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While people who read the textfiles.com site might think that the world of g-files and text-only BBSes is dead and gone, there are actually many people who keep the faith, having information they want to see spread far and wide, and writing textfiles to get the word out. While the subjects are newer and the writing more internet-minded, the themes and forces touched upon in other files appear here as well, showing that the spirit is alive and thriving.

When BBSes were the way to get textfiles, you always shot over to the “Uploads” section to see what people had just added to the system, so you could get it first. That’s where the name of this section comes from. In actuality, if you have a file you’ve just written you want to see up here, send mail to jason@textfiles.com.

Note, by the way, that because ALL the new files are being put here, it’s a bit of a mish-mash. Just like the old days!

As time is going on, people have donated files with the same bad ideas about drugs, vandalism and the ol’ boom-boom; hopefully in a mere homage to files of old. Don’t follow instructions you find in random textfiles on the internet; it just leads to tears.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
001.txt 2873 Oiling, from Pyros The Leprechaun (August 31, 2001)
002.txt 3244 How to Make Smoke Bombs if You Don't Own a Mobile Laboratory, by Pyros The Leprechaun (August 31, 2001)
10trash.txt 1713 10 Ways to Completely Trash Someone's Property, by Mantis (July, 2003)
123vbs.vir 3988 How to Make a VBS (Visual Basic Script) Virus by Sick66 (August 15, 2000)
1killerhigh.txt 4788 A California High, by Diabolus (November 27, 2001)
2001.txt 349098 Soren Greenwood's Conspiracy Theory to Explain all Other Conspiracy Theories (January 10, 2001)
20thviruses.txt 22781 The 20th Century: Computer Virus History, by Paranoidxe (April 21, 2004)
256sysclr.txt 2180 Adding 256 Colors to Systray, by ParanoidXE (2003)
2kboot.txt 2728 Replacing the Windows 2000 Boot Screen, by ParanoidXE (May 17, 2002)
2killerhigh.txt 3607 The New Jersey High, by Abstracted (November 28, 2001)
2ktips.txt 97168 Windows 2000 Tips and Tricks, by ParanoidXE (December 17, 2003)
2waymir.txt 5009 How to Make a Two-Way Mirror, by ZERO (October 14, 2001)
3scams.txt 2639 3 Cool Scams by Dizzie (1999)
508752.txt 5356 The 508-852 Wardial Report, by NO CARRIER (December 25, 2002)
5steplockp.txt 3401 A 5 Step Guide to Making Lock Picks with Household Items, by Steve R. (July 21, 2006)
800326carrier.txt 6839 The 1-800-326-XXX Scan List, by NO CARRIER (March 26, 2003)
80040100xx.txt 6003 A Scan of 800-401-00xx by Jenn (2001)
80055500xx.txt 6315 A Scan of 1-800-555-00XX by Jenn (1997)
80055500xx2.txt 6610 A Scan of 800-555-00xx by Jenn (June 12, 2001)
919439scan.txt 1988 A Scan of 919-493-99xx by Against Me! (January 17, 2004)
98install.txt 2956 A Windows 98 Installation Guide by ParanoidXE (2003)
9satan.txt 6179 The Nine Satanic Statements and Sins (May, 2004)
9xtcpip.txt 968 Reinstalling TCP/IP under Windows 95/98, by ParanoidXE (April 12, 2003)
ablabap.txt 32190 A Broad Look at American and British Phreaking, by DUO_PROS (Happy McSmith) (February, 2005)
acbhistory.txt 5339 The History of the Internet's Anarchist Cookbook, by Zero (November 18, 2001)
ad1100whack.txt 11212 The Apex AD1100W Region/MV Hack, by ParanoidXE (January 22, 2003)
aer.txt 769 Fun With an Aerosol Can, Part 1 of Maybe 2, by Paco (April 2, 2004)
airkaos.txt 1744 How to Make Airplane Rides Fun, by Sheer Black (July, 2003)
amazingmemories.txt 5070 Amazing Memories, by Scott Morrow, from Maritime Computer Connections Magazine 9September, 1996)
ammo.txt 3417 How to Properly Care for Ammo in South Africa, by Adamantium (February, 2000)
anarchy.txt 8560 Cola Presents: Fred the Elite Hacker Versus Ronald McDonald (March 6, 2000)
