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Given than BBSes were an unlimited potential of cross-country publishing, it’s no wonder that hundreds of would-be authors took it upon themselves to fill file directories with fiction, prose, and poetry. In the first few years, you normally had stories that were being told with a specific purpose, such as to bring awareness to an important issue of self-expression or computers. But as time went on, and there was more space available, you could see all sorts of literary work make itself known. There were even a few BBSes dedicated to nothing but fiction and writing.

Also buried here are transcriptions of old fables or stories, dating back who knows how many decades.

Direct transcriptions of classic novels and stories are generally located in the Electronic Text section.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
FARNON ./.. The Stories of Tristan Farnon
SRE ./.. The Solar Realms Elite, by Josh Renaud
100west.txt 20839 Going 100 West by 53 North by Jim Prentice (1990)
13chil.txt 8457 The Story of the Sly Fox
14.lws 5261 A Smart Bomb with a Language Parser
16.lws 15294 Two Guys in a Garage, by M. Pshota
17.lws 10853 The Early Days of a High-Tech Start-up are Magic (November 18, 1991) by M. Peshota
18.lws 26624 The Couch, the File Cabinet, and the Calendar, by M. Peshota (December 9, 1991)
19.lws 17902 Engineering the Future of American Technology by M. Peshota (January 5, 1992)
20.lws 13588 What Research and Development Was Always Meant to Be, by M. Peshota
3gables.txt 33985 The Adventure of the Three Gables
3lpigs.txt 5403 The Story of the 3 Little Pigs
3sonnets.vrs 2433 A Collection of Sonnets by Staeorra Rokraven (March 9, 1989)
3student.txt 36368 The Adventure of the Three Students
3wishes.txt 4351 The Story of the Three Wishes
4moons.txt 15702 Fiction: The 4 Moons of Death
5orange.txt 40995 The Story of the Five Orange Pips
6ablemen.txt 6948 The Story of the Six Able Men
6napolen.txt 46478 The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
7oldsamr.txt 2753 The Seven Old Samurai
7voysinb.txt 40792 The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor
ab40thv.txt 11850 The Story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
abbey.txt 50426 The Adventure of the Abbey Grange (RP Story)
abyss.txt 6558 How life goes on at the edge of Abyss
adler.txt 12778 The Chronicles of Astrus II: Father Adler by Ben Blumenberg
adv_alad.txt 9908 The Adventures of Aladdin
advsayed.txt 10019 Sayed's Adventures
advtthum.txt 4373 The Adventures of Tom Thumb
aesop11.txt 229320 Aesop's Fables Translated by George Fyler Townsend
aesopa10.txt 66376 Aesop's Fables (84 of Them) from The PaperLess Readers Club
aircon.txt 2517 The Air Conditioning Story
aisle.six 4736 Aisle Six, by Morpheous of LOM
aislesix.txt 4815 Aisle Six, by Morpheous, an LOM Release
alad10.txt 29051 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
alissadl.txt 2169 The Fable of Ali and the Sultan's Saddle
altside.hum 29231 Alternate Side of the Street; Screenplay by Jeff Massie
aluminum.hum 11596 An Aluminum Can A Day, by Carl Mitchell
