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It’s almost a natural progression that someone who was interested in expressing themselves through computers would show some amount of interest in science fiction. Science fiction has always tried to push the boundaries of what people know and think about, and that’s kind of what you saw in BBSes. Usually, anyway.

What lives in this directory is commentary about science fiction, some amateur writing in the genre, overviews of important events in science finction, and lots and lots and lots of Star Trek.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
STARTREK ./.. Files by, about, and tentatively connected to Star Trek
XFILES ./.. Files by, about, and tentatively connected to X-Files
2reality.txt 34008 SCRIPT: Back to Reality, Red Dwarf Series V Episode 6
a-hell0.txt 3678 The Morning After: A Very Short Hellraiser Film
a-z 197969 The Results of the 1985 USENET Science Fiction Poll (September 11, 1985)
acclarke.txt 6925 Books by Arthur C. Clarke as of September 5, 1988
adams.txt 5144 A Biagraphy of Douglas Adams
advice.jok 3050 A Brief Guide on what to do in Science Fiction Situations
alchemy1.asc 46592 Alchemy is Alive and Well, by Hans W. Nintzel
aldissbr.ian 4991 List of Books by Biran Aldiss
alien.faq 29736 Alien, Aliens and Alien 3: Information and Frequently Asked Questions (March 25, 1993)
alien3a.txt 32301 A Synopsis of William Gibson's Original Script for Alien 3
aliens3.txt 73133 The Aliens III Script, by William Gibson
aliensfaq.txt 214920 FAQ: Alien, Aliens and Alien^3 Frequently Asked Question, by Eelko de Vos and Darryll Hobson
alt3.txt 1655 The Plan to Colonize Mars called Alternative 3
alt_sfse.txt 17889 SF and Fantasy Alternate Sexuality Listing
althist.sf 187795 The Alternate History List Version 10 - 27 Apr 1992
anderson.pou 5273 Author Lists: Poul Anderson (November 22, 1988)
apf-6.0 296662 The Annotated Pratchett File Version 6.0 by Leo Breebaart (August 30, 1993)
argon.txt 70334 The Legendary Eye of Argon, the Worst Science Fiction Story Ever, by Jim Theis
arthuria.lis 47106 List of Books that have the Arthurian Legend in them by Cindy Tittle Moore (November 19, 1992)
asimovis.aac 19793 A List of Science Fiction Books by Isaac Asimov (December 2, 1988)
asprinro.ber 3159 A List of Books by Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey (December 14, 1989)
asterix.ano 93544 The Asterix Annotation 1.0 by Ron Dippold (January 8, 1993)
b5moto.txt 2389 What Would the Cast of Babylon 5 Drive? by Janis Cortese
b5quotes.txt 49704 Collected Quotations from Babylon 5 by Aaron
baddream 10135 FICTION: Bad Dreams, by Melissa Taylor
balanus 19628 FAN FICTION: Star Wars: The Failure of Balanus by Bill Menees
bane_of_ 5869 A Complete Speculation of the Third Episode of Return of the Jedi
berserke.txt 5693 The Berserker: A New Class for AD&D Games
bgsw53 44190 The Bad Guide to Star Wars Version 5.3 by brandon Gillespie (September 28, 1994)
birdsofa 4795 FANFICTION: Birds of a Feather, by Cliff Chen (August, 1994) 33327 FAQ: Blade Runner Frequently Asked Questions v1.0 (January 1993)
bladeru1 120805 Extremely Large Discussion about Blade Runner, the Movie
bladeru2 5224 Someone talks about Seeing the Blade Runner Director's Cut
blaster.txt 2299 How to make a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
booklist.sf 4184 A List of Occult and Witchcraft Books to read.