anarchytoday.txt 1542 Anarchy of Today, by Pyromania (October 10, 2004)
anarchytruth.txt 10188 The Truth of Being an Anarchist: What All Should Know, by Unknwon (February 6, 2004)
anarchyutopia.txt 6969 The Anarchist Utopia (May, 2004)
anitrate.txt 982 Amonium Nitrate Noise Maker: by MaDDaX
anthrax.txt 2601 Anthrax Information, by SamDaMan (October 11, 2001)
antiantimuslim.txt 5848 Anti AntiMuslims, by Jez Hunter (Stable Eyes) (January 16, 2006)
antimuslims.txt 5903 Message for Muslims, an Anti-Muslim Rant by Mantis (Stan Walker) (July 24, 2003)
antimuslimsrebut.txt 2098 Rebuttal to Antimuslims.txt: We are Not, by Scrolllock (August 24, 2004)
antipiracy.txt 9378 Anti-Piracy Fixed by Real Internet People, by Pyromania (May, 2005)
article1.txt 6046 How to Have Fun at Night (Anarchy Style) by Shadow Wolf (September 15, 1999)
article2.txt 2295 How to Make Napalm, by Shadow Wolf (September 15, 1999)
article3.txt 2638 How to Make a CO2 Bomb, by Shadow Wolf (September 15, 1999)
article4.txt 1361 Stay Out of My Way! by Shadow Wolf (September 15, 1999)
article5.txt 2049 Who the Hell is Shadow Wolf? By Shadow Wolf (September 15, 1999)
assassinate.txt 8214 The Handbook of Assassination v1.0 by Acidous (October 11, 2002)
atschool.txt 4968 Just a Bit More Fun at School, by Avatar
autofirebomb.txt 4576 Making an Autofire Bomb by Strych9 Milksheikh (May, 2005)
autofirebomb2.txt 4878 The Revised Autofire Bomb, by Strych9 Milksheikh (July 1, 2005)
autopsy.txt 45461 Autopy of Two Successful Intrusions, by Floydman (August 30, 2001)
avoid.txt 3265 How to Avoid the Police in the UK, by TikTaq (April 4, 2001)
avschoolfun.txt 4938 The Avatar Presents: Just a Bit More Fun At School (September 21, 2001)
badging.txt 961 Car Badges, by The Phantom of Cars (February, 2005)
balloon.txt 707 Making a Magic Balloon, by Dizzie
bannerhack.txt 384 Taking Banners Off of your Free Webpages, by 007 (February 20, 2002)
barcode.txt 2065 The Bar Code Scam, by Insane Killa (July 7, 2003)
barcodes.txt 7528 The Bar Codes, by Anonymous (Conspiracy) (March 10, 2000)
basicviruses.txt 16388 The Basic Concepts of PC Viruses, by paranoidxe (April 22, 2004)
bassguitar.txt 4309 A Simple Guide for Learning to Play Bass Guitar or Regular Guitar, by Beigebox (December 24, 2003)
batchprank.txt 566 Batch File: The Batch Prank, by Cleptice (June 11, 2003)
batviri.txt 4432 How to Make a Bat Virus by SKK66
batviri2.txt 2554 A Batch File Virus for Windows 9X/2000/ME/XP, by 007 (February 20, 2002)
bbgun.txt 4594 A Homemade BBS Gun by Mearl Man (April, 2003)
bbmhak.txt 7173 The Big Book of Modern Mischief by Hakka (February 9, 2003)
bbsing.txt 9480 The Lost Art of BBSing, by Mob Boss (April 2000)
bbslist.txt 1607 A Hacking/Phreaking BBS List, by Mob Boss (June 2000)
bc-newsletter-1.txt 14408 BlackCode Ravers Mailing List Issue #1
beepdetonate.txt 1497 The Beeper Detonator, by Acidous (October 12, 2002)
beginners.txt 17022 Hacking Windows for the Complete Newbie, by SLIPStream (December, 2003)
begphreaking.txt 15323 The Beginner's Guide to Phreaking, by Akurei (June 25, 2000)
begtrojhak1.txt 7545 The Beginners' Guide to Trojan Hacking: Volume 1: Netbus by Weapon N (January 1, 2000)
begtrojhak2.txt 8919 The Beginner's Guide to Trojan Hacking Volume 2: Back Orifice 2K, by Weapon N (January 17, 2000)
begtrojhak3.txt 9146 The Beginner's Guide to Trojan Hacking: Volume 3: Extras, by Weapon N (August 8, 2000)
beigebawx.txt 3933 Building a Beige Box (Simplified) by Akurei (August 11, 2000)
beigeboxen.txt 4348 The Beige Box, by N3cr0man3r (September, 2005)
beinghacker.txt 46787 Hacker Being: On the Meaning of Being a Hacker, by Valerio "Elf Qrin" Capello (March 26, 2000)
bellvans.txt 8497 Building Fake Bell Vans for Fun and Profit, by DialTone (2000)
bergeron.txt 13269 REPORT: Harrison Bergeron, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. by Spyhunter