aminegg.txt 1987 The Fable of Amin and the Eggs
angelfur.hum 13376 Angel's Fur, by Piper Sickles
angry_ca.txt 6648 Cliff-Hanger, a Poem
antcrick.txt 2035 The Fable of the Ant and the Cricket
aquith.txt 50520 My Lord Aquith: Novella by Yves Barbero
arcadia.sty 64484 Arcadia, a Story
archive 163840 A Collection of Various Good Stories
arctic.txt 30964 The Arctic Circle and Beyond, by Jim Prentice (1990)
asop 2037 Updating Aesop, or The Old Lady and the Crypt or Blood
assorted.txt 12535 FICTION: Yahoo! The Ohio VOW has The Bomb by Gregory S. Swann (1986) 5888 Bagel Man, by Aldebaran of 11th Hour Productions
bagelman.txt 5892 Bagel-Man, by Aldebaran of 11th Hour Productions
batlslau.txt 101404 Collection of Additional Rules for Battletech, by Matt Murphy
beast.asc 52273 A Collection of Fiction about The Beast
beautbst.txt 7543 The Story of Beauty and the Beast
beggars.txt 118389 The Beggar's Opera, by John Gay, 1728
bern 2615 The Adventures of Bert and Bernece, by Francis U. Kaltenbaugh
berternie.txt 3967 How Ernie and Bert Came to Be, by 11th Hour Productions
bestwish 2867 FICTION: My Best Wish
beyond.hum 9789 Before the Beyond, by Dallas Vordahl
bgb.txt 3578 Beaver Gone Bad! A mini-manuscript by Pete Stocton and Baron Von Crash
bgcspoof.txt 20361 Mega-Yonkers 2038 : The Story of Knight Foils: Bubble Gum Cards, by Ryan Mathews, January 1992
bigred.hum 10356 Big Red Riding Cape
bishop00.txt 83681 Pyramid Scheme, by Douglas M. Warren, 1993
blabnove.hum 43263 The Super Blab Novel, from Datanet
blabnove.txt 43182 Super Blabnovel-A continuing saga on DATANET
blackp.txt 45211 The Adventure of Black Peter
blackrdr 4148 A Few Words About The Black Rider (German Literature)
blak 9951 Lunch in the Park, by Francis U. Kaltenbaugh
blasters.fic 1882 Blasters to the Ready! By William E. Collins
blh.txt 18604 The Birdlover's Holiday, by Andrew P. Varga
blind.txt 7108 Blind Sight, by Lyn Nichols, August 1993
blossom.pom 1287 Little Quaint list of Funny Names to Tell a story.
blue 21423 Soldier Blue, by Rick Arnold
bluebrd.txt 7026 Bluebeard
bookem.1 8735 Boom 'Em Issue #1 (1995)
bookem2 10620 Book 'Em Issue #2 (1995)
bookem3 15585 Book 'Em Issue #3 (1995)
brain.damage 13472 Brain Damage, by Howard I Cannon, 1979
bram 3835 Brambles, by Gordon Chapman
bran 6914 Branded, by John R. Hillman, Jr.
breaks1.asc 151858 Breaks: The Adventures of Richard Nixon in the 21st Century, by Philip H. Farber (1992-1993)
breaks2.asc 143725 Breaks: The Adventures of Richard Nixon in the 21st Century, by Philip H. Farber (1992-1993)
breaks3.asc 106680 Breaks: The Adventures of Richard Nixon in the 21st Century, by Philip H. Farber (1992-1993)
bruce-p.txt 61792 The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans
buggy.txt 4376 Buggy, by Andrew P. Varga (1991)
buldetal.txt 5395 Details, a story by The Martyr
buldream.txt 12089 Dreamworld, by Zaphod Beeblebrox
bulfelis.txt 12474 A Story for Cat Lovers
bulhuntr.txt 19995 The Hunter, the Hunted, a story by G. Daniel Flower
bulironb.txt 11842 Story: Iron Man
bullove.txt 4136 Three Paragraphs: Excertps from Something
bulmrx.txt 57265 They Don't Come Any Larger: The Continuing Adventures of Mr. X.