books.sf 193650 The 1985 Internet Science Fiction Poll Results by Gregory J.E. Rawlins (September 11, 1985)
boskone3.0co 67052 Report on the Boskone 30 Convention by Evelyn C. Leeper (1993)
bradspeech.sf 15066 Speech by Bradley Denton at Armadillocon 16
bsg.sf 25984 The Complete Battlestar Galactica Episode List
bulogstr.txt 162389 Time Line of Space History
cabinfev 59042 FANFICTION: Cabin Fever, or "How I Ruined One Man's Vacation" by qIra julIyan
castle.dat 6862 ASCII Ground Plan for a Castle
catscanf.ive 21003 Bruce Sterling Writes about the Decay of Science Fiction
cerebus.ano 53267 The Annotated Cerebus Version 1.2 by Alexx S. Kay (November 1, 1992)
cerebus.cnc 81883 The Cerebus Concordance v1.2 by Alexx S. Kay (November 1, 1992) 46633 The Cerebus Timeline v1.2 by Alexx S. Kay (November 1, 1992)
cyber90.slf 7502 Cyberspace '9O: Sci-fi writer William Gibson explores the final frontier: Information
cyberfaq 25177 FAQ For Alt.Cyberpunk (September 8, 1994)
cyberlit.txt 6118 CyberLit: William Gibson's latest story costs $450, comes on disk, and self-destructs after one reading. By Gavin Edwards (Details, June '92)
cyberlst 3527 Knatter's List of Cyberpunk Authors and Writing (September 6th, 1994)
cybleary.txt 20538 Cyberpunks, by Dr. Timothy Leary (1987)
cybrpath.txt 30031 Cyberpathy: What it's about in SF
daleks.his 160558 The History of the Daleks (From Dr. Who)
drwho_bo 11813 The Complete Listing of Dr. Who Novels from P. Crossman
drwho_ep 5636 List of Doctor Who Episodes by Jim Thomas (March 17, 1985)
drwho_fa 19347 FAQ: The Rec.Arts.Drwho Frequently Asked Questions List
drwho_gu 21939 Doctor Who Story Guide by Jamie Green and Mark Geary (August 29, 1989)
earth.txt 2677 Earth, by Gavin Greene
elfarmr.txt 4782 Magical Elvish Armor Information for AD&D
episodew.sf 5197 Doctor Who Episode List
esf1 22655 Outer Cyberspace, by Bruce Sterling (June 1992)
eveunplu 10895 FANFICTION: Eve Unplugged by Steven Han (August 12, 1994)
fandom.txt 8054 Welcome to the wonderful world of Tech Fandom Correctness (Sarcastic)
fantasy 11271 FANFICTION: David Fantasy #1 by Julianne Lee
finalscr.sf 34021 Screenplay for Science-Fiction TV Show I don't Know
fireball.add 4278 Creating A Fireball in AD&D
folklore.elf 10026 Elves in Tolkien and Folklore: The development of Elves in Tolkien's Mythology (November 25, 1992)
fordco.hum 10444 A Conversation with John Ford
frostbit 77827 FANFICTION: Frostbite Part I by Peggy Li (September 16, 1994)
galactic.gui 17067 Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide (From the Rutger's SF-Lovers Digest)
gallifre.txt 7433 The Dr. Who Feature Articles, by Apple Avenger: #2: Gallifrey
gandalf.gme 4696 The Complete Guide to Middle-earth / Robert Foster
ghdeitie.txt 7808 Deities of the World of Greyhawk
gibber.txt 12455 The Anti-Gibbering System Created for AD&D by Reid Bluebaugh (1992)
gibsonma 34294 Queen Victoria's Personal Spook, Psychic Legbreakers, Snakes and Catfood: An Interview with William Gibson and Tom Maddox by Darren Wershler-Henry (Fall 1989)
grenhill.sf 1232 The Green Hills of Earth
greyfox 14332 FANFICTION: Grey Fox, by Sarah Stegall
half-ogr.txt 1571 The Half-Ogre: A New Race for AD&D Games
hand_of_ 80087 The Hand of Fate by Brendon Wahlberg (Star Wars Fan Fiction)
hedgehog.txt 4786 The Hedgehog Song, v1.5 Reconstructed by Matthew Crosby and
heinsex.txt 28962 A Large Robert A. Heinlein Bibliography
hell0.txt 3274 The Morning After: A Very Short HELLRAISER Film
hhgtng.txt 9639 FAN FICTION: Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Class Cruiser by Adrian Roselli
hhgwords.txt 5663 A Listener's Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
histcomp 6456 A History of the Computer Era on Earth, by Vincent B. Navarino, The Year 2795 A.D. (Alien Date)
history1.txt 11183 Milestones in the History of Interstellar Civilization (GOes a little Too Far)
histry.txt 20889 A History of Doctor Who's Universe based on Doctor Who Magazine
hitch.lex 5023 A Listener's and Player's Guide to The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
hnlnbib 71072 A Selected Bibliography of Books and Articles by and About Robert Anson Henlein
holoship.txt 33749 SCRIPT: Red Dwarf Series V Episode 1: Holoship
hugos.lis 16757 Listing of Hugo Awards from 1953-1988
hugos.txt 7786 The Hugo Aware Winning Novels and Nominees (1993)
jewscifi.txt 8918 Jewish Science Fiction, by Ilene Schneider
jms1.txt 32677 Compilation of J. Michael Straczinski Postings about Babylon 5
jms2.txt 32707 Compilation of J. Michael Straczinski Postings about Babylon 5 (Part 2)
jms3.txt 28243 Compilation of J. Michael Straczinski Postings about Babylon 5 (Part 3)
jmsbabylon5.txt 22233 J. Michael Straczynski Leaves the Babylon 5 Newsgroup (1995)
klingon.txt 8984 Klingong as a Second Language from Lynn Van Matre (March 13, 1993)
laughter.dsc 1756 The Laughter Monster: A New Monster for AD&D Games
lich.txt 5179 How to Become a Lich? (AD&D Information)
lis.sf 41088 The Complete Lost in Space Episode Guide
lisepi.txt 36101 Lost in Space Episode Fuide
madalien.txt 2155 What Would REALLY Happen If Extraterrestials Came to Earth Today
magicite.txt 37512 List of Completely Useless Magic Items
mccoy.txt 1822 Dr. McCoy's Sayings: "I'm a doctor, not a ...."
