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Ah, politics. Well, on first glance, this is about the political process in the United States (where the majority of the textfiles on this site come from), but on closer inspection, it gets a little more blurred. Some of these files talk about issues involving political actions in Religion, some talk about drugs in a political (lawmaking) context, and other files are simply transcription of important speeches or laws made by government.

In other words, you will find a lot of political files here, but no less than you might find in the Conspiracy, Drugs, Occult, or Law sections. It’s all very hard to classify, what with files that rant against the intrusion of the government while others demand more intrusion and intervention to stop a wrong. As you might expect, my advice is to browse.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
CENSORSHIP ./.. Files about the topic of Censorship and Free Expression
CIA ./.. The CIA World Factbook
GUNS ./.. Files about the Topics of Guns and Gun Control
INGERSOLL ./.. Files Written by or with Robert G. Ingersoll
SPUNK ./.. The Myriad Files of the Spunk Press
0596af07.txt 4161 Big Business is Promoting Socialism by F.R. Duplantier (May, 1996)
0596af11.txt 4364 Change the Orientation of Welfare, by F.R. Duplantier (May, 1996)
072594n1.txt 22408 The High Tech Nightmare: Traveling Big Brother's Information Superhighway by William F. Jasper (1994)
0814gulf.txt 449629 Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses (August 14, 1995)
0815gulf.txt 291774 Presidential Advisory Committe on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses (August 15, 1995)
101.txt 9232 101 Things You Can Do To Conserve Resources and Protect the Environment
103c-rep.txt 29063 103rd Congress phone and fax numbers
103c-sen.txt 6160 US Senate, 103rd Congress phone and fax numbers (January, 1993)
10batf 973 Top Ten Lessons Learned by the BATF in the Waco Raid
13th.txt 69048 The Missing 13th Amendment, by David Dodge (1991)
1776paid.txt 3212 What Happened to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence
1837song.txt 2492 The Concord Hymn, by Ralph Waldo Emerson
1863-get.txt 3222 The Gettysburg Address
1945-ger.txt 44249 The German Surrender Documents from World Word II
1945-jap.txt 29708 The Japanese Surrender Documents: WWII
1983.txt 21958 Awaking from George Orwell's Nightmare by Andrew E. Busch and Elizabeth Edwards Spaulding (1993)
1991-11 2976 The National Public Network Begins Now, from the EFF (November 13, 1991)
1992-04 33426 Cable Television and the National Public Network from Mitch Kapor (April 11, 1992)
1lesson.txt 3165 Libertarianism in One Lesson, by David Bergland
1st_than.txt 2979 The First Thanksgiving Proclamation, June 20, 1676
1stblood.txt 16294 Waco, by M. Pietrantoni
1wg-slav.txt 3255 States Rights, Social Security, Citizenry Thoughts
2crosses.txt 3509 Too Much Ado about Two Crosses, from the Chicago Tribune (January 13, 1994)
2party.txt 2439 The Two Party System Myth: Presidential Elections: The Multi-Partisan Truth, by Jackie Bradbury
3rd-foot.txt 4181 The 3rd Week of Foot Injuries by Matt Giwer (1994)
3wash.txt 44322 Six Historic Americans: George Washington
993frmn.txt 144909 The Freeman: Volume 43, Number 9 (September, 1993)
a-12xtra.txt 2253 Information on the Plaques at the Blackbird Airpark
a-i-wars.txt 10844 Information on the Arab-Israeli Wars
aacanada.txt 18024 African-American News Service: How to Get Into Canada
aarp.txt 22306 "Work, Family, Future" Address to the American Association of Retired Persons by Governor Bill Clinton (June 4, 1992)
abecant.txt 2050 The 10 Cannots of Abraham Lincoln
ablwrk.sng 40076 The Abolition of Work by Bob Black
abortion.txt 368326 Confessions of an Abortionist, by Martian Avery (1939)
about-ef 9019 General Information about the Electronic Frontier Foundation