bulnland.txt 7517 A New Land, by Vengeance
bulnoopt.txt 7502 No Options Left, by G. Daniel Flower
bulolli1.txt 3960 The Ill-Fated Voyages of Cap'n Roger, by Julius M. Brown (1989)
bulolli2.txt 3383 The Adventures of Cap'n Roger (Part 2)
bulphrek.txt 47098 A Phreak Encounter (Story)
bulprint.txt 33768 Prints of the City, by G. Daniel Flower
bulwer.lytton 5737 It was a dark and stormy night (The Best of the Bulwer-Lytton Contest)
bulzork1.txt 24576 The Zorker's Story (Story)
bumm 12194 Bummers by Thomas Nevin Huber
bureau.txt 158330 The Bureau of Procuration (Story)
burintrv.66 15275 Interview with William S. Burroughs (1966)
burintrv.78 12183 William S. Burroughs: A Sketch (July 1978)
burintrv.92 26710 Which is the Fly and Which is the Human? (Interview with William S. Burroughs and David Cronenberg 1992, Equire Magazine
burltrs 2232 The Letters of William S. Burroughs (1945-1959) by Oliver Harris
burn 2598 The Burn: A Synopsis by Michael C. McPherson
cabin.txt 2339 The Cabin, by Adam Poszar (1991)
cameloto.hum 1956 Some aborted attempt at a screenplay, maybe
campfire.txt 2786 The Best Campire Story of the Week: Do you have a B.C.?
candle.hum 19409 The Wind, The Cold, The Candle, by Walter Hawn
cardcnt.txt 39098 Accounting for the Cards by H. R. Valimaa
ccm.txt 2233 The Fable of the Cock, the Cat, and the Mouse
charlie.txt 21045 Cosmic Charlie by Colin Campbell
chik 9990 City Chicken, by D. M. Hanna
clevdonk.txt 1968 The Donkey that Thought He Was Clever
clon 22943 Clones to us! By Thomas Nevin Huber
cmoutmou.txt 3634 The Story of The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse
comp 11016 Computers N' Me, by Rich Griebel 2469 Conflict, by Jason Scott
consumdr.hum 23989 Consumated Dreams, by Melanie Martin Vessels
contrad1.hum 1397 Contradiction 1, by Rick Brunet
cooldark.sto 146795 Cool Darkness: A Cyberpunk Novel by Matthew Carpenter
cooldark.txt 146795 STORY: Cool Darkness, by Matthew Carpenter
corcor.hum 40142 Corcoran, by Bruce Drake
cow.exploder 7552 The Story of the Cow Exploder by CKE Enterprises (1984)
crabhern.txt 2181 The Story of the Crab and the Heron
crazy.hum 65666 Crazy Glue, a Novel by Jerry Slaff
cum 6757 Come Into my World by Thomas NEvin Huber 4096 Curious Georgie by The Penguin of SubZero AE
cybersla.txt 415872 Book: Revolt of the Cyberslaves, by Lawrence Dworin (1991)
dakota.txt 151783 Rifts World Book: North Dakota by Sean Satterlee
dan 15266 Made for Dancing, by Charles Bell
darkness.txt 217124 The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad 6784 A Day in McDonaldland by G.I. Joe of DETAC (June 10, 1986)
deal 10658 Dealer, by Robbie D. Whiting
deathmrs.d 5163 The Death of Ms. D, by William S. Burroughs
deer.txt 4295 The Deer, by Andrew P. Varga (1992)
descent.poe 39201 A Descent into the Maelstrom
diaryflf.txt 47512 The Diary of the Swarves
dicegame.txt 9367 Guide to Dice Games of Dungeons and Dragons by Reid Bluebaugh
dicksong.txt 8192 A Manly Wager by Lucillus and a Heaping of Testosterone 3840 Disco Can By Fun, by Aldebaran of 11th Hour Productions
discocanbefun.txt 3921 Disco Can Be Fun by Aldebaran of 11th Hour Productions
domain.poe 36642 The Domain of Arnheim
dopedenn.txt 8887 The Story of Dopey Dennis
dskool.txt 84178 Dream School: A Novella
dtruck.txt 8862 Dad's Pickup, by Andrew P. Varga
dwar 4602 Dwarf, by Jeroen Van Drie 109637 Fiction: Alex
elveshoe.txt 2683 The Elves and the Shoemaker
emperor3.txt 8704 The Emperor's Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy
empnclot.txt 6198 The Emperor's New Clothes
empsjowk.txt 7474 The Empress Jowka
empty.txt 48849 The Adventure of the Empty House
enc 12888 Encoded in Strands, by Gay Bost
encamp01.txt 4096 Saturday Night at the Shindar Encampment by Lucillus
enchdup.hum 95232 The Enchanted Duplicator, by Walt Willis and Bob Shaw
enginer.txt 46035 The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb
enya_trn.txt 27011 English Translations of _The Celts_, _Watermark_, and _Shepherd Moons_, by Enya
excerpt.hum 5589 The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death
excerpt.txt 6036 A Relevant Excerpt from "The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death", by Daniel Manus Pinkwater.
