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Filename Size Description of the Textfile 5196 Going to your first SCA Event, by Lady Alisky MacKyven Raizel
8themis.txt 12919 MESSAGES: Discussions on a message base with an online role-playing campaign
add-alco.txt 550541 The Complete Guide to AD&D Alcohol for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons by Reid Bluebaugh
adndmods.txt 21055 An Alternate System for AD&D (Modifications)
alcohol.txt 540556 The Complete Guide to Alcohol for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
alcohol1996.txt 655689 The Complete Guide to Alcohol for Fantasy Role-Playing Games (1996 Revision)
altwrestling.txt 7548 The New and Improved Alternative Wrestling System
anjou.txt 18440 Advice from Rene' d'Anjou (Good King Rene') on the Running of Tournaments
bagofwonder.txt 15196 The Bag O' Wonderous Items
basicinf.asc 74214 Striker II Introductory Infantry Rules by Stephen Madjanovich
believer 10785 An Introduction to Tracy Jessup, a New Character from Kirsten M. Berry
bookages.txt 71440 The Book of Ages, by Nordag Elbereth of Mirmir, aka the Wanderer
bow_weat 3886 Missle Weapons Damage/Weather Generation for AD&D by James Heath (June 30, 1992)
cantrips.txt 57989 Peako's Book O' Cantrips (Spell Book)
caos1-1.txt 15405 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 1 (January 31, 1993)
caos1-10.txt 12909 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 10 (March 22, 1993)
caos1-11.txt 24844 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 11 (March 22, 1993)
caos1-12.txt 24051 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 12 (March 22, 1993)
caos1-2.txt 16782 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 2 (January 31, 1993)
caos1-3.txt 17680 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 3 (February 14, 1993)
caos1-4.txt 20100 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 4 (February 21, 1993)
caos1-5.txt 24404 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 5 (February 21, 1993)
caos1-7.txt 17217 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 7 (February 28, 1993)
caos1-8.txt 20577 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 8 (March 7, 1993)
caos1-9.txt 16333 Chaosium Digest Volume 1, Number 9 (March 7, 1993)
carnal.txt 352235 The Complete Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge for Fantasy Role-Playing Games (1996)
castles.txt 18553 Castles: Courtesy of Shadowfire and Anarchy, International
catalog.txt 4293 The Pendragon Productions Catalog (Shareware Catalog)
chaos1.txt 7660 The Chaos RPG: The Most Successful Sub-Board on the Lost Resort (1988)
chblade.d&d 5841 Chaos Blades, from Brandon Cope
cheetah.mch 1800 Clan Ghost Bear "Racemech" - Cheetah Experimental Racemech By Nightblade
cl-adept.d&d 5276 A New Class for Humans: The Adept
cl-alch1.d&d 17033 Alchemist, a Mage Subclass
cl-arch.d&d 26312 The Archer as a Non-Player Character
cl-arson.d&d 5072 The Arsonist Kit, by John Givler
cl-aviat.d&d 4864 The Aviator Kit, by John Givler
cl-bard.d&d 3624 The Bad as a Non-Player Character
cl-bard2.d&d 7303 A New and Improved Bard
cl-beneg.d&d 3657 The Bene Gesserit: Description of the Character
cl-blade.d&d 3756 A New CLass: Blademage
cl-brd-g.d&d 3912 The Bard Class for NPCs by Dave Marshall
cl-brd-p.d&d 5332 The Bard Kit by Dave Marshall
cl-casem.d&d 2023 A Caseman Class: A Fighter Who can Pick locks, by The Weasel
cl-caval.d&d 6228 The Cavalier Kit, by Scott Belangia
cl-charm.d&d 4877 The Charmer Kit and Spell by Frank Steven Gimenez
cl-cheys.d&d 4835 The AD&D Fighter Kit
cl-chiar.d&d 4108 The Chiaroscuro by John Givler
