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Virii programs came into play in the 1980’s in full force and to this day turn every online binary transfer into a potential hazard. Well, maybe that’s not entirely true, but you wouldn’t know it from the hype and hysteria bred in the world. Meanwhile, fascinating artistic studies of the programming of Virii exist out there and will be brought here. As a rule, I don’t include Virus Source Code, since that’s just programming, and boring as all hell. if there’s a discussion or writing about how to make virii, I include that. This is the arbitrariness of the host.

If you’re looking for the excellent 40HEX Virus Magazine, it’s located in the Magazines section.

Filename Size Description of the Textfile
DOCUMENTATION ./.. Documentation for Different Viruses and Programs
NCSA ./.. NCSA Virus Reports
800-5.txt 82314 A Guide to the Selection of Anti-Virus Tools and Techniques, by W.T. Polk and L.E. Basshan, December 1992
abaittut.txt 14720 Information on the "Anti-Bait" Method of Virus Transmission
adebgtut.txt 15848 Anti-Debugger Techniques by The Master Hides Behind the Mask
agents.txt 36769 McAfee Associates Agent Listing (February 23, 1993)
allvirus.vir 22209 PC Virus Listing, by Jim Goodwin, 1989
allvirusdf.vir 30897 Slightly Updated Version of Jim Goodwin's List.
amigvir1.txt 3314 A History of the Amiga Viruses, by Paul M. of POISON Cracking Association
amigvir2.txt 6144 A History of the Amiga Viruses by Ed Earing
amigvir3.txt 1920 The Amiga IRQ Virus: It's Out! (December 28, 1988)
anaco001.txt 16048 ANACONDA #001: The Official VIPER Electronic Mag by Viral Inclined Programming Experts Ring
apply.yam 4117 APPLICATION: Youths Against McAfee
arcvnews01.txt 56065 ARCV: The Association of Really Cruel Viruses Newsletter
armag911.txt 2594 The 911 Virus, Disassembly and Commentary by Black Wolf
atari101.txt 54379 Viruses 101: Chapter 1
avcr-01.001 3088 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Introduction
avcr-01.002 39187 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: The New DS-512 Virus
avcr-01.003 3223 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Nuking, by Thimble
avcr-01.004 3605 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: The Whore Virus
avcr-01.005 24313 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: the AMI Virus
avcr-01.006 7359 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: An Introduction to ASM
avcr-01.007 21995 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Research of the Air Cop Virus, by Security Threat
avcr-01.008 22344 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Research of the Wigger Virus, by Security Threat
avcr-01.009 2881 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Analysis of Connie
avcr-01.010 3392 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: OhhLala Virus
avcr-01.011 4612 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Twister Virus
avcr-01.012 2892 Amateur Virus Creation Research Group Magazine: Vlamix 1.0
avirus.txt 4458 Overview of Some Amiga Viruses
backdoor.txt 6512 Information About Backdoors and MS-DOS and BIOS That Can Be Used by Viruses, by Qark of VLAD
baitdet.txt 6722 Advanced Bait Detection by CoKe of VLAD
batvirus.txt 668 Creating a Batch File Virus
bbinterv.iew 21652 Anatomy of a Virus Author: A Biography of the Black Baron by Matthew Probert
bdinterv.iew 18873 Interview with A Virus Writer named Blode by The Unforgiven
bedtime.nfo 4338 NFO: The Bedtime Virus, by Youngsters Against McAfee (November 16, 1992)
blckbook.txt 24240 The little Black Book of Computer Viruses Volume One: The Basic Technology by Mark A. Ludwig (1991)
bluenine.nfo 9706 A Technical Discussion About the Blue Nine Virus by Conzouler (November 19, 1994)
braininf.vir 4577 Information on the Brain Virus And Variants
bulgfact.txt 57241 The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories by Vesselin Bontchev, Director of Laboratory of Computer Virology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
bulgfactdoc.vir 57241 The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories
catvir.txt 10223 How to write a virus program, by the Cheshire Cat
ccinterv.iew 8675 Interview with Crom-Cruach of Trident
chaos.nfo 3677 INFO: The Viral Collector's Kit #1 by The Knights of Chaos (February 4, 1995)
cmvs-1.v1 37357 ViriiSearch: The Virus Research Newsletter Volume 1 Number 1
cmvs-2.v1 60096 ViriiSearch: The Virus Research Newsletter Volume 1 Number 2 (July 2, 1992)
cmvs-3.v1 59651 ViriiSearch: The Virus Research Newsletter Volume 1 Number 3 (August 2, 1992)
cnws2000.vir 14585 Computer Virus Research and Information Service Index
cnws2001.vir 17995 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #1
cnws2002.vir 3036 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #2
cnws2003.vir 5457 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #3
cnws2004.vir 44383 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #4
cnws2005.vir 49238 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #5
cnws2006.vir 8975 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #6
cnws2007.vir 8956 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #7
cnws2008.vir 91748 Computer Virus Research and Information Service #8
comp.vir 8320 The USENET Virus: A Cautionary Tale by Peter de Silva (April 20, 1990)
cpi-1.txt 20245 Corrupted Programming International Newsletter #1 by Doctor Dissector (June 30, 1989)
cpi-2.txt 99461 Corrupted Programming International Newsletter Issue #2
cpi1.vir 24305 CPI Newsletter Volume #1, 1989
cpi2.vir 98758 CPI Newsletter Volume #2
cpivirus.txt 23568 Corrupted Programming Internation #1: Computer Viruses, a Protagonist's Point of View by Doctor Dissector (June 27, 1989)
cpivirus2.txt 90571 Corrupted Programming International #2 by Doctor Dissector: Trojan Horses and Virii: A Protagonist's Point of View (July 27, 1989)
crcrevue.vir 55986 Comparison: Products to Detect Changes to Programs
csvir87.vir 4771 CompuServe Magazine's Virus History Timeline: 1987
csvir88.vir 103572 CompuServe Magazine's Virus History Timeline: 1988
csvir89.vir 69893 CompuServe Magazine's Virus History Timeline: 1989
cvirs.101 10112 C VIRUS 101: An Introduction to Viruses in C
cvm.txt 23552 Computer Virus Myths by Rob Rosenberger with Ross Greenberg
datut001.txt 8220 Scan Strings, How They Work, and How to Avoid Them, by Dark Angel
datut002.txt 9941 An introduction to Nonoverwriting Virii by Dark Angel
datut003.txt 14844 An introduction to Nonoverwriting Virii II: EXE Infectors, by Dark Angel
datut004.txt 18463 An Introduction to Nonoverwriting Virii III: SYS Infectors by Dark Angel
datut005.txt 6571 Code Optimization: A Beginner's Guide by Dark Angel
datut006.txt 10873 Advanced Polymorphism Primer by Dark Angel
datut007.txt 8171 SFT's and Their Usage, by Dark Angel
datut008.txt 17676 EXE Self-Disinfection by Dark Angel
datut009.txt 11690 Boot Infectors by Dark Angel
datut010.txt 5910 UMB Residency by Dark Angel
desc.sdi 444 NFO: The Smeg Virus Construction Kit
deth001.rot 4661 Megadeth's Guide to Virus Researching Part I by Megadeth of .ROTing [DeTH]
dhcivwar.txt 2206 Relationship Chart of the Civil War and Related Viruses by TridenT (1993)
dhinterv.iew 8668 Interview with Dark Helmet of Trident
diogenesdoc.vir 3217 Diogenes 2.0 Documentation and User Manual
dirstlth.txt 6061 Directory Stealth Techniques of Viruses (FCB)
drkfib01.txt 3524 Virus Writers Reply to the SCAN.EXE Program
enigma.asm 18797 DISASSEMBLY: The Enigma Virus
european.txt 19456 List of Known Viruses in the UK, by Joe Hirst of the British Computer Virus Research Centre
eval.vir 26111 Anti-Viral Product Evaluation
fester.vir 10122 Festering Hate: A Description of an Apple II Virus, by the Bowen Arrow
firefly.txt 19617 The Firefly Virus, by Nikedamus
fish.vir 9382 Thoughts on the Fish Virus
fndint21.txt 12608 Finding INT 21's Real Address Using the PSP by Satan's Little Helper
fog.txt 17483 FOG: A Polymorphic Encription Algorithm by Eclipse
fullstlt.txt 10033 A Full Stealth or Disinfection on Open by Blonde of Immortal Riot
funbot2.cvp 3190 How the Boot Sequence Operates, Relevant to Virus Infection
funbot3.cvp 3465 How the Boot Sequence Operates Relevant to Viral Infection, Part II.