abt_blck.txt 9222 Boyfriends and Husbands use Courts to Block Women's Abortions By Dawn Johnsen and Lynn Paltrow, ACLU
access1.txt 10762 Toward Equal Access: Providing Information Access Services to Blind and Visually Impaired Persons
across-e 8974 Across the Electronic Frontier, by Mitch Kapor and John Perry Barlow
address 129101 Addresses, Messages and Replies by Thomas Jefferson
adlchek.txt 24273 A History of Information Sharing With Israel
age0int.txt 45296 The Age of Reason: Editor's Introduction
agee-cia.txt 48306 Producing the Proper Crisis, a speech by Philip Agee, formerly of the CIA from Z magazine, Oct. 1990
agri.wh 17759 President Bush on Agriculture (August 6, 1992)
agric.txt 6799 Clinton and Gore on Agriculture
aids.txt 8315 Clinton and Gore on AIDS
al_gore.txt 6545 Why I Totally Oppose Al Gore as Candidate for Vice-President of United States of America
alembic1.txt 65440 Feminism as Facism, by Bob Black
all11.txt 85580 The Declaration of Independence
alternat.13 225871 The 13th Posting of the Alternate History List (Jan 1993)
amendme.nts 20164 List of Amendments to the Constitution of the United States
amendmen.txt 20329 The Amendements to the Constitution of the United States
america.txt 44544 What's Wrong with America by John MacArthur
amorality.txt 73179 Anarchist Morality, by Peter Kropotkin: A Note for the Anarchist Morality
anapolis.cvn 7055 The Annapolis Convention: Proceedings of the Commissioners to Remedy Defects of the Federal Government, Annapolis in the State of Maryland. September 14, 1786
animal.ing 19911 The Animal Derived Ingredient List (October 6, 1992)
annapoli.txt 7387 The Annapolis Convention Document, September 14, 1786
anonymit 34657 FIDONEWS: Excerpt on Anonymity (March 2, 1992)
antigvt1.txt 15273 Antistatism: An Eye For An Eye
antipir.new 9039 Bill Tracking Report on 1991 S. 893: Criminal Sanctions for Violation of Software Copyright
antiterr 148872 The US Anti-Terrorism Policy Hearing Transcription (July 13, 1993)
aots.txt 4290 Another on the Same by John Milton (1645)
apf-char.txt 10034 The Charter of the American Privacy Foundation
app-abde.txt 72566 Information on The United Nations System
arabs.txt 19910 A History of the Arab Peoples of the Mideast
arafat.txt 7745 PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat's Speech in Johannesburg (May 10, 1994)
armscont.txt 3433 Clinton and Gore on Arms Control
art.nws 3072 The Ultimate Society: The Quest for a Lost America, by Howard C. Miller
art20.txt 1523 The Story of Abraham Lincoln and Abortion by Duane Phelps (January 29, 1990)
artcle90.txt 4142 Computer Users' Rights and the Popular Press (1990 Review of Articles) (December 30, 1990)
articles.120 5377 Articles of Incorporation for EFF Austin
arts.txt 3442 Clinton and Gore on the Arts
asa_faq.txt 46171 The ALT.SOCIETY.ANARCHY FAQ
askacop.txt 5154 So You Want To Know How to Handle Crime? Ask a Cop By Mike Royko (January 31, 1994)
asset.txt 51918 Asset Forfeiture: Civil Forfeiture: Tracing the Proceeds of Narcotics Trafficing by Police Executive Research Forum Michael Goldsmith (May 6, 1993)
asset2.txt 22067 Asset Forfeiture: Civil Forfeiture: Tracing the Proceeds of Narcotics Trafficing by Police Executive Research Forum Michael Goldsmith (May 6, 1993) (Part II)
asset3.txt 77451 Asset Forfeiture: Civil Forfeiture: Tracing the Proceeds of Narcotics Trafficing by Police Executive Research Forum Michael Goldsmith (May 6, 1993) (Part III)
assetnew.txt 6917 Lawmakers Revoke Cops' Asset Seizing Powers by Gary Webb Mercury News
auction.txt 5172 A List of Government Surplus Auctions (1994)
autobio 243114 Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson (1743-1790)
awpp.txt 4134 At What Price Peace, by Robert Hoffman, Editor of Bear Valley Voice (February 23, 1994)
b-i-c.txt 8964 Giving Birth in Pain due to Canadian Hospital Understaffing