cl-churc.d&d 4735 The Idea of Church knights by Scott Horrocks (April 29, 1992)
cl-crusa.d&d 3009 The Crusader Class, by David Bolack (April 25, 1992)
cl-demag.d&d 6067 The Demagogue Class
cl-drgld.d&d 4662 Dragonlords as Non Player Characters from the Finn of Roses (Walker White)
cl-dwarn.d&d 10325 The Dwarnoi - Dwarven Stone Mages Character Class, from Chua Jak Lien
cl-genda.d&d 4254 The Gendarme Kit, by John Givler
cl-grunt.d&d 4673 The Grunt Character Class, by Sunny G. (1990)
cl-guard.d&d 3970 The Guardian Character Class
cl-gydni.d&d 6460 A Collection of Church Knights, by Eric Pommer
cl-haruc.d&d 7626 The Haruchai Character Class
cl-healr.d&d 28757 The Healer Character Class
cl-highl.d&d 5027 The Highlander Character Class by David Bolack
cl-ilnew.d&d 12025 The Illusionist/Mentalist Class, by Nancy McCaskey
cl-irres.d&d 4895 The Irresoluter Class by john Givler
cl-jedi.d&d 14178 The Jedi Character Class by Thomas Head
cl-kendo.d&d 4696 The Kendoka Character Class, by John Givler
cl-kensi.d&d 7853 The Kensai Character Class
cl-knite.d&d 3202 The Knight-Errant: A Kit for the Bard or Fighter by David Bolack
cl-kobud.d&d 3970 The Kobudoka Character Class by John Givler
cl-lowmn.d&d 8976 The Beggar Priest/Thief Class
cl-magus.d&d 4994 The Magus: A Character Class for Second Edition AD&D by David Bolack
cl-mart.d&d 16994 The Martial Artist Kit, by Lord Dynthian
cl-megma.d&d 5616 The Metamagician Character Class
cl-modul.d&d 5528 The Moduli Druid Class
cl-monks.d&d 29449 The Renavated Class of Monk
cl-munch.d&d 1548 The Munchkin Class
cl-myskn.d&d 12309 The Mystic Knight: A Knight of the Star Order (Character Class)
cl-ninj2.d&d 24610 The Ninja Character Class
cl-ninja.d&d 9081 The "Ninja" Class, by John Givler
cl-palcn.d&d 5704 the Chaos Knight Character Class
cl-pandi.d&d 3743 The Pandions Character Class, by Malibar (May 1, 1992)
cl-phoph.d&d 4275 The Propher Character Class
cl-pirat.d&d 3582 The Pirate (A Fighter Sub-Class) by Aaron Brown (October 12, 1989)
cl-protc.d&d 9846 The Protector Class by Tryslora Eloran and Deb Atwood
cl-psych.d&d 7730 The Psychic Class by Mario Di Giacomo (1992)
cl-range.d&d 4997 The Range Guide Class by Kihe Blackeagle
cl-ranmg.d&d 2525 The Ranger Mage Class
cl-sage.d&d 7192 The Sage Class by David M. Girardot
cl-seafa.d&d 5075 The Seafarer Class, by John Givler
cl-sorc.d&d 20132 The Sorceror Class
cl-spelu.d&d 6321 The Spelunker/Cavernier by John Givler
cl-survi.d&d 3134 The Survivor Class
cl-swash.d&d 19033 The Swashbuckler Class, by Nancy McCaskey
cl-swind.d&d 5065 The Swindler Class by John Givler
cl-techo.d&d 5271 The Technocrat Class by Mike Kruppenbacher
cl-tmlrd.d&d 4010 The Time Lords of AD&D/Temporals
cl-tradr.d&d 5706 The Trader Character Class, by David Girardot (November 17, 1991)
cl-trans.d&d 4187 The Transgressor, by John Givler
cl-vampr.d&d 9693 Vampire Classes
cl-vind.d&d 6289 The Vindicator Class by John Givler
cl-vmhtr.d&d 10100 The Vampire Hunter/Fighter Class by Aaron Brown (1990)
cl-wand2.d&d 4650 The Wanderer Class
cl-warld.d&d 4612 The Warlord Class
cl-warlk.d&d 10271 The Warlock/Witch Class by Lindsey lambert (February 14, 1992)
cl-witch.d&d 23589 The Witch Class for AD&D
cl-wpnms.d&d 6643 The Warrior Kit: Weapon Master, by Andy Akins
cmc.txt 2662 How to Join the Center for Monster Control
coelcant.txt 13247 The Coelacanth for RPG by Larry Langley (August 29, 1992)
coffin.txt 53284 Adventure for Warhammer: Into the Mages' Coffin by J. Lambregts & F. Lubbers
combat_2.ascii 82136 COMBAT II: The Revised Combat System for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons by Kevin L. Seachrist
