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CHEMICALS ./.. The MSDS Chemical Information File Collection
ast-dece.txt 6080 Short Biographical Sketches of Deceased Astronauts (February 1992)
ast-dorn.txt 2699 Astronaut Birthplaces by State (February 1992)
ast-list.txt 17083 Alphabetical List of Astronauts (February 1992)
ast-prog.txt 1705 Background on the Astronaut Program (Astronaut Fact Book, February 1992)
ast500hr.txt 814 Astronauts with more than 500 Hours in Space
astronau.txt 8854 Requirements for Becoming an Astronaut
athletic.txt 4566 What should be our motivation behind athletic activity? by Inge Oestmoen, Norway
batteryn.ews 49140 NICAD Batteries: Facts and Fallacies (Radio Communications, 1988)
blackhol.nas 17207 Black Holes in Space: A Scientific Overview
blackhol.txt 15872 Black Holes in Space: An Overview 6440 The lowdown on Black Holes
breast.txt 26999 Questions and Answers About Breast Lumps
chemburn.ana 3641 Signs you might be experiencing chemical burns 60032 Choosing a Cat by R. Roger Breton and Nacy J. Creek
circadia.txt 8203 A Test to Determine your Circadian Rhythm
coldfuse.pat 64317 The Cold Nuclear Fusion Bibliography (March 1, 1992)
coldfusn.txt 10221 The Consequences of Clean Cold Fusion (1989) by Martin L. Buchanan
crystal1.asc 4951 Scanning Masers for Information Retrieval
dark.txt 3867 Dark: Rewritten by the Quantum Mechanic
disable.rd 96017 Neuropsychological Bases of Educational Disabilities, by Robert Zenhausern, Ph.D
discover.txt 4208 The Circumstances of Minor Planet Discovery, by Frederick Pilcher
electric.bas 3026 A Quick Primer for Homeowners on Electricity 108192 A Review of Zero Point Energy and Free Energy Theory, Progress, and Devices (September 19, 1992)
essiac.txt 56744 Rene Caisse and the Calling of an Angel (Anti-Cancer Formula) (April 10, 1993) 35328 The Making of the Cat, by R. Roger Breton and Nancy J. Creek
evolve.cht 16768 The Evolution Chart, Heavily Aimed to Cats
f-p 22820 Electrochemically Induced Nuclear Fusion of Deuterium by Martin Fleischmann (March 20, 1989)
fchap2.txt 3834 The Leidenfrost Effect
fda.asc 9056 Will Food Become Illegal Under the FDA? By Bob Paddock (September 6, 1991)
fea.txt 22055 The Infinite Element Method: A Four Article Series by Steve Roensch
fermats_.the 11729 What is the Current Status of Fermat's Last Theorem?
fission.txt 20003 A Simple Explanation of Nuclear Fission (1994)
fli-laun.txt 44515 A Very Large Collection of Pre-Flight Launch Preparation for the Space Shuttle
fluxgate.txt 4245 Answers to how Fluxgate Compasses Work (September 4, 1992)
foodstuf 8970 Food Additives: Know What's In Your Food and Why It's There
formulas 19818 Astronomical Formulae (Various)
fossil.txt 26885 FAQ: Transitional Fossils FAQ, by Brett J. Vickers (January 25, 1993)
fracmath.txt 4574 Mathematics of the Fractal Types
france.txt 49517 France: A Leader in Space (July, 1990)
fs397.txt 5120 FS397: Rutgers Cooperative Extension: Slugs and Snails in the Vegetable Garden by Gerald M. Ghidiu, Specialist in Vegetable Entomology
fs417.txt 2048 FS417: Rutgers Cooperative Extension: Recycling Used Motor Oil in New Jersey by Theodore B. Shelton, PhD. and Michael T. Olohan
fusion 26752 Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter
fusion.nuc 26752 Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter (March 23, 1989)
fusion.txt 5064 Background for the Nuclear Fusion Seminar (March 31, 1989)
g-solars.txt 5436 One Solar System? What Good is That? GURPS Commentary by John M. Ford
gems.01 13985 The Lore of Gloranthan Gems and Near-Gems by Martin R. Crim (1992)
gems.2 40125 The Lore of Gloranthan Gems and Near-Gems by Martin R. Crim (1992) Part II