badcheck.txt 6494 The House of Representatives and the Check Writing Scandal: Further Information, 1992
badcit.mag 21720 Bad Citizens and Good Freedom, by Jefferson Mack
bakunin.txt 9368 The Immorality of the State by Mikhail Bakunin [1814-1876]
balsamob 34612 Biblography of Cyberspace, Cyberpunk, etc. by Anne Balsamo, November 1992
banned.91 21777 A List of Banned Computer Material version 1.09 (1992) by Carl Kadie
batf-not.txt 10124 BATF and the Night of Terror by Bob Lesmeister
bbs-olt.txt 2806 Federal Privacy Suit against BBS Operatior
bbsefct.txt 1664 The Impact BBSes can have on the Political Process, January 1985
bbsvslaw.txt 8502 Akron BBS trial update: Dangerous precedents in sysop prosecution
betrayed.txt 78352 Transcription of the Documentary "America Betrayed"
beverley.txt 59838 The Ideology of Postmodern Music and Left Politics, by John Beverley
beyondwr.hum 11727 Beyond War Manifesto
biblemor.d 61652 Bible Morality: by Charles Watts, 1873
bigjoke.txt 102400 Very Large Collection of Jokes
billofr 5121 The New Bill of Rights
biosurvy.txt 9958 Counting Animals, One by One: Will Babbitt's Bio Survey Violate Property Rights? by Charles Oliver (October 22, 1993)
biowar.txt 3975 Pentagon Biowarfare Research Conducted in University Laboratories
bjrtext.txt 11948 The Bill of Jury Rights
bkrsfld.txt 23552 The Bakersfield Incident: Pressuring Tactics in Investing Child Abuse Allegations
blakquot.txt 3924 Collection of Quotes from Black Americans
bookban.txt 14802 A Collection of Banned Books and Why They Were Banned
boondogl.hum 2836 Only the Best for Uncle Sam!
bor-stat.txt 33210 The Bill of Rights: A Status Report, by Eric Postpischil (September 4, 1990)
breakaway_02.txt 34139 Breakaway: Debates on Modern Marxism Issue #2 (July 1994)
breakaway_03.txt 40664 Breakaway: Debates on Modern Marxism Issue #3 (September, 1994)
brnrec.txt 39959 Jerry Brown as Governer: Highlights of Eight Years of Progress
bugs.txt 17762 Bugs, Taps and Infiltrators: What To Do About Politcal Spying by Linda Lotz
burintrv.61 10283 Interview with William S. Burroughs by Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg (1961)
bush-add.txt 9208 President Bush's Address to the Nation (January 16, 1991)
bush.q 21705 Collection of "Bushisms, weird quotes from George Bush"
buyusa.txt 2047 The 'Buy American' Quiz: Which Products are American
byeusa.yes 4736 The Blueprints for an American Takeover
bylaws.2_1 8151 The By-Laws of the EFF Austin Version 2.1 (August 17, 1992)
c_a_m.txt 4687 The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C. May
campfin.txt 3120 CLINTON/GORE: On Campaign Finance Reform
canada.hc 19785 Guidelines and Appropriate Terminology for the Portrayal of Persons with Disabilities
cantwell.alt 5666 EFF Wants You to Add Your Voice to the Crypto Fight (February 7, 1994)
case_234.txt 5377 Fiction by Krishna Padmasola: "Case No. 234FA"
cato1091.rep 4022 CATO Policy Report: Chairman's Message: The Crime Bill is a Killer
cattlism.fun 1024 Economics and philosphy discussed through cow ownership
ccbc-w.txt 4168 WIRED Responds to Canadian Ban of Its April Issue (March 23, 1994)
centamer.hum 5120 Central America, the Story of America's War, by The Mathematician
century.txt 32062 Speech: Massachusetts Libertarian Party: 200th Birthday of the Bill of Rights, December 19, 1991
cfp1-sum 44305 A Trip Report on the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Report by R. T. Mercuri (April 1, 1991)
cfp2-sum 40674 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy-2: A Report by Steve Cisler (1992)
cgw.txt 5920 It CAN Happen Here (Overview of Steve Jackson Games Raid)
ch01.dos 78121 Is it God's Word? An Exposition of the Fables and Mythology of The Bible by Joseph Wheless
chaos.mag 17157 Chaos and Social Engineering by Mack Tanner
charlott.txt 8344 The Charlotte Town Resolves (May 31, 1775)
choice.txt 5232 ChoiceSpeak: The Language to Abort the Conscience