betterfree_magz.txt 651 A Better Way to Get Free Magazines, by Strych9 Milksheikh (July 1, 2005)
betterfree_nps.txt 470 A Better Way to Get Free Newspapers, Strych9 Milksheikh (July 1, 2005)
bibleshid.txt 6090 NGSAM Presents: Bible Shid, by Draxamus (January 14, 2003)
billjk.txt 4140 The Mosquito that Bit Bill Gates, by Karthik (J.K.) (July, 2003)
bintutorial.txt 5838 A Binary Tutorial for Beginners, by David Carlton (July 19, 2004)
bl0w001.txt 6882 Basic Language for Oniric Warp Issue #1 by Gen0iced (2001)
bl0w002.txt 4988 Bl0W Issue #2 by Gen0iced (2001)
black2.txt 29538 BlackCode Ravers Magazine Issue #2
bodspray.txt 1049 Fun with Bod-Spray, by Da Phontom and BKJKHKER (June 8, 2007)
bong.txt 1682 Making your Very Own Bong that you can Reuse, by Phish
booknotnamed.txt 18398 The Book That Shall Not Be Named, by H. R. Puff 'n' Stuff (December, 2005)
bookofformulas.txt 50586 The Ancient Book of Formulas, by Lewis De Claremont (Transcription of Public Domain Book) (2004)
bopse.txt 5067 The Birth of Phreaking, by Durandal of SoldierX.COM and the Legion of the Damned (May, 2000)
bordem.txt 3232 Ways to Erase Boredom from Your life, by MassExodus / Darksintext (February, 2004)
boredom.faq 1880 The Boredom FAQ, by Cobalt (October 10, 2003)
brobbery.txt 3892 How to Commit a Bank Robbery, by Dope (January 2, 2006)
bt.txt 1852 How to Write Batch Trojans (April, 2001)
bungee.box 3127 The Bungee Box by Captain B (February 1, 2002)
burn.txt 2234 Burning a Hole in Space-Time: A Collection of Poetry from 6billionhosts (June, 2007)
burnmovies.txt 1322 How to Burn Movies, from Acid Pool (February 5, 2006)
bushbases.txt 7381 A Guide to Bush Bases, by Scrambling Vermin (August 20, 2005)
busywats.txt 1856 Toll Free Busy Lines, by Pref1x (June 18, 2002)
buyvrsdld.txt 4808 Ersatz Presents an essay discussing buying vs. downloading, by Ersatz (January 19, 2003)
buzzbox.txt 1968 The Buzz Box, by Icey and Digit (1999)
bypassv1.5.txt 9604 Bypassing The New EAS Anti-Shoplifting Devices v1.5, by Optica V (July 13, 2000)
cable.txt 1566 An Easy Guide to Ripping Off Cable Companies by Pepsie of the Thieves (May 23, 2001)
callerid.txt 13051 ANI and Caller ID, by Z09 (April 11, 2006)
cam-hack.txt 1586 Kiull a Cam Version 1.x Remote Get Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in CamShot WebCam HTTP by Lucid of Phreak2000
camp.txt 5023 Some Phun While Camping, by The Enphorcer (February, 2001)
cannery_row.txt 3081 REPORT: Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck, by n3t (2004)
carding.txt 2704 Obtaining Credit Card Numbers by Dizzie (1999)
cartb.txt 1051 How to Break into a Car with a Tennis Ball by The Anarchist (March 1, 2007)
cat3scheme.txt 3382 The Standard/Cat3 Color Scheme Conversion, by Captain B
cc1freepizza.txt 7431 Classic Compilation #1: Getting Free Pizza, by DiZZIE (May 12, 2007)
cc2freemovies.txt 10740 Classic Compilation #2: Getting Free Movies (At the Theatre) by Dizzie (May 12, 2007)
cdwritin.txt 8854 How to Successfully Burn CD-Rs (Release 2) by Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez (October 16th, 2001)
cdwritin2.txt 10186 How to Successfully Burn CD-Rs (Release 2) by Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez (October 16th, 2001)
celltron.txt 5201 Free Cellular Phone Calls Without Cloning by TRON (January 1, 2002)
chasm.txt 911 The Chasm between The Hacker and the Public, by Enderfury (October 17, 2002)
chating.txt 9453 How to Impress Chicks in a Chatroom v1.0 by Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez (November 26, 2000)
cheapfc.txt 748 How to Make a Cheap High Powered Firecracker from a Marker, by p0x (July 5, 2006)
chemlife.txt 8874 Leading a Better Life Through Chemistry (a subjective view of drugs) (October 28, 2005)
chepacid.drg 583 How to Make Cheap Acid Out of Juicy Fruit, by Sk8trJoe (September, 1999)