eyeargon.hum 70912 The Eye of Argon, by Jim Theis
ezoff 14835 EZ Work, by Gay Bost
fable.txt 12199 The Fable, by Ben Blumenberg
fantas.hum 10454 Pricilla, the Trout Princess, by Gerald E. Gregg
fantasy.hum 16428 The Blab Fantasy Novel
fantasy.txt 16347 The Blab Fantasy novel-Ripped off and edited by The Slipped Disk
fea1 4130 Hula Hoops and Tinker Toys by Nancy VanWormer (1995)
fea2 6766 Waterlogged Klingons by L. Shawn Aiken (1994)
fea3 3111 Survey Results, by Joe DeRouen (1994)
fear.hum 6750 Fear of Growing Old
fearmnky 1309 Fear and the Monkey (A Ouija Board Poem) by William S. Burroughs (1984)
fgoose.txt 75471 A List of Father Good Stories
fic1 46084 Beacons of Light, by L. Shawn Aiken (1995)
fic2 36396 Experiment, by Ed Davis (1993)
fic3 23996 Ouija Warning, by Ed Davis (1993)
fic4 14549 A Close Encounter of a Different Kind, by Sylvia L. Ramsey (1993)
fic5 31809 The Imp, by Ed Davis (1993)
fic7 12410 A Chance Meeting in the Park, by Joe DeRouen
fish.txt 2725 Once There Was a Fish by Doug Rosentrater
fleas.txt 3120 Fleas: A Story, by Adam Poszar (1991)
flktrp.txt 7320 Flak Trap (Story) by Brendan Meara (Juanry 18, 1995)
floc 19364 Matriarchal Shepherd by Marc Edwards
floobs.txt 5126 The Cube of Shalube...By Dr. Muess (June 24, 1989)
flute.txt 3038 The Spirit and the Flute (How Flutes Relate to History)
flytrunk.txt 2007 The Story of the Flying Trunk
forgotte 77918 Forgotten Souls by CAC/The Stinker
fourth.fic 3815 Another Fourth of July, by Jeff Epstein
fowl.death 3328 Fowl Death by Nuclear Deth (April 7, 1987)
foxncrow.txt 2179 The Story of the Fox and the Crow
foxngrap.txt 2368 The Story of the Fox and the Grapes
foxnstrk.txt 2079 The Story of the Fox and the Stork
fran 13488 Cheese or These? By Francis U. Kaltenbaugh
fred.txt 13304 The Story of Fred.
freeman.fil 11352 The Last Free Man, by Francis W. Porretto
friend.s 6855 Man's Best Friend, by Marty Weiss
friends.txt 76566 Friends: A Story
frogp.txt 5311 The Story of the Frog Prince, by Andrew Varga
frum 4219 The Story of Ronald Frump, by Dave Bealer
game.txt 10638 The Game, by Suki
gatherng.txt 10397 Collection of Poetry by David Fox (1990)
gay 10523 A Collection of Poetry by Gay Bost (1994)
gemdra.txt 4479 The Story of the Dragons of Gems
ghost 16110 Time for Flowers, by Gay Bost
girl 14273 Dream Girl by Melina Huddy
girlclub.txt 52403 The Girl of the Month Club by Colin Campbell
glimpse1.txt 3056 A Glimpse Into My Mind at 12:45pm, by Sean M. Gomez (1993)
gloves.txt 1679 Oops! There was a little messup with the christmas gift!