chron.txt 4933 Greenpeace World Park base: Antartic Diary 23 (1990)
chrstlie.txt 6083 Giving the Lie to the Christan Right Wing
church.txt 19637 A Treatise on Church and State
cia-doc.txt 94020 The World Factbook 1990 Introduction, by the CIA
cia.txt 4969 Encyclopedia Entry for the Central Intelligence Agency
circumnv.txt 15643 Winning by Circumnavigation: Milwaukee's Clinic Defenders find Legal Recouse on a Detour around the District Attorney, by Muriel Hogan (1994)
citveto.txt 5661 The Citizen's Line Item Veto Proposition
citzndef.txt 18061 SSNs, taxes, legal jurisdictions, and citizenship by James (January 16, 1993)
civlib 24122 Civil Liberties in Cyberspace: When does Hacking Turn from an Exercise of Civil Liberties into Crime? by Mitchell Kapor (September, 1991)
clinton.txt 83115 Technology for America's Economic Growth: A New Direction to Build Economic Strength
column01.nws 7952 The Sixth Column by Lestat De Lioncourt
comanrky.pap 88374 The Coming Anarchy, by Robert D. Kaplan (February, 1994)
commanif.txt 54272 Transcription of the Manifesto of the Communist Party (The Communist Manifesto) by Marx and Engels (1847)
commnlaw.txt 14258 How we Lost our Common Law Heritage, by Richard J. Maybury (March 17, 1993)
comp-bor 12706 Legal Overview: The Electronic Frontier and the Bill of Rights
compsec 60473 An introduction to Security for Lawyers by Simson L. Garfinkel (1987)
computer 19465 An Introduction to Computer Conferencing: A Look at Software Available in the Academic World by Alex Cruz, M.S.
concerni 58773 Concerning Hackers who break into Computer Systems, by Dorothy E. Denning (1990)
const.txt 4272 A New Convenant with the Government from L. Neil Smith
const11.txt 27452 The United States Constitution, 1787
const_in.cyb 47714 Laurence H. Tribe, "The Constitution in Cyberspace" (1991)
continen.txt 11812 Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress, 1777
contra3.txt 27904 Excerpts from Contrascience Issue #3
cookie.txt 12288 Operation Cookie! Send Cookies to the Troops!
coptalk.txt 4821 Don't Talk to Cops by Robert W. Zeuner
court.txt 11520 No Protection for US Citizens, by Full Disclosure
coutetat.hum 29827 The Cout'etat in Washington, by Larry Abraham
cpsr-ber 45988 A Computer and Information Technologies Platform from Computer Professionals for Social Responsibilities
cpsr-pri 20230 Statement of Marc Rotenberg of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibilitiy (July 21, 1992)
cr-law 30276 Copyright Law, by Jordan J. Breslow
cr-lawsw 12794 Copyright, Digital Media, and Libraries by Martin Halbert (1991)
criminal.txt 12160 Instead of Crime and Punishment by J. Neil Schulman, 1992
crn3.txt 33955 Cyber Rights Now Newsletter #3 by Bone
crocker.txt 7886 Planning Threatens Freedom, by C. Brandon Crocker
crockett.txt 16091 Public Monies and Private Supplications, by Davy Crockett
crypanmf.txt 4880 The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C. May (November 22, 1992)
cryptoa.txt 5127 The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C. May (November 22, 1992)
cslaw.txt 14336 Computer Security and the Law: Essay by GSM Associates
cyber.txt 41189 Cyberspace Wars: Microprocessing vs. Big Brother by Daniel Brandt (August, 1993)
cycles.txt 3179 The Cycles of American Presidential Politics since 1800
cypunk.txt 33747 GURPS Labor Lost: The Cyberpunk Bust, by Bruce Sterling, 1991
d6mrd.txt 235936 To All Canadian Lawyers and Media Representatives (Pamphlet Against Hate Laws)
danquayl.txt 27268 Quayle Quotes Compendemum, 1992
darrow1.txt 97514 Facing Life Fearlessly: The Pessimistic vs. the Optimistic View of Life, by Clarence Darrow
ddt.txt 6430 The Angry Environmentalist Speaks Out: DDT Took a Bum Rap, by Fossil Bill Kramer
deadanim.txt 3007 Animals Getting Treated like Trash All Over the World
deadbaby.txt 12672 101 Uses for a Dead or Live Baby by Olga Fairfax, Ph.D.