combat_2.txt 1982 COMBAT II: THe Revised COmpat System for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons by Kevin Seacraft (Introduction)
companion.txt 13319 FANFICTION: AD&D: Companion by Ron Stanions (February 9, 1994)
cooltabl.txt 9673 A Quick and Diry Apotheosis Table by Dave Van Domelen (1992)
cosmos 396315 COSMOS: The Universal Role Playing System (Rules, Spells, Characters)
cosmos.readme 385 Introduction to Version 1.0 of COSMOS, a Universal Roleplaying System
cp_gang.txt 6103 The Gangs of Night City, brought to you by The Red Ferret
cw-corp.txt 18626 The Corporate Approach to Car Wars by Mad Al Loud (1986)
cyberule.con 3498 Cyberpunk: The Rules, by Tharrys Ridenow
death.txt 7415 Hovering on Death's Door Rules: Less Deaths, More Permanent Damage
dices.txt 11552 Ways to Make the Dice Roll High Numbers
divine_magic.txt 4194 The Idea of Divine Magic to Separate Priest Class from Wizard Class, by Greg Howley
dorian.txt 24178 Character Sheets for a World of Greyhawk Cast
drakkhen.txt 5284 A Collection of Hints for Drakkhen
dungsubm.txt 30492 Dungeon Magazine Submission Guidelines
dwafarmr.txt 5102 Information on Drawvish Armor
dwafweap.txt 4254 Dwarvish Weapons of Power for AD&D by John Marchetti
ednd-v1.2.readme 1574 EDND - Version 1.2 - Readme File (August 19, 1993)
ednd-v1.txt 90165 Enhanced Dungeons and Dragons Version 1.2 by Silverfist Productions (1993)
equipment 72340 The Great Net Equipment List Version 2.0, Compiled by Mark J. Carrasco
evasionvsarmor.txt 5703 Evasion vs. Armor in AD&D by Greg Howley
ewc.txt 3072 How to Join the Eccentric Wizards Club
fairdice.txt 34653 PAPER: Testing Dice for bias by Glen Barnett (December 2, 1992)
familiar 4505 What are the Best Creatures for Familiars?
finalprb.txt 40031 The Final Problem (Story)
fnnv2n7.txt 59018 The Adventurer's Journal Volume 2 Issue #7 (June 1, 1994)
folklore.elf 10232 Elves in Tolkien and Folklore, an Overview
frweaps.txt 8714 Unique Weapons of the Forgotten Realms, by Gary E. Schaper
fudge-ad.txt 57311 FUDGE: Freeform, Universal, Donated Gaming Engine (Free Role Playing Game System) by Steffan O'Sullivan (1992)
fudge-rl.txt 151223 FUDGE: Freeform, Universal, Donated Gaming Engine (Rules)
fudge-vh.txt 35372 FUDGE: Freeform, Universal, Donated Gaming Engine (Vehicle Rules)
g-romanc.txt 15255 GURPS Romance, by Paul Beakley
grenade.txt 8392 Grenade Weapon Specialization
hee-yo1.txt 8173 Hee-Yo! Shouts and Other Uses of Ki by Paul W. Will
hellfire.mch 2311 Clan Jade Falcon Battlemech - Hellfire By Nightblade
hellflam.txt 15032 The Nine Hells in AD&D
herb.txt 127032 The Guide to Herbs for RPGs (4th Edition) by Shaun Hately (1996)
hghlndr1.txt 7849 Highlander: Chapter 1: The Gathering
hghlndr2.txt 7063 Highlander: Chapter 2: Character Creation
hghlndr3.txt 10975 Highlander: Chapter 3: Quickening
hghlndr4.txt 2504 Highlander: Chapter 4: Systems
hghlndr5.txt 6937 Highlander: Chapter 5: The World of Darkness
hghlndre.txt 3061 Highlander: Epilogue
hghlndri.txt 1712 Highlander: Introduction to Role-Playing Highlander
highland.txt 37165 The AD&D Guide to Highlander by Desmond McReid
highlander.txt 36870 The Highlander Guide for Fantasy Role Playing Games by Duncan McDier of the Clan McDier
highlndr.txt 31916 The AD&D Guide to Highlander, by Reid McBluebaugh of the Clan McBluebaugh
highmagk.txt 6216 The System of Correspondences for Casting Spells (RPG) (1993)
hospitl.txt 5549 Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, a.k.a. Knights of Malta (October 1990)
hygiene.txt 26294 The (More or Less) Complete Guide to Hygene for Fantasy Role Playing Games