chimi.txt 71180 The Chimi Changas, a Massive Epic from Edward Ansbro (Unknown)
cleanup.txt 4298 In Depth Guide to Cleaning Your Internet Tracks by: Zero, aka: g-prime (March 27, 2003)
click.txt 4991 Make your Own Very Simple Pick Guns by The Impactor
clouds.txt 2074 Poetry: Clouds, by Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez (October 16th, 2001)
co2pressure.txt 1400 The CO2 Pressure Bomb, by The Master (April, 2004)
coke.txt 727 Getting into a Coke Vending Machine (in Australia) by AdamL (January 2000)
comp_trojans.txt 34780 The Complete Trojans Text (Security Related) by The Maniac (March 4, 2000)
compsteal.txt 1323 Stealing a Computer The Easy Way by Pepsi and Gringo Madrileno (July, 2001)
comptroj.txt 34712 The Complete Trojans Text, by The Maniac (April 3, 2000)
conthephone.txt 713 Con the Phone Company by The Root User (April 21, 2005)
conversion.txt 4412 How to Make a Conversion Box, by Captain B (May 30, 2002)
convmovie.txt 1048 Converting Movie Files to Image Files by Acid Pool (February 8, 2006)
cracker.txt 5792 A Guide to How to Become a Cracker and How to Survive in the Underground World, by The Maniac (2001)
crazy.txt 4662 How to Make Someone Crazy (An Anarchy Guide) by The Maniac
creditobtain.txt 2686 Obtaining Credit Card Numbers by DIzzIE (1999)
csociety.txt 1877 What's good about a Cashless Society, by Benny Gooslin (January, 2006)
ctvfoil.txt 1166 How to Get Cable TV with Foil! from TiME
cult.txt 9107 What's a Cult? By Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez (November 25th, 2001)
darkdom.txt 1353 A Message to Textfile Writers from Mutant Man (The Dark Dominator) (June 13, 2004)
dataprotection.txt 3443 How to Hide Files in Windows by SKK66 (July, 2000)
dearsiia.txt 3013 Dear SIIA (Anti-Piracy Corporation) by Pyromania (March 30, 2005)
deathsave.txt 6989 An ASCII Illustrated Guide to the Art of the Deathsave, by Besideyou (October 21, 2001)
defilter.txt 3690 How to Get Around Your School Filter, by JMZ (February 9, 2005)
definiti.txt 9425 A Couple of Definitions of Computer Users, by Burnin' of UNKNOWN Prez (November 25th, 2001)
despair.txt 3714 How Much My Life Sucks, by Anonymous Loozer (September 15, 2001)
desperated.txt 6226 Kill the Politicians, by FDT (February 10, 2002)
destroy.txt 19191 How to Destroy Everything by 6billionghosts (June, 2007)
destructo.txt 1185 The Destructo Disk, by Digital Misery (May 15, 2003)
deton8.txt 7379 How to Build a Timed Detonator, by Reuter Canine (December 15, 1999)
dirrerent.txt 5039 About Different Types of Trojans, by The Maniac (2001)
ditto_box.txt 6617 The Ditto Box: A Tutorial by Cracked Anarchist (July, 2006)
dmansystem.txt 4950 The Digital Man, the World, and the System, by Benny Gooslin (November 19, 2005)
dos.txt 7425 Denial of Service: An Introduction, by Darren Pierce (April 20, 2000)
dos_cmds.txt 6095 The DOS Command List, by ParanoidXE (2003)
dosdeath.txt 4345 The Death of DOS: An Opinion, by Count Tigris (June 15, 2003)
doubleop.txt 6428 The Double-Op Divert, by Captain B (May 27, 2003)
druggo.txt 7551 The Ultimate Drug: A Ficticious Story by Kabak of Wallpaper-Boy.com (November 26, 2001)
dumpster.txt 1732 About Dumpster Diving, by Hammer and Nail (January 15, 2000)
dvdpackaging.txt 2343 DVD Packaging Annoyances, by Paranoidxe (July, 2004)
dxm.txt 2367 Jesse Writes about Being on DXM, While on DXM (August 6, 2001)
easteregg.txt 2050 A Really Weird Easter Egg in IE5, from Sick66 (June 2000)
ectpasswd.txt 9541 /etc/passwd and Everything That Comes With It by KGB (2000)
eggiehack.txt 6392 Eggdrop Hacking, by The Mob Boss (December 19, 1999)
elcamo.txt 10327 EZ Camoflauge, by Ruzz (September 20, 2002)
elecpipe.txt 2278 How to Build a Pipe Bomb the Electric Way, by Zero (October 15, 2001)
emission.txt 9039 Emission Laws: Are They Necessary?