decades.txt 10853 Decades: Where Are We Headed? by King Diamond of the Centre of Eternety
declarat.txt 18882 Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms, 1775
decrypti 32934 Decrypting the Puzzle Palace by John Perry Barlow (July 1992)
defetirs.txt 30255 The URS Suffers a Major Defeat in Hawaii (1992)
deficit.txt 3349 How to Solve the Deficit and Debt Problems in One Easy Lesson
deity.txt 31248 Deity and Design by Chapman Cohen
democ-pr.txt 9727 Producer Interests vs. The Public Interest: The Origin of Democratized Privilege by Richard M. Ebeling
demonreg.txt 2694 Demonstration Regulation by Matt Giver (1994)
dial911.txt 27354 Dial 911 and DIE! By Aaron and Jay Simkin of JFPO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) (1992)
dictator.txt 8856 The Blueprint for U.S. Dictatorship Places Individual Rights at Risk by Mike Blair
dicthere.txt 4680 Dictatorship Possible Here by Lawrence Wilmot and Martin Mann of the Spotlight
dietsoap_05.txt 53796 Diet Soap #5: The Unemployment Issue, or, The Tragic Emancipation of the Wage Slave
digiphon.txt 3315 Digital Telephony and The Government by Bozak
digital.txt 22352 Digital Underground: Story by Mark Bennett. Published in i-D Technology Issue and Transcribed by Phantasm. 12th September 1992
doctsig.hrb 21316 An Introduction to the Doctrine of Signatures, by Tamarra S. James
drug-cia.txt 21982 The WBAI Pacifica Radio New York Interview with Mark Swaney by Paul DeRienzo
e-law.txt 6144 Electronic Transactions Require Changes in Law, by Benjamin Wright, August 7, 1989
earthist.txt 34944 Timeline for the Earth: 7000 BC - 700 AD, Tod Foley 1991
ec.txt 10928 The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Virtual Communities by Mike Godwin (January 31, 1992)
economy.txt 33049 A New Covenant for Economic Change, Bill Clinton, November 20, 1991
ecpa-198 117398 The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986
ecpa-lay 10286 The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986: A Layman's View, by michael H. Riddle (1988)
educ.txt 10930 Clinton and Gore on Education
educate 5995 Some different opinions on Education
eff-hist 30294 A Not Terribly Brief History of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (November 8, 1990)
effcrypt.txt 4826 The EFF Responds to the Clinton Crypto Policy (April 16, 1993)
effector.04 11862 EFFector Online #1.04 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (May 1, 1991)
effvirt 8972 The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Virtual Communities by Mike Godwin
einstein.txt 7667 The Authority Presents: Quotations from Albert Einstein, April 16, 1990
elder2.txt 5970 Various Anti-Catholic/Radical statements/quotes from Jocelyn Elders
elder3.txt 11175 Additional Indictments of Dr. Jocelyn Elders, 1993
elect.art 5613 The Presidential Election Memories of 1992
election.txt 4011 An Elementary Look at Campaigns and Elections
electrif 55353 Electrifying Speech: New Communications Technologies and Traditional Civil Liberties (May, 1992)
elfwars.asc 42695 Mysterious Elf Sound Agonizes New Mexico, Spreads Across the Nation, by Jim Moore, 1992
elko 72073 Fear and Loathing in Elko, by Hunter S. Thompson, January 23, 1992
emagweap.asc 41040 Non-Linear Electromagnetic Effects Weapons: In the Context of Science and Economy, by Lyndon LaRouche
emancipa.txt 5828 The Emancipation Proclamation
emrhazrd.txt 3947 Tuning Out Non-Ionizing Radiation and Public Health/Safety Hazards
enerai.wh 15712 President Bush on Energy: Accomplishments and Initiatives (August 6, 1992)
energy.txt 6586 Clinton and Gore on National Energy Policy
energy.wh 17845 President Bush's National Energy Policy (June 10, 1992)
entebbe.asc 11069 Israel's Secret Weapon? A Toronto Inventor May Hold the Key to Entebbe, by David Jones, 1977
envhoax.txt 30147 Debunking Media "Miths" about the Ozone Hole and Greenhouse Warming
enviro.wh 37560 President Bush on the Environment (August 6, 1992)
environ.txt 6340 Clinton and Gore on Protecting Our Environment