hygiene1996.txt 34335 The (More or Less) Complete Guide to Hygene for Fantasy Role Playing Games (1996 Revision)
iago 263459 Iago's War Manual for Tradewars 2002 (V1.03)
ifgs.faq 5864 The International Fantasy Gaming Society by Dara Naraghi
impaler.txt 4360 The Impaler RCC: A Special RCC by DaBeechMan and BadgerBorg
intro-cn.txt 4695 The Information necessary to Make a Character for the Chaos and Anarchy World
invisi.txt 12133 De Re Invisibilitas: A Dungeon Master's Encyclical
lastword.dd 16908 Famous Last Words collected by Oliver Rosenkranz
ltuaerpg.1 9055 Overview of LTUAE the Roleplaying Game, a BBS RPG (December 1993)
ltuaerpg.2 9561 Overview of LTUAE the Roleplaying Game, a BBS RPG (December 1993)
ltuaerpg.3 11524 Overview of LTUAE the Roleplaying Game, a BBS RPG (December 1993)
luck.txt 17658 The Luck Attribute
metallica-guide.txt 192151 The Complete Guide to Metallica for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
monsters.txt 56683 Monsters and Mazes by John Garwood (Homebrew Role-Playing)
moriachr.die 1060 RIP: Madness the Sharper
muspell.txt 48008 The Penultimate AD&D Magic User Spell List by Tim Prestero (March 14, 1991)
nagee1.txt 163677 The First Annual Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else
nagee2.txt 236405 The Second Annual Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else
nagee3.txt 200736 The Third Annual Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else
nb_rddls 97575 The Infamous Net.Book.Riddles (Riddles for Role Playing) Version 3.0b by Mark Manning
nethand.txt 239770 The Complete Net Handbook Version 1.0 by Joe Delisle
netpsionicbook 321772 The Complete Net Psionics Handbook by Charon The Boatman (1993)
new-spel.928 342321 A Collection of New Spells for Dungeons and Dragons
newmage.spl 162325 Mage Spells and Cantrip From Dragon magazine and other sources
newmagic.txt 3942 Dragon Magic 1.0 - Alternative Magic System for AD&D by J. Andrew Kitkowski (1995)
newmap.txt 24755 TradeWars Version 2 SysOp Galaxy Map (December 8, 1989)
nonweaponprof.txt 33562 Non Weapon Proficiencies 219071 The Net Wizard's Handbook, Second Edition (August 1991) by Jim Gitzlaff and Staff
omegarul.txt 76717 Battletech Omega Rules 1.1.1 part 1 of 2, from Hall moore (1992)
omegatch.txt 217953 Battletech Omega Rules 1.1.2 by Hall Moore III (February 9, 1993) 9122 Welcome to Blight City! 17421 Making your Toonpunk 2020 Character 15965 Cyberspace and Netroaming 24126 The Toonpunk Campaign 24276 The Net Profits Catalog
phandb.d&d 12200 Corrections to the TSR Player's Handbook
phantasi.txt 18169 Phantasie I: Adventurer's Characteristics
phoenix 14131 Character Sheet for the Phoenix
plot-tags.txt 6577 Descriptions of Tags and Shorthand in the Plots Files
plots1.txt 69479 The Net Book of Plots Volume 1
plots2.txt 92819 The Net Book of Plots Volume 2
plots3.txt 169161 The Net Book of Plots Volume 3
plots4.txt 139606 The Net Book of Plots Volume 4
plots5.txt 169934 The Net Book of Plots Volume 5
plots6.txt 185934 The Net Book of Plots Volume 6
poison.txt 116891 Poisons of the Realm
psionics.d&d 40989 The Use of Psionics in D&D
px1_drug.txt 36639 AD&D Drugs by Desmond Reid
px2_dice.txt 18827 AD&D Dice Games by Desmond Reid
px3_bowling.txt 15602 The Blue Ball Bowling System, by Desmond Reid
px4_comedy.txt 19455 AD&D Comedy by Desmond Reid
px5_gruel.txt 2211 Gruel by Desmond Reid
rating00.txt 520 Introduction to the Net.Ratings.Guide to TSR Products by GOth
rating01.txt 27817 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #1: Complete Handbooks
rating02.txt 26452 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #2: Core 2nd Edition Books