encryptf.txt 1392 Doing Encryption of DOS Folders, by 007 (February 20, 2002)
encryption.txt 9119 The Encryption and PGP Tutorial, by The Maniac (November 16, 1999)
endmarchissue2.txt 15721 Basement Productions Presents the End March Issue Chapter 2 by Evergreen (March, 2003)
enough90s.txt 7298 Now that the 90s are Over, by Secret Squirrel (August 20, 2001)
entropy.txt 6560 Entropy is a Harsh Reality: Some Thoughts by Hathor (January, 2005)
epaste.txt 2488 Creating Exploding Paste
epiphany.txt 2986 An Epiphany: We Must Regain Our Freedon, by Epiphany of Port7alliance.com (February 10, 2001)
escalators.txt 748 Stopping Mall Escalators, by Hex (April, 2001)
ethics.txt 6171 The Ethics of a True Hacker, by The Mob Boss (December 5, 1999)
eunitviral.txt 14959 A Nymph Virual Tutorial by E-Unit (December, 2006)
evade.txt 2333 Evading the RIAA by Using a Proxy, by MassExodus (February, 2004)
execution.box 7378 The Executioner Box, by Captain B (February 1, 2002)
explore1.txt 7621 The Drains and Catacombs FAQ, by The Dark Dominator (February, 2004)
explosivebg.txt 827 AN Exploding Blowgun Projectile by Marlboro Man (October 15, 2001)
faq-matrix.txt 18656 FAQ: The Matrix Trilogy, by Paranoidxe (2004)
faq-minority.txt 2799 FAQ: Minority Report, by paranoidxe (2004)
faq-ring.txt 8086 FAQ: The Ring Movie, by paranoidxe (2004)
fhile.txt 3198 If You're a Wannabe Spy, This Might Help, by Cody J (November 30, 2001)
flamediff.txt 428 How to Make a Flamethrower a Different Way, by DOMiNiON (January, 2005)
flamethrow.txt 1502 How to Make a Flamethrower, by Who Cares Who Wrote It (June, 2004)
floppydeathdisk.txt 3498 The Floppy Death Disk by Cypher (December 7, 2006)
formats.txt 5353 Underground Filetypes for n00bz by Sheer Black Family (August 16, 2004)
free_food.txt 5840 Free Food by Dizzie (2000)
free_magz.txt 2840 Free Magazines!!!! By Dizzie (1999)
free_nps.txt 1049 Free Newspapers, by Dizzie (1999)
free_stuff.txt 2719 How to Get Free Stuff When Moving to Another Country, by Dizzie (1999)
freeav.txt 2117 How to Defeat the Altavista Free Internet Ad Banner by Day-Glo (July, 2000)
freeconcert.txt 693 Getting into a Big-Name Concert for Free, by Dr. Mombo (July, 2005)
freehair.ana 275 Getting a Free Haircut, by Craig (Small but Already a Classic) (July, 1999)
freei.txt 1851 Protectors of the Free World: Getting a FreeI Account, by Lucid of Phreak2000.com (August, 2000)
freepass.txt 1934 A Free Pass, by Komokozzy (September 1, 2002)
freestuff.txt 10658 How to Get Free Stuff, by Pepsi (June 10, 2001)
freestuff2.txt 1586 Getting Free Stuff, by Acid Pool (February 14, 2006)
fridgefun.txt 4808 Fun Things to Do With a Refrigerator, by Dizzie (January, 2003)
friends.txt 6923 Some Phun with your Drunk Phriends, by The Enphorcer (February 23, 2001)
ftphowto.txt 5971 An FTP How-To (Actually a reprinted FTP Manual Page) by p0x (July 5, 2006)
fun_with_vb.txt 1823 Some Funny Shit to Do with Visual Basic, by PZiKO (December, 2001)
funwithfriends.txt 3664 Embarass and Have Fun WITH your Friends, by Alfismo (November 3rd, 2000)
fwpets.txt 1598 Fun With Pets! By Slugnut of F.O.S. (November 30, 2001)
gamble.txt 9227 Gambling at Blackjack, by Zero (April, 2006)
garotte.txt 910 Garotte Making, by Dizzie
getstuff.txt 2545 Everything You Need to Know to Get Stuff, by Joey Midoro (July 9, 2001)
getthrough.txt 6141 Getting Through Life (List of Illegal Activities), by Jockey (November 9, 2001)
gf1.txt 18703 Goldstein's Fetus #1 by Fellow Felon of SoldierX.com and the Legion of the Damned (May, 2000)
gf2.txt 6702 Goldstein's Fetus #2 by Fellow Felon of SoldierX.com and the Legion of the Damned (July, 2000)