epa_osha.txt 9546 EPA/OSHA study on health and safety at hazwaste incinerators, 1991
eq-xstle.hch 3377 A Thief's Rights, by Equinox 1994
equaprot.txt 10004 Rant Debunking Equal Protection under the Law
eslf0002.txt 8689 The War on Drugs Has Been Lost
ess-wrig.txt 12416 Richard Wright, American Hunger and the Communist Party
eugenie 161369 Eugenie De Franval by Donatien Alfonse Francois, Marquis De Sad
euthnsia.hum 5088 Euthanasia is Still a Crime
euthnsia.txt 6134 Euthanasia: Still a Crime
evol.d 61472 Evolution and Special Creation, by Charles Watts
excited.txt 11783 Getting Excited, by lois B. Laulicht
execord.txt 22482 The Executive Order
exist.txt 14537 EXISTENTIALISM Downloaded from The Void, Auckland 699-579
existgod.txt 27080 The Existence of God: A Discourse at the Society of Theophilanthropists, Paris
f-fascis.lyr 21008 Consolidated: Frendly Fascism: The Brutal Equation
facts.art 14627 Information on Nuclear Submarines
family.txt 14231 Clinton and Gore on American Families
fbi-file.txt 3210 How to Request Information About Yourself from the FBI
fbialert.txt 5632 Civil Liberties Under Threat, by Brian Glick
fcc-netw 7812 Testimony Summary for the Networks of the Future by Mitchell Kapor (May 1, 1991)
fdr10.txt 11362 Inaugural Speech of Franklin Delano Roosevelt March 4th, 1933
fed-c1.txt 11630 The Creature from Jekyll Island: Federal Reserve System from the Birch Bark BBS
fedagncy.con 5159 The Layman's Guide to Federal Agencies
feder15.txt 1194008 The Federalist Papers
fedres.txt 20625 Taxes and the Federal Reserve
fedtimes.txt 7408 One Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes: NASA Engineer in "Voluntary Non-Compliance" Since 1984 by Anne Laurent
femaact.txt 10827 FEMA's activation sets the stage for rule by decree by Kathleen Klenetsky
femabust.txt 4627 Help Bungled and Disorganized, by Martin Mann and George Nicholas of the Spotlight
femarule.txt 9819 FEMA's structure for fascist rule by Kathleen Klenetsky and Herbert Quinde
feudal.dic 36191 Some Feudal Terms of England and Other Places, by Michael Adams aka Morgoth (November, 1988)
fgn-plcy.txt 9999 Foreign Policy and Foreign Wars by Richard M. Ebeling
figallo 3347 Cliff Figallo of The Well named Director of EFF's Cambridge Office (July 14, 1992)
fightbck.txt 2009 Ways for Women to Fight Bacj, from Labrys (February, 1991)
filipino.hum 3435 Why they're called Filipinos
fingrprn.fun 7076 Fingerprinting Kids! Pros and Cons
floride.yes 3840 A Sworn Statement by a Communist Party Member (1957)
foiasmal.txt 2452 How to get YOUR FBI File by Frodo
foreign.aid 25128 Rant about Foreign Aid
forignaf.rpt 21434 Foreign Affairs Timeline : American relations with Latin- America from 1850 to 1920
fr9401.txt 148364 Future Reflections: The National Federation of the Blind Magazine (Winter 1994)
free-spe 258297 Free Speech in Cyberspace: The First Amendment and the Computer Hacker Controversies of 1990, by Robert R. Berry
free-trd.txt 9575 Free Trade Versus Protectionism, by Richard M. Ebeling
freedom1.asc 5340 Freedom and a Piece of String by Conyers Read
freetrd2.txt 8692 A Capitalist Looks at Free Trade by William L. Law
freewill.asc 25780 The Idea of Free Will
frgtimpt.txt 9545 The Forgotten Importance of Civil Liberties by Jacob G. Hornberger
fundamen.txt 12203 The Fundamental Orders of 1639
funny.txt 17655 Funny Money: A Rant about What Money Means
future.txt 42112 Future: The Second Coming of Christ
fwks1984.hum 28376 Fireworks in These United States
g-washng.ton 17683 Biography of George Washington
gatt.wh 6904 President Bush on the Uruguay Round Negotiations of the GATT (May 1, 1991)
gay.txt 3308 Clinton and Gore on issues of Interest to Gays and Lesbians
genepool.txt 3887 Decline in Genetic Diversity: Global Disaster in the Making
genetic.fun 5706 Genetic Worker Testing
george.txt 820 George Bush is my Shepherd, I shall not Want
german_s.txt 43320 The German Surrender Documents of World War II
germsur.cap 34028 The German Surrender Documents (World War II)
