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With evenings and late nights blown away by the wonders of the BBS world, many school-going users found themselves with a tough reality: poor grades. This was all the more frustrating to parents and teachers because the student would otherwise seem to be bright and understanding. Worst of all, this lack of attention/attendance to school subjects would possibly lead to banishment from the computer.

To circumvent this, it because a sort of tradition to upload term papers or essays created in school to BBSes. This served two equal needs: Lagging students would seize this cheap and easy influx of information for their otherwise intolerable studies, and students who posted their essays got the thrill and pride of knowing their work was reaching a much wider audience than just the teacher, and might even be used to save the occasional butt.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
ACE ./.. The Arrogant Couriers with Essays (ACE) Collection
1984.txt 4571 Report: George Orwell's 1984 and the Character Winston Smith's Identity
asimov.rpt 18605 Isaac Asimov and the concept of "Social Science Fiction"
atomic.ana 56476 Documentation and Diagrams of the Atomic Bomb, by Outlaw Labs
behave.rpt 3072 Why you shouldn't throw things in a classroom.
berlin.ana 21848 The Berlin Tunnel, from The KGB (Chapter VII) by Don Lawson
bp.tre 2660 Broadcast Programming Essay: "Network", by Michael Stutz
brave451.rpt 9017 Report about Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"
broadpro.txt 3668 Broadcast Programming Report, by Michael Stutz
bruno.txt 19330 The Forgotten Philosopher, by John J. Kessler, Ph.D., Ch.E.
c_americ.rpt 3566 Short list of some Central American cultures
cancer.txt 6656 Living With Cancer, by Neal Levin for English 122-59 (August 8, 1991)
cinema.rpt 225079 A large collection of information on the History of Cinema
coal.rpt 12928 The Coal Miners in France During the Second Empire
courbet.rpt 8419 Five paintings by Gustave Courbet
creation.rpt 1638 Five Creation Myths
cubanrev.rpt 6449 The revolution in Cuba and its Causes
drugpapr.txt 26263 The Influence of Drugs and Insanity on Pink Floyd by Perry Friedman (March 3, 1987)
drugs.fil 6592 A Couple of Drug Essays from Fran Porretto (1989)
ecology.rpt 7370 The Ecology of a Rain Forest
esp.rpt 10203 A nicely done report on ESP 3897 Fear: The Important Emotion
forignaf.rpt 21434 Foreign Affairs Timeline: American Relations with Latin America from 1850 to 1920
franklin.txt 15446 Biography of Benjamin Franklin (January 24, 1990)
free_ent.rpt 3162 The term "free enterprise"
freud.rpt 8268 Freud's Theory Analyzed -- A Report on Research (1989)
gdnovel.rpt 4213 Criteria for a Good Novel
glass.rpt 4126 The Glass Menagerie
goodomen.txt 9367 Report on the book "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, by Duncan Brown (October 25, 1993)
h0ly1.rpt 3871 The Epistle of St. Paul
henry.txt 4030 A Biography of Patrick Henry (January 24, 1990)
hiskool.rpt 2496 A Declaration of, Well, Something
howlrev 20520 School Report on Allen Ginsberg by Sally Baggett (June 1994)
interlaw.rpt 23809 Term Paper on Internation Relations, and the Extradition of Nazi Crominals
invent.rpt 13423 Inventions of the Early 19th Century by Big Brother of The Works BBS
iraqhist.txt 12625 A Middle Eastern TimeLine (1990)
japan.rpt 10498 The occupation of Japan
job 3997 The nature of a Systems Analyst Job
jung.rpt 23506 Primer of Jungian Psychology
kruschev.rpt 12209 KHRUSHCHEV
lbj.rpt 10052 LYNDON B JOHNSON
lebanon.rpt 16205 Report on Lebanon
leboutli.rpt 1910 Bibliography/Outline on Lebanon
lee-biog.txt 6861 Biography of Robert E. Lee
myth.txt 5236 Outline: Greek Mythology
oedipus.txt 2058 Oedipus Essay: Truths Built of the Strongest Iron(y) December 2, 1997
philos.rpt 89310 General Philosophy Wrapup
philos.txt 2533 Freud vs. Trueblood on Man's True Nature
pnp.txt 5703 Pride and Prejudice
pysco.rpt 6144 Wrapup of some health articles.
r_school.rpt 6433 Religion in Public Schools
rasputin.rpt 1851 Rasputin, Grigory Yefimovich
research.ppr 25263 Computer Hacking: A New Breed of Crime is Born, by Jon Hogg, May 17, 1991 (Research Paper)
rockfell.rpt 8192 John D. Rockefeller: Obsession Into Success (Needs Editing)
rome.rpt 4424 An overview of the City of Rome
teen.rpt 4402 Teenagers: A Study
term2.rpt 9361 The Use of Imagery in Fitzgerald's "May Day"
theodore.rpt 3739 Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States
tkm.txt 7836 Report on "To Kill a Mockingbird"
vatijew.txt 32092 Catholics, Jews and Vatican II: A New Beginning by Thomas Beaudoin (May 7, 1991)
witchcra.rpt 1977 Quick Wrap-Up of the Goings on in Salem
worldwi.rpt 297583 World War I, an extremely large overview
y2k.txt 8967 The Commercial Impact of Y2k
zen.rpt 20320 Zen in the East & West, a term paper by Jim Gibbs
zeppelin.txt 15001 School Report on Led Zeppelin
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