gfspress.txt 8397 Get Free Shit by (Not) Working for the Press, by Dizzie (May, 2007)
ggrenade.txt 804 A Simple Glass Grenade (October 31, 2001)
girl_joke.txt 3832 Operating Manual for your Female, by Phoenixx (2000)
glenn.txt 1643 Sysadmin's Blues, parody of "Smuggler's Blues" by Glenn Frey, by Delchi (October, 2004)
govt.txt 5130 The Truth About the Government by BadGer of SoldierX.com (July, 2000)
gummibear.txt 1459 Gummi Bearing: As a Game of Skill, by JustOnePepsi (March 2, 2002)
hacker3.txt 18433 Diary of a Hacker Part 3, by The Blade Cuisinart (2004)
hackermedia.txt 4236 Hackers: Victims of Media Stereotype, by Violent Work of Art (July 1, 2002)
hackerstages.txt 4436 Hacker Stages Version 1.03 by Elf Qrin (March 26, 2000)
hackguide.txt 9603 K-K-D's Guide to Hacking an RM Computer: UK Version (November 2, 2001)
hackinggen.txt 3631 Fucking Script Kiddies: Becoming a Hacker (May 16, 2006)
hackintro.txt 6823 An Introduction to Hacking, by Oreo Ctrl (April, 2000)
hackvending.txt 1243 Hack a Vending Machine, by UNEX (September 14, 2004)
halloflamers.txt 3790 The Hall of Lamers by McLoser (June, 2000)
halo2eggs.txt 11084 Halo 2 Easter Eggs: The Skull List, by Happy McSmith (Ferbuary 18, 2005)
hamballoon.txt 5198 Field Day and Using a Weather Balloon, by Ron N9EE (July, 2004)
happiness.txt 4703 Are We Happy? by FuGaZi SUN (May 4, 2003)
hate.txt 65329 Collection of Articles Written for HateZine by Dark Monarchy Enterprises (1998-1999)
haxormanifesto.txt 3851 The Haxor's Manifesto Y2K by The Lamor (March 15, 2000)
hd-1.txt 11905 Hate and Discontent #1 by Mastar Satan (May 5th, 1991)
hd-2.txt 10174 Hate and Discontent #2 (Getting Back at a Zealot CBer) by Master Satan
hd-3.txt 17070 Hate and Discontent #3 (Getting Even with a Prick in School or on a BBS)
hd-4.txt 10389 Hate and Discontent #4 (The Art of Killing Big Fat Purple Things) by Master Satan
hd-5.txt 7212 Hate and Discontent #5 (How to Kill a Bunch of Rocks) by Master Satan
hdhell.txt 1661 The Home Depot Intercom Trick, by Landser (November 13, 2005)
herbal_smokes.txt 549 Herbal Smokes, by Dizzie
hhacking.txt 1018 Human Hacking, by Acid Pool (February 8, 2006)
hmexplbag.txt 817 Homemade Explosive Bag, by Marlboro Man (October 15, 2001)
homemade_pepper_spray.txt 568 Homade Pepper Spray, by Dizzie (1999)
hosespray.txt 5126 Spraying People with a Hose: The Techniques, by RLK (June 10, 2003)
hotelfun.txt 1790 Hotels: Our Hidden Treasure, by Bong
hotmail.txt 6772 UnderStanding the Hotmail Server by KGB of FX Ltd.(April, 2000)
how2clone.txt 3014 AIM Cloning for Dummies by Xero, Aka MrRogerz (June 8, 2001)
how2txt.txt 6214 Writing Textfiles Version 1.0 by Burnin' of Unknown Prez (December 3, 2000)
howlost.txt 97153 How to Get Lost, and Stay That Way, by James Petersen (March 13, 2003)
howto_wzgrp.txt 6406 How to Start a Warez Group, by Neuro (September 25, 2000)
howtocoke.txt 1866 How to Make Cocaine the Simple Way, by J.W. (February 2, 2002)
howtokillsomeone 1003 Some Ways to Kill Someone (2001)
howtolie.txt 13572 How to Lie to People: Achieving Anonymity Through Disinformation and Data Poisoning, by Dizzie (May, 2007)
howtotexts.txt 6946 How and Why to Write Tutorials by The Maniac (March 20, 2000)
htmlguide.txt 15682 The Newbies' Guide to Basic HTML, by Violent Work of Art (July 1, 2002)
hybrid-1.txt 4005 Hybrido's Guide to Suicide, with Help from Razor (January 27, 2000)
hybrid-3.txt 6793 Hybrido's Guide to Finnish Kilju, by Hybrido (January 26, 2000)
ibadass.txt 7470 b0redom magazine: How to be an Internet Badass by Argus (November, 2000)