fungen1.cvp 2792 Computer Operations and Viral Operations
fungen2.cvp 2721 Viral operations: How Viruses Function
fungen3.cvp 2672 How Viruses Use Operating Systems
fungen4.cvp 2629 How Viruses Hide in System Layers
fungen5.cvp 2939 How Viruses are Activated
fungen6.cvp 2679 How to Detect Changes made by a Virus
fungen7.cvp 2716 Checking Files for Viruses
fungen8.cvp 3033 Checking Files for Viruses, Part II
fungen9.cvp 2664 Checking the System Files for Viruses
fungena.cvp 2766 How Viruses Avoid Detection
funpiv1.cvp 2542 Viruses that Affect and Infect Files
funpiv2.cvp 2375 Viruses and how they Insert Themselves
funpiv3.cvp 2529 How to Add a Virus to a Program
funpiv4.cvp 2895 Viral Code "Association"
funpiv5.cvp 2872 Variations of Computer Virus Infection
g2.txt 25600 Phalcon/Skism's G^2 Version 0,70: The Second Generation of Virus Creation by Dark Angel (January 1, 1993)
gao_rpt 106252 The General Accounting Office Report on Computer Viruses, 1988
gf.txt 1966 Information and BBS List for General Failure, a H/P/A/V/C Oriented Computer Organization
glath.vir 21116 Computer Viruses: A Rational View, By Dr. Raymond Glath
gold-bug.txt 9373 Analysis of the Gold Bug Virus
goodwin.txt 137805 An Analysis of Computer Virus Structures (April 7, 1989)
greetng1.txt 3202 NFO: The Grretings Virus by Youngsters Against McAfee (January 2, 1993)
guardian.bbs 29058 The Guardian Lists: An Abbreviated Trojan Alert List Issue #1 (November 12, 1989)
guardian.vir 53823 The Guardian List, Issue #1, Sept. 25, 1989
hackmisc.9 9303 Hacked/Miscellaneous Dangerous Files, #9
hate.txt 1540 BBS AD: The Immortal Hate BBS
hatedetect.vir 5984 Program to Detect the Festering Hate or CyberAIDS Apple II Virus, by Tom Weishaasr (July, 1988)
hitler.a86 39241 The HITLER virus: commented in a rough 'n' ready way by the Crypt Newsletter staff for issue #11, January 1993
hormones.vir 19584 Net Hormones: Infection Control using Cooperation among Computers
hr5061.vir 2309 The text of H.R. 5061
hysteria.vir 18748 Virus Hysteria! By Richard B. Levin
ibmpaper.vir 87040 Coping with Computer Viruses and Related Problems
identify.txt 20602 Developing Virus Identification Products, by Tim Sankary, 1989
illegal.nfo 2083 NFO: Illegality, the Unstoppable Crime Machine (November 12, 1994)
implemen.mca 42307 Implementing Anti-Viral Programs, by John McAfee 1989
index.mag 1201 Index to SLAM Magazine Issue #1 (January 1997)
intro1.cvp 2475 Introduction to the Computer Virual Programs Column
ivm-95.1 146968 Immortal Virus Magazine Issue #95.1
jeru-b.asm 42115 DISASSEMBLY: The Jerusalem B Virus
jeru-dc.vir 3328 Analysis of the Jerusalem DC Virus
jtinterv.iew 17375 INTERVIEW: John Tardy of Trident in The Netherlands
jvvirus.txt 42968 Jerusalem B Virus Source Code
killhead.vir 959 Virus Source Code that Destroys the Disk Head
levine.pap 13323 Potential Virus Attack by L. P. Levine
lminterv.iew 54289 The Faces Behind the Masks by Sara Gordon (November 1994)
locprst.txt 32002 Excerpt from "The Virus Creation Labs: A Journey Into the Underground": A Preist Deploys His Satanic Minions
ltlmess.slt 4005 The Little Mess Spawning Virus Source from Crom-Cruach of Trident (1992)
lzinterv.iew 20100 INTERVIEW: Lord Zero, Virus Writer
macv.txt 24130 How to Write a Virus for the Macintosh, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Resource Manager
malmsey.txt 4058 Information on the Malmsey Virus (October, 1992)
mayhem.txt 1384 Mayhem at Firms Plagued by Virus, by Philip Braund of The Mirror, transcribed by Phantasm (March 7th, 1992)
mbfamily.txt 6942 The Mayberry Family of Virus by HypoDermic
mbinterv.iew 13793 INTERVIEW: Metabolis of VLAD (Virus Writing Group)