gestapo.txt 5260 Americans are Putting Up with a Spiraling Gestapo State by Paul Craig Roberts
getkahl.txt 61953 The Truth about Gordon Kahl, Radical Tax Protestor and Militant Posse Comitatus Member, by Len Martin
getty.txt 1651 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, given November 19, 1863
global-c 34462 Computer Networks and the Emergence of the Global Civil Society: The Case for the Association for Progrssive Communications (February 28, 1992)
goodlife.hum 1989 To Many More Good Lives
gore-sp 14354 Text of Gore's Acceptance Speech (1992)
gorecrpt.rec 3844 Vice President Gore Questions Current Key Escrow Policy (February 10, 1994)
gorillia.ana 3886 Psychological Operations in Guerrila Warfare
govtovrt.txt 13440 How to Overthrow a Country, by Senator Bunker
great-wo 17245 The Great Work by John Perry Barlow (January, 1992)
guellia.hum 4898 Guerilla Warfare and its Uses in Society
guerrill.txt 3776 The Guerrila FIJA Fighter (Get Those FIJA Ideas Out)
gulfeds.txt 9265 Some Summaries of Editorials About the Gulf War
gun-ctrl.txt 9582 Gun Control, Patriotism, and Civil Disobedience by Jacob G. Hornberger
gun.txt 2084 Clinton/Gore on Gun Control
gurps-la 32650 Gurps Labor Lost: The Cyberpunk Bust by Bruce Sterling (1991)
gwen.txt 12013 Ground Wave Emergency Network: GWEN, a Threat
habits.txt 7766 Small, Everyday Things People can Do to Lessen Evironmental Damage
hacking.txt 26496 The Testimony from Geoffrey S. Goodfellow About the State of Hacking to the US House of Representatives (September 28th, 1983)
hallhigh 4096 From the August Halls of Education (Racist Rant from Dartmouth Review)
hardones.txt 13272 Answering the Hard Questions (About FIJA) by Larry Dodge
hawaii.txt 6735 The Constitution of the State of Hawaii from 1968
hcinews.txt 36290 The Handgun Control Semi-Annual Progress Report (December, 1992)
hckrslg.txt 12665 The Hacker's League Introduction by Lee Felsenstein (March 18, 1992)
health.txt 19951 Clinton/Gore on Affordable, Quality Health Care
hertecon.txt 9175 The Heritage of Economic Liberty, by Richard M. Ebeling
hestar.wh 4745 President Bush on Head Start (August 6, 1992)
hijack 8354 Nuclear Transit on the Highways by Data Line
hoffman.edt 1551 In Memoriam: Abbie Hoffman (1989)
hogs.txt 2044 Letter to the Government: Not Raising Hogs
hormesis 10158 Radiation Hormesis After 85 Years: Background Radiation is Good For You
hous95.txt 49907 United States Congress House Directory (May 23, 1995)
housing.lft 4736 Affordable Housing: A Libertarian Outlook, by Gerald Schneider, Ph.D.
housing.txt 7403 Clinton/Gore on Affordable Housing for All Americans
ieee 2816 The IEEE Rewards a Stalnista Stooge (July 1988)
imps-soc.txt 9040 The Impossibility of Socialism, by Richard M. Ebeling
independ.txt 8431 The Declaration of Independence
indians 32089 Indian Addresses: The Brother John Baptist de Coigne
inf 4857 The INF Treaty, making the world "Safe" 1988
infohway.txt 7816 The Information Superhighways of Tomorrow, by Albert Gore, Jr. (November 1989)
intabort.txt 9152 Compulsory Parenthood - The Truth about Abortion (1976)
iranna.hum 4143 A the Cauldron Rolls, by John F. McManus
iraqhist.txt 12625 A Short History Lession about the Countries of the Mideast
iroquois.con 79583 About the Iriquois Constitution
iroquois.txt 21154 The Iroquois and the Origins of American Democracy by Dr. Grinde (January 24th, 1990)
isdn-tec 11798 Telephone Service that Rings of the Future by Joshua Quittner (1992)
isdn-tes 6476 ISDN as an Enabler of Innovation by Mitchell Kapor (June 13, 1991)
ita_bc.txt 93395 An Introduction to the Anarchist Movement, by Brian Crabtree (1993)
japan.cod 15114 The Codename System for Japanese Aircraft in World War II
japan.txt 192010 The Japan That Can Say No. (Transcription of Japanese Business Book)
japan.yes 103936 Does America Say Yes to Japan? Rant on Japanese Culture as regards Free Trade
japanyes 135215 Does America Say Yes to Japan? Transcribed by Tom Mathes
japsafe.txt 3449 How Does Japan Get That Low Crime Late? The Hard Way.