idcardz.txt 14388 Making Fake ID Cards, by the Phraudster (December 19, 1999)
idiots.txt 4205 People Who Need to be Taken Out and Disembowled with Wooden Spoons, by The Stupid Optimist of NGSAM (January 16, 2003)
incident.txt 5711 "Where were you during your flex block on December, 18, 2003?" (March, 2004)
independance.txt 3994 The Declaration of Independence for the Nation of Wales, by M.W. Beech (April Fool's Joke) (April 1, 2004)
infect.txt 3172 Getting Trojan-Infected Victims by RKIAC (March, 2001)
inshoplifting.txt 6704 In-Shop Lifting, by MaJiN (December 19, 2002)
intel.txt 16822 The Intel Microprocessor, typed up by Jonathan Smith (August 20, 2002)
intercept.txt 4117 Intercepting and Re-Transmitting Data Over Phone Lines, by Captain B (September 9, 2002)
internalfire.txt 552 How to Create an Internal Firebomb: An Untested Idea, by The Lone Wolf (July, 2004)
invisible.txt 34823 Invisible File Extensions in Windows by Floydman (May 7, 2001)
ipodaccess.txt 1866 How to Get Free iPod Accessories, by RustyBurrito (March 14, 2006)
ircinst.txt 4182 Instructions on Using IRC, by Sin (September 20, 2005)
ircweekly.1 13095 IRC Weekly Edition #1 by Subzero and Staff
ircweekly.2 19838 IRC Weekly Edition #2 by subzero and staff
ircweekly.4 37322 IRC Weekly Edition #4 by subzero and staff (February 14, 1996)
isphack.txt 9348 Hacking your ISP, by the Maniac (August 21, 1999)
jsmooth.txt 20891 Jsmooth744's Collection of Pyrotechnic Files (2003)
kazaa.txt 2701 How to Make Kazaa Faster, by Kingfisher (May 18, 2003)
kazaaspyremoval.txt 2847 Kazaa Spyware Removal, by ParanoidXE (January, 22, 2003)
keepwoman.txt 1048 Keeping Your Woman, by Acidous (August 9, 2003)
keepyoursn.txt 1924 How to Keep Your AIM Screen Names by Cow of the Digital Underground (July, 2001)
khaki.txt 5425 The Khaki Box, by Chartreuse (July 12, 2007)
khaotic_rant.txt 2477 Khaotic's Rant #0001, by Khaotic (September 16, 2005)
kill_parents.txt 13660 How to Kill Your Parents, the Complete Guide, by Dizzie (1999)
kimmy.txt 78713 Kimmy: An Erotic Story, by Zone Master (May, 2006)
kkdtrojans.txt 13220 K-K-D's Guide to Using Trojans (November 2, 2001)
koalas.txt 2918 Koalas: Why They Should Die (Transcribed from an 8th Grade Paper) (2004)
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left.txt 12687 Open Your Eyes! It's some Leftist Propoganda, by ABERS (December 18, 2002)
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life.txt 5904 The Reasons for Living, from the Oddyssey, by FuGaZi SUN (May 4, 2003)
linuxbasics.txt 2636 Basics of the Linux File System, by Quatre407 (April, 2001)
lockers.txt 350 How to Break into School Lockers and Make Money the Easy Way, by Jack Mehoff (June 11, 2006)
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lying757.txt 9189 The Lying 757, by Anarchy Adam (9/11 Conspiracy Theory) (May, 2006)
lytesabre.txts 8653 Some Ruminations on the Star Wars Light Sabre (March, 2003)
maceformula.txt 1095 How to Make Homemade Mace, by Just One Pepsi (March 2, 2002)
magbong.txt 3056 How to make an Easily Concealable Bong from a Mag-Lite (Februqry 21, 2002)
mail.txt 3982 The Wonderful and Evil World of E-mail by The Mob Boss (December 7, 1999)
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marked.txt 2329 Surviving as a Marked Citizen, by Ender (September 15, 2002)
math.txt 1352 Is this Math Reality? by Alien Bellhop (October, 2003)
matrix.txt 144011 Transcription of the Matrix Movie Script, from Cany0umatrix (April 8, 1996)
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message.txt 3706 Spreading Your Message, by Dizzie (2000)