mcaffvirus.txt 7075 Virus Characteristics, by McAfee Virus Scanning
mdef.inf 4864 The MDEF Macintosh Virus, by Tom Young of Cornell Information Technologies
melissa.txt 13926 The Melissa Macro Virus, a Report Prepared by Robert M. Slade
memres.txt 7779 Some Information on Memory Residence Methods for Viruses
michael.asm 6969 DISASSEMBLY: Michelangelo Virus
michangl.txt 6840 The Michaelangelo Virus Source Code
mk-chart.txt 1835 A Virus Relationship Chart of Masud Khafir's Viruses
mkinterv.iew 12153 INTERVIEW: Masud Khafir of Trident
mkvirlst.txt 17466 A List of Viruses Written by Masud Khafir of Trident
necro.a86 22069 Source code for the Necro, A.k.a. "Skull" Virus
net.hor 19511 Net Hormones: Part 1 - Infection Control assuming Cooperation among Computers
newinstl.txt 1472 Installation Instructions for Nowhere Man's Virus Creation Library v1.00
nist01.txt 5761 Columbus Day Virus: Press Release by Jan Kosko Sept. 22, 1989
nist02.txt 4238 Columbus Day Virus: A Fact Sheet
offspr82.txt 1470 DOCUMEN#TATION: Offspring v0.82 by Virogen (September 6, 1993)
p1.txt 10934 Attack of the Computer Virus, By Lee Dembart
pcblkjck.txt 4608 Features of Blackjack Virus (PC) (January 24, 1989)
peacevir.vir 2573 Computer Virus Hits Again (The Peace Virus)
ph-vir1.txt 19794 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide #1
pngintrv.iew 9876 INTERVIEW: Persona No Grata of Trident in The Netherlands
polyflag.txt 18411 A Humble PolyMorphic Engine Primer by Absolute Overlord
polymorf.txt 31851 Post Discovery Strategies: Hiding Your Virus After Discovery, by Sepultura
polymorph.txt 17432 Post Discovery Strategies: Hiding Your Virus After Discovery, by Sepultura
polymrph.txt 14524 Polymorphic Viruses Escape Detection but Get Our Attention
polyvir.txt 6299 Computer Virus Catalog 1.2: Dedicated Virus (31-January 1992)
popscia86.vir 4472 Popoolar Science virus - a very simple overwriting infector
portexec.txt 9293 Infection of Portable Executables by Qark and Quantum of VLAD
ps-vir1.txt 19801 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide (Part 1)
ps-vir2.txt 29546 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide (Part 2) The Replicator
ps-vir3.txt 20133 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide (Part 3) Non-Resident Virii, Part II
ps-vir4.txt 22970 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide (Part 4) Resident Virii, Part I
ps-vir5.txt 20131 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide (Part 5) Resident Viruses, Part II
ps_vir1.vir 19865 Phalcon Skism, Part I
ps_vir2.vir 29617 Phalcon Skism, Part II
ps_vir3.vir 20204 Phalcon Skism, Part III
ps_vir4.vir 23041 Phalcon Skism, Part IV
qkinterv.iew 15053 INTERVIEW: Qark of Virus Labs and Distribution (VLAD) by The Unforgiven
rab_mem.apl 3110 APPLICATION to Join RABID by ProTurbo of RABID (1991)
ratboy-1.txt 12067 RatBoy's Overwriting Virus Tutorial
ratboy-2.txt 15758 RatBoy's Overwriting Virus Tutorial Part II
readlist.vir 12800 An abbreviated bibliography for computer viruses
resist.txt 29417 Resist! Further Virus Strategies by Mouth of Sauron
rjinterv.iew 31156 An Interactive Interview with Virus-Writer Rajaat of Genesis
robin.hod 6655 Viruses and System Security (a story)
rstut001.txt 13765 Disinfecting an Infected File by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut002.txt 9350 TSR COM Infections by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut003.txt 7782 Constructing Kit on Infecting .COM by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut004.txt 20142 Infection on Closing by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut005.txt 13378 EXE Infections Part I: Infection Process, by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut006.txt 7572 EXE Infectors Part II by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut007.txt 11905 Directory Stealth by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut008.txt 7273 Directory Stealth Method 2 by Rock Steady of NuKE