jbissu.txt 24116 An Index of Issues Addressed by Governor Brown (California)
jeff3_13.txt 21684 Jeff Cooper's Commentaries Volume 3 Number 13 (November, 1995)
jefferso.txt 10848 Thomas Jefferson's First Inaugural Address
jekyll.rvw 19680 Killing the Banking Beast by Jane H. Ingraham, (September 5, 1994)
jesus-ab.txt 6239 Jesus Should Have Been Aborted, by Jenn Shreve
jesusall.txt 352557 The Truth About Jesus, from M.M. Mangasarian (1909)
jewishde.txt 30561 A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman Speaks, by Benjamin H. Freedman
jfk11.txt 7789 JFK's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961
jgh_9510.txt 14099 Freedom Daily: Loving Your Country and Hating Your Governmentby Jacob G. Hornberger (October, 1995)
jneil.bio 18816 Biography of J. Neil Schulman
jnews2.txt 17080 The Action is the Reaction, by G. Vance Smith of the John Birch Society
jns-waco.txt 8034 What Can We Learn from Wavo? by J. Neil Schulman (1993)
joel@sko.txt 20613 Joel @Skousen: 10 Packs for Survival
joinforc.txt 6272 Joining Forces Against a Common Foe, by J. Neil Schulman
joke.txt 7956 The Joke is On You, by J. Orlin Grabbe
jonestow.txt 38830 Jonestown, The CIA and Mind Control
judge1.txt 10446 Rant About How Poor the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Is
jurydu.fun 7507 Interesting facts about Jury Duty
justice.txt 6510 If Execution is Just, What is Justice? by J. Neil Schulman
kal-007.art 40914 New Soviet Revelations about the KAL-007 Shootdown, by John W. R. Lepingwell
kerrey.txt 8586 Senator Bob Kerrey's Withdrawl from the Presidential Race, March 5, 1992
kidslie.txt 3397 Chicago Teacher Falsely Accused of Molestation by Kids
king.txt 53966 Letter from the Birmingham Jail, by Martin Luther King
klassasu.ufo 9815 Overview of a Lecture by Klass at Arizona State University
knocks.txt 218391 The University of Hard Knocks by Ralph Parlette, 1914
land.txt 2946 Who Really Owns the Land? By Judith M. Barnet
landfill.txt 28296 Activists Concerned about Landfills, from Greenpeace Research Division (May 2, 1989)
landown.txt 1899 Who Really Owns the Land? by Judith M. Barnet
larouche.txt 41442 The Larouche Trial Fact Sheet (March 28, 1992)
laws 8557 Collection of Stupid, Goofy Laws
lawschl 13244 How to Survive the First Year of Law School At The University of Texas by Mike Godwin (1992)
legal-ca 18429 Electronic Frontier Foundation Legal Case Summary (July 10, 1990)
lets.txt 55574 LETS and the Foundation for a New Money System, by Richard Kay, 1993
letters 1813017 Letters by Thomas Jefferson
lfp52.txt 12170 Utopia is Now Possible!
lghtye.txt 32529 Light Years: The Controversy over the Eduard "Billy" Meier Case
liar 10926 Once a Liar... by Jack R. Voltz
lib 26274 The Liberty Tree Pub and Grille
libcong.txt 42269 Jefferson's Legacy: The Functions of the Library of Congress, Past and Present by John Y. Cole (February 22, 1991)
liberty.txt 6912 Letter from patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.
libr-ism.txt 5196 The Moral Case FOR Federal Matching Funds by Michael Emerling