novel.txt 17425 A Science Fiction BlabNovel-From DATANET Ripped off and edited by The Slipped Disk
ol.sf 8192 The Outer Limits Episode Guide
poll2res.txt 8081 OMNI Opinion Poll Results: Predictions for 2007
ql_0493.txt 48228 Quantum Leap List of Lists by Mark Holtz (April 7, 1993)
ql_1193.txt 49814 Quantum Leap List of Lists by Mark Holtz (November 7, 1993)
ql_drink.txt 9894 The Official Usenet Quantum Leap Drinking Game (August 31, 1993)
ql_primr.txt 9032 The "Quantum Leap" Primer by Sally Smith, 1992
rhps.sng 43154 All the Lyrics/Words to Rocky Horror Picture Show
rhsongs.txt 24275 The Rocky Horror Picture Show lyrics by Bloodguard Brin (With special lyrics from "Super heroes" and "Science Fiction/Double Feature Reprise) Lifted from Proton 415-831-3410 and Edited by Bill Pollock a.k.a. Voodoo Chicken
robotech.txt 45421 Robotech Chronology (1999-2035) by Edmund K.S. Woo
rose.1 11869 Fragments of a hologram Rose by William Gibson
rphsthea.txt 32001 Rocky Horror Theater List (October 15, 1993)
rtech_ch.txt 65931 The ROBOTECH Chronology reposted and edited by Pat J Conley (November 30, 1992)
sauron.gme 8066 Complete Information about Sauron from Middle Earth
scifi.txt 61964 Collection of Science Fiction Alternat Histories: (Version 2, May 24, 1991)
sfmusic.txt 156159 Science Fiction References in Music (February 1994)
skeptic.bib 14688 Scientists Confront Pseudoscience: A Bibliography for Librarians, Fall 1990
sng_mst3.txt 58085 Collection of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Songs (October 1993)
sp-1999.gui 13410 EPISODE GUIDE: Space: 1999 by Chad Fogg from the Rutgers SF-Lovers Digest
star-bla.gui 15868 EPISODE GUIDE: Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Star Blazers) Version 3.0 by Jeffrey M. Delano (1991)
starryst 4963 FANFICTION: Starry Stakeout, by Rhoda Miel
swwars.jok 60272 Software Wars, a Parody Written by Mark Crispin (1978)
t-damvar.txt 10721 RP: TORG Damage Variables
t-drama.txt 5484 RP: TORG Cards: Quick Reference
t-drone.txt 3002 RP: TORG Drone Statistics
t-guns.txt 9793 RP: New Weapons for TORG
t-new-ws.txt 12264 RP: A New Weird Science System for TORG by the Warmonger, 1991
t-planes.txt 7282 RP: Modern Aircraft for TORG
tachyon1.asc 21340 Tachyon Fields by Dr. Hans A. Nieper (The Symposium on Energy Technology in Hannover, November 27 and 28, 1980)
tachyon2.asc 34080 The Tachyon Field: Description from 1982
tech_gde.txt 102961 The Complete Guide to AD&D Technology by Reid Bluebaugh (1992)
theoedip 59440 FANFICTION: The Oedipal Complex by SciNut (Karen D. Enriquez)
tilt.txt 19881 Science Fiction Erotica (Tilt) by Nikolai Kingsley (1995)
titstard.hum 8695 Barney Badass' B-Files #4: Whofile #1 1931 Quick Overview of J.R.R. Tolkien
troller.dsc 2590 Some New Monsters for AD&D
twzone.sf 72960 The Complete Twilight Zone Episode Guide
uti-lang.txt 2699 The Language of the Primitive Planet Zorandar, by Monique Baptiste
vm-paris.txt 164446 Instructions to Paris by Night, by Vampire: The Masquerade
vm_cyber 3729 What is the Nature of Cyberspace? By Justic McHale
vm_multi 6877 Multiple Fiction and Multiple Worlds, by Justin McHale
watchmen.cro 6548 Watchmen: A Chonology (1938-1985) by Alan Moore and Ray Winninger
whitehan.txt 88057 Discussion of "The White Hand" (Role Playing Game)
who-slut.txt 31026 Companion Analysis (Updated: 26 Jul, 1990) by Nyssa ("Doctor Who" Companions)
whob1.txt 4295 I Felt Like the Pied Piper, by William Hartnell (Dr. Who Interview)
whob2.txt 3454 Dr. Who Indulged my Passion for Clowning, by Patrick Troughton (October 1982)
whob3.txt 4116 I saw the Doctor as an Interplanetary Crusader, by Jon Pertwee
whob4.txt 4691 I Liked Doctor Who Because it was Fun Fun Fun! By Tom Baker
whob5.txt 4660 I Thought I was To Play the Doctor by Peter Davidson
whobooks.sf 3099 Complete list of Dr. Who Books
worst20.txt 19575 The Twenty Worst Science Fiction Movies, by Brian Rose [76576,3053]
wrldfant.txt 10637 World Fantasy Awards from 1975-1992
yesterda.txt 6495 Yesterday's Enterprise and Tasha Yar Explained (March 30, 1992)
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