gold3ber.txt 5558 The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
goldbug.poe 78372 The Gold Bug, by Poe
goldenp.txt 49790 The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
goldfish.txt 4948 The Little Gold Fish
goldgoos.txt 5003 The Tale of the Golden Goose
grav 22515 Memory Cemetery, by Gay Bost
graymare.txt 3211 Nightmare in Grey by Fredric Brown
greatlrn.leg 18458 The Great Learning: The Text of Confucious
greedog.txt 897 The Parable of the Greedy Dog
gulliver.txt 708064 Gulliver's Travels, by Johnathan Swift (1726)
hansgrtl.txt 6981 The Fable of Hansel and Gretel
hareleph.txt 1696 The Fable of the Hare and the Elephant
hareporc.txt 4044 The Fable of the Hare and the Porcupine
haretort.txt 2271 The Fable of the Hare and the Tortoise
healer.txt 16935 The Soul Healer: A Story by Ben Blumenberg
hell4.txt 5983 Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade (A Story)
hellmach.txt 110143 The Hell Machine, by James C. Lynn (1990)
helmfuse.txt 2122 Ashtray and Gherkin (Helmet Fusion Specialists)
hils 15359 The Hills of Commerce, by Marilyn Hutchings
history5.txt 140322 The Slopes of Te Aroha
hitch2.txt 330566 Complete Transcription of Douglas Adams' "Restaurant at the End of the Universe"
hitch3.txt 327595 Complete Transcription of Douglas Adams' "Life, the Universe and Everything"
hole2nar.txt 3229 The Hole THat Was Too Narrow
holmesbk.txt 29749 The Holmes List: A List of Books That Reference or Discuss Sherlock Holmes
home.fil 7151 The Homecoming, by Francis W. Porretto of Horse Feathers BBS
hop-frog.poe 21472 The Story of Hop Frog
horsdonk.txt 2344 The Horse and the Donkey
horswolf.txt 2085 The Horse and the Wolf
hotline1.txt 3243 Hotline! by James Zachary
hotline3.txt 3000 Hotline! Part III, by James Zachary
hotline4.txt 3144 Hotline! Part IV, by James Zachary
hound-b.txt 328031 The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
how.ernie.bert 3968 how Ernie and Bert Came to Be by 11th Hour Productions
idi.hum 19923 The First Adventures of IDI
igiv 18304 I Give Up, by Thomas Nevin Huber
imagin.hum 11169 Just Imagine: A Story
immortal 12264 Immortality by William S. Burroughs
immorti.hum 18491 Immorti, by Todd Rich
imonly17.txt 3590 Please, God, I'm Only 17... by the Elite Executives
inter 16939 Submerged Interface, by Gay Bost
island.poe 11922 The Island of the Fay
jackbstl.txt 9475 The Story of Jack and the Beanstalk
jackmac.fic 14134 Jackmac's Discovery by Jeff Epstein
jaynejob.asc 6158 Be a Clerk All My Life? Not Me!
jerichms.hum 5851 Bricks In The Wall, by M.D. Roccatani
jim.asc 1612 The Book of Jim
keeping.insanit 9856 Keeping Insanity in the Closet, by The Weatherman (April 13th, 1988)
keepmodu.txt 88567 Odnaar Keep by David M. Millstein
kharian.txt 8459 The Legends of the Kharianians
kneeslapper 1024 Kneeslapper by Slafathor (July 23, 1991)
kneeslapper.txt 1051 Kneeslapper by Slagathor (July 23, 1991)
knuckle.txt 23202 The Story of Knucklebones
korea.s 16019 The Furry Orphan of War
kzap.txt 10120 KZAP's Psychedelic Sunday
ladylust.hum 3794 I have no idea where this came from or where it's going.
