 1996
ware0495.txt 8114 The April '95 Ware Report, by The Renegade Chemist
ware0795.txt 12696 The July '95 Ware Report, by The Renegade Chemist
warez-faq1 13218 The Lamahs-Guide to Pirating Software on the Internet 1994
warez.txt 12811 The Lamah's Guide to Pirating Software on the Internet (December 25, 1994)
warezbst.txt 1893 AP Newswrite Story on the Bust of David LaMacchia on Piracy Charges
warezfaq.txt 44816 FAQ: The Usenet Warez FAQ Version 2.1.1 (November 22, 1997)
warezwars.txt 50776 WAREZ Wars: For the Inner Circle, Cracking Software is a Challenge, by David McCandless
wheel.txt 3244 Creating a Codewheel for a Computer Game out of Paper Plates
There are 91 files for a total of 857,172 bytes.
There are 15 directories.