rating03.txt 13468 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #3: Dungeon Master's References
rating04.txt 13790 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #4: Dungeon Master's Miscellany
rating05.txt 10316 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #5: Rating Results for Planescape
rating06.txt 18736 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #6: First Edition Ratings
rating07.txt 12194 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #7: 2nd Edition Ratings (Miscellany)
rating08.txt 7362 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #8: Dark Sun Ratings
rating09.txt 4231 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #9: Dragonlance Ratings
rating10.txt 13640 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #10: Greyhawk Ratings
rating11.3 13921 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #11: Ravenloft Ratings 9928 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #11: Ravenloft Ratings (Revised)
rating12.txt 17497 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #12: Forgotten Realms Ratings
rating13.txt 2850 Results for TSR.Net.Guide Rating Form #13: Campaign Settings
realplay.txt 15409 Realism Vs. Playability in Simulation Game Design, by Steve Jackson (June 19, 1991)
rffhmn.txt 3810 RIFTS: Face Hugger Monster designed by Mike Best (May 5, 1994)
rft-diam.txt 18852 A Diamond in the Rough (A Rifts Adventure by Matt Tilove)
rft-dkwl.txt 6751 Dark Wolf Power Armor
rft-harn.txt 9644 RIFT Adventure: Infinity Inc.
rft-morf.txt 6356 Glitzy-2000: A Magic Alternative to Glitterboys (RPG)
rft-stuf.txt 92850 RIFTS: DaBeechMan Complete
rft-weap.txt 9727 Song of the TeamBlades (Weapons for RIFTS by BaBeechMan)
rlrp.txt 9127 Real Life Role Play Rules, by John Garwood
rndenc.txt 63326 The Net Random Encounters Book by Joseph DuBois
rodopact.txt 3066 Information on the Rod of Pacts
rogue.txt 4782 Some Hints to Playing Rogue
rogues.txt 210903 The Net Rogues' Gallery by Steven R. Hamby (August 1st, 1993)
rpg_technology.txt 95848 The Complete Guide to RPG Technology for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
rpgfor-1.txt 54290 Messages from a Multi-State RPG BBS Forum (1991)
rpgnode.frm 3477 Role-Playing Game NetWork RPGNet Application Form (June 16, 1994)
rpgrules.txt 2335 RPGNet Rules (June 16, 1994)
rq-magic.txt 14720 Morocanth Thumbs: The Quest, by Martin Crim
rq3modul.txt 139921 Against the Rise of Emon: Prologue
rqv1a.dig 22305 RuneQuest Digest Compilation Edition Volume 1, issues 1-3 by Andrew Bell
rqv1c.dig 47290 RuneQuest Digest Compilation Edition Volume 1, issues 7-9 by Andrew Bell
rqv1d.dig 31654 RuneQuest Digest Compilation Edition Volume 1, issues 10-12 by Andrew Bell
rulers.txt 4837 Some Real Names of Actual Medieval Rules (for RPG ideas)
sanity.txt 101550 The Complete Guide to Sanity for Fantasy Role-Playing Games
sdl 50863 The Mage to Mage Magical Combat System and Spell Description Language Version 0.75 by Robert M. Reimann (1989)
sexguide.txt 319881 The Complete Guide to AD&D Unlawful Carnal Knowledge by The Guide Creator
song 13658 Collection of Midieval-Based Filk Songs (Parodies)
spacenav.dta 18468 Gurps Data File for Use with the MAKECHAR Creation Program
specfo.txt 3986 Role Playing Information on Special Forces
spel1-3.txt 8805 MAgical Spells of the 1st and 3rd Level
spelbook.txt 127305 A Spellbook of common RPG Spells
spell4-6.txt 9825 Magical Spells of Levels 4-6 for AD&D, by John Marchetti
spell7-9.txt 9877 Magical Spells of Levels 7-9 for AD&D by John Marchetti
spell_sup.txt 5773 Supplement to the Spellweaving System, by Robert Winkel
spellist.txt 44769 List of Spells for AD&D 2nd Edition