lament.txt 7123 Offender E477439's Lament
lgoldbrd.txt 1982 The Fable of the Little Golden Bird
life.txt 867 Notes towards a story
lil 13764 A Letter to Lillian by Gay Bost
lionbird 6605 Lionbirds, by MArtin R. Crim (1994)
lionmane.txt 40548 The Adventure of the Lion's Mane
lionmosq.txt 1892 The Fable of the Lion and the Mosquito
lionwar.txt 1749 The Lion Goes to War (Fable)
lmermaid.txt 12445 The Fable of the Little Mermaid
lmtchgrl.txt 3215 The Little Matchgirl
long1-3.txt 73544 The Longest Distance by D.W. Boynton (1992)
lpeargrl.txt 4417 The Little Pear Girl: A Story
lrrhood.txt 5738 The Story of Little Red Riding Hood
ltp 20325 Liberty Tree Pub: Her Honour, by D. M. Hanna
luf 2691 Luffing, by Ron Fleshman
lure.txt 25546 The Lure of the Temptress (Soft Documentation)
mario.txt 5696 MARIO, by Archer Blue: A Short History of Mario
mattress.txt 13120 Once Upon a Mattress, by Nikolai Kingsley, 1995
mazarin.txt 32321 The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone
mcdonaldl.txt 6879 A Day in McDonaldland by G.I. Joe (June 10, 1986)
melissa.txt 6509 Melissa and the Green Dragon
mike.txt 712 An Ode to Mike, by Alien
mindprob.txt 12069 Mind Probe, by Michael Abbot
mindwar 5424 Mind War by William S. Burroughs
missing.txt 45497 The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter (A story)
modemhippy.txt 2604 Modem Hippy: A Poem by Morpheous of LOM
monkking.txt 2703 The Story of the Monkey King
monksol.txt 16278 The Secret of Monkey Island Unvield by SYNDICATE
mouslion.txt 1957 The Story of the Mouse and the Lion
mtinder.txt 5057 The Story of the Magic Tinderbox
musgrave.txt 42029 The Musgrave Ritual (Story)
musibrem.txt 3579 The Musicians of Bremen
mydream.txt 2798 Someone Talks About Some Weird Dreams He Has
myeyes 2304 Poem: Through My Eyes
narciss.txt 1383 The Story of Narcissus
nigel.1 4725 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog
nigel.10 16096 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 10 (July 6, 1989)
nigel.2 9431 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 2 (May 25, 1989)
nigel.3 9668 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 3 (June 2, 1989)
nigel.4 8845 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 4 (June 2, 1989)
nigel.5 6722 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 5 (June 12, 1989)
nigel.6 9980 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 6 (June 12, 1989)
nigel.7 8226 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 7 (june 17, 1989)
nihgel_8.9 16339 The Saga of Nigel the Hedgehog 8 and 9
nitepeek.sto 14156 "Peek in the Night" by Night Words
non2 2963 Musings by Joe DeRouen (1993)
non3 2525 If I Had One Wish... by L.J. Herbert (1993)
non4 8370 A Panacea for Cheezy Movies by L. Shawn Aiken
obstgoat.txt 869 The Tale of the Obstinate Goats
omarsheh.txt 8280 The Fable of Prince Omar and Princess Sheherazade
outcast.dos 216738 The Outcast, by Winwood Reade, 1933
oxfrog.txt 1869 The Fable of the Ox and the Frog
paink-ws.txt 23093 Painkiller, by William Slattery
panama.txt 5775 An Author Argues with his Main Character
parotsha.txt 7664 The Story of the Parrot Shah
partya.txt 9982 What happened on the Friday last October
paul_har.sto 3226 Paul Harvey's List of True Real Stories 653 Vision of Peace on Earth
pepdegener.txt 4462 Pepsi Degeneration by Morpheous of LOM
pepsi.degenerat 4480 Pepsi Degeneration by Morpheous of LOM
perf 35939 Picture Perfect, by Roberta Belinda
pinocch.txt 19116 The Story of Pinocchio
piracy.sto 19929 Arrr! The Pirates have arrived!