rstut009.txt 5350 Memory Stealth by Rock Steady NuKE
rstut010.txt 28965 The Dangers of Thunderbytes TBClean Emulation Techniques by Rock Steady of NuKE (August, 1993)
rumors.txt 9250 Rumors of Worms and Trojan Horses: Danger Lurking in the Public Domain, by Mike Guffey
rvlatn1.vir 48324 Revelation, a Virus E-Zine, Vol. 1 Issue 1
samson.vir 5642 Samson's PC Virus List
scitzo.nfo 1954 Virus Spotlight: The Scitzo Virus
sdwlnd02.ans 3788 ANSI BBS AD: Shadowland BBS
six_byte.pad 17377 Six Bytes for Virus Detection in the MS-DOS Envrionment, by Padgett Peterson, 3/29/1991
smallvir.txt 3568 The Smallest Virus I Could Manage (263 Bytes)
span02.vir 1735 You can't release the Worm source code, says SPAN
stealth.txt 3798 Elusive New Viruses Can Avoid Detection by Dennis Flanders
steroid.vir 2304 Discussion of a Trojan Horse program called "Steroid"
stoned-b.txt 10898 The Stoned-B Virus
stoned1.vir 3392 To Remove the Marijuana (Stoned) Virus from HD 9105 An Explanation of how the Stoned Virus operates by Mike Lawrie
stormbrg.rt1 2158 A Goodbye from Stormbringer of Phalcon/Skism From the World of Viruses
stormbrg.rt2 1554 A Goodbye from Stormbringer of Phalcon/Skism From the World of Viruses (Part II) (1995)
tag.ans 14090 ANSI BBS AD: The Adventures of Guild
talons01.txt 5850 Some Background on PuKE: An Introduction from TLN
talons02.txt 28869 The True Story about Talon by Talon of NUKE (April, 1994)
talons03.txt 2293 An Incredibly Complicated Tale of Mystery and Intrigue
talontut.txt 7844 Information About Mulipartite Infection of Viruses
tdoc1.txt 14961 Documentation for a Virtual Mouse Drive That's a Virus, by Seth Comstock (August 1993)
tdoc2.txt 5179 Documentation for a Story Program That's Actually a Virus, (1993)
troj.hac 4652 Lots of warnings about EGABTR.EXE
troj.txt 7528 Other warnings for other random virus programs
trojan.vir 9191 How someone's BBS got whacked with Viruses in 1984
tsrtut.txt 4484 A Documentation on Creating TSR Viruses
tuinterv.iew 6820 Intervue with TU About Virus Creation
universa.mol 13613 A universal Detection Model by Chris Ruhl and James Molini
usavirus.vir 2175 Supposed use of a computer virus during Desert Storm
v101pt1 14746 Virus 101 - Chapter 1 by George Woodside (March 1, 1989)
v101pt2 18596 Virus 101 - Chapter 2 by George Woodside (March 6, 1989)
v101pt3 19444 Virus 101 - Chapter 3, by George Woodside (March 13, 1989)
v101pt4 5845 Virus 101 - Chapter 4 by Gordon Meyer (March 30, 1989)
varicell.txt 5474 The Varicella Virus Source Codes, by Rock Steady
vdetect.vir 13696 A Universal Virus Detection Model by Chris Ruhl and James Molini
verify_r.txt 24830 Virus Verification and Removal -- Tools and Techniques by David M. Chess, Nov. 18, 1991
vguide.txt 21135 Computer Viruses: A Rational View by Raymond M. Glath
vi900906.txt 187667 Fidonet Message Base Disucssing Viruses (Summer 1990)
vi901029.txt 181138 Fidonet Message Base Disucssing Viruses (Summer 1990)
vir-1.v1 37205 ViriiSearch: The Virus Research Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1
vir-2.v1 60027 ViriiSearch: The Virus Research Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 (July 2, 1992)
vir-3.v1 59654 ViriiSearch: The Virus Research Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3 (August 2, 1992)
vir.txt 19800 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide
vir2.txt 29557 Dark Angel's Phunky Virus Writing Guide Installment II