methcathr.txt 7953 PhreeX Methcathinone Recipe (2003)
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metv.hac 5719 MeTV (Canadian Cable) For Free, by Nowhere Man (July 1999)
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modernmanifesto.txt 1618 Hacking: A Modern Manifesto, by Acidus (January 9, 2003)
modsys.txt 2755 A List of Files that Can be Modified by Resource Hacker, by ParanoidXE (2003)
moneyvirus.txt 1347 How to Make Money From Viruses, by Son of the Dark Angel (October, 2005)
movies.txt 4629 How to Piss People Off at the Movies, by Dizzie (2000)
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newfakeid.txt 101322 Creating a New Fake ID In America (March 12, 2003)
newshoes.txt 1732 Getting New Shoes, by PainInVmthuafuckinass (March 18, 2006)
nhc.txt 1164 NFO File for the Night Hackz Crew (1997-2000) by xLiner of the NhC
night.txt 4971 Phun in the Night, by Enphorcer (February 25, 2001)
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nlintro.txt 18419 An Introduction to Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs (2006)
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nokia3390mf.txt 2553 The Nokia 3390 M. Faq by ParanoidXE (2003)
nothing.txt 5497 Cola Presents: Hydroplane, by Zarathustra (March 11, 2000)
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ntrhack.txt 2264 A Night to Remember by Hakka (Story) (February 9, 2003)
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ofphonescan.txt 283 The Art of Phone Scanning, by Acid Pool (February 8, 2006)
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ouija.txt 6330 Your Own, Personal Ouija, by Propaganda66 (August 17, 1999)
oxiclean.txt 14516 The Truth Behind OxiClean, by The Keeper (September 20, 1999)
pagerbomb.txt 3563 Bomb Ignition from a Phone (2003)
paintball.txt 1104 Other Paintball Ammo, by Hammer and Nail (January 13, 2000)
pansexual.txt 4609 Pansexual: A Sensual Tale of Pleasure
parachute.txt 1399 How to Build a Parachute (for Smoking) by MarleySplift (August 27, 2005)
paranoia.txt 14270 A Philosophical Essay on Paranoia, by the Dark Dominator (July, 2003)
paranoid.txt 6061 Become a Paranoid: It's More Secure, by The Maniac (August 21, 1999)
passwd.txt 5595 Everything about /etc/passwd, by KGB (April, 2000)
pathtohack.txt 3048 Starting Down the Path to Hacking, by Kuso (April, 2001)
payphonephun 1316 Some Pay Phone Phun: I Killed the Phone! By Gemldan (June 6, 2002)
pcfaq.txt 8124 PXFAQS.20M.COM TXT Conversion, by ParanoidXE (May 31, 2003)
pcsecurity.txt 28199 PC Security (And How to Get By It) by The Dark Knight (TdK) of SoldierX.com (June, 2000)
peppers.txt 2253 Some Fun with Peppers by Pheonixfire187 (August 24, 2004)
phile1.txt 4040 Making a Forest base, by Galvaplex & The Matrix Templars (August 12, 2002)
phile2.txt 6256 Making a Forest base, by Galvaplex & The Matrix Templars (Part II) (August 12, 2002)
phishing.txt 6963 Phishing For Beginners: Tutorial by _cracked.anarchist (November 25, 2006)
phone.txt 14572 Basic Phone Security: Making and Breaking it, by Mob Boss (June, 2000)
phonecam.txt 565 Get a Girl on Yahoo! Cam! by GKiller (June 2, 2003)
phonemodding.txt 3067 Phone Modding, by Phil (March, 2004)
phones.txt 993 How to Bash Phones for Profit, by Sab0tage and M0nk of the 231Boyz (June 6, 2001)
phreaking.txt 3294
pick.txt 3396 Picking Locks, by the Impactor
pissoff.txt 4281 How To Piss Off Your Neighbor by Gkiller (June 2, 2003)
pizooka.txt 2245 How to Make a Pizooka, by Sick66 (June, 2000)
plunge.txt 3988 Fucking Your Plunger, by the Annoying Nut Bug (February 6, 2000)