gems.3 7145 The Lore of Gloranthan Gems and Near-Gems by Martin R. Crim (1992) Part III
gems.4 8841 The Lore of Gloranthan Gems and Near-Gems by Martin R. Crim (1992) #4
genelife.txt 6144 Patenting New Forms of Animal Life: Is Nature Just a Form of Private Property? By Jeremy Rifkin
genetic.txt 1920 Genetically Engineered Organism Release Illegally in Argentina 94208 Feline Genetics, by R. Roger Breton and Nancy J. Creek
goddard 911 Rockets are Doomed, says New York Times, 1920
gun.txt 14731 Creating a U-238 Neutron Gun (Fusion Weapon) (1994)
hazchem.txt 9216 Hazardous Chemicals In Your Home: Proper use and Disposal, by Theodore B. Shelton, P.H.D. and Michael T. Olohan
health.myt 6719 Go Ahead and Cross Your Eyes: The Health Myth (June 16, 1994)
hi-e-wt.txt 6537 A Glossary of High Energy Weapons Terms (1994)
hot_wate.fas 4437 Hot Water Freezes Faster than Cold! by Richard M. Mathews
how2dotv.txt 4696 A One Minute Course on How to Do TV, by Richard Freeman
htt.txt 6402 Tension Testing of Four Different Twines by Derek Voll (April 30, 1992) 2703 The Humble Telescope, by David Daye of Columbus, OH
implosion.txt 13309 Information on an Implosion Weapon (1994)
indylook.txt 6242 High Tech: The Industrial Style and Source Book for the Home
infinity.jok 3698 The Properties of Infinity by Mark William Hopkins
insulate.txt 18825 Solar Radiation Data for Various American Cities
intro.txt 4522 Introduction and Charter of the High Energy Weapons Archive (September 19, 1995)
invent.rpt 13423 Inventions of the Early Nineteenth Century, by Big Brother of The Works
j-p 26244 Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter (March 23, 1989)
jcs-report-1947.txt 530 Introduction and Charter of the High Energy Weapons Archive
ka.txt 3430 An Explanation of Why the KA Band Photo Radar Units are So Hard to Pick Up, and Avoidance Techniques
kennedy.txt 10301 Information on the John F. Kennedy Space Center
land-tur.txt 17219 Shuttle Landing Operations (January 2, 1989) 28064 Information on the Larsonian "Reciprocal System" (December 3, 1992)
launch.92 16121 Launch Summary for NASA in 1992 (January 13, 1993)
launch.txt 15145 An Overview of NASA Launch Vehicles
magellan.txt 8840 Fact Sheet for the Magellan Spacecraft
mars1.txt 2306 A Mars Bibliography
math.txt 25598 Information for Building Capacitors
measure.sug 1864 A List of Conversions of Measurements
medicine 17714 Medicine and the Human Machine (Examples of Bad/Outdated Medical Things)
memetics 46888 Memetics: The Nascent Science of Ideas and Their Transmission by J. Peter Vajk 1989
merkle1.txt 6870 How Many Bytes in Human Memory? by Ralph C. Merkle (1988)
merkle2.txt 10630 The Brain is a Computer (Energy Limits) by Ralph Merkle
metal.txt 12348 Information on Palladium: One of the Metals Used in Cold Fusion, by Eric N. Simons
mind1.asc 22166 Radio Waves and Life by Tom Jaski, Electronics, September 1960
mind5.asc 5288 Geophysical Variables and Behaviour: XXXIX Alterations in Imaginings and Suggestibility During Brief Magnetic Field Exposures by Christine F. DeSano and M. A. Persinger
mind6.asc 3278 Computerized EEG Analysis of Subjects Undergoing Synchro-Energization for Relaxation
monitors.txt 36224 The Magnetic Field Menace
moon.txt 37862 What's New on the Moon by Dr. Bevan M. French
nasa.93 107122 NASA Media Guide and Public Affairs Contacts (April, 1993)
nasa1.txt 5760 The NASA Spacelink Background
nasahack.txt 5373 NASA Spacelink Background
nuke_res.txt 6340 Nuclear Information and Resource Service List of Publications
nukecat.txt 153685 Oklahoma Geological Survey Observatory: Catalog of Known and Putative Nuclear Explosions from Unclassified Sources (April 1994)
obsearth.txt 8483 Space Shuttle Earth Observations Photography