virbillfax.vir 4169 NCSA Testimony on Virus Bills, 1990
virethic.txt 13124 Establishing Ethics in the Computer Virus Arena by Paul W. Ferguson, Jr. (September 1992)
virii.txt 17712 What You Should Know About Computer Viruses by BlenderHead
viris03.txt 7208 Some of the Less Known Viruses (Humor)
virpgm01.txt 12883 Virus Programming Basics Issue #1
virpgm02.txt 23762 Virus Programming Basics Issue #2: Not So Basic
virs.vir 11931 Discussions about the Jerusalem B Virus
virukpc.txt 13056 Known PC Viruses in the UK and their effects, by Dr. Alan Solomon, 1989
virus 5314 Virus Attack! By Rick Arnold
virus-al.ert 2065 Local Area Virus Update, Bay Area - Sacramento, 21 Sep, 1989
virus.1 1821 Virus Discussion on a BBS
virus.kie 32573 The Infection of PC Compatible Computers by Stephen E. Kiel and Raymond K. Lee of the Georgia Institute of Technology
virus.txt 5160 Comparison between Mcaffe's SCAN.EXE (3-25-92) and F-PROT.EXE (4-5-92) by The Researcher and Scan Man
virus1.dna 17710 What You Should Know about Computer Viruses by Blinderhead
virus1.vir 4223 Report on the DATACRIME Virus
virus101.vir 58631 Viruses 101: A Information Set
virus101001.vir 13796 Virus 101 Chapter 1
virus101002.vir 17548 Virus 101 Chapter 2
virus101003.vir 18347 Virus 101 Chapter 3
virus101004.vir 4971 Virus 101 Chapter 4
virus2.txt 11729 The Virus Informer: Your Weekly Virus Newsletter by Mark E. Bishop
virus3.txt 7585 The Virus Informer by Mark E. Bishop: The Macintosh Virus
virus4.txt 4268 The Virus Informer Chapter 4: The Engine That Kills
virus5.txt 49830 The Virus Informer Chapter 5: The Virus List
virus6.txt 1729 The Virus Informer Chapter 7: The Virus Informer Fax Bulletin Service
virus7.txt 1762 The Virus Informer by Mark E. Bishop Chapter 7: Next Week
virus_my.ths 27085 Computer Virus Myths, by Rob Rosenberger (1988-1992)
virus_st.whm 16646 A New Stategy for Computer Viruses by William H. Murray
virusbas.vir 1338 An example of a Virus in BASIC
virusbib.txt 4480 Bibliography for Computer Viruses, by Ted Landberg, 02/24/1988
virusbro.vir 9856 Computer Viruses and Trojan Horses; A Guide to Protecting Yourself
virusdet.txt 50981 Virus Detection Alternatives, by Patrick Min
virusdoc.vir 205175 The Computer Virus Epidemic, 1987-1991. Article Compilation 10368 How to write a Virus Program, by The Cheshire Cat
viruses.txt 3123 Safe Telecommunicating may be your Best Protection against Viruses, by Micharl Fischer, A+ Magazine, August 1988
viruses.uss 20740 Viruses in the USSR by Eldar A. Musaev
virusfaq.txt 84745 FAQ: VIUS-L/comp.virus Frequently Asked Questions (November 18, 1992)
virusinf.vir 9216 A Suggested Readings List for Computer Viruses by Jon Mack
virusl.vir 1887 The Virus Informer, Issue #6
virusone.vir 4323 The Virus Informer, Issue #1
virussum.doc 558766 Virus Information Summary List, March 17, 1991, by Patricia M. Hoffman
virussum.txt 607049 The Virus Information Summary List, April 20, 1991 by Patricia M. Hoffman
virusx.txt 14142 Information on VirusX by Steve Tibbet, as well as a list of Amiga Viruses
vlab102.vir 19999 Viral Lab 102, May 1994
wininf01.txt 25224 Windows Executable Infection by Qark and Quantum of VLAD
wininf02.txt 13444 Calling the Windows API in Assembly Language by Qark of VLAD
wordmacro.txt 86611 FAQ: The MS Word 6.x Macro Viruses FAQ v2.0
xyz.txt 3424 Information on the XYZ (Examine Your Zipper) Virus (January, 1994)
yam-ivp.nfo 3769 NFO: The Instant Virus Production Kit by Youngsters Against McAfee (June 12, 1992)
yetiser_ 15345 Polymorphic Viruses: Implementation, Detection, and Protection by VDS Advanced Research Group/Tarkan Yetiser 1993
There are 295 files for a total of 7,012,356 bytes.
There are 2 directories.