spelljam.txt 188346 The Rhyme of the Ancient Spelljammer (Edition 1.1): An Accessory for the Advenced Dungeons and Dragons: by Richard J. Pugh
spellpoints.txt 13660 The Spellpoint System for AD&D by Matt Miller and Mark Morgan
spells.txt 6049 All the Spells for King's Quest III
spellsre.txt 27718 Wizard Spells Revised (November 10, 1994)
spellweaving_v15.txt 21891 Spellweaving v1.5, an Alternative to the AD&D Spell System by Robert Winkel
spelpwrs.txt 47266 List of New Spells and Psionic Powers for TSR's AD&D Game (July, 1992)
sr2cp.txt 10147 Conversion Guidelines: Shadowrun (1st Edition) to Cyberpunk: 2020, by Jordan H. Orzoff
sr_toys.txt 8913 Shadowrun Cybertowys, by Hex Martin (February 10, 1992)
srgame.txt 68353 Shadowrun RPG Campaign information, by Hellefire
srnwbt1.txt 6941 Shadowrun New Biotech Collection #1
srnwbt2.txt 5273 Shadowrun New Biotech Collection 2
srshtt1.txt 5388 Shadowrun: Shamanic Totems Collection 1
srshtt2.txt 4028 Shadowrun: Shamanic Totems Collection 2
ssbjourn.txt 104224 The Secret of the Silver Blades (Soft Documentation by TRSI)
ssbrules.txt 18027 TRSI: Secret of the SIlver Blades Rule Book by Orange Rouge
startrek.txt 109542 The Fantasy Guide to Star Trek by Captain Sulu and Com. Carlson
startrek1996.txt 106106 The Fantasy Guide to Star Trek by Captain Sulu and Com. Carlson (1996 Revision)
stylbook.txt 39061 The Stylebook: Rules, Modifications for Cyberpunk 2020 Draft II
suarch01.txt 40561 Arcane Lore: More Pages from the Arch-Mages, by Scott Waterhouse (1990)
subeast2.txt 14954 Two Hauntingly Good (But Definitely Bad) Undead by Spike Y. Jones (1990)
subeast3.txt 10196 A Weaver of Spells and Disaster, by Ed O'Connell (1990)
sucobra1.txt 38310 A Mechanical Serpent Has no Ecology, After All! By Spike Y. Jones (1990)
sufish01.txt 8082 Send your PCs on a fishing trip they'll always remember by Tim Malto (1991)
sugibber.txt 18443 All talk but no brains, with a bottomless appetite to boot by Nigel D. Findley 1990
suhedge1.txt 36151 Hedge Wizards: The low-level mages who make things work, by Gregg Sharp (1990)
sumonk01.txt 22862 Bonds of Brotherhood: Give your monks a brotherhood--and a purpose in life by Tom Griffith (1990)
survivalcheck.txt 2757 A Survival Check System for AD&D by Greg Howley
survivalcheckv2.txt 3111 A Survival Check System Version 2 by Greg Howley
suscout1.txt 15249 Scouting For New Options: The scout--a "thief" without the thieving by Kim Eastland (1990)
suvampir.txt 43002 The Mind of the Vampire: Role-playing powerful--and "twisted" --undead by Nigel D. Findley (1990)
swordhawk2.txt 125955 The Swordhawk Rules, Second Edition by Adne Brunborg (1996)
system1 41787 The System Version III.4 by Patrick O'Keefe (Alternative Magic System for AD&D)
system2 57611 The System Version 2.1 by Deva Winblood (Alternative Magic System for AD&D) (1992)
system3 2995 A New Way to Go About Spell Memorization by Lei Wang (Alternative Magic System for AD&D) (July 4, 1992)
tech.txt 109557 The Complete Guide to AD&D Technology by Desmond Reid (February 14, 1994)
ultimatebeans.txt 94180 The Ultimate Bag of Beans
vol_1 22403 THe Net.Bardsong Book Volume 1 by Daltrin the Cheerful (Jeff Gostin)
vol_2 18347 The Net.Bardsong.Book Volume 2 by Daltrin the Cheerfil (Jeff Gostin)
weaponquality.txt 3113 Percentile System for Weapon Quality
wfrpinto.txt 462 Introduction to Into the Mages' Coffin by J. Lambregts & F. Lubbers
whthand.txt 85491 FANFICTION: AD&D: The White Hand, by Sydylus
wiz_spel.sol 24692 Some Ideas for Wizard Spells in AD&D by Solinari
wwfwrestling.txt 8633 Alternative W.W.F. Wrestling
There are 300 files for a total of 12,511,302 bytes.