ofil_001.txt 36469 The Development of Post-Relativistic Concepts in Physics and Advanced Technology Abroad by Rolf Schaffranke
ofil_004.txt 11469 UFO Information Service of Seattle Washington: Acute Exposure and Levels of Radiation Sicknesses
orbiter.txt 22417 NASA Educational Briefs: Space Shuttle Statistics
orbname.txt 8810 The Origin of the name "Space Shuttle"
paper.byu 26752 Observation of Cold Nuclear Fusion in Condensed Matter (March 23, 1989)
parts.lst 1360 A Tesla Coil Parts List
payload.txt 194560 NASA Mixed Fleet Manifest (August, 1991)
perspect.txt 9296 The Mathematics Behind Perspective, by Max Pandaemonium
pi.ind 22671 The Occasion of the Indiana Legislature Trying to Change PI (March 27, 1991)
pi.txt 6623 Four Thousand Decimals of Pi
pickup_t 12127 The Pickup Coil from Tesla
pictures.txt 25052 How We Get Pictures From Space
pihist.txt 3153 The History of the Discovery of Pi (July 25, 1989)
plantpai.txt 35772 The Diversionary Tactic of Plant Pain by Ted Altar
polymers 8585 Information on Magnet Wire Coatings
putnam.92 21904 1992 Putnam Problems and Unofficial Solutions by Dan Bernstein (December 7, 1992)
puzzle.jok 1049 A Very Tough Mathematical Puzzle from Richard Pavelle
quantum.ani 19779 Evidence Supporting Quantum Information Processing in Animals, by James A. Donald
referenc 12542 Collection of Sources of Tesla Coil Information (January 10, 1995)
rel_ftl.faq 67711 Relativity and FTL Travel, by Jason W. Hinson (February 2, 1995)
relative.ftl 46456 Relativity and FTL Travel, by Jason W. Hinton (December 18, 1992)
rife3.asc 25146 Confidential Rife Report, by Lyks Sieger, M.D.
rivest.fac 8434 The F9 Factoring Result (June 27, 1990)
rotjit_t 15910 Time Jitter in Rotary-Gap Tesla Coils by Robert M. Jamison (1991)
rqexps_t 13017 Experiments with an Electrical Counterpoise and The Function of RF Grounding In Helical Resonators
rqmsgs_t 614325 Information on a 10 Kilowatt Tesla Coil, by Richard Quick (October 15, 1993)
satsit09.txt 571265 The Satellite Situation Report Volume 33, Number 3: Data of Space Objects in Orbit (September 30, 1993)
sci-skep 128467 The Frequently Questioned Answers (sci.skeptic FAQ) 93/07/23
shuttle.fey 34017 Richard Feynman's Report on the Shuttle (March 16, 1988)
shuttle.fre 5388 Shuttle Mission Frequencies by TOPOL 10419 Space Shuttle Information, up to 1985.
silver.txt 5751 Silvering Telescope Mirrors, by Don Barry
slinky.txt 14447 The Single Helix
soviet.pre 4480 The Soviet Space Progem: The Next Five Years
sovsdi.txt 12672 Review of Soviet work in quantum nonlocality and SDI super weapons
space.92 68912 1992 Seen as NASA's Most Productive Year for Science Discoveries (December 23, 1992)
ssemp.txt 8448 Self-Sustained Electromagnetic Propulsion
stndrds 15124 Condensed Guide to SI units and Standards by Drew Danies
taxonomy.dat 34381 Classifications of some Asteroids
taxonomy.txt 3335 Taxonomic Classifications of Asteroids, by David J. Tholen
teller-ulam.txt 18476 Teller-Ulam Construction (November 24, 1995)
tesla1.asc 7713 How to Build a Tesla Coil by Steve Gantt
theory1.txt 28804 Wireless Transmission of Power: Resonating Planet Earth, by Toby Grotz
theory2.txt 3516 Tesla Coil Theory
trigfunc.txt 6093 Trigonometric Functions and Equivalents
unifid_f.iel 1200 The Unified Field Theory (A Poem)
venus.sur 37075 Charles Ginethal on The Surface of Venus (January 12, 1993)
vgrjup.fs 12009 Voyager Juputer Science Summary
vgrnep.fs 24674 Voyager Neptune Science Summary (1989)
vgrsat.fs 21776 Voyager Saturn Science Summary
vgrur.fs 14671 Voyager Uranus Science Summary
wcs.txt 6603 Information on the Space Shuttle Waste Collection System
x15info.txt 4016 X-15, the World's First Hypersonic Research Aircraft
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