plescopm.txt 6408 Asleep by Craig Plesco
poem-1.txt 1760 Poetry: A Song of Love (October 25, 1993)
poem-2.txt 1713 Poetry: Broken Heats, by Kylis Noren (October 19, 1993)
poem-4.txt 1192 Poetry: "An Ode to Death" - By Us! (October 19, 1993)
poplstrm.txt 4202 The Fable of the Poplar and the Stream
pphamlin.txt 4524 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
pregn.txt 10025 Pregnant Pause by Dorothy Lindman 3643 The Princess vs. the Principal, by Marc Perkel
progx 4891 Programmer X, by Greg Borek
psf.txt 5284 The Peasant, the Snake, and the Fox
psi 34432 Psicop, by Jack Hillman
psyc 9382 Psyche and Cupid: A Theory, by Dr. Harold Levdahed
pussboot.txt 6174 The Story of Puss in Boots
qcarroll 1464 How Sailor Ted Got Out of It
quarter.c1 6852 The Plan, by Shannon Carraher (Part 1)
quarter.c10 7379 Tea Time with the Devil, by Brant Swancer
quarter.c11 1322 I Spoke with the Sun, by Caroline Kennedy (And Other Poems)
quarter.c12 4240 Welcome to the Planet of Kampf, by Jim Zachary
quarter.c13 12942 The Mission, by Jon Lang
quarter.c14 5757 Leftover Stew, by Patrick Barnes
quarter.c15 1281 My Father and Me, by Mike Russello
quarter.c16 598 Under the Weeping Willow Tree, by Patrick Miner
quarter.c17 7438 Blind Fate, by Toby Bradley
quarter.c18 5955 Bearing Down, by John Dudley
quarter.c19 4636 Hometown Ways, by Amy Slavin
quarter.c2 6990 Remembering, by Kristin Feyen
quarter.c3 18023 The Quarantine, by Moses Domingo
quarter.c4 280 A Savage Projectile, by Steve Gaines
quarter.c5 1640 Peel Me Away, by Bill DeClercq
quarter.c6 214 Little White Lines, by Joe Raymundo
quarter.c7 1306 At Midnight, by Karin Johnson
quarter.c8 12726 The Singer in the Depths by Steven Myers
quarter.c9 1561 The Rose, by Suzy Edmonson
quest 128319 The Quest for Axe of the Dwarven Lords by Bruce RW. Reisman
quickfix 1291 Quick Fix, by William S. Burroughs
quot 3388 A Collection of Quotes by Poets about Poetry
radar_ra.txt 302831 Interview with the Radar Ranger: A Work of Fiction by D. Railleur
rainda.txt 16946 Rain Dance (Mechwarrior Fan Fiction) by Douglas M. Warren
reality.txt 5761 The Reality of Our Situation by Kortron
reap 15152 The Reaper, by Gay Bost
redragon.txt 2563 The Fable of the Red Dragon
retrib.txt 16581 Retribution by Andrew Varga (1991)
rid.txt 895 Getting Rid of the Riddler, by Alien
robotech 233001 Book Excerpt: Protoculture and the Children of the Shadow (Robotech)
rock 11383 Rock, by D.M. Hanna
rocket.sf 215959 The Space Saga of "Rocket" Roger Robinson (Story)
roger1.txt 44564 In Residence by KaRylin
running.txt 49286 Story: Running
s&m_plot 8839 The Plot Thickens: A Writer's Dream, by Cecilio Morales
s&m_that 6465 John's Diner: Who Was The Guy? By Lucia Chambers
safe 9163 Safe Place: A Synopsis, by Michael C. McPherson
sanpedr2.txt 7322 The Fruit of the Gods: Trichoserus Pachanoi
shoscomb.txt 34558 The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place
shrdfarm.txt 4775 A Shrewd Farmer's Story (Fable)
shulk.txt 17152 The Fable of the Hunter and the Hunted
sick-kid.txt 319013 The Sick Kids: Story by Roger M. Wilcox